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astroknight Mile Bi Club 4 starsMile Bi Club 4 starsMile Bi Club 4 stars
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Mile Bi Club

Mile Bi Club

Studio: All Worlds Video
Category:  Bisexual
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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RobHammer's ratings for Mile Bi Club:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Mile Bi Club overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Mile Bi Club Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Mile Bi Club Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Mile Bi Club Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Mile Bi Club Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Mile Bi Club DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mile Bi Club A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by RobHammer  on  8/9/2003
Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: December 2001

Dirceted by: Chi Chi Larue

Female Cast: Holly Halston, T.J. Hart, Tina Tyler, Keri Windsor, Alex Foxe

Male Cast: Jon Erik, Troy Halston, Lance Landers, Jullian Pierce, Jack Ryan, Tino Lopez, Todd Shore, Tiger, Devon Barry

Music: A heart throbbing low key drum beat/synthesizer combo. This is actually mesmerizing at times and changes with each scene.

Disc Problems: The usual stalls during the first several minutes with my cheap player. There are no problems on my laptop.

Comments: This is not my usual review. Then again, this is not your usual movie. I watched this as a VHS rental and have been dying to review the DVD. Finally I found it for rent at my local video super store. I like it so much that I may have to pay the exorbitant price to own it.

There is a 3 1/2 minute commercial for All Worlds Resort that plays prior to the main menu.

Chapter Select: 6 slides for the opening, 4 chapters, and closing credits.

Review: Opening:
Flight attendants T.J. and Keri are at the boarding gate of Oceanic Airlines. Pilots Jack and Todd are informed by Keri that it is going to be a light load and she bumped everyone up to first class. This is a flight from Los Angeles to Atlantic City. Jon and Tina play a jaded married couple. Jon strikes up a conversation with the woman next to him. We find out that Alex and Devon are headed to Atlantic City to get married. Tina disdainfully remarks "how sweet." Everyone boards the plane then Julian and Tino rush to the gate and plead with Keri to get on. She lets them in, then gives us a conspiratorial smile to show her approval of them. This is a big plane. I have never seen a spiral staircase into the first class section before. It looks like plenty of room for fun.

Scene 1: Troy Halston, Holly Halston, Jullian Pierce
Troy and Holly sneak off to the lavatory for an initiation into the Mile High Club. These two are absolutely gorgeous, playful and hot for each other. I love this stuff. Chi Chi should shoot some straight porn. He sits her on the sink and they make out as they undress and trade titty sucking. Sizzling foreplay, and she is all over him. She blows him, alternates nipple bites, titty fucking and tongue. It's her turn and he takes long licks on her pussy with his pierced tongue as she thrusts into his face. There is very good energy as she rides cowgirl on him.

Jullian gets up to use the lavatory and walks in on them. What else is there to do but join in? They move out to the empty rear passenger area. This has got to be one of the hottest three-ways I have seen. It is a visual feast. They double up for oral, an acrobatic rim around the rosy, kissing and it's all fun. Jullian tops Troy while Holly strokes her hubby. Julian cums a thick load on Troy's back then Troy jerks off. Holly adds some extra sound effects but doesn't cum herself. They kiss and say to Jullian, "Welcome to the club." ****1/2

Scene 2: Jack Ryan, Todd Shore
In the cockpit T.J. brings the pilots some coffee. They comment appreciatively on her physical attributes. This helps us believe that they must be bi. There is some turbulence and Jack spills coffee on his pants. Of course the pants have to come off and he starts masturbating. Todd puts it on autopilot to cop a feel. There is a blue light for illumination. Todd is sweating from the energetic blowjob he gives Jack, then it's Jack's turn. Todd screams and dirty talks how much he likes the anal pounding he's getting. They jerk off and Jack shoots onto Todd's chest then Todd pops. I don't get a sense of as much chemistry between these two. It's high energy down-to-bussiness male animal sex without a lot of intimacy. ***

Scene 3: T.J. Hart, Keri Windsor
Our two flight attendants chat and joke a bit about passengers. This always leads to sex so they get down and dirty on the stairs for some pussy licking. They get rough and vocal with spit, fingers pussy to mouth, a bit of slapping and biting. They kiss and Keri sits on T.J.'s face as she stuffs T.J.'s dirty foot into her mouth. They do a very high energy 69. It looks like T.J. made Keri cum with her fingers and hand. ***1/2

Scene 4: Jon Erik, Lance Landers, Jullian Pierce, Tino Lopez, Tiger, Devon Barry, T.J. Hart, Tina Tyler, Keri Windsor, Alex Foxe
Back in the first class section the passengers are dozing. Alex wakes up and notices Lance with his cock out. She sneaks away from her fiancee to pay Lance some oral attention. Jon notices from the seat behind and starts to masturbate. Tino wakes up and comes over to blow Jon. Keri strolls in and joins the action. It's turning into an orgy. I'm on visual overload as we get scene cuts from one group to another. Pretty soon the whole place is throbbing. There is tons of oral sex, then fucking and anal. I can't list all the action but here's something you don't see much in straight porn: Keri tongue fucking Jon's mouth as T.J. fingers his ass to help him cum.

Troy and Holly walk in and discover that they could have been doing it here with everyone else. As the scene ends the pilot comes on and says that he hopes everyone enjoyed the flight, even though it was a bit bumpy. The closing shot is a writhing pile of satisfied passengers. This is the best orgy scene I have ever watched. *****

Closing credits: Excellent cast ID
Executive producer: Dirk Yates
Directed by: Chi Chi Larue
Produced by: Dan Cross
Production manager: Jim Steel
Written by: Chris Steele
Videography: Ed Max
Second Camera: Toni English
And the rest of the crew
Music by: JD Slater

Photo Gallery: 3 1/2 minutes of stills.

Overall: This is one of the best all-sexual type movies I've seen. I didn't factor in the lack of extras for my overall rating, as it really doesn't matter much to me. The cast ID was good.

What we get: Great talent, good production values and great camera work. Condoms are used for penetration.

What we don't get: facial splooges, oral cum shots, double anything, ass to anything.

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