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Mason's Sexual Disorder

Mason's Sexual Disorder

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lindi's ratings for Mason's Sexual Disorder:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Mason's Sexual Disorder overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Mason's Sexual Disorder Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Mason's Sexual Disorder Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Mason's Sexual Disorder Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Mason's Sexual Disorder Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Mason's Sexual Disorder DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mason's Sexual Disorder A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by lindi  on  1/6/2004

Sex and degradation, with a plot.

General Comments
There's a bandwagon to jump on here, and I'm not going to jump on it. I just can't muster a sunny, see-no-evil review for this one. My gut reaction to the movie was very negative.

I've noticed that all the reviews of this movie so far are very positive, so I started asking around. Most of the guys that I have spoken to, even guys who like to watch rough sex movies, dislike this one. I asked four of the men who review on ADT, but who had not reviewed this movie. All had seen either this movie or one of the Dirty Trixxx movies, and all said they did not enjoy Mason's work and didn't plan to see any more of it.

One of them, who rented Dirty Trixx "just to see what it was all about," fast forwarded through much of it, and said, "I thought it was pretty stupid. It had very little erotic value. I really wasn't interested in the degrading and sexual domination. BDSM is one thing with consent, pure out degradation is another. Mason is twisted. It's not my brand of kink." He also said that the first R-Rated movie he saw when he was 16 had a rape scene in it that bothered him for years, and "Who needs crap floating around in your head?"

Okay, everything is a matter of taste. In an attempt to be balanced, I also emailed someone who had enjoyed Mason's Sexual Disorder, but, interestingly, the scenes that I found objectionable were the two he enjoyed least (he mentioned fast-forwarding through one of them), and he ranked the scenes in the same order that I had.

There are some very interesting things about the movie, for instance the set-up in the scene with Maggie Star, but there were enough things that detracted for me that I didn't enjoy watching the movie. The okay scenes were overshadowed by the ones I hated. In several of the scenes the women's responses look like they are the responses of women who have been abused as children. My visceral reaction is that I don't like seeing women abused. I have no motivation to 'overcome' that reaction.

The scenes seemed repetitive to me, and not especially thought-provoking for me in any positive way. I found myself thinking about friends of mine who had been abused as children, and wondering what kind of men wank to this and whether they consider it permission, because "women like it." I wondered about prostitutes who are found dead out in the desert. I wondered if I should give this movie a review at all -- if maybe my honest review will cause the 'wrong' guys to run and get this movie. I don't claim to know what the consequences are of showing this movie to young and particulary sexually inexperienced men, but I don't think anyone else knows either.

Also, let me say that the sex was not more intense than a lot of other movies. The violence and degradation aspects were intense. I make a distinction between sex, sensation, and degradation. I like sexual intensity and urgency. I like intense sensation, like spanking. There just isn't anything inside me that wants to see actual degradation and serious name-calling, and there's nothing in me that wants to wrap a hose around my own neck and choke myself. In my opinion, I'm not wounded enough to understand some of this stuff in some of the scenes. I loved the rough sex in the last scene of Killer Pussy 15 -- it's intense, and it's two people drowning in urgent sexuality, utterly given up to the moment, with no sense that either of them has an impaired sense of self esteem. Go rent that one.

This movie has themes of shame and control and misogyny and obsession and punishment. There are a lot of sobbing women. So it invites comments on its psychological themes. I am reminded of a remark made by YogaGrrl on the forum here, in a thread on crying in porn, "If women (or men) feel compelled to do their therapy (or even just have an intense cleansing cry) onscreen, that's a valid choice for them. I've seen enough, however, to the point that even the context has largely become irrelevant to me. I'm far more interested in watching people who are happy and secure in their sexuality."

In the first scene with Mickey G., Jessica is barely penetrated before she begins to whimper, and within 10 seconds of a steady slow fuck is whimpering and squealing in a traumatized way and saying 'no.' There are a lot of hysterical 6-year-old tantrum noises here, and running mascara, although sexually there's nothing extraordinary happening. The reactions are extreme and out of place... for an adult woman. That's all I want to say about that. She asks for anal and A2M. After the facial, he spits hard on her face and Mason calls her a piece of shit and sends her back to the basement.

Mason spews some misogynistic stuff at Katrina. Katrina plays a security officer who cowers meekly, and is dressed like a dirty homeless person in a stocking cap. Whatever... There's no motivation for her to take orders from Mason, but she works up to a hard fast dp with Denis and Manuel, and she enjoys it. There's some great intensity in this scene.

Mason has Mr. Pete get it on with escort girl Maggie. The set-up for this scene was very interesting. Once again, though, it ventures into some stuff I'd rather not see.

"Tell me you want some more."

"I want some more."

Slap!!! "Tell me you want some more."

"I want some more."

Slap!!! "I love you. I'm sorry"

I've heard the woman in the next apartment getting beaten. Heck, I've seen my mom get beaten. This shit has no appeal for me.

Maggie gets spit on and has fingers shoved into her mouth, she gets her tits slapped, and face-fucked, she sucks Mr. Pete's ass, and Mason writes on her ass, "Mason's whore," and then candle wax is dripped over her in red puddles and splashes, red splats and spatters. He steps on her head, he gags her with her panties, he puts a pillow over her head, he fishhooks her. There's more, but it's really not about sex, is it?

Selena does a prison scene with Wesley and Cuntree. It'a a decent, edgy scene, rather standard, and it works up to a fairly rollicking cowgirl dp. She sucks them both, but then there's a long, long wanking plus a cut for the cumshots.

Julie is drugged and tied up, she and Mason screech and whimper and cry as Julie gets shot with paintballs. Then Julie crawls over to get fishhooked and face-fucked by 5 guys.

Julie - "Am I a good girl?"

Mason - "You're a good baby girl."

Mason - "Tell me you love me with that dick in your mouth. Say it."

Julie chokes herself with a garden hose, and we get a change of venue.

Mason - "Good girl...that's a good girl. Over here so Mama can see..."

There's more crying and choking on tears, and more guys, and more slapping, and more fishhooking, and more skull-fucking, yadda yadda, doggie that goes on forever, anal for those who care, and after the jizzing, one guy makes a go of sticking his dick in her ear. Whatever.

Extras include an interview with Mason (my dvd had glitches), Home Movies, Making of, Photo Gallery, and Previews. The 'Making of' segment was good, I liked seeing the girls (Katrina and Maggie, particularly) in a positive mode.

It's not for everyone.

In the Behind the Scenes segment, Mason mentioned that she had been getting criticism from within the industry and particulary from men, and Katrina replies, "Well, there's that select few that - they're old school, that haven't really evolved yet, I think." If you're a Neanderthal who hasn't evolved yet to enjoy seeing women choked and spit on and degraded, it's not for you.

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