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Meow (Jules Jordan Video)

Meow (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Girl , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Meow (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Meow (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Meow (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Meow (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Meow (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Meow (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Meow (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Meow (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/16/2010
Alright fans time to sit back and enjoy a new flick directed by and also starring Jenna Haze. This time she's going all girls and to make it even better this will feature no toys-- To quote Jenna from twitter-- bet this is a first in a review-- "It's super pretty real girl girl. No overacting, no toys." Well I've not seen it yet but I'll say a hearty thank you anyway for at least trying to do a big g/g movie and not include the plastic dildo/ cocks. Now I'm not all against toys, but I certainly prefer them used a lot less than you normally get- to often kissing/ oral/ breast play are cut down so the girls can instead push plastic toys in and out. Well Jenna Haze is going in the opposite direction here with this title and I for one applaud her but will also be looking more critically also because the areas I really look for touched on above will now be most of what we see. So let's see just how good a job Jenna and her girls did.

Jenna Haze & Monique Alexander:

So we open with these two titans. Sexy outfits with plenty of ass revealed and both women have terrific asses. Some interesting eye makeup too but I kept finding my gaze returning to the asses and I just hope there's some ass eating in this one. So the two have a seat and they kiss a little, let the hands caress over the others ass-- I think the girls have the same idea I do, play with and enjoy those tushies. You can't really complain with a front row seat, looking up as Jenna lets her face/ tongue dip into Monique's moist pussy-- nah I think you'll enjoy this! Jenna's talking dirty like only she can do and you get Monique almost giggly with the pleasure generated down below. We move to Monique going down and how about Jenna assuming a doggie pose allowing Miss Alexander free access to that ass and us too, great open shots here. The ladies also work in a 69 during this oral phase, Jenna on top. I'd say they had a good time enjoying the other with the only thing missing really was ass licking, everything else looked very good.

Faye Reagan & Dani Jensen:

We move on to the next scene which begins with the two in bed, Faye in a sexy lace outfit and Dani in a light pink corset. A medium sized feather is utilized up and down Faye's body and we start to see that ass a little too. Liked how Dani used her tongue to pull the bra top down, kiss down to just above Faye's pussy. With Faye's titties you want them kissed so nicely Dani does get that face in to enjoy those funbags. The girls don't rush it here either, the flow of the scene seemed quite natural as they kissed, touched, slowly got naked. Not a big fan of licking pussy over the panty but it fit into the flow the girls had going. So we get Faye's bottomless and to top that both girls put the panty in their mouth, smelling and tasting her essence. Alright our first serious ass licking takes place as Dani hovers over Faye in doggie and the tongue darts out a few times before we turn it over to Dani in doggie and it's Faye diving in. I've seen Faye do several g/g scenes the last year or so when she was pretty much exclusive g/g and she was quite good when no toys were used and this was the same case here with great help from Dani who relished every lick.The girls also get in a 69 as well before the scene closes out. Liked the girls wrapping it up kissing and grinding their pussies together.

Jenna & Charmane Star:

We don't have to wait long to see Jenna Haze again, she's up next along with the lovely Charmane Star. So we open with Charmane lying on a bench, you see her boobs and she's got on black mesh stockings and she's not wearing any bottoms so a juicy pussy lip shot comes in is quite good. After posing for a bit we watch Jenna make her way down and she's wearing a similiar style outfit, like the fluffy skirt- it was see thru so that ass is greeting us as she walks down to meet up with Charmane. Jenna comes bearing gifts, a blindfold to take away her friends site- but this also should enhance her pleasure zones, take away one sense the others heighten to take up the slack. Jenna then begins the soft touches, a little titty tug, blowing air in between Charmane's ass cheeks. The dirty talk from Jenna's not nasty here in fact it's sensual and subdued- but very effective as were those fingers too tracing over the lips and then letting Charmane lick the juices off them. Oh sweet Mama!! We lose the blindfold-- thank goodness too because Jenna moves around to place that ass/ pussy squarely over Charmane's face- it would have been criminal to deprive Charmane of that lovely view. Jenna gets a few more licks in too and the open shots just show off the pussy so good as fingers/ tongue work their magic.

Sophia Santi & Carmen McCarthy:

So we wrap disc one up with these two hotties. This scene is a bit different with a short set up. Sophia is clearly the bread winner in this two girl relationship and we see Carmen attempt a couple times to get her lover interested to little success. But finally the laptop's closed and Carmen is allowed to show Sophia just how she can help her unwind from a tough day at work. Watching those four natural boobs come out was awesome, they're played with a little before we have Carmen going behind to seriously munch on Sophia's pussy. The doggie pose in g/g where the other goes behind to eat the pussy/ ass just rocks. I haven't seen Carmen do a g/g scene this good ever and I've seen Sophia obviously do lots of g/g when she was at Digital but nothing this good. Nice kissing, breast play and both seem to relish tasting the other. My only wish or small complaint would be that they should haved moved to a bed or couch- can't see the dining room table as being that comfortable. But kudos to the girls for selling it, you never get the sense they didn't like what they were doing or were uncomfortable in any way. Carmen riding Sophia's face as she darts the tongue up to taste was a big highlight shot. We see another 69 as well as another doggie pose/ go behind to finger and lick. The ladies close the first disc in fine style. Now on to the second one!

