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Model Behavior (Wicked)

Model Behavior (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Model Behavior (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Model Behavior (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Model Behavior (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Model Behavior (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Model Behavior (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Model Behavior (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Model Behavior (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Model Behavior (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/27/2009
Greetings adult fans time for a new Wicked title and this one's directed by Randy Spears who's a strong performer, a very funny guy and now is branching out to directing -- this is the second one I've seen him do. Maybe he's done a lot more and I'm just now catching up, I'm more familiar with him as a performer. The dvd here also features the lovely and talented Stormy Daniels who also wears all three hats in the movies she does, this time out she just has to worry about fucking and of course remembering her lines! We have three other sexy girls in this flick which seems to center on the call girl industry with Stormy being the head of the Girls and we get some threatening times on the horizon and will she be able to protect them, stay tuned!

Stormy and Jack Vegas

As the opening credits begin rolling we're treated to a nice Stormy show in the bathtub, a little shaving of her pretty legs and some good boobage and finally she gets up, dries off and gets out, wrapped in a long white towel. Some primping in front of the mirror, guess she's getting ready for a date. As she slips on her dress I noticed no panties and no bra! Queue the knock at the door and we have our first client of the movie. The two run through some dialoge which isn't to tough to listen to and the two seem at ease here. We start getting the backstory, she put someone away for 15 years who'd been a problem and the guy is now out, I assume this is Randy Spears. Also there have been some phone calls coming with hang ups right after so perhaps a stalker over the phone-- again could be Randy who is pissed. Enough plot, we get sex!!Clothes start coming off, notably Stormy's and we get another good look at those glorious FAME award winning tits! There are a few nice licks on her kittie too before we let Stormy take over and she's most enthusiastic with the blowjob as we also keep those boobs in pretty much full view. The sex does a great job of showing off her boobs as well with mish and spoon being the featured positions. Stormy ends the scene sucking off her man until he's ready to nut all over her boobs. Nice start to this one, Stormy's always easy on the eyes and enjoyable to watch.

Charisma Cappelli & Eric Masterson:

Moving on we get some plot development as we catch up with Stormy at work, she gets a couple calls, one a hang up and the other from a Senator who wants a 'girl' for the next day. Since he helped Stormy out with her taxes recently this one's on the house she says. So Tammy will have some work the next day and receives the call from Stormy shortly. So we move ahead to the 'date' and we find Tammy aka Charisma Cappelli, walking along with the Senator played by Eric Masterson. The two engage in small talk and it gets sexual right after he gives a very nice gift, an envelope which contains a check I assume which will pay for the rest of Charisma's tuition-- so how to repay you ask, that's where the sex comes in and it's a nighttime setting but the lighting around them isn't bad so you see everything good enough. After a few nice kisses on her breasts we have Miss Cappelli dropping down to show her biggest appreciation to his cock, more fine head here from a pretty girl. This of course is a secured location due to the Senator being there so the fucking outside under the stars was not an issue, good boinking here too, reverse, a little standing fucking with P2M as well from our girl. The load to close it is placed right on target to her open mouth, chin and splashing down upon her chest. The cleanup from Charisma was pretty good too.

Kayla Paige & Brad Armstrong:

So we go ahead to the next day and we have another new outfit for Stormy too, she's been outfitted in some classy digs so far. There's another phone call and again no one speaks but they don't hang up for a few seconds this time so perhaps the phone stalking is getting worse, Stormy conveys this too with her facial expression. There's another call immediately after and this time Stormy answers with a few choice words but turns out it's Mom, oops! Ok she gets another call and assumes it's her Mom and answers but turns out it's Dr. Graham who wants Lisa for that night-- don't you think she's have a better house phone with Caller ID on it, hehe. So another call to Lisa and we have our second arranged 'date' of the flick this one for Lisa aka Kayla Paige. Cut to Kayla and Dr. Graham aka Brad Armstrong meeting at his ranch because he'd just bought a horse as a present. Kayla is wearing a cute little cowgirl outfit that Brad wanted her to wear because of the setting. The two get into it pretty quick with kissing, caressing and it's Kayla who drops down for oral first. She is a bit more aggressive too with her cock sucking working in a dirty talk too. This is actually a long blowjob too so if you're into good strong dick sucking this scene will work nicely. Brad gets in some pleasing too fingering and licking Kayla's pussy before laying the pipe to it. They work through a nice series of shots from mish to reverse to standing doggie ending with another solid facial blast to wrap up the scene.

