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Matador 5: Sex Trip

Matador 5: Sex Trip

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Foreign
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Speelie's ratings for Matador 5: Sex Trip:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Matador 5: Sex Trip overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Matador 5: Sex Trip Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Matador 5: Sex Trip Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Matador 5: Sex Trip Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Matador 5: Sex Trip Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Matador 5: Sex Trip DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Matador 5: Sex Trip A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  10/3/2001
Directed by Jean-Yves LeCastel
Released on DVD 7/2001
Cast: Helen Birne, Kamila, Lea DeMae, Lucy, Venus, Monika Sweetheart, David Perry, Robert Rosenberg, Jean-Yves LeCastel

LeCastel shoots two kinds of scenes. Sometimes, especially in his earlier work, he plays "stupid ass tricks" by having a bunch of guys tag team one or two girls. His other variation, more in evidence recently, is to have only 2-4 people, and to concentrate on intense, energertic sex instead of having five guys sodomize one girl for 20 seconds at a time.

The first few Matador movies had a goofy atmosphere, as a bunch of silly guys got their rocks off by stuffing their cocks up the asses of women who were not always especially willing or good looking. Perhaps Private didn't give him much of a budget, but beginning with this effort, #5, things started to improve.

We have our first hint that this will be a good movie when French businessman David Perry arrives at his Prague hotel. He is checked in by Czech desk clerk Monika Sweetheart, who has never looked better. LeCastel shot this at the same time as his Anabolic titles Assman 12 and 13, and Monika's appearances here and in Assman 12 were made just a few months (or weeks) after her 18th birthday (June 23, 1999). She's never looked better, and her LeCastel work launched her on a career which currently sees her taking the porn world by storm in Europe and North America.

Monika is coy and fetching in glasses and a short skirt that exposes the top of her black stockings. She wears her glasses low and gives a sexy look over them as bellboy Robert Rosenberg carries Perry's bags and leads him to his room. There, it turns out the bed is unmade, and Perry complains. Monika arrives to investigate the fuss, and it becomes clear she selected this room on purpose. She insists the bed is fine, and lies on it to prove the point. "I think it is fine," she tells him in her good English. Perry catches on, and asks, "Do you sleep clothed?" Of course she doesn't, and after Monika strips, Perry fingers her asshole. "The bed is good!" he concludes. Monika takes over, ordering Rosenberg, "Go to help him!"

Once again, I am struck by the realization that Monika has never looked better. It is clear how tall she is, with long legs and a slender body, but also nice medium breasts and good makeup (bad makeup is her one weakness in some movies). Her hair was dyed black at this stage of her career, and I like it, though it also looks good in chestnut brown. She shows no hesitation in sucking Perry's fingers fresh from her ass, which is a bit odd if you have seen Assman 12, in which she refused to suck LeCastel's cock after it had been pulled from her back door. It is clear now that that was done merely for its humor (or perhaps LeCastel made it clear that future paychecks depended upon ass to mouth, regardless, she performs A2M in every other movie I have seen with her. She's made a lot in a short time, and any porn related search engine will bring up a list). After some intercourse with the guys, Monika is DPed in a couple of positions, and handles the anal remarkably well for one so young. The guys then cum all over her glasses. As she licks their units, she casually asks Perry, "Ok with your room now?"

One of the lessons learned from watching a lot of porno is that it is good to be David Perry. The man is constantly paired with the hottest women in Europe, and likely works over 300 days a year. He can't even go for a jog without his new friend Rosenberg trying to distract him with the tale (tail?) of a ready and willing girlfriend awaiting two horny studs. Perry opts for this alternate form of exercise, and goes with Rosenberg to a house where Venus is waiting for them.

Venus is a plain but quite pretty dark haired Czech. She has a tight body, but her best feature is her enthusiasm. She was in every movie LeCastel shot at this time, including Matador 4, Assman 12 & 13, and Debauchery 7, where she earned the cover. I suspect she was fucking LeCastel off the set (see how well they get along in Assman 12), but he doesn't show here. Instead, she allows Perry and Rosenberg to immediately lick and grope her. The guys fuck her a pussy a bit but soon switch to her rosebud. She has the much sought after (at least in Europe) rubber asshole, and always takes it long, hard and deep. In this case, that includes being DPed in two positions. She then drops to her knees to eagerly jerk the guys off.

