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Mason's Sexual Disorder

Mason's Sexual Disorder

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Feature film
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Renee's ratings for Mason's Sexual Disorder:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Mason's Sexual Disorder overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Mason's Sexual Disorder Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Mason's Sexual Disorder Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Mason's Sexual Disorder Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Mason's Sexual Disorder Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Mason's Sexual Disorder DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mason's Sexual Disorder A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Renee  on  5/21/2004
Mason's Sexual Disorder
Directed by Mason, from PlatinumXPictures

Themes: Rough Sex, Anal Sex, Bukkake, Paint Balling

There's been a lot written about this film, which differs from the usual gonzo porn title in that it has a storyline to it, which is meant to elevate it above the "all sex" type of porn experience. Essentially, this is about Mason the director's obsessive quest to find and win back the main character Julie Night, whom she loves. Mason does not visually appear in the movie, though it is all shot POV, and we hear her voice throughout. I was encouraged to watch the film by a longtime ADT-er, and what follows are my impressions of each scene, as well as the film as a whole. I won't describe the sex action in detail, since that has been done in the other well written reviews here on ADT.

Scene 1: In a psychiatric clinic, we see Jake Malone the RLD director convincingly playing the 'Mental Health Professional from Hell', as he tells Mason that she has to drop her misogynistic sentiments. He makes her take her medication, then comes closer to her, with some sexist comments thrown her way as he comes on to her. Once Malone leaves the room, Mickey G comes by, tells Mason he has a 'fix' for her, takes her to a service elevator, where 'It' is standing, restrained by arm cuffs (Jessica Darlin). Mason goads Mickey G on to have sex with 'It' and there follows some Vag and Anal done multiple ways, some slapping, though mainly there are gagging blowjobs, with a lot of drooling. 'It' moans rather loudly (don't people in the clinic hear?), though 'It' does enjoy some of the sex.

Scene 2: Mason is released from the clinic, and goes to the airplane hangar where she last left Julie in a cardboard box. Manuel Ferrara and Denis Marti are workers at the hangar (Manuel plays his character like he's in a French comedy movie), and the men open up the box for Mason. Surprise – there's nothing in it but shredded paper. Mason is ticked off, asks for the supervisor (Katrina Kraven), and says, "Who put a woman in charge? Don't you know that women are only good for two things – making babies and sucking dick!" Katrina looks like a scared teenager, hard to believe she's supposed to be playing a supervisor.

Mason encourages the men to have their way with Katrina; they slowly undress her, fondle her, talk to her, and so on. It looks more like a seduction, since Katrina is all game for the action from the get-go. There's regular sex, then anal, and a DP – though there's some slapping and mild choking, it's not too severe, and Katrina never looks uncomfortable. There was great chemistry between all the performers, and Denis held his own compared to Manuel, who's one of the strongest male performers out there.

Scene 3: Mason is back home, watching home movies she made of Julie. She's hired an escort girl, Maggie Starr, to come round, and makes her dress up in some lingerie that belonged to Julie. Suddenly, Mr. Pete bounds into the scene, and proceeds to start in on Maggie, who's supposed to be playing the character of "Julie". The sex that follows isn't all that bad, though it includes copious amounts of hot candle wax being poured on Maggie, which she seems to enjoy, thought at times it looked painful. Maggie submits to whatever Mr. Pete wants, though even he wants her to feel some sexual pleasure when they are in cowgirl, sensing that she is close to having an orgasm, and telling her, "There you go," several times. There was some chemistry to the scene, though not as much as in Scene 2.

Scene 4: Mason goes to a jail, where Wesley and Cuntry Pipes are prisoners. Wesley has info on where Julie is, so Mason bribes him for it by offering up Selena Silver as bait. Selena sucks on the two men through the cell bars, then enters the cell and does anal sex and BJ's on the men, then a DP with them. Though there isn't much physical roughness to this segment, the two men are spouting out the ghetto trash talk all the while, which I didn't mind all that much; to me they sounded less abusive than the other men in the film. Honestly, the two men reminded me of Dave Chappelle the black comedian, and the side-splitting characters he plays on his Comedy Central TV show. It was hard for me to take this scene seriously with the men being so over the top, though it did have some good moments to it. I couldn't tell if Mason got the info she wanted from Wesley, since the scene ends abruptly after the cum shots.

Scene 5: Mason finally locates Julie, takes her to a shack which is made up to be a shrine to Julie, paint balls her (ouch!), then tells Julie that she has to prove her love for Mason. Julie is taken to an outdoor location at night, and thus starts the 'Bukkake Scene from Hell'. The six men who show up take turns forcing their dicks down Julie's throat, though she does tell them over and over that she wants them to do so. She is gagging so hard, she doubles over and retches several times (this wasn't mere drooling). She might have vomited, but it's so dark it's hard to tell. The men, naturally, call Julie the expected endearments of 'filthy whore', 'nasty bitch' and the like, though she seems to crave this from them. They come all over her face, then she takes the garden hose that's been wrapped around her neck, and tries to choke herself with it. She is unsuccessful.

