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Me Luv U Long Time 6

Me Luv U Long Time 6

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Asian
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Me Luv U Long Time 6:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Me Luv U Long Time 6 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Me Luv U Long Time 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Me Luv U Long Time 6 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Me Luv U Long Time 6 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Me Luv U Long Time 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Me Luv U Long Time 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Me Luv U Long Time 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  6/21/2004

Me Luv U Long Time #6

Prologue I'm on an Asian girl kick and Red Light District has dropped Me Luv U Long Time 6 into the mix. The women in this volume are exquisite and I look forward to their corruption and debauching.
Lily Thai starts out talking dirty to us and baring her lovely, pierced tits for us. She teases us with her still covered pussy, playing with herself through her panties. She removes them and strokes her kitty, still talking trash. I'm ready. Where's the meat? She wants a big cock. Julian appears, and he's hard as a rock. Lily can barely get her mouth over the tip, but she works it nice with hand and tongue. While Lily is washing his balls, Julian requests a taste of her pussy. She gets wound up in a hurry and springs a major leak. She says she never had anyone make her cum eating pussy. Really? Julian sticks his head back in and does it again for extra measure. The cameraman pulls away just as she's soaking his face. Why? It's not urine is it? Julian sticks his cock in her now very wet snatch in mish and really nails her to the couch. Doggy is next and Lily is getting a good solid fucking. Julian works her pussy digitally for a few seconds, trying to bring more rain. He does get a drizzle. He goes back to doggy and Lily really takes a pounding, and she's really up for it. He gets into an up and over and his entire dick is disappearing into Lily's tiny body. Cut to a flying cowgirl and crying for it deeper. If it gets any deeper, it's coming out of her mouth. Back to the couch in CG and there's juice running down Julian's balls. He slam fucks her from underneath, the slapping of skin very loud. He strums her clit at the same time and she cums again. Lily climbs on in RC and Julian picks her up for a ride. More clit play and cut to doggy on the floor, face down and ass up. Julian goes up and over for more impossibly deep dicking. He raises her leg and we can see her body in all of it's glory along with the penetration. Turn to mish and then spoon as they get affectionate. Cut to an open mouth facial and some PCH. Great scene.
Tami Lynn is wearing a shear white see through blouse, red tartan mini-skirt and white knee high stockings. I guess they're going for a schoolgirl look, but really Tami has a more sophisticated looking face and she's gorgeous. The top gets lost during her posing and we get a great view of her perfect little tits and diamond cutter nipples. The skirt disappears next and by the time Mike Stefano shows up, so does her panties. As always, Mike kisses and talks to her as they feel each other. He picks her up and inserts his cock. Just getting to know you. He's still fully clothed. Tami's pussy is leaving a trail of lube on his cock. Cut to the two of them on a couch in spoon, Mike finally naked. Tami does some P2M as Stefano asks how old her pussy is. It's 21. I knew that. Tami sucks and strokes him and climbs on for an RC ride. This is a very hard ride. They slow down and pull her legs up and he fucks her deep. A little pussy eating for Mike and cut to insertion in doggy. Things are getting moist now. Some ass slapping, pussy kissing and an up and over, and Tami looks like the dam is going to burst. Stefano really gets his head up her ass, licking and kissing her nether regions and then prepares Tami's anus for some meat. The insertion is in doggy, nice and slow. I can hear a tremor in her voice and her breathless moans as he warms her up. Stefano goes deep and long, pulling out for a gape that he explores with his tongue. They move to RCA and things get really hot. Tami really appears to get off and now Stefano can do anything he wants with her. Cut to anal insertion in mish, which looks lovely. Mike positions Tami on the floor for a scene ending facial. Another great scene.
Dana Vespoli is wearing a black robe with red velvet trim. She exposes one breast at a time and stroking them. Cut to her on a couch in just a thong and knee highs, writhing around and playing with her pussy. The thong disappears and she's set upon by Mr. Pete and Mick Blue. Their cocks find her mouth in a hurry as they drop their laundry. Now they find out how deep her throat is. After a short bout of face fucking, Dana's positioned on the couch for a doggy insertion by Mick. Pete gets her head. Dana climbs on Pete in CG and she gets face fucked by Mick. Nice shot of her stupendous ass. Mick goes rummaging around in her asshole, just marking his spot for later. Dana climbs on him in RC and then a cut to RC on Pete, with Mick lifting her body up and down. Dana calls for the anal and Pete holds her cheeks open as Mick fills her in doggy. He long strokes her in a one legged up and over and then gets completely over her. He practices popping gapes and Pete slaps her with his dick as Dana disparages herself. She moves into a spoon anal with Pete as Mick feeds her cock. Dana calls for their cum and they oblige her, shooting all over her face, covering one eye and dripping a mess onto her tits. This whole scene felt rushed. I think it could have been better than this.
