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Model Behavior (Wicked)

Model Behavior (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Model Behavior (Wicked) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Model Behavior (Wicked) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Model Behavior (Wicked) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Model Behavior (Wicked) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Model Behavior (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Model Behavior (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Model Behavior (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by GGG  on  8/22/2009

Model Behavior (Wicked, 2009)

Written and Directed by Randy Spears

Plot Overview:Stormy Daniels plays a “Madam,” running the titular high-class prostitution service, catering to clients such as Senators, businessman, and the mob. After her abusive ex gets out of jail, Stormy starts receiving creepy phone calls and grows concerned that her ex is out to take revenge.

Scene 1: Stormy Daniels and Jack Vegas

Jack Vegas stops by Stormy’s place of work for “the usual,” and they have a quick chat to catch up on things. Jack is the son of a mob boss, and Stormy expresses her concern over her ex getting out of jail. Jack assures her that he will do all he can to protect her; she only has to ask.

In the meantime, Stormy is there to provide a service, and after taking care of financial matters, they start making out and groping each other. They take off their shirts, and Jack gets down to some cunnilingus which Stormy seems to really enjoy. Jack is clearly a pro, and it’s nice to see two veterans having fun with each other. Stormy moves on to her specialty BJ, with the usual double-handed, boob-whacking, tongue-teasing moves that Stormy has become known for. At this point, I noticed an unusual use of slo-mo, while the audio remained at regular speed. It doesn’t exactly detract from the scene, but also isn’t really an aid. More on this later.

The scene transitions to missionary with some clit play, and the couple move into a fast pace. Then on to spoon, and then Stormy works her double-handed BJ until he comes on her chest. She wipes a bit into her mouth, and then sucks him clean.

Scene 2: Charisma Cappelli and Eric Masterson

In the first of a couple of in-jokes, Stormy receives a call from the Senator (!) who requests Tammy, one of Stormy’s girls. I liked how Stormy runs through the company procedures with Tammy before the job, telling her to call when she gets there, and to secure a tip. The film really makes a point of showing a tight sisterhood amongst the girls, which is something fairly rare in a culture that routinely perpetuates negative sex worker stereotypes.

The Senator, played by Eric Masterson – who, by the way, appears to be morphing into Brad Armstrong – meets up with Tammy, played by the very pretty Charisma Cappelli (she needs to work on her acting though). They take an evening stroll in a park, and after Mr. Senator offers to pay the rest of Charisma’s college tuition they get down to business right there in the park. After some kissing and fondling, Charisma goes down for a BJ through Eric’s zipper, complete with some deep throating, tongue-teasing, spit play, and a good amount of eye contact. It’s actually pretty sensual, as opposed to the seemingly popular throaty, quagging BJs you see so much of. Oh, and the slo-mo comes in here again too…

They move into Reverse Cowgirl, which is an ok position for those rather unappealing fake boobs. I also couldn’t help noticing the pesky strand of hair that Charisma just couldn’t seem to shake from her face. But I digress. Charisma grinds down on Eric, does some BJ lubing, and offers up a dash of dirty talk.

At this point I feel it’s my duty to point out that Charisma has a tattoo on her abdomen that I had to pause the movie to read. To my dismay, I discovered it says, “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Make of this what you will, but I thought I should point it out.

They transition into standing doggy, then there’s a BJ interlude, some more slo-mo, and finally he jerks off in her mouth and she licks him clean. I wasn’t that into this scene, but it’s not that bad. However, if I had known that there wouldn’t be a pair of real breasts in the whole movie, I may have been less tolerant of this scene. Charisma is really very pretty though.

