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Principal Skinner Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 5 starsMisty Rain's Worldwide Sex 5 starsMisty Rain's Worldwide Sex 5 stars
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Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex

Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  All Sex , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/22/2001

Running Time: 130 min.

Production Date: 5 / 14 / 2000

Director: Misty Rain

Cast: Misty Rain, April, Amanda Angel, Dominica Leoni, Venuse, Nicol Taylor, T. J. Hart, Oceane, Chad Thomas, Ian Scott, Robert Rosenberg, Peter Rain, Valentino, and Julian St. Jox

Initial Expectations: I’m not a big gonzo fan, but I’ve heard good things about Misty Rain’s work behind the camera and I’ve had good luck from Digital Sin.

Initial Reaction: It’s a great gonzo feature and an excellent overall DVD.

Audio /Video Quality: Although a small amount of dubbing exists, the audio is normally extremely clear and very well balanced. The video looks as good as the audio sounds. It’s very clear and mixes color and black and white but there’s a little bit of pixelation from using what appears to be a digital camera.

Music: Many of the sex scenes don’t have music. Some of them have the European techno style music that fits in very well with the rest of the movie.

Review: Misty Rain’s World Wide Sex Vol. 1 Cannes Festival Du Film 2000 shows two of Misty’s personal loves: sex and traveling. As such, it shows Misty’s love of these things as well as Stagliano’s love of butts comes across in his Buttman movies. This opening volume covers the Cannes film festival for the traveling location and, well, you know the sex isn’t far behind.

The traveling portion of the feature covers Cannes quite well. Misty takes the cameras wherever she can and she interviews a lot of people at the press conference. She meets some people who are very familiar, such as Stacy Valentine, some that are getting a little more notice lately in the United States, such as Tavalia, and some that are new, such as Oceane.

Misty also takes the cameras to the discotheque where she and April are doing a show. They appear to do a very good job of capturing the show and it’s an amazing show. Misty and April both do a fabulous job. I’m considering going to stand outside the closest strip club that might get them as soon as I finish writing this. At the very least I might have to call and demand that they book them. I hope that more of their shows are captured on later volumes.

Finally, Misty gives a nice view of the Cannes area at the villa she had there. It’s a nice little place and it’s private enough that they can do what they feel like without worrying about the local authorities. It’s also close enough to conveniently go to town when they feel like it. Of course, wherever Misty goes she draws a crowd. I’m not sure if it’s because of the hot women that are always around her or the draw that a camera has for most people. With Misty around it’s probably not even worth fighting your urges to go to her.

Misty captures the sex every bit as well as she does the scenery of Cannes. If the strip show isn’t enough, she also captures April taking on Julian St. Jox and Valentino in the back of the club. It’s a fairly rough scene with some choking and slapping and probably isn’t what most people are used to. I was a little turned off at first, but it seemed pretty clear that April was into it, so it ended up being a pretty hot scene.

Of course, as a gonzo feature, sex seems to break out wherever the camera goes. This is no exception as Oceane takes on a guy on some rocks above a well traveled road by the ocean. The scene excels technically and doesn’t suffer at all from the audio distractions that normally plague outdoor, and especially gonzo outdoor, scenes. The scene is also handled pretty well with Misty introducing the scene with how they thought that it looked like a great place to have sex so they did.

Later on, Chad picks up Dominica Leoni, who gives him a blowjob as he drives her back to the villa. As much as I hate to say it, Chad is the worst thing about Misty Rain’s World Wide Sex Vol. 1 Cannes Festival Du Film 2000 . He makes Dick Nasty look like Casanova. The only thing that raises him above Ed Powers is that he has a big schlong, although it does look deformed. Dominica, being a good little trooper, still takes him on and is one of the best things in Misty Rain’s World Wide Sex Vol. 1 Cannes Festival Du Film 2000 . She’s a brunette with a very natural body and is extremely sultry. There’s just something about her that makes you want to throw her down on a table and pound away on her luscious ass. In fact, that’s what Chad does, proving that he actually is a human being. This was one of my favorite scenes in the feature and I really hope to see more of Dominica in the future.

