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Mikayla Chronicles, The

Mikayla Chronicles, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Sex , Couples
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Mikayla Chronicles, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Mikayla Chronicles, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Mikayla Chronicles, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Mikayla Chronicles, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Mikayla Chronicles, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Mikayla Chronicles, The Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Mikayla Chronicles, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mikayla Chronicles, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/26/2009
Hello porn fans, thought I'd take a look at this new flick directed by Randy Spears. I've seen the guy in a ton of movies but this might be the first time I'm seeing him as a writer/ director of one. It's got one of Wicked's girls as the covergirl and Mikayla's name is also in the title. Seems she and Randy are filmmakers who have gone on a nature ride and break down. The decision is then made to document the experience. Funny moment as they're unpacking their ATV which broke down, Randy gives Mikayla all the hard stuff to carry and he only takes the knife and other video camera. The two seem to have a good rapport talking which helps. As the two head off into the wilderness to set up camp we're taken back to civilization for our first sex scene-- presumably these two have nothing to do with the story, we're just peeking in to watch them fuck!

Kayla Carrera & Brad Armstrong:

Well the picture quality is pretty good here so we should see everything good. Brad opens up with some nice oral on Kayla, liked the open leg/ close view given here also. Brad you devil, going down to lick her ass too! There's a little fingering done too which has Kayla moaning in no time. Miss Carrera then gets a shot at her own brand of oral and she does fine taking on Brad's cock, side view here and we maintain the fingering too, Brad's got a long reach. Good looking 69 here too so they're hitting all the right buttons so far. The sex is fine, you see some fine artwork all the way up Kayla's back, it's quite intricate looking so this took some time to be done. Brad does a quick condom pull off before the pop which isn't bad, some misses her mouth/ face but she gets enough to taste. Alright Brad heads off to work while Kayla is going to try and get a hold of Tanya a friend to go shopping-- this still doesn't tie into the Randy/ Mikayla story so hopefully it will at some point.

We head back then to the woods where our couple are setting up camp but there's no water or food so off Randy goes to get the H2O while Mikayla will try and see what berries are around. The two meet back at their pitched tent, Randy with the water and Mikayla with some berries. Randy also has set up something to catch a squirrel and he tries to tell Mikayla they taste like chicken, lol. The two have some marital chatter and when the subject of mother in law comes up there's some funny lines. Randy got a cemetary plot from her for a Christmas present and during his and Mikayla's first date she set his car on fire-- so needless to say he's not a big fan. Randy then turns the conversation from the mom in law to Mikayla's tramp friend Lisa, lol.

Diana Doll & Rocco Reed:

Ok Diana is Lisa and her scene opens with Rocco who's dressed very nicely is bringing in some groceries for her and he wants to leave to go back to work but she persuades him to not run off so soon. Diana grabs the tie and pulls him in close-- usually you can't take tips but in this case when she whips out his cock I think Rocco will make the exception! Diana's got a great cock hungry vibe working as she's taking on Rocco, good side view which sees her work those balls too. Rocco then gets to partake in those sweet pussy lips and I'm always down for some good pussy eating. The energy/ passion for the fucking was real good too, Diana seemed real into it as Rocco pounded her pussy in a couple positions ending with a real good pop on her tongue/ chin-- this was a good solid scene. At least Rocco won't have to add this on his taxes as he would with that other form of tip, lol.

Back to our campers and Randy has a bit of a struggle to start the fire but eventually he does as we get a Later that night.. display on the screen taking us to nightime and the two making out.

Mikayla & Randy Spears:

So it's now in the PM and there's a fire going as we find the two campers enjoying some sexy time. Randy has her sweater top up and sucking on her titties in short order and we get a little hands in the jeans finger action too before we turn it over to Mikayla. The fire's real good here so you should have little trouble seeing the two fuck. Randy's already got a boner working but Mikayla does some good jerking too just to make sure his hard before she leans down to engulf him. We get a nice jeans pull down and ass arching from Mikayla-- great shot here as Randy gets to lean in and lick that sweet pussy/ ass from behind. A little more oral from Mikayla before Randy makes sure to show off the lone condom he brought, see it did come in handy he tells his girl, lol. Just a couple positions shot, cowgirl was the best one and we get a tit pop shot to close it from Randy. There is cleanup from Mikayla but she doesn't do anything with the good load left on her breast. The two are done with sex and now they're even more hungry then before, lol. Randy goes to check on his trap to see if any squirrel has fallen prey to it. He has caught something but it looks more like a groundhog than a squirrel and it looks obviously fake, almost petrified-- I had to chuckle and Randy does a nice job trying to sell it and Mikayla for her part keeps a straight face-- it does almost taste like chicken she says as we jump ahead to the two cleaning off the bones. Ahh Mikayla wants to hear a story from Randy, about his ex-- hmmm why would she want to hear about her, lol.

