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Missing, The (Hot House)

Missing, The (Hot House)

Studio: Hot House
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Missing, The (Hot House):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Missing, The (Hot House) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Missing, The (Hot House) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Missing, The (Hot House) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Missing, The (Hot House) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Missing, The (Hot House) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Missing, The (Hot House) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Missing, The (Hot House) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  2/12/2006
One night as he is sleeping with his lover Shane Rollins, Kent North is abducted and taken to a dungeon where a gang of hot men abuses him. When Kent arrives an orgy is soon taking place and-unfortunately Kent—who should be the center of attention—is almost lost in the mad melee. It is only when we find him on all fours being gang banged that Kent properly becomes the focus. Kent must like it rough because he remains hard throughout the vicious rape. Both this scene and the preliminary orgy go on for much too long. When will directors learn we are of the MTV generation and must continually have our interest whetted? And while I’m questioning things, I wonder if Rod Barry is as obnoxious an ass in real life as he appears in films? After most have finally deposited their loads on Kent’s back, the handsome young Dean Tucker is double-fucked, and then everyone splits into twos for the orgy to continue. We next see Dean on the floor with Rod Barry inserting an enormous dildo up the pretty boy’s butt. (Dean has a lightly haired torso that adds to his allure.) Here for once was a scene that could have gone on longer but was oddly abridged. It ends with Warren Lord, the head honcho, interrupting and taking Kent to be his personal slave.

We now find Jason Ridge tied to a device that twirls him around like a windmill. Jason is one of the lusts of my life. Here his hair is clipped close to his skull and his torso is as hairless as a baby’s. He’s being mastered by Kirk Ziegler, who has such a tight foreskin that even when the cock is fully hard the foreskin never withdraws from the glans. Jason is released to kneel and suck the uncut sausage. Here again we have an action goes on for far too long. Eventually Jason is bent over to get rimmed. (A tastier butt you never did see.) Kirk replaces his tongue with his dick. The hottest part is when Jason is screwed in the missionary position. “Fuck the cum out of me,” Jason requests. Kirk does.

Lord is dining at a glass-topped table with the ultra handsome Tony Mecelli. Tony is absofuckinglutely gorgeous and has the body of a Greek—sorry, Tony—Roman god. Under the table in a cage are Kent and two other “doggies”: Martin Mazza and Antonio Roca. Lord tosses them a bone. A chicken bone—not the kind they desire. When Lord is called away, Tony releases them from the cage and orders them to work him over. One gets to lick his boot; another gets to lick his armpit; Kent gets the choice job of sucking his incredibly long cock. When Warren returns Kent is grabbed up, put in a straight jacket, and led away. This leaves Tony’s cock free for another of the slaves to suck. Eventually Antonio sits down on the lengthy organ. Tony fucks Martin. too.

Kent, still in his straight jacket is shut away in the dark.

We next see Martin Mazza in a cage being fed a dick that can only belong to Matt Majors. (There are two cocks I could unerringly pick out of a police lineup. Michael Lucas’ is one; Matt Major’s is the other. It’s thick, tasty, and has a unmistakably blunt head.) The camera pulls back to show Matt. On the floor is another slave, Jed Willcox. He’s bound and being worked over by Marco Paris. Marco has close-cropped hair here and has bulked up considerably since I saw him last. He’s looking good. Matt lets Martin out of the cage so he can fuck him. Marco rims Jed’s ass. This goes on and on and on for eons. Suddenly--with no preparation whatsoever--we find everyone on their side. Matt’s cock is in Marco’s ass; Marco’s cock is in Jed’s; Martin is sucking Jed’s cock. We then cut to Marco sitting down on Matt’s dick, while Martin sits down on Jed’s dick. Then we cut to Marco piston fucking Jed, his original slave, while the others stand around and watch. (What a choppy mess this is! Where the fuck is continuity?) Matt takes over the pistoning. Then it’s Marco’s turn again. Then Matt is back at it. Then Marco is back at it. (OH, for fuck sake, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!) And yet Matt is back at it again. And Marco again. This is one of the most tedious films, I’ve ever seen! Finally everyone (not me) cums and it’s the end of the disc. Unfortunately there’s a second disc.

Disc two opens with some slave bound face down on a bed while Nick Piston taps his butt with a riding crop. We cut away briefly to show Kent still in his straight jacket sucking a cock. (Remember, Kent?) The guy feeding Kent cock was Trevor Knight. We discover this when Trevor comes over to feed the bound slave that cock. We see now the slave is Enzo Grimaldi. He sucks both their dicks. And they fuck him. At one point I went to the kitchen to fix myself and sandwich and when I returned the action was still the same. That’s how slow this film is in every scene. Eventually Enzo gets fucked.

The film ends showing Kent still in solitary, and Shane posting a missing poster for his lost love. Obviously there is another film that continues the story (such as it is). But as far as I’m concerned, Kent can remain a captive.

Another disappointment I had here was not seeing Shane Rollins in a scene. I had seen pictures of him and was looking forward to seeing him in action. No such luck! It would have been so easy to have had him and Kent get it on at the beginning when they are in bed together, too.

There are plenty of extras: a cumshot compilation, a fucking compilation, a XXX gallery, and trailers. In addition in the director’s hardcore edit there is a fisting scene with two excessively unattractive guys. Like the scenes in the film this seemed to go on forever. Even watching it a 4x speed it seemed interminable. I eventually gave up on it. My advice—stick with the regular version.

What the film desperately needed was a director who knew how to set up a scene, keep the focus where it belonged, and when to yell cut. What is also cried out for was an editor who knew the difference between enough and too much.

Although it is nominated for best director (really?), best leather film, and best threesome. I think the film is aptly named. There’s a lot missing in this one!

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