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Me Luv U Long Time 7

Me Luv U Long Time 7

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Asian
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Me Luv U Long Time 7:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Me Luv U Long Time 7 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Me Luv U Long Time 7 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Me Luv U Long Time 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Me Luv U Long Time 7 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Me Luv U Long Time 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Me Luv U Long Time 7 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Me Luv U Long Time 7 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  5/17/2005
Prologue This is one of the longest running series in the RLD pantheon. It plays out like an introduction to new girls in porn valley, except that, hopefully, they're all Asian. Let's face it, porn directors are not above using Chicanas as ringers for Asian series and vice a versa. Past volumes have produced scenes from the likes of Sabrine Maui, Katsumi, Lucy Thai and many others of note. On the other hand there are a host of women who flashed onto the scene and disappeared just as quickly. Having said that, I accept the fact that there won't be a burner in every scene and part of the fun here will be predicting who sticks and makes a name for herself.
Keeani Lei is a young looking 23 from Panama(?). She's cute, does anal and loves sucking dick. Keeani does a little striptease showing off the tight body that's ready to be plundered. She fingers herself until a rigid John Strong enters the scene. Keeani slips it right in her mouth for a little face fucking. They don't dwell on this for very long before her hungry pussy is filled with a spit lubed cock in mish. No hands P2M and cut to a RC insertion. Her verbal reactions are a little too staged for my tastes. Strong slips his cock into her ass, something that seemed way too easy. A2M and back to RCA. Strong hammers Keeani and tries to fuck the phoniness out of her. She takes over the fucking, bouncing her hot little ass on his tool. More A2M and a cut to doggy anal insertion. She tells John to "Fuck this slut good!". He rides her rump and gives Keeani a taste again. She displays her abused sphincter and asks for more. Strong shoves it back in there in doggy. He fucks her, gapes her, fucks some more, then feeds Keeani her juices. Spoon anal is next. Her energy is dwindling and moans are becoming more real. Cut to mish anal with Strong picking her up for some flying. Good shot of Keeani bouncing on his cock from a floor view. She wants cum and gets to her knees to suck it out. Keeani does some deep throat with a little slobbering and Strong streams cum into her mouth and paints her face with the rest. Keeani swallows and waves good-bye.
Delicious looking Finess Navarro does a silent strip as we get to ogle her great body. She gets buck naked and puts her ass and pussy on display. Mike Stefano interupts her pussy diddling to get some of that fine Asian (Phillipine, I think) pussy. He warms her up with some kisses and goes right down for a taste of her bearded clam. Finess' responses betray some real passion. Stefano's stiffy makes an appearance and Finess gives it some love. Mike has her begging for cock before filling her hungry pussy. He gets her juices flowing pretty well as his cock glistens more with each thrust. Finess gets pulled up onto the couch in CG, Stefano thrusting, her ass bouncing in a dance of lust. He picks her up for flight, thrusting his full length freely. They drop back down on the couch to resume the CG ride. They shift to a spit lubed doggy. He goes up and over with Finess' soaked pussy on display. Stefano's litany of "sweet nothings" seems to go into hyperdrive during the doggy humping. He slows things down in spoon, Finess demanding it faster. Cut to RC for a nice sequence, then a wide open mish with Finess' legs splayed out. Mike spears her in a squat fuck, getting to her gooey center before settling back down on the ground and stabbing her hot cunt. They're both ready for cum and Finess hits the rug with Stefano stroking off over her face. He makes Finess "porn pretty" with a sweet little facial.
Keiko plays with her mouth, then starts rummaging around in her blouse before revealing a lovely pair of tits. Her round ass is put on display and panties removed. Cut to Keiko jilling off on a couch and Sean Michaels sidles up to her. She looks tiny next to Sean and we know he's packing, so I fear for this little girl's safety. He spits on her pussy and smacks it lightly. Sean is playing dominant here and has Keiko call him Mr. Michaels. She fingers herself and tells him she's wet, but not tight. That's what she thinks. Sean has her harden his cock with her mouth. When he's rigid, Sean plants that pole into her waiting snatch. Her gasps would indicate that Keiko's not as loose as she thinks she is. He does get a smooth stroke going and Keiko's taking almost the whole thing. Sean has her writhing on his tool and asking him to fuck her. Cut to doggy, her hard nipples protruding from her sweet tits. He goes up and over, burying himself deep in Keiko's love canal. Cut to RC, the perfect spinner's position. Sean moves to an anal insertion, not an easy thing for this game vixen. They start slow, then get some good sliding action in her little rectum. Cut to doggy anal and Keiko has this great smile on her face as Sean goes up and over. Everything's running smoothly now and Keiko's gushing about his "good dick" and "big dick". He gives her a taste of ass and goes back to the buggering. More A2M and more sodomy. They move to mish anal, first in a small package highlighting her great ass, then more conventional with legs splayed wide and Sean raining strategic slaps on her thighs which elicits a request for more. Up and over, then A2M with Keiko kneeling in front of him. Doggy anal with multiple insertions. Keiko confirms once again that Sean has a big dick. She turns to jerk him off into her mouth but Sean takes things into his own hands and pops a nut. PCH to end the scene.