Alanah Rae & Randy:

He tells her about how they met and the details were a bit different from the visual we see once we're taken back in time. It's a nice backyard setting at night, a pond right there and Randy lounging in a lawn chair as Alanah comes up in a fur coat which is quickly shed leaving only the black lace bra/ panties and garter left behind-- of course there are black heels too. The two kiss a bit but Alanah wants his cock so she slides down, the jeans are pulled down and she envelops Randy's manhood as we're given a good side view. As with the other scenes before we have the guy doing some oral work too and Randy as he did with Mikayla does serious finger banging to Alanah's coochie here. As the nighttime skies stare down we get some good cock riding from Alanah in cowgirl, her tits are out now and do a little bouncing-- this is shown better when they flip over to mish. Randy ends up leaving a pretty good load on Alanah's face, the cleanup was solid too from this pretty blonde.

After the scene/ story is done we get the usual upset reaction from Mikalya-- hey U asked him, lol. Randy then is sent in to make sure her sleeping bag is clear of bugs and the two retire for the night. A funny development before they can fall asleep they find a couple snakes in the tent, so no bugs but snakes!! The two come running out scared for their lives. A short time later they are back in the tent, the fires's still going and they hear coyotes now. Mikayla's still fixated on the whole Alanah story too, gee lady you did ask him to tell the story, lol. Randy is horny and wants to whack off, but that's disgusting and he better stop, go to sleep and not think about Alanah, lol.

Tanya James & Marco Banderas:

Well it's the next day and they haven't done much documenting so far but the camera's rolling as we see and Randy's got a couple lovebirds in his lense, damn the perve! Through some greenery we get the Recording screen look, you know the numbers and the REC surrounding the shot and they are making out. Mikayla comes running up and she doesn't get perved out, hey it's people so maybe they can get help-- but first let's watch them fuck! Now we get the normal view and the closer in shots were nice as we get caressing along with the kissing. Good easy pull off on the top, leaving only the bra and her jeans. Tanya then helps Marco get more comfortable and she is soon licking up and down that cock. Marco is the first to not lick pussy, instead we go right to him banging her out doggiestyle. There is also cowgirl worked in with Marco also snacking on her titties, we also see spoon closing with Marco pulling out for a boob pop. Afterwards the camera's still rolling as they walk up and startle the two who do end up helping. Final shot has everyone piling into the jeep and Randy's got a guest coming along that he's not aware of until Mikayla points it out-- a Spider and we get a classic Randy facial reaction and sound which lingers as the shot's frozen in time.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one was ok, the story was pretty loose-- the whole documenting angle wasn't really used until the final scene. At least there was some connection from scene to scene after the first one-- they mentioned a Tanya in that and perhaps Kayla was referencing our finale girl but it wasn't made clear. The other scenes were connected by the fact we had Mikayla and Randy telling each other sex stories. As for the scenes themselves they featured good clear action, the most energy/ passion was probably in the Diana Doll scene, at least for me it was. I liked the other girls and of course Mikayla as the star of the show had a nice showcase in the middle scene banging it out with the director here, Mr. Spears. Now for extras you get 17 minutes of BTS along with trailers and pics. You also get a bonus sex scene from the Wicked Pictures movie Making Amends starring Mikayla with Randy so you see them work together twice on this disc. I'd do this one as a rental, there are some funny lines here and there. The sex was good, no anal but we got some decent pops in the end. If you're not into condoms you won't like this one because a rubber's used in each scene and clearly so. All in all a good job but nothing hugely special here, just solid couples entertainment.

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