Scene 3: Brad Armstrong and Kayla Paige

Stormy is still dealing with crank calls, but business continues and she sets up Dr. Graham, played by Brad Armstrong, with one of her girls, Lisa, played by Kayla Paige. Once again, Stormy runs through company procedures with Kayla before sending her on the job. Brad requests that they meet at his ranch, and that Kayla dress as a cowgirl. Brad predictably dresses in a pinstripe suit…

They start kissing and fondling, and he diddles her through her denim cut-offs for a second before she kneels down for a pretty rough BJ complete with some deep throating, fun dirty talk, and hand work. The BJ is through his zipper, much like the Eric/Charisma scene, and Brad politely pulls his balls out for Kayla to lick on, which she does. Then she gets back to more throaty BJ, which turns slo-mo…

Brad goes down on Kayla and gives her lots of wet finger work – with both hands. Brad’s blingin’ watch also gets a lot of screen time. They move into missionary in the same shot, and they go at it with some stabbing. At this point they are both semi-clothed, but when they move into Reverse Cowgirl Kayla is finally naked, and I can now see that she has implants. RCG – the preferred bolt-on position – is a blessing for the very pretty Kayla at this stage, and really the fake breasts aren’t that bad…but when the fucking starts to get really hard and fast, the dreaded dimple-crevices appear, and I’m reminded once again why real breasts are always preferable.

After some doggy, Brad jerks a load into Kayla’s mouth which runs down her chin, and she licks him clean. Another average scene that would have been improved by real breasts and a more attractive male partner – sorry Brad. I really respect your filmmaking though…

Scene 4: Randy Spears and Tanya James

Stormy is now getting straight-up creepy calls from someone with a voice so deep, it can only be Randy Spears. He’s spewing all manner of misogynistic shit, finally demanding $500,000 of her “dirty money” and threatening to kill her. Meanwhile Sarah, another of Stormy’s girls, has found a client; Stormy checks him out, approves him, and once again runs through procedure before sending her girl out on the job.

Sarah, played by Tanya James, shows up to the hotel room with the client, Randy Spears, and I already know this is going to end badly. They take care of the financial end of things, and then get down to some kissing and fondling before Tanya goes in for the obligatory BJ, accompanied by some deep throat, ball licking, and Randy-vocalizations.

Tanya takes her clothes off, revealing her breast implants – which admittedly aren’t all that bad – and Randy takes some time to indulge in her feet and calves as only Randy can, before moving in for some enthusiastic and typically noisy cunnilingus, complete with finger-fucking. This is followed by missionary, spoon (the slo-mo happens again here…), cowgirl, and then Randy jerks off onto her chest. This scene really wasn’t that bad, and I don’t normally like Randy as a performer. In addition, the violence (not shown on screen) that follows this scene neatly expresses the contradictory attitude our culture has toward women and sexuality: desire/guilt/disgust/hatred/violence, and the like.

Scene 5: Stormy Daniels and Rocco Reed

I don’t want to give too much away here, because it shocked me when I watched it, but let’s just say that a) Tanya James is a really good actress, and b) Stormy needs to take revenge on Randy. She calls in a favor from the mob, and in payment she gives Rocco Reed a BJ. This is a BJ-only scene, and Stormy really commits to it, demonstrating all her signature moves: the double-hander, the tongue-tease, lots of eye contact, and even pushing his balls up with her hand so she can lick them at the same time as sucking his dick. Impressive! I might add, also, that Stormy looks dazzlingly beautiful in this scene, and I noted when watching the movie as a whole that she looks better at 30 than she did in her early twenties.

She finishes him off by jerking him super-fast into her mouth where she shows it, swallows it, and then shows her empty mouth (a la Desert Stormy). Debt paid, Stormy and her accomplice can get to work taking revenge on Randy, because, as Stormy says in the closing shot, “Nobody fucks with my girls.” I won’t say what happens, but I will say that it’s a fitting end.>

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this movie – the only other Randy Spears-directed film I’ve seen is Two, which I thought was rather rough around the edges, and I didn’t enjoy it. Model Behavior, on the other hand, feels much classier, with higher production values and better direction. The scripting is decent, and most of the acting is good. The sex scenes are on the whole pretty good, and the movie as a whole seemed tight and structured effectively, even with just a handful of sex scenes. It all comes together very nicely. I’m looking forward to Randy’s future work.

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