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MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers)

MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers)

Studio: Brazzers
Category:  MILF , Straight
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Sean Renaud's ratings for MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers):
Overall Rating 4 stars
MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality MILFs Like it Big 6 (Brazzers) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  7/12/2010
Expectations: I feel that heading into most of these films I have to admit whatever prejudices I have. In this case it is a massive positive. Brazzers came out of nowhere but when it showed up it was instantly one of the best things to happen. I love the comedy of their skits. The scenes are always hot. Brazzers is only capable of putting out two kinds of porn, good and amazing. I like my films to have some anal and judging by the art it looks like Iíll get at least two scenes with anal.

Scene One: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie is the victim, or benefactor of the Freaky Friday scenario. You know the one, where a daughter wakes up in her motherís body and presumably vice versa. You donít need to be a great actor when youíre basically a hot chick enjoying being a hot chick by the way. I mean I want to give the film a five out of five just for this but I gotta watch the rest. Also just like it wasnít fair to Eminem credit for playing himself in 8 Mile Iím sure Phoenix loves being sexy.

Phoenix starts out simply in awe of how huge her husbandís cock is and she begs him to let her suck. Of course like any man he doesnít make her beg for long. From there we get a some grade A cock sucking which happens throughout the scene. I never knew that a woman doing the splits was so sexy, of course most of then donít have cocks in their mouths when they do it. Iím a sucker for girls who keep their clothes on during a fuck and Phoenix stays clothed through much of the scene. All the major positions hit more or less in the normal order. Though flying Mish (for lack of a better term, is a new one. Phoenix is simply amazing.

Scene Two: Brandi Edwards & Holly Halston

The scene starts with our poor victim, the television repair man finding out his wife is pregnant. Brandi and Holly are sitting around drinking wine complaining that they canít find just random guys to fuck. They try the direct approach which honestly would have worked on any married man, straight married man at any rate. When the ďweíre hot blondes begging you to fuck our brains outĒ approach fails they drug his drink for some good ole date rape. He comes to naked and tied to a table.

The two ladies torment him. He wants so badly to be loyal to his wife but he just canít. No man could keep his cock soft while it vanished into a beautiful womanís throat. I love the dialogue here. It takes a good scene and makes it a great scene.

The girls eventually get to the point of actually fucking the poor captured TV
repair man and he slowly loses control admitting they feel good. Which just makes the pair torment him further. The girls arenít in the least shy about tasting cocks straight from the otherís holes. Ass? Pussy? It doesnít make a difference. As long as there is hard cock these blondes are willing to share! Every so often he gets louder than they want to deal with and that forces them to sit on his face or smother him with their tits. Iíve never seen a scene quite like this, the creative use of bondage is great. The girls take turns restraining him while the other gets ass fucked. Somehow he even manages to look pissed off throughout the scene. Great cum shot ending too.

Scene Three: Angel Long & Maria Bellucci

Angel Long, our lovely European beauties wakes up from a long night of drinking with a friend painfully hung over and playing Drunken Clue. Maria is our dark haired babe and Angelís blonde. We all know that game, the one where you look around and try to figure out what happened by looking around. They hear snoring and decide to investigate. The first plan was to call the police or hit him over the head but the sight of his enormous cock is more than the ladies can resist. It turns out they kidnapped him for his enormous cock.

You know if there is anything better than one girl working to suck your cock itís two girls. They eventually start competing to see how much they can take and it makes it clear that cock sucking needs to be made into an official Olympic event.

The sex here is pure high octane stuff. These girls are wearing that poor guy out almost continually keeping his mouth busy eating pussy. Angel even makes him choke her for a while. When she tires of that itís time to have her asshole stretched out, right after a thorough rim job. Both girls eventually let him take a ride on the Hershey Highway and thatís good because the girls both have a taste for chocolate. It really doesnít matter whose either! Lots of great positions, pretty much anything you could reasonably ask for. Disappointing cumshot. After letting the girls down that thoroughly he deserved to be thrown out nude to walk home.

Scene Four: Dyanna Lauren

Dyanna Lauren is the mom who comes up to find her daughterís boyfriend waiting at the door. Since sheís not going to make him wait outside she invites him in and gets him a drink and leaves him to wait. She wants to go sunbathe and of course she canít apply sun block on her own, not even on her enormous tits. Not that I would do anything differently if I were in his shoes but he doesnít really argue. Hell he actually takes charge. Lots of titty play here, short on acting but whoís complaining. Aside from me I mean. He even goes to town chowing down on her cunt.

Dyanna is just average when it comes to cock sucking. I wouldnít stop her if she was on my dick but itís not a strong point. The strong point of this scene is the setting. Itís out doors and half of it takes place in a pool. So itís cool because you donít see it every day but Dyanna is average by any estimation of the word.

Scene Five: Isis Love

You gotta give the girl credit simply for not being blonde and still being gorgeous. Isis love starts off with a long semi-boring solo tease but then her delivery man shows up. Apparently heís gotten a little smarter since his job as a tv repairman, either that or he got divorced. Either way heís not worried about his wife when she starts stripping and coming onto him. Like the scene before itís a bit lax on the story but oh well.

Isis takes her time with a nice sensual blow job. Nothing hardcore but beautiful, damn can this girl get it done. The sex is the same high energy great sex weíve gotten the entire flick. All the regular positions are hit and Isis is great, damn good cum shot finale as well.

Heading Out: Brazzers doesnít disappoint. Well at least they donít if you do anything other than judge them on an independent scale. Iíve got my usual porn complaint that in a world that has Latinas, Asians, Blacks not to mention redheads and brunettes that I should never have to see a movie with five scenes and five blondes. Of the two non-blondes only one gets a solo scene. That aside this is a damn good movie. Couple of threesomes, little bit of anal. Hardcore enough to satisfy the Raincoat crowd but mild enough that your girlfriend wonít castrate you when she finds this. If youíve never watched anything from Brazzers before this is a fine place to start. If youíre already familiar with the brand then you know what youíre getting and there is nothing wrong here.

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