A naked Mya Luanna is eating a banana while being observed from outside the house by a perverted stranger, Pascal St. James. He enters and settles between her thighs to pay tribute to her womanhood. Mya has great tits and a rather sumptuous body. Not your typical Asian fuckdoll. She goes fishing for cock and finds one under his jeans. Mya shows good lip action as she works on his soft member. It won't stay that way for long. No sooner did I write that sentence than it reaches full tumescence. Mya gets carried to a couch and has her pussy filled in mish. A few strokes and Mya's licking juice from his cock. She climbs on in CG and they both seem to be enjoying themselves. Mya gets pushed back in wheelbarrow for a bit, then back on the pony in CG. They switch to RC, Mya's hot womanly tits just begging for fondling. Pascal spreads her pussy lips and buries himself deep in her cooze. The flip to doggy, Mya getting a deep up and over ride. Cut to spoon, Mya's clit looking nice and swollen, Pascal's all over her body. He works her love button making Mya squirm in delight as they've rolled into RC. Back to doggy and the temperature's rising. Pascal gets more vocal as he picks up his pace, Mya's moans and responses matching him. He's burying himself to the hilt and Mya doesn't want it to end. He rails her tight twat and starts babbling in French. She sucks and jerks him off onto her face. First linear cumshot sequence of the video. Mya continues to jerk him off and licks his cock clean. The camera surveys her gooey face and tits to end the scene.
Asia, dressed in slutwear, sheer transparent top showing off a nice rack and lively nipples, black crotchless shorts with garter and stockings, has arrived for a porn shoot. She's eighteen and luscious. Jake can't keep his hands off her tits when she exposes them for him. Asia spreads her pussy and there's a prominent clit piercing. She's a mix of Cambodian, Laotian and Thai but sounds ghetto in her interview. They're just passing the time waiting for the cocks to arrive. Asia's doing a DP today. Jake offers to help prepare her butt for the festivities. They take things upstairs and Asia comes out with a hard purple dildo that has bumps on the base. Jake unstraps Asia's shorts so she can access her heavenly holes. He helps her lube Zupko style, then runs the dildo into her tight ass. Asia takes over the stroking and buries that bad boy Well into her anal cavity. Some black latex gloved hands appear and fondle Asia's ass and pussy. Fingers get buried inside her and her sphincter is plied open. A fat glass butt plug is planted in her ass and another glass dildo with balls is in her pussy. They quickly get removed and Steve Holmes fucks her doggy while she sucks cock. Steve's thumb disappears in her butt while he strokes her. Asia turns to suck Steve while being dogged at the other end. Her pierced tongue slides along his shaft and the other guy, Dave Hardman, I think, buggers sweet Asia. She moves onto Steve's cock in RCA and does A2M. The gloves come off for Steve as he picks up the pace and soon there's a cock in Asia's pussy as well. She may be repeating lines fed to her by Jake but those cocks are really digging her out. Steve offers her a taste of both her holes and Asia jumps at the chance. She mounts Steve in CG and sucks Dave. He soon goes backdoor for another DP. Some butt plug play and back to the flesh DP. The actress has been fucked out of her and Asia's reactions are the real deal now. She's moaning in time to the thrusting and her ass is wide open. Dave pulls out and Steve replaces him in her rectum. He turns her over to rim that gaping hole, then Dave fucks her pussy in mish while Steve gets head. Dave slides the butt plug into her pussy and taps that ass with his dick. Steve plays games with her throat and Dave goes A2P a few times. Steve puts Asia in piledriver and fucks both holes alternately, then feeds her mouth his cock. Cut to a flying DP. Asia likes that. Steve lays her out for a suck of her ass juice from Dave's cock, then pulls her back up to resume the flying fuck. Asia gets down in the receiving position as the guys wank frantically and glaze Asia's face. A little post pop play to end the scene.
Heidi Ho, who I've reviewed before in another Asian line is being interviewed by Jake. She claims Vietnamese and Japanese descent, but had to think about it, so I'm not real convinced. She does look Japanese though, so that part might be true. She says she's only been in the industry for a few weeks and done five scenes. When was this shot? This girl must have amnesia. She seems nervous and her answers are guarded. She likes reverse cowgirl and fantasizes about fucking more than one guy at a time. Long walks in the park, candlelit dinners. Oh, I'm sorry. I was drifting. Jake's got two guys for her. He asks to see her titties and her blouse comes off to display her little nubbins. They suit Heidi's very lean body. She raises her tartan skirt to show her ass, then sits and pulls the gusset of her red panties aside to show her pussy. Back in her schoolgirl outfit, Heidi does her little striptease. When naked, Heidi stretches out on an ottoman and masturbates. John Strong and Chris Charming accost her and Heidi's soon sucking cock. She's very submissive and tries to take as much of Chris' massive cock in her mouth as possible. They get her to lick sack, then place Heidi on the rotisserie with Strong dogging her. The guys trade places and Chris is boring out her tight fuckhole. She moves to RC on Strong and gives us her canned dialogue. Strong picks her up to fuck in mid-air, then drops her on Charming's cock in CG. Strong gets head. Chris passes her off for an RC fuck, then mounts her face. Back on the rotisserie, Strong has her squealing while Chris tries to push his cock through Heidi's throat. Mish on the ottoman with Strong. Chris gets his turn and totally destroys her pussy with his big cock, bottoming out repeatedly. He takes her in spoon and Strong feeds her face. Her pussy is soaked as Chris punch fucks it with his cock. Strong takes over and Heidi sounds like a rutting animal. Squealing, rutting and totally submissive, her body totally open. Mish for the howling Heidi. Strong picks her up and fucks Heidi in the air. They set her down and Heidi gets her face painted by Strong and an erratic splashing from Charming.