Well so far so good, nothing to out of the ordinary to upset Stormy's business other than those odd phone calls. Stormy gets another one of those but then right after Lisa aka Kayla calls to say she was the one who actually got the horse from the good Doctor along with a $25,000 tip-- yay! I found it funny that Stormy tells her she doesn't know anything about horses, anyone who follows Miss Daniels on Twitter knows that's not true but I digress! Stormy calls the good doc about the horse and we get a chance to chuckle before the next scene which finally brings in the not so good side for this title. It's another phone call and this time the caller decides to talk. You can tell it's Randy too from the face but he's also grown some facial hair too, you know to add to the meanness of the character. Ok Randy has it in too for these type of girls, he feels they all need to be taught some manners. Stormy had hung up on him but he called right back to keep on sharing his disturbing thoughts, his ex used to hang up on him too but she doesn't anymore and you can guess what happened to her. The two then engage in a long conversation and there's a lot of good dialogue here, they go with some extreme facial closeups here too, Randy so close you only see his mouth and the mustache/ goatee surrounding it. Stormy hangs in there but Greg aka Randy spells it out pretty good, $500,000 of that dirty money and he just might leave her alone. By the phone calls end even the strong willed Stormy is a bit shaken-- I guess those threats to mommy and daddy did hit home.

Tanya James & Randy Spears:

Cut ahead to the next day where Stormy is trying to seek out help, she calls to try and enlist the Senators help but he can't at the time. Another call and you can see her answer with a bit of trepidation fearing it's Greg calling but it's Sara-- I assume one of her girls we've not met yet and she has a new guy she wants to bang but she knows the rules. Stormy needs to check him out first. The scene ends with Stormy slowly pulling a gun across to her and she seems to know how to use it as we get the fade out. So Stormy does check out this new potential client and things checked out but she wants Sara to check something on his license too. The guy wants to see her in heels and lingerie for the date. Unlike most appointments she's going to have the driver wait at the location and she wants Sara to call when she arrives and when she's ready to leave. Moving ahead to the 'date' we see it's Randy Spears just as I thought it might be but he doesn't give himself away just yet-- why not indulge in a little nookie first before turning into a badass who wants to destroy these bitches!! So we get another good sex scene with Tanya James making the first sexual move moving down to sample his cock and we get some very nice close shots of Miss James working that dick. You know for an evil dude Randy does a pretty good job at eating pussy-- guess the 15 years in the big house made him hunger for pussy as well as the inclination for revenge on the 'bitch' who put him there. But back to the sex! After munching on her pussy and ass we get an aggressive Randy when it's fucking time. The mish was very spirited along with the other positions we witness- spoon and cowgirl ending with Randy splooging across those large tits of Tanya's. So it's after the scene and now we get Randy slipping back to his bad self and he almost feels sorry he says for what he's about to do. This leads to Stormy's place and Sara arriving, having a seat and we see she's been beaten up, so bad that she had a finger severed. The two head off to the hospital to take care of Sara, we're winding down to the big confrontation I think between Stormy and Randy's characters.

Stormy & Rocco Reed, bj scene:

So we get Stormy in one final outfit and damn it's a pretty one too, nice blue & white combo with abundant cleavage! Stormy makes a call to Frank asking for a big favor and we get right to her paying for it too. There's a great close up of Stormy opening up a pair of jeans and getting right to the cock sucking. Frank is Rocco Reed we see when the camera pans up but we quickly move back to Stormy working her magic on his cock, the tongue tracing around the shaft'n'balls. Loved her taking some time here to work on that dick. Stormy doesn't forget to get those tits out either, loved the white lace bra too she slipped them out of. So it's just a bj here but a damn fine one that ends with Stormy taking the load in her mouth, showing it off a little and then swallowing it down the ole hatch-- hell yeah!!!Ok guess Rocco isn't Frank but someone sent to collect for him. Rocco's going to stay a couple days to help out, Stormy does receive another call from Randy and it seems as if he's real close but we don't see Rocco anywhere until she gets to the kitchen where she finds him on the floor. Turns out Randy's there as he surprises Stormy from behind and the two struggle until we see Rocco get up, he's not dead and he stabs Randy in the back with a needle- he's gonna be out for about 8 hours. Cut then to Randy waking up in total darkness. He finds a flashlight and sees he is in a large wood box and I'm guess it's been buried too . He finds a recorder which has a Play Me note attached. Stormy then comes on and tells him he's fucked big time! Stormy's been nice enough to pipe in three days worth of air just to make the experience as excruciating as possible. No one fucks with one of my girls!!We're left with the cries of Randy Spears......

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This one was pretty good, it took awhile to get to the meaty stuff with Randy but beforehand we got three solid sex scenes with Stormy, Charisma and Kayla. The dialogue was good and delivered believably-- the extreme closeups on Randy and Stormy on their initial conversation was a great choice as was the decision to have Randy grow out a goatee for the role-- definitely added to the look. There are a few extras here to enjoy, there's a BTS for this movie which goes for about 18 minutes-- more naked Stormy! There's also a bonus scene which features Miss Daniels from her recent flick the Lifestyle and it has Tony DeSergio as the lucky man who enjoys her talents so definitely check it out. All in all a good feature, perhaps Randy and Stormy having a scene which could've helped set up their animosity would've been nice. The girls featured in this were sexy beginning with Stormy and progressing with Charisma, Kayla and finally Tanya who gets Randy! Loved seeing the swallowed pop in the bj scene Stormy wrapped this one up with on Rocco's cock. A good flick for Stormy fans as she does two scenes, granted one is just a bj but when it's Stormy sucking your cock it's never just a bj, lol. The dialogue was good too and wasn't hard to follow in terms of the story.

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