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Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem)

Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem)

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Boner Jams's ratings for Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mexicunts 4 (Mayhem) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Boner Jams  on  10/19/2007
Mexicunts 4:

The film opens with a close call for a smuggler at the Mexican-American border. When stopped by Border Patrol, a shifty cowboy type convinces the officer that he is only transporting pinatas from Mexico to his store. The officer orders him to open the trunk and pokes around at the pinatas and boxes with his nightstick. Once satisfied with the veracity of the smuggler's excuses, the officer allows the gates to be open. As the officer watches the man drive his station wagon back into the United States, he mutters "goddamn pinatas" and the sexy times are set to begin!

Scene 1: Kat - The first scene features Kat with moustachioed creepy old guy Harry and another hispanic gentleman. The scene begins with Johnny Thrust playing cool dude porn director telling the threesome what kind of sex they will have on set. He uses hilariously misinformed Spanglish such as "El butto" to try to say "anal" in Spanish. What a comic! Anyways, true director Jim Powers enters and meets the performers. There is a crazy fiction-meets-reality aspect going on here, as we the viewers are teased the fact that the performers in Mexicunts 4 are actually Mexican immigrants smuggled here to appear in blue films. Upon Jim's directive of "Let's make porn!", the erotica begins as the men approach a seated Kat. This is the legendary Kat, the skinny anal princess best known for her braces and the fact that she's frequently cast as either Asian or Latina, depending on the focus of the film. She's renowned for her jailbait lolita roles, and she doesn't disappoint in this scene.

The men begin by helping her down onto her knees so they can insert their cocks into her metal-filled mouth. Harry grips her hair at various points during the oral sex, which really looks great as she tries to swallow the entire length. After oral, Kat climbs onto hands and knees on the couch as Harry helps her remove her panties. He licks her asshole as she blows the other guy. Harry then stuffs his cock into her Mexicunt (get it? ha ha!), which is a great shot of her black fishnet stockings in doggystyle position. After a few minutes, she climbs aboard the other guy to ride while sucking Harry in reverse cowgirl. The three work through various anal positions before working out a couple nice DPs. Kat seems happiest with a dick in her ass, judging by the amount of time she spends during the scene with one in place. For such a small woman, she takes it like a pro. The men exchange positions and rotate Kat anally for quite a while before ejaculating into her open mouth. She takes both loads across her face and into her mouth, then plays with the cum by blowing mini bubbles.

Scene 2: Michelle Avanti & Alisha K. - We have another threesome up next, but this time there is a favorable ratio of one guy to two girls. The smuggler cowboy is getting into the action in this scene, as he talks in English to two latinas and laughs that they don't even know what he's saying. He complains about how much he wants a blowjob until one of the women says she wants to suck the coyote's dick. What? Either way, the smuggler is getting lucky tonight while drinking his bottle of Corona and spewing cliches about the land of opportunity. They double-team hit orally for some time as they undress and attempt to tantalize the viewer. Neither woman can match Kat's looks or intensity from scene #1, which is unfortunate considering the potential this threesome has. One woman seems to be going for the Tory Lane look with the schoolgirl tie remaining around her neck between her small cleavage during the scene. Smuggler fucks the first woman doggy while the other woman leans over the first woman's back to occasionally suck Smuggler's cock before he plunges back into the first Mexicunt (still funny!). The scene gets into a pretty deep lull until the anal sex begins. One woman has an incredibly pink pussy with darker lips. The contrast is stunning while she gets reamed anally from behind. Sadly, this doesn't last long as the Smuggler pops into one girl's mouth before she tentatively shares it with her friend. They both make ridiculous faces trying to appear sexy with cum dripping down their chins. Definitely not as good a scene as it could have been.

Scene 3: Sammy Cruz - The viewer is treated to a useless intermission clip of a man helping three Mexican women out of a car's trunk. The women are filmed standing next to each other with a voice over welcoming them to America, the land of opportunity. They are then informed that they are no longer a Mexican, they are now a Mexicunt. I'm getting lost here. We cut to a mildly attractive woman with no breasts wearing a pink dress while being interviewed by a cameraman. She admits she is the cameraman brings heavily tattooed Buster Good out to meet his costar. He is encouraged to give her some pecks to ease her into the scene because she is new from Mexico. Instead of kissing her, he dives straight into cunnilingus. After a couple minutes of that, he stands up and lets her suck his cock. She gives a decent sloppy blowjob before he undresses her and commences to bust her good. She rides him front and back before bending over for doggy. Her pussy looks really wet from this angle, which is good for chemistry purposes I suppose. He stuffs her in hips-elevated mish before providing her with a poorly-aimed open mouth facial. She makes a show of rubbing his cum onto her mouth and biting her lip. I just don't dig the facial expressions the actresses are encouraged to make post-cum.

Scene 4: Victoria Sweet - The driver "Coyote" quickly convinces a 1980's style lipstick whore to "tip" him for driving her to America. She delves enthusiastically into a standard BJ complete with ball-sucking and some very light gagging. Once he tires of the blowjob, she strips more and climbs onto his reclined lap on the bed and slides her pussy onto his cock. This position goes on for quite a while. I have to admit that her black curly hair and large back tattoo add a charming trailer park appeal to her appearance. I actually started to get into her energy as she rode him by rocking forward and back. He then went down on her for a bit before giving it to her missionary for a bit. We get a really nice view of her large pink/red nipples and areola here. Later, we get an interesting reverse piledriver as she bounces on him inclined lap. After a little doggy, he cums on her mouth and she rubs it in as well. Way below average payoff to an average scene.

Scene 5: Alicia Angel - We open with Johnny Thrust telling a young starlet that tomorrow she will take it up the "culo". She says no to this, but is quickly overruled by the ultimate authority of a porn director. As she begins to cry, he offers to teach her how to take it up the "culo". What a swell dude. This is getting more and more realistic as we go. Like a true gentleman, Johnny tells her to begin with some dicksucking. She looks amazing on her knees in a pink/yellow bikini top, a yellow mini-skirt, and white high heels. This gal is definitely 2nd best on the dvd behind Kat. After a short BJ, she straddles him in reverse cowgirl as we're treated to a great view of her perky tits. She stops to give him a standing blowjob before straddling him again, this time facing him. His cock enters her butt and we see what an amazing body this actress has. Just perfect amounts of curves and a beautiful face. Her heart-shaped ass looks so incredible bouncing on his lap. Then, she lifts off and begins sucking his cock again (A2M alert!). She resumes the anal cowgirl before bending over for anal doggy. The pair work through a few more anal positions before finishing up with an anal piledriver. For someone who opened the scene claiming she isn't able to do anal, she sure picked it up quick. Johnny misses her mouth with an average sized load before dumping a meager amount on her tongue. She scoops the missed cum into her mouth from the floor and gargles briefly before swallowing. Great ending to a good scene.

Extras - This is a standard porn dvd with a star index, cumshot recap, behind the scenes, and gallery. Mayhem also fit trailers and a website ad into the Special Features as well. Audio and video quality is sufficient but not extraordinary.

Final Call - Mexicunts 4 is a worthwhile dvd that should keep your interest through the initial viewing. There are a couple hot scenes but ultimately too many that left me thinking, "Well, that was kind of a let down". I have had great experiences with Mayhem in the past so I was maybe expecting too much. I'm glad I had the opportunity to view this dvd and will look forward to future Mayhem releases.

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