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Reason Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 3 starsMisty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 3 starsMisty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 3 stars
Principal Skinner Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 4 starsMisty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 4 starsMisty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 4 stars
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Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2

Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/5/2002

Running Time: 130 min. (the cover states 3 hours of footage, which is probably pretty close with the extras)

Production Date: 8 / 12 / 2000

Director: Misty Rain

Cast: Misty Rain, April, Angela Tiger, Lou Valmont, Nataly Dune, Ovidie, Chad Thomas, Kevin Long, Ian Scott, Titof, and Pascal White

Initial Expectations: Misty Rainís Worldwide Sex blew me away. Iíve got very high expectations, hoping that this one matches up with its predecessor.

Initial Reaction: Itís another great gonzo DVD from Misty that has me looking forward to more.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for hot and fun gonzo sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a lot of really extreme gonzo sex or a plot

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear, but the balance is off slightly through several scenes. Thereís a bit of dubbing here and there, and occasionally itís very noticeable. Thereís also a little bit of background noise in a few places, but it doesnít interfere with the rest of the audio too much. The video is very clear, and continues evenly out to the edge of the screen. There are a few minor shadows, but itís rarely very noticeable.

Music: None during the sex scenes, but there is a little during some of the sightseeing segments.

Menus: The main menu has a nice bit of animation to give it a fun and friendly feel. The chapter menu is pretty standard and shows a small clip of the scene with a scene number.

The Feature: Misty Rainís Worldwide Sex follows a pretty simple premise. Misty likes to travel, so she combines sightseeing with sex. She brings along a few friends, and normally meets a few locals who also enjoy sex, and they take full advantage of the scenery around them. This time, Mistyís in Paris, and takes you to see some of the standard sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, as well as some of the lesser seen sights, such as the French sex shops and clubs and Jim Morrisonís grave.

Misty Rain starts off playing with her pussy a bit while waiting for Titof to arrive. For those who havenít seen her, Mistyís a very attractive, yet very realistic woman with sun bleached hair, smaller, realistic tits with both nipples pierced, and legs that seem to go on forever. Misty lets Titof play with her nipple rings with his mouth a bit before kissing him and undoing his pants. She works his cock over patiently with her mouth and hands before letting him return the favor. Titof takes quite a bit of time to tongue and finger Mistyís slit as she lays back in her lawn chair, and towards the end she even has to add a bit of lube. Titof moves on to fuck Misty missionary style as she lies there, and Misty looks like she might be preparing for a little extra action as she fingers her asshole. She moves on to let Titof fuck her from behind before taking control and riding his cock reverse cowgirl. Misty finishes things off by taking Titofís ball blast on her face and in her mouth and looking like sheís enjoying every drop. Itís a very hot ending to a scene thatís hot at its worst. Mistyís really at the top of her game here, and looks like sheís never enjoyed fucking better. She puts some great energy into it, and changes things around enough that even though itís a long scene, it doesnít feel like it. Itís a great start to the feature and just what I hoped for after the last installment.

April gets busy with Chad Thomas for the second scene. Aprilís one of the best looking and most underrated girls in the jiz biz in my opinion, and Chad looks like he could hide forever among the gargoyles. Despite this, from everything I hear about him heís a real class act and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet, so I canít really say too much bad about him. April starts out sucking his nipples and then works her way down to his mushroom headed cock. She gives it some quick, but aggressive attention before Chad lays her back and starts working on her snatch with his fingers. Chad doesnít pay much attention to the foreplay either, and soon climbs on to start fucking April. They work through the common positions such as missionary, reverse cowgirl, and doggie before Chad climbs back on top of April and gives her a good spooge spray. Itís a pretty good scene, but the chemistry seems to lack just a little. Both April and Chad put some really great energy into the scene, but it had a hard time keeping up the Mistyís scene before it.

Misty heads to a sex club with Angela Tiger, a nice looking redhead with a blonde skunk stripe through her hair and the goth looking Ovidie next. The girls strip Misty down right away while revealing a little themselves, and then put her between them so she can give to Ovidie while receiving from Angela. They switch things around a bit before Ovidie kicks things up a notch with a bright pink strap-on that she uses to fuck Misty in each of her holes. Of course, if youíre going to give, you better be able to receive as well, and Misty gives a little back later with a toy that allows her to DP Ovidie as a proper thank you. Angela is right in the middle of things through almost all of it, and it pays off for hear near the end, as she takes it in the end courtesy of Ovidieís vibrator after Misty takes her turn wearing the strap-on. Itís an extremely hot scene that has great chemistry. The girls move things along very well and keep things interesting by switching back and forth.

