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Maxed Out (Damaged Productions)

Maxed Out (Damaged Productions)

Studio: Damaged Productions
Category:  Gangbang

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MD James's ratings for Maxed Out (Damaged Productions):
Overall Rating 0 stars
Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  10/9/2005
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Maxed Out
Released by: Damaged Productions
Reviewed by
MD James

"I couldn’t take any more!" Or so the DVD cover exclaims.

I have to admit that I was intrigued by the notion of women being pushed beyond their sexual limit. To be fucked and fucked and fucked until they just can’t take it any more. That’s usually the stuff of fiction writers like yours truly.

So let’s see if Damaged Productions can live up to the claim of showing women fucked beyond their limits.

We start off with a streetwalker standing inside some abandoned warehouse, doing a little show for a guy standing in front of a limousine. He comes up closer to her and opens up is pants. She reaches in and pulls out his cock and starts sucking on it. She gets pretty nasty with the blowjob, and he gets pretty nasty with her, spitting on her and sticking his fingers in her mouth when she comes up for air. Then we see her fucking him in reverse-cowgirl position. He pushes her off and has her deep-throat him some more. Then he lays her down on a blanket and fucks her in standing missionary position. He takes a break and pours water all over her before fucking her in anal-doggie position. Then he blows his load all around her mouth… but he still isn’t done, so he fucks her in missionary position as we fade out.

Huh? WTF guys? You mean the editor has… MAXED OUT?

Well now we go to the next scene… which is already in progress. We have a woman wearing sunglasses kneeling on the floor of a stocked warehouse. Is she supposed to be blind? That’s what we’re led to believe. She’s simply kneeling there with her mouth wide open and the guy’s cock is out there. He actually has to led her head to his cock so she can suck on it.

Well her glasses eventually come off and we find out that she’s not really blind, because she occasionally glances at the camera when she isn’t going down on the guy, and when he isn’t spitting in her face. Then he fucks her in spoon position for a while before she goes down on him again. Then it’s time to fuck her in the ass, so she climbs on top for some anal reverse-cowgirl fucking, then sticks his cock back into her pussy. Then she gets off him, he spits in her face, then she has to deep-throat him some more until she gags. She hands him a marker and he paints a black bullseye around her butt. He fucks her in the ass for a bit, then gets a rubberstamp and stamps her butt. Then he writes down "MAY" on her left thigh before fucking her in anal piledriver position for a while before pulling her by her hair up to get the pop-shot on and around her face. Then he slaps a "very fragile" stamp on his cock.

This time it’s the reviewer that has…. MAXED OUT on this scene. This is way too disgusting for me to even BEGIN to comment on it.

Okay, change of scenery. Now we have some blond in a small apartment. She goes down on the stud quickly while he plays with her ass. He pulls her panties down, then turns around and fucks her in doggie position over the couch. They change around and she gets on top of him for some reverse-cowgirl fucking. Then we go into spoon position, and then right into missionary without breaking a thrust. Then they go to anal doggie, anal reverse-cowgirl, missionary, some oral, anal-missionary, anal-piledriver, then she sucks his balls before he jerks himself off in and around her mouth.

And what do you know? Nobody… MAXED OUT… in this scene. No spitting, no real hair-pulling, no bulimic blowjobs. It’s probably the best scene in this whole video!

Next up, the only gangbang in this video. Cute looking brunette on her knees, already going down on the guy in the middle of an empty strip club. Once again, the guy as to be a real asshole about this. She takes a break and sits down on a couch before he stradles over her and sticks his dick in her face again. Then he fucks her in spoon position, then in missionary position, then she sucks him some more. Then he fucks in anal-doggie, anal-missionary, anal reverse-cowgirl, then he leads her off the couch into some back room, where she sucks another guy off. The two of them get some oral action from her for a few minutes, and then the asshole leads her by her hair back out to the club floor, where a whole bunch of other guys are waiting with their dicks out. The asshole points the girl’s head towards every dick, then gets her on the couch, where he fucks her in the ass while the other guys take turns getting blowjobs. The guys all take their turns getting sucked by this girl and sometimes even spitting on her, and they all get off on or around her mouth.

Of course we fade to black before the last guy finishes, so obviously the editor once again… MAXED OUT… on this scene.

Our last scene starts outdoors. We have our asshole peeking up some girl’s skirt. Well, it’s really more along the lines of him pulling up her skirt to look at her ass. This apparently is some way to say "hello". They do a little small talk for the camera about certain "traditions" in Barcelona. He gets her to do a little public exhibition in the middle of the street, including a little jerking off. Then they go into some nearby bushes so she can go down on him. Then they do a quick missionary boff before having to move on. They get inside a glass elevator and she goes down on him as they go up to an observation deck. Then she goes down on him some more when they get there. He positions her in front of a window and fucks her in standing doggie-style. Then they sit down on a stairway and she fucks him in reverse-cowgirl position. They go outside and she sucks him for a while before they have to stop. They move the action to an apartment balcony, where they can both get naked and she goes back to sucking him off. They go to missionary position, some anal probing, some anal reverse-cowgirl, anal piledriver, and then he blows his load all around her mouth while some other doofus with a still camera takes pictures. (Uh, you know, that’s supposed to happen AFTER the video.)

It’s not bad to end the video… but obviously nobody has MAXED OUT here.

And, more importantly, none of the women MAXED OUT in this video! I didn’t hear any of the women say "I couldn’t take any more!" Of course if they did, it would be hard to know because it’s from Spain, but the women didn’t even LOOK like they were at their limits. The only people who MAXED OUT were the occasional video editor and this reviewer.

In terms of extras, we have one bonus scene, a cumshot recap (like I really need to replay that), a quick plug for Damage Productions, and three trailers that run back-to-back.

The bonus scene has a cute girl wearing white bra and panties. She does a little dance for the two guys before they start grabbing, kissing, groping, and disrobing. She goes down on both guys, then she fucks one guy while sucking the other, then they get into double-penetration from both reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl positions, and then they both jerk off on and around her mouth. Now THAT was the kind of pushing-the-sexual-limits scene that SHOULD have been in the main part of the video!

All in all this video is an extreme disappointment on ALL counts. If you’re looking to see women pushing their sexual limits, then this is NOT the video for you! It was basically an excuse to show rough, degrading sex. There are no credits in this video, which is probably a good thing because I don’t think anyone should be proud to have done this video. I know that statistically SOMEONE would be into this sort of stuff, but that someone isn’t this reviewer.

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