Scene 6: Mason isn't done with Julie yet. Julie is now taken to a darkened room, where three men have their way with her, mostly with her blowing one man while another does her in anal or vag. I'd like to comment more on this scene, which didn't seem half bad, except for one problem – the poor lighting, which the screenshot shows below:

The lights are aimed at the performers' knees and off to the left, which made it difficult for me to even figure out what was going on at times (are they doing anal, or vag?). I couldn't even tell which men were in this segment. I think Benjamin Brat was present, but I couldn't say for certain. The only face we get to see well is Julie's, when Mason occasionally focuses a light on it. There is one part where someone is doing Julie in standing doggy, and he is trying to make her have an orgasm, but I couldn't tell if he was successful or not.

At the end, the men come on Julie, she wipes the cum and drool all over her face, sticks her hands down her throat, and then weepingly tells Mason that she just can't come back into her life, even though Julie does love her. Thus ends the movie.

Overall Impression: In the interview that Mason gives in the DVD extras, she states that she wanted to do a story-type film, but with the minimal amount of set-ups and dialogue. She also says that with some of the scenes, although she had a general idea of what she wanted to film, she wasn't certain how to achieve this all during the actual shooting of some scenes.

It shows. In my opinion, there simply was not enough narrative detail given to make sense of the story. Why is Jake Malone as the therapist coming onto to Mason, when 1 minute before he's trying to get her to reform her way of thinking? Why does Katrina act so sheepishly if she's a supervisor (maybe there is a good reason)? Why does Mr. Pete bound onto the third scene with no explanation? Does Mason actually get the info she wants from Wesley Pipes about where Julie is hiding? And the big question – Why is Mason so obsessed with Julie? At the end of the film, I couldn't have answered any of these.

Mason does give out more information about these things, particularly her obsession with Julie, in the DVD extras, but what's it doing there? It's supposed to be in the film, right? What about someone who watches this on video, and doesn't have the extras?

I can think of two gonzo-type feature films, John Stagliano's Buda and Siffredi's Rocco's Way to Love that have just enough of a story line, that you can figure out what is going on, and you the viewer are always thinking: What will happen next? Particularly in Buda, a good 20% of the film is dialogue, and Stagliano hired real Hungarian actors for some non-sex roles, to further the authenticity and flow of the storyline, and make the overall film more believable.

Buda and Rocco's Way have something else that is equally important – their strongest, hottest scenes come at the end of the movie, not at the beginning. In Sexual Disorder, the strongest scene is the one with Katrina Kraven, Ferrara and Marti; after that the film loses some of its heat. I suspect the real reason this scene had so much heat is that Manuel Ferrara and Katrina have worked together so much (six times in 2003); you also see him tenderly flirting with her before the scene starts in the "Making Of" section.

As for the physical roughness, the stuff in this film is no worse than what you would see in a Brandon Iron, Siffredi or Nacho Vidal film. What is different is Mason injecting her somewhat sexist comments into the action, like the ones in Scene 2 about women, babies and dicks. I have heard men say such things – they are invariably guys in their 60's, who live in the past. That's what I thought when I heard Mason make these statements – that's so 1950's. Perhaps these ideas are still part and parcel of the porn landscape in Los Angeles, but that doesn't make them any more palatable to me. Mason even admits in the DVD extras that several men in the porn industry feel her way of thinking about sex and women is wrong.

I do have to say that at least this film wasn't boring, and it certainly is not like the several thousand other gonzo releases made each year, that are essentially tease/BJ/vag sex/anal sex/ cum shot in every scene. I do give Mason credit for trying to do something different. There was some care taken with the sets, camera work, costumes and lighting during most of the scenes, more than the usual gonzo film. This PXP title had pretty good visual quality, except I did notice a slight double image problem with the Maggie Starr scene, where I could make out a bluish haze where her black outfit lies against her pale skin.

There was two minutes on the DVD, which did meet my expectations for the film, that I thought were truly intriguing. It was in the "Making of" section in the DVD extras, and shows Mr. Pete and Maggie Starr right before the beginning of their scene – there's some kissing, mild slapping, flirting, while they fondle each other.

In these two minutes, there is a real, palpable interplay between the performers, with the sexual tension getting higher and higher. Mr. Pete certainly knows how to turn the charm on when he wants to. If only the actual film had been this hot!

In the end, I feel about this PXP title the way I feel about those Grade B horror films from the 1950's. You don't know whether you should take them seriously, be scared, or laugh at them for being so clichéd and corny, with their cheap sets and stilted acting. My final thought on all this: What's with all the fuss about Mason's Sexual Disorder?

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