Angela Tiger returns for the penultimate scene, and is joined by Lou Valmont, a nice looking brunette, in taking on Chad Thomas and Kevin Long. The girls each kiss their partner a little and let them play with their pussy and taste their juices before sucking their cocks. Angela makes up for her earlier meatless scene by sucking a little extra cock here as Lou gets fucked from behind, and then joins Lou in fucking their partners reverse cowgirl. The girls keep things nicely synchronized by laying back for the guys until Lou rolls over to give Kevin a little more to work with. Lou moves through a few of the standard positions as Kevin fucks her ass, while Angela pretty much just enjoys a cock in her ass while laying back. Both girls finish things with a facial, with Lou showing herself to be a good little trooper as Kevinís first burst hits her in the corner of the eye with great accuracy. Angela gets off a little easier, as Chadís dick droppings do just about that. They ooze out and drop rather than spurting on her face.

Finally, Misty finds Nataly Dune, Ian Scott, Pascal Ferry, and Kevin Long. Mistyís called away, so Nataly takes on the three guys without her in a scene that you learn in the interview section was her last, or at least, was going to be her last. I donít know if sheís come back or not, but you can never be too sure these days. The guys quickly surround Nataly, with one of them warming her up from behind while she starts warming up the other two guys. She lies back on a couch for the guys to start taking turns with her pussy, and strokes, sucks, and rubs the remaining guys cocks with her feet. She finally gets up and takes the guys in her ass reverse cowgirl style, and to remove all doubt, the guys make sure to open her pussy lips so wide that if there was the slightest breeze theyíd catch it and sail her across the room. She works her way through a few more anal positions before taking a nice helping of spooge from the three guys on her face. Itís a pretty good scene, but it lacked a bit since a good portion of the scene was the guys jerking off.

Misty Rainís Worldwide Sex 2: Wild in Paris is a great gonzo feature. Yes, the sex is hot, but thatís kind of a necessity for a gonzo feature to work and rarely gives it a way to stand out from other gonzo features. Misty Rain makes this one work by her enthusiasm and love for everything throughout the feature. You can tell that sheís excited or moved to be in every location she shoots at. If you have any doubt about whether she cares about her fans, all you have to do is watch the clips of her strip show and youíll feel the need to find where sheís dancing and buy a plane ticket right away. I was a little fearful going into this feature that it would suffer from the curse that seems to plague most sequels. Although it might not be quite as good as the original Misty Rainís Worldwide Sex, itís still a very worthy sequel that has me looking forward to more.

For other perspectives on this DVD, please check out reviews from Principal Skinner, Reason, and reviewer.

Extras: Many of the standard extras are included here, but there are also many more. The photo gallery is nicely broken down by each of the six female performers and mixes snapshots and full screen shots. Amazingly, thereís almost one hundred and forty photos here, and almost all of them look great. Surprisingly, thereís only one trailer, which is for Misty Rainís Worldwide Sex 3; Amsterdammed, but not as surprisingly, there is web site information.

Bios are included for the entire cast. Rather than the standard bio that includes little or no information, the bios here look almost like an interview transcript. Thereís a little personal information, quite a few questions, and a still photo of the star. Itís a very well done bio thatís very impressive.

In addition to the bios, Misty interviews Angela Tiger, Titof, Lou Valmont, Pascal White, Nataly Dune, Ian Scott, and April, as well as giving a bit of information about herself. Most of the interviews work very well, although Titofís needs the help of a translator. This makes it not quite as smooth as the others, but Misty works with it very well. Each interview lasts about two or three minutes and are framed on what looks like a small TV. Misty asks each star a few fairly common questions, as well as a few more offbeat questions. Theyíre all very nice and work very well due to Mistyís obvious enjoyment of the people and just being alive.

The behind the scenes footage lasts a little over four minutes. Over half of it focuses on the photos being shot. It starts with Misty Rainís solo shots, and moves on to Misty and Titof and April and Chad. It also includes some of the publicity shots, signings, and sex being shot. Itís short and sweet, and adds a little but not too much.

Thereís also about six minutes of bloopers. Surprisingly, itís more of a combination of bloopers and a behind the scenes featurette. There is quite a bit of fun being shown from on the set, but almost half of it is shows the stars as theyíre being given a bit of direction. Thereís also little things such as a couple of Mistyís tongue twisters and a little extra footage going places. Itís a nice featurette, but might have been better if it was combined with the four minutes of behind the scenes footage into a slightly larger behind the scenes look.

Themes: Straight, group, lesbian, rimming (female > female), spanking, anal, toys, DP (toy), and toe-ing

Raincoat Factor: High

Overall: Currently, Misty Rainís World Wide Sex 2 can be found online for between $17 and $25 with a few stores offering it for under $20. This is a great buy! The feature is hot and fun, and the sex is well done. The transfer has a couple minor flaws, but nothing that interferes much. If a great feature and well done transfer isnít enough, the remaining space on the DVD is packed with extras to complete things.

Note to Digital Sin: Great job here! The only thing I can think of that might improve things a bit is a few more chapter stops and eliminating the dubbing.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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