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Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures)

Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures)

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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nvs's ratings for Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Masturbation Nation 3 (Tom Byron Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  10/13/2009
Directed by Tom Bryon

Starring: Trina Michaels, Lexi Belle, Missy Stone, Ava Rose, Amber Rayne, Chelsie Rae, Harmony, Missy Lady, Rachel Roxxx, Austin Taylor, Leenuh Rae, Olga Cabaeva, Poppy Morgan, Sara Jay, Lisa Sparxx, Sasha Grey, and Sunny Lane.

Scene 1:
Trina Michaels

Trina poses in her clothes; then in a bikini, which she gets out of. She lays back on a chair and touches herself. Scene cuts to Trina, clothed, on a couch. She takes off her shirt and panties--nice shot of her ass. She rubs pussy with finger insertion--she tastes her fingers. She cums. Scene ends with a close up.

Trina is a hot chick with a nice face, ass, and body; however, her bad boob job kills her. The scene is pretty good as she is vocal and her pussy sounds very wet. The fingers only is a plus. Negatives: one position, having the girl clothed-naked-clothed, the music in the background which is in a loop and is very annoying, and her bad boob job. The girl getting naked twice and the music plagues the majority of the scenes. Okay scene.

Scene 2:
Lexi Belle

Lexi poses in a cute yellow outfit which is replaced by a bikini which she strips out of. She sits on a chair and shows off her goods. Scene cuts to Lexi on a bed and dressed in her yellow outfit. She undresses and only a g-string remains, but not to worry, that comes of. She lays back and starts on her wet pussy--finger insertion. Quickie oral on a vibrator which she uses outside and inside of her pussy. She cums. PTM. Fade out on her face.

Lexi is so adorable with her cute face and awesome little natural body. Her scene is strong as she looks so good playing with her pussy and fucking it with her fingers and vibrator. Her girly moans are so sweet which sound so good in the ears. This girl sounds hot as well as she cums. Her wet sounding pussy is another plus. Drawbacks are one position and having the girl clothed-naked-clothed-naked. Good scene.

Scene 3:
Missy Stone

Missy, in a cute pink number, kneels on a couch. She takes off her lingerie. She lays back and fingers her pussy--she tastes her fingers. Lots of clit rubbing soon after. She cums. She tastes her fingers. Scene fades out on her body.

Missy is a cute girl with a cuter body. Her scene is pretty hot as she is really into herself with lots of fingering and rubbing which leads to moaning. She’s very vocal and her body looks good while she’s engaged in herself. One negative: there is only on position. At least she gets naked once. Good scene.

Scene 4:
Ava Rose

Ava, in a bikini, poses and strips. She shows her that amazing ass. Scene cuts to Ava on a bed and half way undressed which becomes fully naked. She lays back, touches her pussy, and brakes out a dildo which she gives oral to. She then uses the dildo to fuck her pussy. Doggy with dildo insertion. She cums.

Ava is hot--face and body--but this girl has a juicy ass which is proudly on display throughout the scene. She’s mostly in doggy, but that is fine as her ass is worth seeing in doggy. At least there are two positions in this scene. Not much interaction, just moaning. The wet pussy is a plus. Hot girl to see. Same two problems plagues this scene, but it’s still good.

Scene 5:
Amber Rayne

Amber in a black number is on a bed and starts playing with her pussy. She gets nude. Doggy and she makes her asshole breathe. She lays back and fingers her pussy--she tastes her fingers. This girl fits four fingers during this sequence. She brakes out a vibrator and gives it some nice oral--deep throat. She spits on her pussy which makes way for some vibrator insertion. She moves into doggy while the vibrator remains in her pussy. Finger insertion in her asshole during this sequence. She cums. PTM. Scene ends.

This girl is hot. Face is cute and body is thin yet smoking. She starts of the scene strong with dirty talk, spitting, and skipping any teasing as she just rubs her pussy. Naked, this girl rocks. Her tiny body looks so right as she uses four fingers and a vibrator on herself. Her pussy is very wet throughout. Lots of spitting and some nice oral on the vibrator. This is enjoys the scene with lots of interaction, moaning, and playing with herself. Not a dull moment. Amber is hot as her scene. At least she gets naked once. Great scene.

