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RobHammer Mile Bi Club 4 starsMile Bi Club 4 starsMile Bi Club 4 stars
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Mile Bi Club

Mile Bi Club

Studio: All Worlds Video
Category:  Bisexual
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astroknight's ratings for Mile Bi Club:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Mile Bi Club overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Mile Bi Club Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Mile Bi Club Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Mile Bi Club Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mile Bi Club Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Mile Bi Club DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Mile Bi Club A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/27/2003

Running Time: 89 min.

Production Date: December 2001

Director: Chi Chi La Rue

Cast: Devon Barry, Jon Erik, Alex Foxe, Holly Halston, Troy Halston, T. J. Hart, Lance Landers, Tino Lopez, Julian Pierce, Jack Ryan, Todd Shore, Tiger, Tina Tyler, and Keri Windsor

Initial Expectations: Iíve heard very good things about this feature, so Iím going in with pretty high expectations.

Initial Reaction: Donít pass this bi by!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody curious about bisexual movies or who just wants a well balanced bisexual movie

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a bisexual scene every time or a plot

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are mighty impressive. The audio is normally well balanced, but there are a few minor places that seem a little off. The video is also very nicely done. Itís clear, well lit, and has a very even look throughout the movie.

Music: The music has a slightly different feel than most pornos, but is very nicely balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The menus are unimpressive, to say the least. The main menu is just a picture of the boxcover with the choices thrown on. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a chapter number and a still from each scene.

The Feature: Itís a light flight for Oceanic Airlines. Itís so light that Keri Windsor decided to bump everybody on flight 69 to Atlantic City up to first class. Thatís about all there is for plot, and thatís all thatís needed here!

Holly Halston, an extremely cute bottle blonde with a great body, and Troy Halston, her good looking real life husband, start things out with Julian Pierce. Holly convinces Troy that they should do it in the airplane bathroom. He resists at first, thinking theyíll get caught, but then apparently remembers how fucking hot his wife is! He sucks her tits before she sucks his cock, licks his nipples, and even gives him a little titty fucking. Troy somehow manages to get down to eat Holly before she rides him cowgirl style while he sits on the shitter. Theyíre interrupted by Julian, who eagerly accepts their invitation to join the mile high club with them. They make their way back to the coach seats where Holly and Julian team up on Troyís cock and eat his ass. Troy works over Julian in return, with Holly coming up to get a taste as they keep working the oral love all around. Holly gets teamed up on before Julian takes Troy from behind while they kiss and Holly strokes his cock. Julian lets fly with a nice creamy load across Troyís back before Troy strokes himself onto his own stomach while Julian eats Holly while she very vocally approves.

This is an extremely impressive scene! I havenít seen many bi movies, but the biggest complaint Iíve heard about many of them is that they feel like a gay movie with the third wheel of a woman thrown in. That couldnít be further from the truth for this scene. Troy, Holly, and Julian all seem to be completely into each other, and itís almost as if they donít care who they fuck! This makes this one heck of a hot scene, and a great way to start off the feature. The only complaint I can have about it is that some of Troyís trash talking seemed a bit laughable.

Pilots Jack Ryan, a musclebound brunette, and Todd Shore, who reminds me a lot of Ben Stiller, get it on after Jack spills some of the coffee stewardess T. J. Hart brings them on his pants. He takes his pants off and strokes himself a bit before Todd switches on the autopilot so he can get a bit of Jack. Todd reaches over to stroke Jackís joystick before sliding his mouth around it and taking it into his throat. Todd bends over the pilotís chair so Jack and fuck him from behind while telling him to fuck him harder and harder. Finally, Jack jerks himself onto Toddís chest while Todd wanks himself silly without any result.

This is a pretty good scene. Todd really puts on a great show here, but Jack seems to just kinda be there. The scene feels very lopsided because of it, and worked less for that reason for me than my watching it as a straight guy.