There’s also a lot of sex at the villa. Of course, it starts soon after Misty gives a tour as she takes on Robert Rosenberg and Chad takes on Nicole Taylor. It’s a hot scene but there isn’t any real interaction between the couples. It’s a fairly standard scene.

Later on, Misty, April, and Venuse get it on by the pool in a much hotter scene. There’s a lot of toy usage as well as fingers. I think the girls must have also used about five gallons of spit between them. It’s a very hot scene and a toss-up for me between this scene and Dominica’s scene as to which was hotter.

The pool also gets used a little in the final scene between Amanda Angel, Robert, Chad and another guy whom I don’t know. They start in the pool and quickly move to the patio where one guy is normally left out. It’s not a bad scene but it’s a little bit of a letdown compared to some of the other scenes.

Finally, Misty meets her friend T. J. Hart on the lawn near the pool. Surprisingly, and also sadly, this was the worst scene in the movie. Chad joins in later, but even before he joined in there was a lack of chemistry in the scene. It didn’t seem like anybody was into anybody else. It barely makes it above warm which is too bad with the talent involved.

At the very end of the movie, Misty gives a very nice thank you. It’s a very nice touch and shows how much she cares about it. Misty keeps the entire movie very fun and open while balancing traveling with sex. The mix and Misty’s obvious care about it is what makes the entire feature work and makes me eager to watch the next volume.

Extras: Digital Sin and Misty Rain really went all out on extras here. There isn’t a commentary, but that’s about all that’s missing and there’s enough other stuff here that it doesn’t matter. As with almost any other DVD release, there’s a photo gallery. It’s very clear and mixes full screen and snap shots. It also includes about forty pictures and gives a great feel for the movie.

You get a lot of information on the cast on this DVD. Robert Rosenberg, Julian St. Jox, Valentino, Venuse, T. J. Hart, Oceane, Nicole Taylor, Misty Rain, Dominica Leoni, April, and Amanda Angel all have bios which are done pretty well. There isn’t a list of other features for them, but I think many of them are new to the business. Misty also has a Meet the Stars section where she interviews them for a few minutes. For her part in Meet the Stars , Misty talks a little about herself and what she was aiming for in the movie. The interviews also cover April, Valentino, Julian St. Cox, Robert Rosenberg, Nicole Taylor, Oceane, T. J. Hart, and Dominica Leoni. Misty does a great job keeping the interviews light and it appears that almost everybody has a lot of fun. The only problem is with Oceane, who doesn’t speak English and needs a translator. She doesn’t appear to be enjoying herself as much as the others, but this is probably due to the language barrier.

Finally, there’s bloopers and a behind the scenes featurette. The bloopers last about two and a half minutes and mostly consist of Misty botching her lines and getting mobbed by tourists. She handles the tourists very well but you can see how much of a hassle she must have had at times. The behind the scenes lasts about four and a half minutes and shows a lot of the cast screwing around on the set. There’s also a lot of Misty talking with the crew and getting photos. It’s a nice little behind the scenes that adds a little depth to the DVD.

Themes: Straight, anal, group, lesbian, toys, rimming (male > female and female > female), spanking, public sex, hot wax, gang bang, DP, triple penetration, and stripping

Raincoat Factor: Very high.

Overall: Currently, Misty Rain’s World Wide Sex Vol. 1: Cannes Festival Du Film 2000 can be found online for between $17 and $35 with most stores offering it for about $22. This is an all around great DVD with the only problem being several unattractive men. The picture is great and the extras are some of the best I’ve seen. If the rest of the series keeps up with this release it’s going to be one of the best series out there.

Note to Digital Sin: The menus are a little much here. I like having more than one menu if there are several choices, such as with bios. When there’s only one choice, such as with the bloopers, trailer for Misty Rain’s World Wide Sex Vol. 2 , or behind the scenes, it’s annoying.

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