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Minutes To Midnight

Minutes To Midnight

Studio: Ninn Worx
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Comet Man's ratings for Minutes To Midnight:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Minutes To Midnight overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Minutes To Midnight Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Minutes To Midnight Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Minutes To Midnight Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Minutes To Midnight Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Minutes To Midnight DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Minutes To Midnight A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  4/3/2008
This is a bit of an odd movie about a guy who is obsessed w/ porn star Jana Jordan. She goes through a bunch of weird dream sequences (only having sex with girls). The movie was...unique. It has the typical "porn is art" style of Ninn Worx and this is the first attempt at an actual storyline that I remember.

Scene 1
The movie starts off w/ a somewhat disturbing scene with a a guy in a suit who has a blond girl in what looks like a ballet dress in an abandoned asylum. The guy is telling her that he's charted her entire life/career on the walls of the room. The girl's name is Jana Jordan and she's a porn star. The guy says he wants to make sure she does well and is never touched again.

The scene switches to Carli (cute blond) and Karlie (fake redhead) wearing nice dresses are kissing in a hallway. Jana walks next to them and watches them make out before leaving. Carli kisses/licks Karlie on a chair, then continues licker her in doggie on the chair before pulling out a glass dildo. Karlie then uses the dildo on Carli who is standing up (the chair disappears and all their clothes disappear except for their high heels).
Carli does some nice moaning.

Scene 2
Back to the disturbing guy w/ Jana in the room and he says he keeps seeing her eyes in her movies but demons keep watching hers.

The scene switches to what looks like an artists workarea with art statues made out of metal/wood. A pretty brunette with a shoulder tattoo (Sarah O'Neal I think) is on a rotating platform. She's wearing a shirt with the words "fuck me" on it and short shorts and black high heels. She dreams of the naked guys who are white statues and they magically come to life with black fingernails and she starts sucking on them. Her shorts disappear and she does RCG with a guy on a swivel chair while sucking the other guy. Then she does doggy on the chair while sucking the other guy. Then she does anal missionary on the chair and she takes both guy's pop shots in her mouth as they jerk themselves off.

The lighting in the scene is a bit weird (it's called "high key" where stuff is washed out and bright). Sarah seems to enjoy herself but the guys' moaning was distracting.

Scene 3
Back to disturbing guy in the room describing the "equations" on the wall (pretty hilarious how goofy they look) where he says he loves her w/o disgusting physical contact.

The scene switches and Jana is wearing black leather panties, red high heels and an unzipped striped jacket in a dark hallway with television sets. She sits on top of a TV and massages herself. Carli shows up wearing a baby doll, black panties, and black high heels. Jana takes off her babydoll and both girls end up wearing only their panties and high heels. Carli strips off Jana's panties and we can see Jana has a big shoulder tattoo and lower back tattoo and bellybutton ring. Carli licks Jana first (lots of Jana saying "want me to fuck your face"). While they're doing this, the televisions show closeups of them. Carli double fingers Jana who's standing up, then uses a silver dildo on her while Jana is sitting on a TV with her back facing us. Carli gets a glass dildo while standing up and the scene ends with them licking off the glass dildo.

Jana has a very pretty face, but the fake moaning/dirty talk is a bit of a turn off.

Scene 4
Back to disturbing guy babbling about how this is where they can always stay and Jana is finally here after all the years of planning. Then he thinks she is mocking him as he explains everything and Jana doesn't want to go with him.

The scene switches to an ok looking blond with too much eye makeup (Sharka Blue?) dressed in torn fishnet stockings and short shorts and a black torn fishnet top and high heel boots dancing in front of a metal patterned wall in high key. Two guys wearing shades show up in safety vest and short shorts and she immediately goes down and starts sucking while flashes keep going off. She does RCG on a guy on the floor, then doggy standing up against the wall, then fast anal doggy on a chair that magically shows up, then DP CG on the floor. The guys finally jerk off in her mouth. Sharka keeps her clothes on through the scene and has sex through her ripped stockings.

Scene 5
Jana is shown running away from disturbing guy while the guy follows her with his book describing why she's here.

Karlie is in the hallway with the televisions. She's dressed in thigh high black boots and a velvet dress jacket that is half open. Jana shows up in a red dresscoat with black panties and thigh hight boots. Karlie gets licked first as she stands up, then she gets fingered. Jana gets licked in missionary on a television, then gets the metal dildo treatment with her juices (or Karlie's spit) running onto the top of the TV. Karlie gets glass dildo'd next in doggy with one leg on the TV. Karlie maybe cums while doing this.

Too much diry talking from Jana again. Karlie joins in too so it's a bit distracting.

The movie ends with disturbing guy (Herschel Savage) walking down the hallway holding Jana's hand like a bride.

Photo Gallery, Behind The Scenes (mostly behind the scenes of the photo gallery and interviews w/ the redhead and two of the blonds)

Other Comments:
Can't jump directly to title menu but luckily the NinnWorx intro is short.
Always displays the "everyone is over 18" warning when viewing movie or behind the scenes and you can't bypass it either.
Not sure who the actresses'd be nice if the photo gallery/scenes included their names. The redhead is Karlie Montana and the blond is Carli Banks.

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