Scene 6:
Chelsie Rae

Chelsie, in a bra and bikini bottoms, poses and gets naked. Scene cuts to Chelsie, clothes again. She gets naked again. She sits back on a couch and starts to work on her pussy--finger insertion. She cums. She tastes her fingers. Scene ends.

Chelsie is a hot girl. Cute face, nice tiny tits, and a round juicy ass are all endearing qualities in this girl. Very vocal and very much into the scene. A wet pussy is a plus. One position is disappointing because her juicy ass would’ve looked good in doggy. There is a beeping in the background which is disturbing and it seems like it’s a cue to Chelsie because she cums right after the beeping. I don’t need someone telling the girl when to cum. Okay scene, hot girl.

Scene 7:

Harmony, in a red lingerie number, kneels on a bed, and gets naked. Nice doggy sequence which shows her nice ass. She lays back and starts on herself--finger insertion. A vibrator is taken out. Quickie oral followed by some insertion--PTM. She cums. PTM. Scene ends with Harmony fingering herself.

Harmony is a super hot chick. Lovely face and gorgeous body, coupled with her cool interaction--lots of dirty talk--and her fucking her pussy are all great to watch. However, the scene has one scene and gets kind of boring. Okay scene, but hot girl.

Scene 8:
Missy Lady

Missy poses in lingerie, then a bikini. She takes off her bottoms and shakes her ass. Scene cuts to Missy laying back on a touch in lingerie minus the panties. She fucks her pussy with a dildo. Seems to cum. Scene ends.

Missy has a hot ass. The rest of the scene is not. The constant changing of clothes in the beginning, the one position--doggy would be so hot to display her already hot rump, not vocal nor interaction, short scene, lackluster orgasm, are all things which makes this a boring scene.

Scene 9:
Rachel Roxxx

Rachel, in a green number, then a see through bikini, poses and strips. Scene cuts to Rachel in her green number, and on a bed, gets naked. She touches her pussy. She brakes out a dual vibrator. She teases her pussy, followed with quickie oral, then fucks herself with it. With one piece in her pussy, she rubs her clit with the other. She puts both pieces in her pussy and rubs her pussy with her fingers until she cums. She takes out the vibrator and tastes them. Scene ends.

Rachel is a hot chick. Cute face, rocking body are all so right on this girl. Her fake tits are an eye sore though. Her scene is hot. Lots of interaction. She’s very vocal as well. This girl is into the scene. She digs the vibrator in her pussy and her fingers on her clit. All these positives makes this scene hot. The negatives are the same as the some of the others, and her tits. When she’s coming there is a dent in one of her boobs which is disturbing. Bad boob job, smoking chick, good scene. Funny thing to look for at the 1.07.52 mark as a noise distracts her, but ever the pro, Rachel continues.

Scene 10:
Austin Taylor

Austin in a shiny bikini, and later in pink lingerie, strips. She lays back on a couch and plays with her pussy--finger insertion. She cums.

A MILFy chick, Austin is vocal. That’s about it. The same old problems plagues this scene. Also, it’s too short. She seems to just runs through the scene to get it over with. Her scars on the bottom of her tits are a turn off as well. Boring scene.

Scene 11:
Leenuh Rae

Leenuh, in a cute red number and later a purple bikini, poses and gets naked. Scene cuts to Leenuh on a bed in her red number; she gets naked again. She lays back and starts on her pussy. Lots of clit rubbing until she cums. Scene ends with a close up of her cute face.

This is a frustrating scene because Leenuh is very hot with adorable tiny tits, juicy ass, and cute face. Her ass could be on display a bit more like doggy. Only one position and nothing but clit rubbing. Nice interaction and sweet moaning are a nice touch, but it’s not enough to help the scene. Hot girl, okay scene.