Jade Moore is tiny. She's very cute, wearing a white tube top, pulled down exposing her tits, black panties with suspenders and black thigh highs. She whips her top off and displays her ass. Pulling her panties aside, Jade strokes her little pussy. She dispenses with that covering and she's joined by Manuel Ferrara. This can't be right. His dick is as thick as her arm. Manuel eats her pussy, obviously feeling bad about what he's going to be doing to her. He tongues and smacks and strokes her before unleashing the beast. Jade's hand doesn't fit around his cock and can't get more than the tip in her mouth. She sits on his cock in CG and not very much is getting in. He really is too big for her. Things loosen up a little and Manuel gets some stroke going, but there's no disguising the difficulty Jade is having, no matter what she says. She takes a P2M break and cut to RC. More P2M and they move to spoon. Jade is a trooper taking Manuel's deep and insistent thrusts. Manuel moves her into doggy and Jade is biting her lip and counting the positions before the money shot. Cut to mish and Manuel is in pretty deep, but there's no joy. Jade kneels on the floor as Manuel whacks off a closed mouth facial. This was a very uncomfortable scene due to a bad match.
Nyla Thai is dressed in the same blouse as Tami Lynn wore in scene 2, pulled up to reveal her luscious breasts. Her panties are already pulled down as Brian Pumper joins her on the couch and tongues her nipples. He inspects her ass, eating her pussy from behind. Nyla is positioned on the floor to suck Pumper's pumper. Nice no hands head and ball licking. Brian wants her naked and Nyla complies. They settle into spoon, but not body to body close. Pumper does get her juices running and his dick deep. They move to CG and the cum/lube trail down Brian's cock is a pretty good indication that all is well in Nyla's world. She's definitely not as demonstrative or as loud as her sister, Lucy, but it's all good. Pumper picks her up for a ride, but the camera is too static and we can't see her reactions. Cut to RC, a position that's perfect for such a beautiful creature. There are flashes of her inner pink as Brian pumps away at her. He seems to want to pound her, but she might be too tight and he'll never hold his load. Cut to doggy and listen to Nyla's pussy queef. It's all looking pretty juicy. Pumper enjoys this for a nice duration and then goes up and over. Nyla sounds like she's up for being ravaged, but Pumper's pacing himself. Her pussy's been talking to him throughout this whole sequence. Time for the money shot. Nyla kneels on the floor and Pumper strokes off into her mouth, which she quickly gets rid of onto her tits. She rubs it into her nipple and we fade out with a wave. This was a decent scene and put the video back on track.
Kina Kai is a criminally cute Phillipino who really looks Indian. In fact, facially, she strongly resembles the girl on ER. She has a long sleeved black blouse on and blue booty shorts with black thigh highs. Kina shows us her hot looking little titties. This girl is tiny. Her shorts come down to reveal her cute ass and pussy. Mark Ashley is Kina's partner and he goes right to work, eating her pussy and making her squirm. It isn't long before he has to plant his dick in her, and it's another tight fit, but Kina's body accommodates him quickly. Ashley rolls her body up for deep strokes. He's getting wet and she's moaning. Cut to a doggy insertion and Kina looks to be between heaven and hell. Ashley gets into an up and over and you can see how filled Kina is. Eventually they move into CG and Kina takes control and just rides the tip. When she settles down, Ashley picks up the pace but keeps it shallow. Cut to RC and that cock looks huge in Kina's 87 lb. body. She does take a pretty deep ride at first, but she's starting to look worn out. She's begging for cum and gets on the floor to take Ashley's libation on her chin and down her neck.
Epilogue I don't know what happened here. This DVD started out like a house on fire. The first two scenes were excellent. Dana Vespoli's 3-way had very little chemistry and came off as rushed. Everything worked mechanically, but I know Dana is capable of more heat than this. Jade Moore's scene was an ordeal. It was as painful to watch as it seemed to be painful for her to perform. A very bad casting decision. If Manuel had been in the scene with Dana and Jade got one or both of the guys in Dana's, it probably would have gone much better. Nyla is flat out gorgeous, but I've yet to see anybody actually light a fire under her. She still seems to be dazed and limited. Kina almost had the same fate as Jade but Mark Ashley isn't quite as thick as Manuel and she seemed to be able to handle him better. It still didn't translate into an orgasmic experience. I also can't stand the canned comments that the girls are fed to say coming out of edits. "Fuck my Asian pussy." "Cum on my Asian face." Are these comments for the benefit of the blind? Are we that stupid? I'd feel more respected if they just said "Ouch!" Whoever decided the sequence of tracks might want to reconsider what he's doing. I'm not complaining about not having enough anal, but why put the only two anal scenes back to back near the beginning of the disk. I know this only matters if you're watching in a linear manner, but I do think they should be separated, just like you did the two ordeals. The camera work was very basic and fairly static, the lighting good. The women looked wonderful.
The Disk The DVD contains a photo gallery, BTS interviews that are pretty good and boner footage of Robbie getting head from Nyla. A typically good RLD package.
Recommendation I can't recommend this as a buy. It's worth a rental for a couple of hot scenes and a couple of decent ones. If it really floats your boat to see small women getting speared by huge dicks, then this is your disk.

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