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Max Does the Stars

Max Does the Stars

Studio: Max Hardcore
Category:  Anal , Cumshots , Straight

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The Pocketcomb Pimp's ratings for Max Does the Stars:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Max Does the Stars overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Max Does the Stars Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Max Does the Stars Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Max Does the Stars Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Max Does the Stars Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Max Does the Stars DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Max Does the Stars A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by The Pocketcomb Pimp  on  12/3/2004

Max Does The Stars

Running Time: Over 180 min.

Production Date: 1994-2001

The Pocketcomb Premise

It’s good day for Max Steiner, and a better day for old school fans. Even though Max Hardcore has a fan base, I don’t think that cat really became an A list performer. Sure, at some point, he did work for 90% of the major studios, but as the talent pool increased, it became clearer that the best way for Max to stay in the game was to put his own joints on digital.

Max is an old dog, and I can tell from my recent reviews that he ain’t learning any new tricks. What I will tell you is every damn person in the business needs to tip their hat or stand up and give this guy a round of applause, cause as nasty as this mother sucka is, he’s responsible for the hottest genres in the business today.

Briana Banks

1st up is Mirage, aka Briana Banks. On the DVD box, Max resorted to those old school tactics of putting up a picture of a girl with implants even though her scene was shot before she was augmented.

I have never been a Briana Banks fan! Even anorexic women say that bitch is too damn skinny. I will say that her natural look beats the picture of her 78 lb. frame with DD implants on the cover.

This is where the innovation comes in. For a scene that is almost 10 years old, the following was incorporated. ATM, Face Fucking, Toilet Sex and Sink Sex. Briana also was a bit slow, and Max kept asking her if she was a retard. I’m not into degradation, but I have to admit in a sick way it was a turn on. I was shocked by some of it, but he sold me on a girl that I can’t normally stomach.

Female Looks 7/10 Sex Rating 8/10

Stephanie Swift

This girl was the original Allura Eden. Stephanie made a name for herself doing anal, and IR gangbangs. She soon lived up to her name making a “Swift” move to Wicked and leaving IR and anal in the dust.

Video quality was a bit poor here, but hey, the scene was 10 years old so it’s to be expected.

Female Looks 7/10 Sex Rating 7/10

Davia Ardel

This girl is the classic (FOTB) “Fresh off the Bus”. Over bleached hair, bad acne and sloppy breast. Good hair and makeup, combined with a torpedo boob job rocketed this honey to the top of the heap in the mid to late 90’s.

Minus the torpedo boob job, Jessica Darlin made a mint working the same profile. I hear Davia is back, and I hope studios are booking this girl like it was their last chance.

Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10

Inari Vachs

Before Cherie, there was Inari. She loved anal and big dick brothers. The camera work was off in this scene, but her beauty and body was undeniable.
Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10

Anne Malle

That is correct, she was credited as Anne, not Anna. Jeanna Fine is my all time favorite star, but Anna is one of the select few women that still get me hard just from seeing her face. Needless to say, the scene with Anna, Jeanna and Sean Michael’s in New Wave Hookers 5 might be the all time best scene in porn.

Anna’s freakishly dark tan, lifted breast and that sexy overbite are just a prelude to the filth that spews from this nasty girls mouth. Her 1st words in the scene are “Up My Ass Baby”. It’s no wonder why Anna is my #1 inspiration to make a deposit at The Spank Bank.

Female Looks 9/10 Sex Rating 9/10


This is what porn should be. We join this scene in progress. As the camera pans, Max is probably 30-40 strokes deep in Marilyn. I don’t think Marilyn did IR, so it’s my belief I never saw her works when she was active. She looks a lot like a softer Jonni Black. Her body is just as hard, but her face is much smoother and pampered.

Ms. Star is less than 5 feet, but performs like a sexual giant. I do recall reading about Marilyn. She was heavily in the news a few years back. It appears that she had a run in with the SEC, and may be an ideal candidate to play Martha Stewart in the porn version of her story. Either way, she was a nasty girl who took a good anal pounding.

Female Looks 9/10 Sex Rating 9/10

Anastasia Blue

At this point, I thought the movie was over, and I would have been satisfied, but Max Steiner saw fit to put an unprecedented 7th scene on DVD. This scene featured the short-lived anal firecracker known as Anastasia Blue. This girl never met a dick she didn’t like. What I liked about Anastasia is the fact that she made every work look like it was her first orgasm.

Once again, the innovation continues. Max is on a rooftop tappin her ass in the back of a van. I guess that’s where Rodney Moore got his Blastrovan idea from. Not only that, it was an anal creampie.

Female Looks 7/10 Sex Rating 9/10

I don’t care if you like Max or not, I will tell you that this title deserves a standing “O” (take that for whatever you like). This guy made every move in this movie famous, and gets no credit for it. It’s also the type of movie that could bring him back to the masses. 80% of the scenes were straight forward gonzo. You only had one Little Girl Makeup Smearing Mess, and even that was okay in moderation.

Every scene was ATM, Face Fucking and a variety of things that drive people crazy these days. Over 3 hours of footage and some of the best women of the 90’s.

I promise you that this title is something special. If you miss it, you will only have yourself to blame

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