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Milk Junkies

Milk Junkies

Studio: Sineplex
Category:  Anal , Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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gapelover's ratings for Milk Junkies:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Milk Junkies overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Milk Junkies Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Milk Junkies Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Milk Junkies Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Milk Junkies Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Milk Junkies DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Milk Junkies A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by gapelover  on  11/8/2005

Welcome to Jaysin's new unique masterpiece of enema explosions. It's a dirty and kinky and funny movie, but without the brutal rough stuff that you know about from Meatholes or Max Hardcore.
You have never watched an extraordinary movie like this before for sure !

Scene 1 :
Geona (blonde), Lili (blonde), Jazz Duro, Juliano Ferraz

The first scene starts with Geona sitting in a plastic chair wearing a strap-on dildo. The girls teases and sucking the dildo, then they grab the tube of an enema bag and milk is floating over their bodies. The girls clean up the milk from their bodies and pussies. Then Lili rides the strap-on dildo in CG and RCG. After that she takes place in doggie and Geona gives her ass the first milk injection. Many more enemas will follow, Lili sprays the milk out of her ass to Geona's face and mouth many times and also on a blue teddy bear. Geona uses a dildo for Lili's asshole and every time she takes the dildo out the milk squirts out. Geona cleans Lili's ass and the girls have to laugh a lot when there's a fart sound. Now Geona takes many enemas and she pushes the milk in Lili's mouth and fave, what a mess. Then the guys step into the scene and Jazz gives some more enemas to Lili with a red rubber pump-ball. The girls sucking the dicks and playing with the milk from the pump-ball. They are getting pussy and ass fucked in different positions now. Then Geona takes another big enema in doggie and while she sprays the milk out, Jazz beats her butt with the teddy bear, funny shit. A lot of ass fucking with enemas and ATM follows. Geona makes some more mess because she piss on the flor. At the end both girls takes a sperm shower on their faces. What a starting scene !

scene duration : 54 minutes
rating : rating 5,0

Scene 2 :
Wiska (blonde), Natasha (red hair), Juliano Ferraz

Wiska and Natasha stepping into a bathroom with a bath tub half full of milk. The girls teases with kissing then Wiska squeeze her boobs and some milk is dripping out , Natasha tastes it. They jump into the bath tub and playing with the milk and their pussies. Now Juliano joins the scene with a red pump-ball in his hand. He fills the pump-ball with milk from the bath tub and Natasha takes the first enema in doggie. Natasha expels the milk from her ass to Wiska's mouth often, sometimes with a loud fart sound. Both girls have to laugh loud about this. "Super, i like it" Wiska shouts " I want more - shit ". Wow - big splash with fart sound again!
Then the girls sucking Juliano's dick and spitting milk on it. Wiska gets her pussy and ass fucked in standing doggie and Natasha sprays milk with the pump-ball to her pussy and ass. We get some gapes from Wiska and ATM for Natasha. Now Wiska takes many milk injections during the ass fuck, she farts the milk out and her asshole makes bubbles. Natasha goes in doggie again, Wiska fingers her ass and takes more milk showers. Then Juliano reams Natasha's ass, milk is dripping out and Wiska does ATM. Natasha gets filled again and Wiska sucks the milk out of her ass with a clear tube. The girls sucking the dick a bit, then more then pussy and ass pounding in different positions with ATA and ATP. At the end Juliano shoot his load in the girls mouth. The girls kissing and wave good bye. Finally one more enema for Natasha and her asshole turns a bit inside out when she pushes the milk out, bye-bye and a smile from the girls again.

scene duration : 42. minutes
rating : 5,0

Scene 3 :
Selina (dark hair), Eva (red hair), Joachim Kessef

The girls are dressed up in nasty nurse outfits. They does some tease with doctor playing, then Eva cashes a red butt plug to loose up Selina's sphincter in doggie position. After a while Selina takes the milk in her butthole from the anal pump-ball. Nothing will come out, so the take the tube from the big enema bag to fill her up. Eva fucks her ass with the butt plug, but no milk explosion happend. So Eva calls Doc Joachim and she told him that she put milk, but nothing comes out. Doc Joachim (unfortunately not in doctor costume) helps out with a even bigger glass butt toy and we see a good explosion result. Then Eva gets her asshole filled from the enema bag and Selina takes the milk shower in her mouth very often. Doc Joachim used his glass toy to loose up Eva's sphincter too and when he takes the toy out every time milk pushes out of her ass. Then the girls make a milk mess on Joachim's body, they licking the milk and sucking his dick. The girls taking the dick in their assholes including many milk explosions when the dick goes out of their assholes. Doc Joachim fills their assholes always with fresh milk. The girls getting stacked and Joachim rims their assholes. We hear many fart sounds from the girls when Joachim swaps from ATA. Now Selina gets her asshole power reamed for a long time in doggie with interruptions for milk filling, ATM goes to Eva. Eva rides the dick in CG anal and RCG anal. Finally Joachim gives his cream to the girls mouth. The girls say " Thank you doctor " and wave good bye to the camera.

scene duration : 48. minutes
rating : 5,0

Scene 4 :
Wiana (dark hair), Yelta (red hair), Jazz Duro

Wiana asks Jazz if he wants some fresh milk from a milk machine. Yelta (the milk machine) stays in doggie on a chair with a sheet over her body, you can only watch her butt. Jazz agreed and Wiana gives an enema to the milk machine and she expels the milk in a plastic beaker. Jazz don't like to taste the fresh milk and throws the beaker away. But Wiana likes to taste some fresh milk from Yelta's ass, "It's OK" she says. Then the girls sucking the dick and Jazz sprays some milk in their mouth with the pump-ball. More enemas for Yelta follows and Wiana licks her asshole. After doggie pussy fuck for Yelta, she takes it in the ass for the first time. We see her asshole winking and she expels the milk with a fart sound. Then Wiana's asshole is filled with milk, Yelta licks her ass and takes a big shower in her face and eyes and the girls have to laugh. Jazz fucks Wiana's ass in doggie and milk is dripping out with fart sounds, lots of ATM for Yelta. Now we get some good gapers from Wiana and many more milk explosions. Then Yelta's ass gets fucked and filled with milk in piledriver and doggie including huge gapes. Wiana sucks the milk out of Yelta's asshole with a clear tube. At the end Wiana takes a pounding in doggie and the clear tube was inserted to her asshole. Jazz takes a box of 1 liter milk and fills her asshole by the tube. Yelta sucks the milk out of Wiana's ass and milk is dripping everywhere. Finally Jazz shoot his "milk" in the girls mouth and the girls give a kiss.

scene duration : 43. minutes
rating : 5,0

Audio quality : good
Video quality : excellent
Extras : Trailers, Photos, Fetish Menu
Overall runtime : 3 hours 7 minutes

This is definitely a five star movie with super nasty outstanding action and funny elements, you have never seen so much enema explosions and crazy sex in one movie. I haven't count all enemas, maybe between 30 - 40 and every girl in this movie takes a dick in her ass too.
The only minus point of this movie is, that the Sineplex editors are able to ruin something of almost all their new movies at the moment. In the last scene of the movie is the last minute during the cum shot without sound.
Editors, if you read this: "please work more carefully and don't ruin Jaysin's fantastic captured movies" !

Nevertheless this movie is highly recommended, because all the sex acts rates 5 stars !

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