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Matt's Models 7

Matt's Models 7

Studio: Vivid
Category:  All Sex , Amateur
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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nvs's ratings for Matt's Models 7:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Matt's Models 7 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Matt's Models 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Matt's Models 7 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Matt's Models 7 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Matt's Models 7 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Matt's Models 7 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Matt's Models 7 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  2/13/2009
Starring: Crystal, Hanna Hilton, Jayme Langford, Karlie Montana, Lexi Belle, Reese, Veronica Hill. With Scott Nails, Nick Jacobs, and Chadwick.

Scene 1:
Crystal and Guy

Crystal comes into a house for a film assistant interview. They walk through the house and end up in a room. She sits on a bed and a guy comes in. She gives him oral--she goes as deep as she could, which is not too deep. Cameraman pulls down her dress to show some cute tits. Some spit. The dress finally comes off. Guy lays back on the bed and gets his clothes taken off and continues the oral on her knees--deep throats and gags a bit. Reverse cowgirl as she stands--his huge size hurts her, but she gets into it. She screams in pain and they move to the bed to continue reverse cowgirl. Doggy. Missionary. Scene cuts to Crystal taking a cum shot on her tits. Scene ends with a shot of Crystal’s body and face--she gets the job.

A good opening for this scene. Crystal has a nice body which gets worked out here. She has a problem with the guy’s big cock, but she takes it. She moans and screams in sweet pain throughout the scene. Sometimes it’s cute and unrehearsed, but at other times it seems fake. Her faces also look cute while in sweet pain. Chemistry okay with the guy. If this is one of her first scenes, then she plays it well.

Scene 2:
Hanna Hilton

Hanna, in an adorable pink number, does a striptease in a bathroom. Her lingerie in off to reveal a beautiful natural body. She moves into the tub/shower--lots of butts shots. A great shot of that gorgeous face. She gets herself wet with water. She sits in the tub and runs the water, getting her body wet. She touches her tits and pussy. She stands and uses the shower--lots of focus on her juicy parts. She lets her hair out and it only emphasizes her beauty. With the shower over, she dries herself off. Scene over.

No sex in this one, but don’t worry, Hanna is a pleasure to look at. This girl has a cute face and great body which is meant to be stared at. This girl looks good just standing there. Hanna does everything right in this scene, moving, standing, getting wet, even drying herself. There is music at the beginning of the scene halfway through the scene; yet, it’s replaced with the sounds of the water running in the tub. This scene could use some moaning. Still, an enjoyable scene.

Scene 3:
Jayme Langford and Karlie Montana

Karlie dances on striper pole, slowly getting nude. Scene cuts with Karlie and Jayme, clothed, but looking awesome, laying on a bed. They slowly get naked to reveal some rocking bodies, although the panties stay on. They touch each other’s tits and start to make out--incredible sight. Karlie gets her titties licked. The panties finally come off. Back to the kissing. Jayme gets her titties licked. Jayme lays back as Karlie goes down on her--licking and fingering until she cums. They change sides as Jayme goes down on Karlie. Jayme brings out a purple vibrator and uses it on Karlie--fucks her with it with occasional clit licking. Karlie cums. They taste Karlie’s pussy juices. 69 with Jayme fucking Karlie with the vibrator while being eaten. Karlie cums again. Jayme brakes out another vibrator; she lays back and Karlie uses the vibrator on Jayme--fucks her with it. Jayme gets on all fours and continues to get fucked by the vibrator until she cums. They taste Jayme’s pussy juices. Both girls get on all fours and they each fucks their own pussy’s with a vibrator. They get on their backs and continue to fuck each other with the lucky vibrators. They kiss each other as they cum--great image. Scene ends with the girls basking in the aftermath. They decide to take a nap.

Awesome scene. Dual hotness in chicks in this one. Jayme is adorable and Karlie is cute. Their bodies…superb. These two have a strong lesbian scene. Lots of licking, kissing, spitting, wet pussies, vibrator usage, and interaction between the two lovelies. The girls have fun with each other and it shows with the two really digging on each other. These scene is visually beautiful and the girls rock.

