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Mature Women with Young Girls

Mature Women with Young Girls

Studio: Legend
Category:  All Girl , MILF
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Em's ratings for Mature Women with Young Girls:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Mature Women with Young Girls overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Mature Women with Young Girls Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Mature Women with Young Girls Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Mature Women with Young Girls Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mature Women with Young Girls Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Mature Women with Young Girls DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mature Women with Young Girls A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Em  on  5/8/2004
Mature Women with Younger Girls, Volume 1
Older damsels, lesbian love with younger women
2002, Legend, 90 minutes
Luna Blanca, Dallas, Michele Marcele, Vanessa McKenzie, Anastasia Sands, Ashley Shye, Sophie, Jessica Wylde

Featured Screenshot

Special Features
Notable Older Damsels: ****==
Dallas, Jessica Wylde
Anal Play: *=====
1 scene (Sophie and Michele Marcele). A few seconds of analingus.
Deep Oral Penetration: ***===
The first scene is a scorcher, two last scenes are quite good as well.
Footsies: ======
Kissing: *=====
2 scenes. Very short, merely tentative tongue touching.

Purchase Recommendation: ******

Overall Rating: *****=

This video opens the Mature Women with Younger Girls series. Very worth following for fans of lesbian sex; a must-see for anyone interested in older damsels, and a must-have for those who like age differences. The first volume includes several very hot scenes, with two episodes out of four in total are so good that they stand up to repeated viewing. The opening scene remains one of our favorites.

Episode 1: Dallas and Ashley Shye

All the episodes in Mature Women with Younger Girls: Volume 1 feature a brief walk-in, a warm-up story. We do not care, personally, for them as long as the movie in question is of the hardcore variety. On the other hand, in a full-feature lesbian erotica films that are focused on foreplay as much as the play in its own right -- there, the storyline is essential. If you have a well-developed sense of humor, you will certainly appreciate the director's efforts in Mature Women with Younger Girls: Volume 1. the walk-in storylines are not exactly ridiculous, but they are nevertheless very amusing. Oh well: a son's girlfriend confessing to his mother, a potential employee, a secretary of sorts, et cetera. The emphasis is visibly put on the age differences, as well as role differences. Whilst younger women and older damsels can engage in the intercourse under any circumstances, or so it seems to us, at least -- there must be viewers whose excitability is tickled by the keywords and setups, if the latter are spoken and repeated, whilst the latter are designed to hit you in the very midst of your viewer's g-spot, if we may be so bold. Our preference goes towards a very long foreplay of older and younger girls, yet the walk-ins in this film are short enough to be viewable. At least you can focus on the women per se.

Dallas is a lady who decidedly looks better in the film than she does on the box cover (she is the top-left-corner model). Dressed in a night-frock, she interviews a young, very skinny chick with thick eyebrows. If that is an interview, we would like to stand in line! It is hard to endure the highly-strung voice of the younger woman, but fortunately, the mute button is never far away from yer fingers, m'dear, and besides, they soon move closer to one another, and the frock bastion is dismantled, to out joy and benefit. To start, we can have a good look at the still well-shaped breasts of the older woman, as they are being fondled. More importantly, the young chick cannot exactly squeak anymore, given that she has her mouth full of the soft tissue, can she? Jolly well.

The younger girl, although decidedly not a looker herself, is very passionate and active. The oral scene on the couch is relatively long, and focused on the good stuff, without us being distracted by the cameraman. The older damsel is passively lying on her back, but for once, we do not mind, given that we have had more than one opportunity to have a good look at her reddened cheeks and ears, as well as hands fondling the adorable bosom. The scene is a scorcher, and if you like your audio loud in general, now it is the time to turn it on. Other elements of your physical constitution should be turned on a long time ago, given the ongoing action! In too many films, the good scenes are cut off, apparently because a timer is set, and whether or no the scene is hot does not matter. We are thankful that this is not the case with this DVD. The best scene is as long as it should have been. If you simply like to watch your damsels, and concentrate on the small movements of their body and face during action, this is the video to have.

All that is good must end, though. The girls change position (however else!), and the young chick sits on the top of the sofa, whilst Dallas chose to kneel before her, displaying her rear end for a brief moment or two, until the camera focuses on the rose bud feast. We liked how the girls looked one another into the eye during sex. All too often the "job" is being "done" without any acknowledgement. Pity that the older woman is not as a passionate licker as her young friend is, for the scene would have been even hotter. Alas, one can only wish that there are more active girls on film, as active as the younger girl was. No one cares if the orgasm is a fake or not, given how it is presented to the viewer. All-red, the chick becomes frozen, and all the while she is being licked, sucked and kissed.