Stewardesses Keri Windsor and T. J. Hart get it on next. Keri starts things out licking T. J.ís twat on the stairs before taking her own turn so T. J. can eat her. They keep things moving back and forth, moving to the kitchenette so Keri can tongue T. J.. Keri rides T. J.ís face while eating her foot before Keri pulls T. J.ís twat up to her face to eat it some more before they finish things with a kiss.

This is an excellent scene with a little different feel. It combines playfulness and intensity, and rather than feeling a little awkward and wandering, it works great! As usual, Keri is amazingly intense, and T. J. provides a playfulness that works every bit as well. They trade back and forth throughout the scene, and even manage it looking like the sex ends naturally rather than with a porno timer going off. Scenes like this make toys in all girl scenes seem absurd.

Finally, passengers Jon Erik, Lance Landers, Julian Pierce, Tino Lopez, Tiger, Devon Barry. Tina Tyler, Alex Foxe and stewardesses Keri Windsor and T. J. Hart have a big ass orgy. It all starts with Alex breaking away from her sleeping fiancť Devon when she notices Lanceís cock is out and looks lonely. As Alex sucks Lance, Jon notices and invites Tito over to suck it after stroking it a little. When Keri comes by she helps Tino take care of Jon, but doesnít leave Tino when his hard cock appears in front of her face. Devon finally wakes up to smilingly approve of Alex sucking Lance before the guys team up on Keri, who wakes up Tina (whoís looking great in red hair even though redheads are pretty much hated throughout the universe), who joins the guys in working on Keri before Tino breaks off to welcome her personally. Alex sucks Devon before they both move over with Lance. T. J. and Tiger join in on the action, with things pretty much turning into all out orgy before Julian finally joins in. The oral loving flows freely among the cast before the fucking starts, and that pretty much turns into one big mass of flesh! Finally, most of the guys stroke themselves into the air, with some of the girls helping them a bit by giving them a show, sticking a finger in the guyís ass, and even kissing them! Tina, however, does things her own way and actually has three of the guys jerk off around and on her. After Keri and T. J. apparently go back to work, everybody else crumbles in a giant mass to kiss and stroke each other.

The only thing I can find to complain about in this scene is the editing, and even that isnít much of a complaint. Thereís plenty of action going on throughout the plane in this scene, and it fades in and out as it goes from group to group. I didnít really care for this, but it also worked pretty well throughout the scene. This seems like a perfect way to end this movie, and I wish more movies would do it this way!

Mile Bi Club is an extremely impressive bisexual movie. There isnít much of a plot, but there is enough between the scenes to set things up so the scenes feel like a bit more than just your standard all sex porno. The setups are normally fun, and really do start the scenes off on the right foot. The sex keeps things moving right along! The playfulness and chemistry in the opening scene between Troy, Holly, and Julian is excellent, and starts things out on an extremely high note that pretty much continues through the movie. Although the gay scene between Jack Ryan and Todd Shore didnít do much for me, every other scene impressed the heck out of me! Thereís great chemistry and nice energy in every scene, and I never had a feeling like one person wasnít into another throughout the entire movie! Mile Bi Club is an excellent bisexual movie, and one Iíd easily recommend to anybody into bisexual movies or whoís just curious about them!

Extras: The only extra is a photo gallery that lasts about three and a quarter minutes with about five seconds per nice looking snapshot.

Themes: Bisexual, titty fucking, group, rimming (male > female, female > female, female > male, and male > male), toe-ing, and foot worship

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: 100%

Overall: Currently, Mile Bi Club can be found online for $43. Iím not sure I could recommend any single DVD for that price, but I will say that if youíre curious about bisexual movies that you should definitely try to rent this one as virtually every scene is a winner! There isnít anything worth mentioning for extras, but the technical aspects are very good!

Note to All Worlds Video: Wow! With a few extras this would have been an excellent DVD! A few more chapter breaks would have also been very nice!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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