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Mike John's Peep Show 3

Mike John's Peep Show 3

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Christian Dark's ratings for Mike John's Peep Show 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Mike John's Peep Show 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Mike John's Peep Show 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Mike John's Peep Show 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Mike John's Peep Show 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mike John's Peep Show 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Mike John's Peep Show 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mike John's Peep Show 3 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Christian Dark  on  7/9/2009
I'm just catching on to Mike Johns flicks. I must say I'm pissed off!!! What the hell have I been doing. I guess spending way too much time on movies I had no business watching because Mike J is the shit!!!!!!!!! From what I have seen he excels in something I really go for, hot movies!!! Also his BTS segments are always action packed and like I said b4 he is just a few steps behind Chris Streams in that department. The cast list here is outstanding beginning with my Asian crush Asa Akira who has taken the place in my heart that Jandi Lin left when she exited the business. Never got the chance to see the 2 together which would have been an instant pick up for me. Dia Zerva who I just saw the other day in Elastic Assholes 8 and she blew me away so it is great that I get to see her again so damn soon. As well as Evie Delatosso and a returning Avy Scott who is just as sexy as I remember her being. We round things out with London Keyes, Marie McCray and Jessica Bangkok.

A stellar cast and a really incredible movie.

Asa Akira--------------Smoking!! Absolutely smoking. Asa doesn't just have an incredible body she is fucking beautiful. She is flawless, ass, legs, face, tits she is just awesome all the way around. She does a nice tease b4 Everhard shows up to apply the wood. The sex with Asa must be awesome because Erik is always is seen fucking Asa. This has to be like the 6th time I have seen them two on screen getting it in!!!! Can't say that I blame him. There is some face smothering done by Asa and the exchange of oral favors is also good. Asa's bj skills are absolutely mind boggling. Erik is his usual hammer 1st, hammer again, and hammer some more here with Asa. They have a strong chemistry which would explain why they are together in so many scenes. Her ass looks incredibly sweet in cowgirl. This is a strong opening scene and Asa as always looks and performs beautifully.

Dia Zerva-------- Yum Yum gimmie some!!!!!!!! That's what I thought when I seen Dia. She looks hot, just as hot as when I 1st saw her 2 days ago!!!!!! She does a nice tease even pleasuring herself when holy shit..............time warp.............. its Sean Michaels. SOmebody tell Jennie Pepper to bring me a sammich!!!!!!!!! Tell Purple Passion and Nyrobi Knight to shut my blinds!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it is just crazy Sean is still doing the same shit he was doing when I was a real youngster. Like homework and curfews, b4 any responsibilities!!!!! Playing kick the can and hide and seek even. Red Light Green Light HAHAHAH!!!!! Anyway Dia gives up a really hot bj and takes the anal well in every position.Her energy is high through out and for a slim girl has a great ass. A really hot scene, like I said b4 Dia is a star in the making!!

Marie McCray--------- Never seen her b4 but damn if I don't want to see her some more. She does a nice tease getting warmed up for the fact she is going to be doing a 2 on 1 scene today. The guys show up and put her bj skills to the test which in this reviewers eyes she passes. She shows off her high energy fucking by taking both guys on in admirable fashion. I really don't get into 2 on 1 scenes much when its two guys and one girl, but Marie really makes this watchable with her small yet hot frame and her really hot cowgirl skills. I liked it, and more than likely you will too.

London Keyes--------- To bring Disc 1 to an end the lovely London decides to grace us with her beauty. London has an awesome body. Tits and ass are popping!!!!! The tease footage is most def boner worthy. They chat it up a bit, b4 the guy shows up and London introduces him to bj land. Her head skills are really hot here and the sex is even hotter. Sometimes people can just go through the motions in porn. Not here these two are raving each other from the word go. He rails her in mish and its hot as hell and she throws it all back like bring it on!!!!! London is high energy all the time her. Her cowgirl ride is outstanding, as well as the doggy reaming. You know a scene was hot when the girl looks nothing like she did in the beginning, well that's what you get here, she is a complete mess and we love her for it!!!!!!!!

Disc 2

Evie Delatosso---------- Breasts................. they're what's for dinner!!!!!! Evie has a rack on her that is just what you think of when you hear titties!!!!!!! Delatosso is actually from the old country it means "has huge knockers". Don't believe me look it up. Evie is sexy as hell though and to top it off she has a sweet ass too. Peach sweet actually. She does a really nice tease and shows off her rack nicely. Erik shows up and his usual self getting right to business. No posturing for the camera or talking and putting his face all in the way, talking to the viewers and shit like other people *ahem Brian Pumper*. He gives her some oral loving, and she returns the favor with a smoking bj. If you know anything about EE its clobbering time!!!! What else do you expect from a guy who has a line called "Sport Fucking!!" But Evie loves ever second of it and if her jiggling boobs tell it they love it too!!!!!!! Her energy is great and she takes a hell of a pounding and delivers a smoking hot scene in the process!!!!

Avy Scott---------- Welcome back welcome back welcome back!!!!!!!!! I missed Avy and her big ol ass something terrible. I remember she did a scene with Slayer a long time ago which was my introduction to her, then she disappeared!!! WTF!!!!! Anyway here is Avy in all her splendor showing off her incredible body!!!!!! In case you are blind Avy also has mountainous hooters!!!!!! her body is just hot is all I can say!! She does a nice tease giving us a view to a kill just the way we want it. She pleasures herself a little b4 The Fonz shows up. A little make out action he gives her some oral action and gets right into the cooch. Damn, I was looking forward to some Avy head but what the hell. The mish is good and okay there it is Avy head, sweet!! Watching Avy fuck is a pleasure, and thanks to her my sleepless night changed drastically!! With her bouncing boobs and ass, this is better than the nighttime, sneezy, aching, so you can rest better medicine. Take two of those and call me in the morning!!!!!!

Jessica Bangkok------------ OOOOOOO I GOT YELLOW FEVER! I GOT YELLOW FEVER, WE GOT YELLOW FEVER WE'RE IN LOVE!!!!! I GOT YELLOW FEVER! I GOT YELLO...................... oops that was politically incorrect, but Jessica is sexy as hell. Jessica has a hot set of sweater midgets, but her ass at least for me takes center stage. What can I say I'm an assman!!!!!!!!!! The tease is hot and she really seems to enjoy showing off her hot bod, even touching herself a little. Its crazy to me when a girl sucks her own titty, its sexy as fuck but its also amusing!!!!!!!!!! We get another 2 on 1 scene, but Jessica is hot so I'm all for it. Her dual bj talents are to be admired as she gives each the attention they want. They fuck her like a track meet. One gets head while the other gets tails I guess you can say. Seeing her ass in doggy equals very nice!!! The energy even with the old man involved (kidding) is high and they keep it going until the pop. Closing out what was a really hot flick!!!

As with all MJ releases you get trailers pops pics and a really good BTS feature. This was a strong flick from beginning to end. I'm going to have to get a new dvd player one that holds multiple discs for my JJV collection, getting tired of having to get up and change the movies. Still its a buy from your boy! C. Dark Audi 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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