We wish this episode was longer. It is a scorcher, a series of very hot scenes without a single bad moment. Even the toys came into play very late, at the end of the episode, without being too obtrusive (pun not intended at all). After a minute or two of light stimulation, the girls wave us a nice goodbye. Sigh... If you are a fan of older women, the first episode justifies the price of the entire DVD.

Episode 2: Sophie and Michele Marcele

Oh boy, what a weird video! People who tend to mock older/younger films as ridiculous, most likely have the likes of this episode in mind. Definitely cut for the fetish-driven viewers! Yet again, we care more for the ladies themselves, and the sex, not the setup. An older woman, to us, is like any other woman, merely more experienced, and in full blossom -- attractive not because of the age, but because of persistent charms, and well-developed, feminine body. We do not want motherly hair-rollers, you see! Oh boy, oh boy... Sophie looks as ridiculous as your friend's grand-aunt you have seen through the door by accident. What does she have in her hair, may we ask???? Oh well, although she isn't attractive at all, at least the scene is so humorous that it is hard not to smile. The young woman, a very skinny teenager, is also behaving as if she had a great time. This scene is a parody of the older/younger theme, and she acts as required! The young girl is indeed very young, and, shall we say it, beautiful. Given how fragile the young girl was, it was a bit disturbing to see her partner being so aggressive. We prefer lesbian encounters on a softer side, you see.

Episode 3: Anastasia Sands and Vanessa McKenzie

Mixed emotions, my friends. Anastasia Sands looks older than she might have, and is not in our type, to say the least, although she is not ugly, mind you. She likes to play with young meat, that is evident, and it is a pure pleasure to see her satisfy another woman, yet... she might have cared for her appearance a bit more. It is not just for our viewers' pleasure that women shave their bottoms. It is a pitiful sight when a young woman has to pluck pubic hair from between her teeth, as she continues to eat away. Whyever wasn't the older woman shaved? Whyever did the director leave these moments in the film, why weren't they cut off? Plucking pubic hair from anyone's teeth destroys the experience, kills the atmosphere. And this episode, while not terribly hot, was quite good. The best scene was filmed from behind Anastasia, having both her breasts, and the young chick in her crotch -- in full view, with the latter being slowly zoomed in. For God's sake, please shave the next time...

Episode 4: Jessica Wylde and Luna Blanca

Bemused, we started to watch the last episode. What a pleasant surprise. Jessica Wylde appeared in view, alone, walking amongst the apple orchard, in a beautiful, feminine dress so few women wear anymore. A light dress like this, and we would have given up on all the high heels, and even pantyhose. There is something to the classics that they are still classic, you see, however banal that may sound. But then again, whyever does the unsmiling-as-ever Jessica have to wear the -- you guessed it -- hair rollers in addition to such a pretty dress in which her breasts stand to comparison to the younger woman's? Please, put the hair extravaganza away into the attic, where they belong!!!

That grumbled, the scene is quite hot. The young girl is very sexy, albeit a bit shy. This makes for one hot scene when the older woman kisses her neck and moves closer and closer, inch by inch, to finally sink her teeth into the young, full, protruding breast, as a vampire, no less! This scene is one of the most beautiful amongst the older/younger videos we have ever seen. The women are matched better than most. A silent, slightly dominating older woman, and a shy, attractive, and curious youngster. The latter, as you see her face, buried deep in the older woman's breast, is beautifully pink, shining with health, and perhaps excitement, as well as a solid dose of all-natural shame. Definitely something for those of us who like their girls fresh as far as the attitude and performance are concerned. From what we have seen, Jessica is always silent; she rarely smiles, and time and again we see her taking another woman's head, and pressing the latter close to her breast. Either she likes that particular act (to our enjoyment), or she doesn't know any better (which we do not really believe). Anyhow, the girls come down on their knees, and explore their bottoms in turn. The scenes are well-filmed, either with the younger woman's breast in full view, or her tongue at work in full close-up.

In summary, if it were not for the weird hair thingamajigs, this scene would be just as good as the first. You must see it at least once, and if you are a collector, there are several reasons to own this video and see it many, many times.

--- Em
MadameDVD Review, 7 May 2004

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