Back at his room, Perry is hungry and calls room service to order a salad. Helen Birne knocks on his door, and enters without any commestibles. "I am your food!" she announces, and Perry yields to a hunger of a different sort. Blonde Helen, also seen in Assman 9, has a curvy soft body. She's not especially pretty, but makes up what she lacks in looks with sexual heat. She's happy to work with Perry, and after some foreplay she mounts him. This becomes a spoon, which leads to anal insertion, before Perry pulls her up for a reverse cowgirl ride. Now she really shines, breathing hard as she works her ass up and down his shaft energetically. She hops off so Perry can cum on her face, and she then gives him good postcum head.

Lea DeMae is a star today, but Assman 12 (that's her on the cover) and Matador 5 were two of this Czech's first appearances. She's obviously already sexually experienced, and isn't a barely legal kid like her pal Monika (they're in lots of the same movies, look it up). Lea looks a bit odd here in a black wig, doing dishes as Rosenberg leads Perry to her house. She's another of his fuck toys, and is just as happy to see the two as Venus was. Lea wastes no time in fellating her studs, and soon jumps aboard Rosenberg in cowgirl. He responds by jamming a couple of fingers up her ass, with is cock quickly switching holes. Rosenberg then moves back to her pussy so that Perry can enter her bunghole for a DP. LeCastel treats us to great body shots of Lea, and she does her part by displaying some admirable gapes. Lea can also take anal deep and hard, and Perry bends her over a chair for a nice moment. Finally, she contentedly sucks her studs off, and after the jizz flies, concludes, "I am better than my girlfriend." I would rate it a toss-up between Lea and Venus, but that's just me. I can dream of them trying to outdo each other with me...

Perry's trip is over, and as he drives home he places a cell phone call to his boss, LeCastel. The boss is majorly stressed, and so calls to his secretary for assistance. Somewhat surprisingly, she is played by Lea, who now sports her usual bottle blonde hair. She has on glasses and looks good in a very tight skirt. Lea goes to work on LeCastel, and actually manages to get a fair amount of his fat prick into her mouth. He then eats her on his chair, and follows up by mounting her. He's a big big for her, but when he is a little too rough, she lets him know by playfully slapping his face with the end of his tie. She kneels on the chair, and LeCastel briefly doggy fucks her before the obligatory anal finger probing. His cock follows in due time, with the position changing to reverse cowgirl. Somehow, she manages to fit most of it in (no wonder she has no trouble taking Dick Nasty up her butt in The Academy and Sodomania Orgies 3), even as they roll over into a spoon. At last, she drops to her knees to lick his balls for a bit, before stroking him off. After, Lea asks him in her good English, "So boss, are you relaxed now?"

Perry arrives back at the office, and LeCastel introduces him to his two new secretaries. Like Lea, they are hot, glasses bedecked Czechs, played by Lucy and Kamila. Lucy is on the cover of Assman 13, and also appears in Rocco Ravishes Prague 2. I'm fairly sure she's "Stephanie" who so intrigued me in Please! 9, and she's definitely in Euro Angels 21, which coincidentally also includes scenes with Monika and Lea. Anyhow, Lucy is a tall, slender yet curvy blonde with big natural breasts and a good atttitude. Kamila is a slender, very pretty brunette, also in Assman 13, and like Lucy, wears glasses for this scene.

"Can I try them out?" Perry asks, and he isn't referring to typing skills. He proceeds to take both girls in both holes on top of the desk, and the women eagerly suck Perry's cock fresh from each other's depths. The anal is fairly hard and deep, but the focus is on showing how great Kamila looks, regardless of what she is doing at that moment. Eventually, Perry pulls out of Lucy's ass and cums on Kamila's glasses.

I love chicks in glasses, so I was glad that this was one his occasional movies in which LeCastel indulges his fondness for this fetish. Helen wasn't too bad looking once the sex begins, so I can safely say all the women are attarctive. The sex is as hardcore as most viewers will require, and the women have fun too. Happily, trolls such as Jean-Pierre Armand are nowhere in sight. My only complaint is that the scenes are a bit brief, at least compared with those in LeCastel's other series, but what we get is highly enjoyable.

The DVD includes production notes by someone who barely speaks English (most of the actresses could have written better ones), the movie's trailer, trailers for five other recent Private DVD releases, and a report that doesn't show nearly as much behind the scenes details as I hoped (we do see that Monika brought a humorous presence to the set). This is somewhat offset by the good photobook.

Monika Sweetheart and Lea DeMae have legions of fans these days, and I don't think any will be disappointed by The Matador 5. But don't skip the other scenes, they are enjoyable as well, and Kamila deserves to be better known! If the movie was a bit longer, the rating would be even higher.
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