Scene 4:
Lexi Belle and Guy

Lexi sits on a couch, showing some cute titties, and the guy takes off her jeans. He moves the panties aside and licks her pussy and fingers as well--she gets a taste of her pussy. The panties come off and the guy continues playing with Lexi’s cute pussy. She then starts oral on him as she rests on her knees. Slight deep throat and gagging. They sit on the couch and go into cowgirl. Guy picks her up and they fuck face to face. Back to the couch for missionary. Side fucking. Doggy--she cums during this sequence along with a nice close-up of her face. PTM. Reverse cowgirl. She gets on her knees as she takes a facial, although most of it lands on her tits. She rubs the cum on her tits and face for a bit and blows a kiss goodbye. Scene ends.

A pretty good scene featuring Lexi--with a beautiful face and stunning body. This girl just looks great giving oral and fucking. Her sex faces are delightful. Everything this girl does, even if she doesn’t do it on purpose, is sexy--like close-ups of her face, she just looks into the camera and it looks hot. Good chemistry with guy as they interact and have good sex. Lexi asking to get fucked harder is a sexy thing to hear. Lexi is hot and her performance is not brought down by the camera getting blurry occasionally and the bright lights used on occasion as well.

Scene 5:

Adorable Reese sits on a couch and gets interviewed. She takes off her clothes and has some long legs and cute tiny tits. Scene cuts and she’s dressed again. She gets naked again and the people behind the camera decide to do an assisted masturbation scene. She lays back and gets a vibrator used on her pretty pussy, which gets wet. A bigger vibrator is brought in to pleasure Reese’s wet pussy. The big vibrator is put away and the little one is brought back. Reese appears to cum. She lays there in ecstasy. Scene ends.

This is a fun scene. Reese is cute with her tiny body standing out. Long legs and little tits look good on this girl. This is an assisted masturbation scene only, but it’s strong. Seeing Reese squirm and wiggle about in ecstasy as the vibrator do their jobs on her pussy is a delightful image. The girl giving Reese all this pleasure is shown in snippets, but she looks good from what is seen. The scene is good, but one could imagine how much better the scene would be if the girl off camera would join Reese in a lesbian affair. Nonetheless, an enjoyable scene.

Scene 6:
Veronica Hill

Laying on a bed, naked, the guy comes into the scene and she goes straight for his cock. Doggy. Missionary. PTM with light deep throat and gagging. Missionary. Doggy. Cowgirl. Slow titty fucking with oral. Missionary. Oral with gagging. Facial--gets a drop of cum in her eyes.

There is a reason this scene is last, it’s very lackluster. Veronica is never into the scene and has no chemistry with the guy. Even her moans are fake. She has an okay body and body, but this cannot save the scene. She seems annoyed and seems like she wants to get the scene over. She does not enjoy much of the sex. The only time Veronica is into the scene is when it’s over. Too much cuts in this scene as well. Poor scene.


This film is all about the first timers. This film seems to be the girl’s first scenes, if not, some of their early work. Some girls shine as Hanna Hilton, Jayme Langford, Karlie Montana, Lexi Belle, Reese work well in their respective scenes. Hanna is just pleasure to see. Jayme’s and Karlie’s (beauties with awesome faces and bodies) scene is just great with lots of lesbian bonding that hits the spot. Lexi and Reese are adorable as well. Crystal is okay, but avoid Veronica’s scene. If she was into it, then the scene would’ve been decent. Problems, some blurry shots, too much light at times and the scene cutting. A good film to rent and enjoy once, but Jayme and Karlie’s scene deserves several watches.


The Main Menu features selectable options such as: Play Feature, Scene Selection, Positions Room--where you can choose your fetish as Pussy Eating, BJ, Missionary, Doggy, Cum Shot. Also, Photo Gallery is selectable as More Adult Fun--
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