Arcadia is sitting and playing with her kitty as Jake asks his probing questions. She's not wearing anything but black panties and has a nice, natural body. Soft and a little thick with cute tits. Arcadia's from the Phillipines. There's another girl for her to play with, also from the Phillipines, Shai Lee. Jake pulls her top down and asks Shai how many scenes she's done. This is her second. Practically a virgin. Arcadia's no vet herself, only logging about a dozen to this point. Shai is tiny all over and is scheduled to do anal today. Jake wants to grease up her little hole. Arcadia grabs the lube and Jake directs her to slather it on generously. A beaded toy is introduced into Shai's ass. A big acrylic butt plug is next to stretch her bung. The whole thing goes in while she's queefing. Cut to Arcadia eating out her new friend. Licking gash and rimming her. Shai returns the favor. Two cocks enter the scene in the persons of Sean Michaels and Tee Real. Sean goes to Arcadia and Shai sucks on Tee. She tosses his salad as well. Sean fucks Arcadia in mish while Shai gets hers in doggy. Sean's big cock is making Arcadia dreamy, but Shai looks like a size queen the way she's taking Tee so easily. RC for Arcadia, CG for Shai. Her hip action and pussy grind are hot. Balls deep for the little spinner and with force. Tee picks her up and slams that pussy in mid-air. Doggy for Arcadia, mish for Shai. Cut to an RCA insertion for Shai while Arcadia is getting some big dick loving in mish. Tee's giving a reach around to the hot fuck bunny as she rides his cock. Sean just keeps plundering Arcadia's wet pussy. Cut to Sean sinking his huge cock up Shai's ass in doggy. Tee gets to keep Arcadia company in mish. A2M and back to doggy. Shai does RCA on the Hall of Fame tent pole. Arcadia rides Tee in CG. Sean gets back to servicing Arcadia's pussy in mish and Tee takes Shai in RCA, then flying. Sean rocks Arcadia, then she does P2M. Shai does A2M and rims Tee. Doggy for Arcadia's soaked pussy. Shai continues to suck Tee, then is led over to Sean and goes to work on getting him to spill. Tee gets head from Arcadia. Both girls are brought together, back to back, to get the guys off. One last RCA ride for Shai on Sean. Arcadia gets some mish from Tee, then they go back to back again. Tee cums in Arcadia's mouth, but Sean needs more pussy to get ready. He strokes off in Shai, then brings his cock over to Arcadia for the money shot. He deposits in her mouth too, and Arcadia shares her good fortune with new friend Shai. Cumswallowing and lip smacking. The guys give the newbies a thumb's up.
Boner Footage starts with Mya Luanna walking through the house wearing red and green (must be Xmas). She puts on black panties trimmed in pink with a zippered crotch, then plays a Dom to sub Jake in POV. She makes him beg to see her ass. Jake requests a sniff, but Mya turns him down. Instead she agrees to his pleas for a bj. Go figure. Mya tortures him with a titty fuck. Those big soft globes look like they were made for that act. Mya sucks and strokes him, then does hot no hands fellatio. Jake forces her head on his cock in an attempt to get throated. She sucks his balls and is very receptive when he asks to cum on her face. Mya tugs Jake off onto her mug and congratulates him. He thanks the dominant cocksucker.
Epilogue As with the other volumes of this series the quality is uneven but there are women here who could have a bright future in porn if they choose to continue. I'm not sure how long these scenes have been in the can but Finess Navarro can go as far as she wants. She has the looks and has done anal since this video was shot (or maybe before this). Asia is a sure thing and Shai Lee has what it takes to make a name for herself. Mya Luanna has the body to enflame, but it remains to be seen if she can be hardcore enough. Keeani Lee, Keiko and Arcadia are in a gray area but there'll be work for them if they want it. As fellow reviewer Crucifixio Jones pointed out in a recent review, Heidi Ho doesn't look like she belongs. I had misgivings about her in Sakura Tales 5. I laid the blame on the talent working with her, but she seems to be a human doormat. There are seven scenes here, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. One major caveat is the presence of the RLD logo throughout and it is annoyingly large and too close to the center of the frame. I don't know that anything is being accomplished by infuriating legitimate consumers by including something that pirates couldn't care less about.
The Disk The boner footage, a short BTS with the interviews not used in the feature and photo gallery.
Recommendation If you're looking to stay current on the Asian scene, rent it.

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