Jenna & Capri Anderson:

Well fans you get two more chances to enjoy Jenna's sexy ass and tongue at work, the first coming here with Capri. I recognize the house they're shooting at, been there, lol. Capri's working that ass and those eyes right away as we zero in on her first, Floor shots definitely helped here as well as lingering closeups, again the eyes and her breasts/ pussy all begin to entice the viewer more and more. There's a giant wall/ mirror too so Capri can watch herself and appreciate that fine form just as we are. Well we need two to tango so enter Jenna and we enjoy several good shots of her as she makes the short journey to where Capri is, naturally her world class ass is featured. So Jenna reaches the couch and crawls across it towards Capri but she's anxious too and moves to meet Jenna halfway-- into a sustained kiss! A brief boobie taste before its Capri going down, clit meet my tongue!! The wait isn't long before Jenna's getting hers, fingers and tongue move in along with more of that hot dirty talk from Miss Haze. Front row seats too as the girls pleasure each other. My fave shot again as we have Capri slightly off the couch as Jenna's still on it, hovering over the face so we get ass/ pussy and more wanking time!!! Very good start to the three scene second disc, the girls get multiple chances to enjoy the other and do so.

Karlie Montana & Zoe Britton:

So the next scene begins and the two girls go through a series of poses which we get to enjoy from close and from a pulled back perspective. Floor shots were used well-- panty shots anyone, ass shots!! Jenna actually has a few words with the girls, it's a special kind of party, the g/g variety and I know Karlie likes these and I have a feeling Zoe will too. Good kissing and even better boob love from Karlie, damn Zoe those are fantastic titties!!! The soft touches too which might go unnoticed by some certainly weren't by this viewer, make your partner feel loved and lusted after-- you can go very far!! Zoe is great with the pussy licking/ using fingers too Karlie holds the legs up giving us a super view. Zoe lets Karlie lick the juices off as she rises up, the girls kiss and rub cookies, then it's Zoe's turn. Totally awesome open shot as Karlie dives in and I've seen her do g/g before, several times and this is another woman like Faye who excels at the sapphic arts-- lucky Zoe I'd say in this case. Another lovely shot of the doggie pose being used with Zoe being the one to go behind and pleasure her lover, Karlie doing her part by spreading her ass wide open. Oh sweet Mama!! Zoe sits up over Karlie's face so she can gaze up at Miss Britton as those juices flow right onto her waiting tongue. The ladies also engage in some trib action too before we're done with perhaps the best scene of the dvd.

Jenna & Sophia Santi:

One more scene and we have two vets here in Jenna and Sophia. We have Jenna caged up here and not looking happy. But she's released and ahh she's gonna be Sophia's bitch!! Jenna's directed around by her dom, a few ass spanks as the two make the journey downstairs. Both have on quite revealing outfits which were more material than cloth! Boobs and ass both revealed. Sophia has fun here playing with Jenna who is quite at ease here being a submissive. Jenna's been a bad girl and the only way to get back in Sophia's good graces is to eat her box and boy does Jenna dive in to make amends and then some. But Miss Haze hasn't been so bad that Sophia won't give her some luving so the pussy eating goes both ways. Jenna is here once again with the dirty talk too and one more time we get the face riding with Jenna on top naturally. Can't complain about anything here really, the girls take turns pleasuring the other. There is variety in how they do it, sometimes it's face sitting, another in mish, another from behind- no bad shots here fans. A 69 helps close out a superb g/g title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for trying the g/g genre and not going the toy route I commend Jenna Haze and her costars who all did very well here. Karlie Montana and Zoe Britton lead the way but then you have Jenna Haze in four fucking full scenes which can't be missed. Faye Reagan/ Dani Jensen party good as do Sophia Santi and Carmen McCarthy. I do hope this will be a series and a couple areas I'd love to see enhanced-- kissing and by that I mean close in shots of the girls in sustained lip lock with the occasional shot of the mouths open and the tongues dancing. Another area I'd like to see shot more is the ass being licked- now granted it helps if the girls like doing this, if so please do this more. The variety of shot here was also good, face sitting was nice, doggie pose with the licking from behind never got old and of course the traditional shot in mish works too. Now for extras you have pics, cast list but the ID's are great on the moving menus you get showing the scenes and you also have BTS with a bonus scene- how about 19 minutes of solo time enjoying the beautiful Jenna Haze who knows how to end a dvd! Needless to say if you love g/g and specifically g/g with no toys this is any easy pick up, no bad scenes here and lots and lots of pussy luv!

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