Scene 12:
Olga Cabaeva

Olga, in a black and white number, strips. She shows off her goods. She bends over in doggy and fingers her asshole--she tastes her fingers. She lays back on a couch and works her pussy. Lots of clit rubbing until she cums. Close up of her face and scene ends.

Olga has a sweet body and okay face, although she looks kind off scary when making faces. Nice bush as well. Her scene starts off hot with some fingers in her asshole, but that’s all the coolness in the scene. The rest of the scene falls into the one position dilemma and she only rubs her clit. The cameraman’s voice in the background is a buzz kill. This scene had promise, but never delivers. Boring scene made into an okay one thanks to a few brief seconds of her fingers in her asshole.

Scene 13:
Poppy Morgan

Poppy is naked and laying on a bed. She starts on her pussy right away--rubbing and fingering it. She gets in doggy to show off her ass as she fingers her pussy--she stretches her pussy which is a nice sight. Ass jiggling and close ups of her gaping pussy during this sequence. She lays back again and continues on her pussy--fingering and stretching. Awesome sounding pussy as she fingers herself. She cums. Scene ends as she fingers herself.

Poppy is incredible in her scene. Smoking body and nice face, coupled with her dirty mouth and ferocious manner of treating her pussy make this a hot scene. The girl is very much into the scene and her pussy. Very interactive with the camera. She fingers her pussy and stretches it out with gusto. Lots of spitting and saliva only adds to her scene. Two positions, nice orgasm, and being naked and ready to go at the beginning of the scene are all positives. No negatives. This scene is done right. Great scene.

Scene 14:
Sara Jay and Lisa Sparxx

Both girls, dressed in shirts and jeans, pose and get naked. Scene cuts and the girls are dressed in lingerie. They lay on a bed. They lover their tops to show off their tits. Sara takes off her panties and fingers her pussy as Lisa moves her panties to one side and just rubs her clit. Sara cums and later Lisa fake orgasms as the director directs them to. Scene ends.

Both girls have curves. Sara has fake tits and Lisa seems to, but they look real. Lisa is the hotter of the two with a nice body and face. That’s all the good in this scene. Two girls sounds like an awesome sight to see, but not here. The girls only get fully naked while posing. When masturbating, they keep the lingerie on. Only one girl fingers herself while the other just rubs her clit. The damn director has to tell Lisa to fake orgasm. This is a huge turn off. Boring scene.

Scene 15:
Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane

The two cuties pose in bikinis. They feel each other up and slowly undress each other. They show off their goods on a couch. Doggy shows off their juicy asses. They lay on their back. They stare at each other as they touch their respective pussies. Cute moment as Sunny licks her fingers and Sasha forces her to run her clit. Sunny rubs her clit until she cums. Sasha does some finger insertion until she cums. The girls kiss. Scene ends.

Another frustrating scene. Two gorgeous girls--cute Sunny and smoking Sasha--look so incredible naked and start off sexy enough on a couch. They play with their own pussies and look good cumming, yet that’s all. The scene is super short and the girls cum quickly. These two girls would’ve delivered a powerful scene is they were given more time. Awful directing. Sasha alone can deliver a strong scene. A boring scene which is made okay due to these very sexy girls. Bad, awful, directing though.


After fifteen scenes the film comes to an end. The film is chalk full beautiful women. Lots of naked ladies playing with themselves is surely a plus, but the film is all masturbation with very little penetration which can deter those seeking more from this film. Yet, the film is a fun viewing experience with the plenty-o-eye candy. After all the scenes, the masturbation can get tedious and boring which is a negative. Well, at least there is some anal play. The two major problems in the film are the introductions of certain scenes where a girl undresses and the scene cuts to the girl dressed. Why have a girl undress only to have her dressed a second later? This is just confusing. Also, the music which plays though the scenes is a buzz kill as the sounds of a woman masturbating would be enough as a soundtrack. Finally, please put these hot girls in more than one position. Note: Amber and Poppy rock their scenes. This film is definitely a rental for those fans of masturbating girls.


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