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Married Men on the Prowl

Married Men on the Prowl

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay
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wizzerbud's ratings for Married Men on the Prowl:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Married Men on the Prowl overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Married Men on the Prowl Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Married Men on the Prowl Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Married Men on the Prowl Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Married Men on the Prowl Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Married Men on the Prowl DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Married Men on the Prowl A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  4/17/2006
Watching Married Men on the Prowl gives you a different idea than what the title suggests. Instead of finding men cheating on their wives hitting clubs or cruisy areas, they are calling guys that they apparently already know to come to their home for sex. There isn’t much prowling around when it works like this. In any event, we get four scenes in this 85-minute movie with a diverse looking cast that is also pretty good looking. The video is filmed in South America so the talking is in Spanish or Portuguese with no subtitles. There is also no background music to irritate you or drown out the sounds of the sex.

The film opens with a muscular dude in bed with a woman. He leaves the bed and goes to what appears to be another part of the house and makes a phone call. He pulls off his shirt leaving himself in just a pair of bikini underwear. Another guy walks up to him out of nowhere. I guess he just let himself into the house. The trick that has arrived is a twink looking young man and he pulls out the muscle guy’s dick to start sucking. The twink gives it some good deep throat action as he sucks. The married muscle guy pulls off his briefs and he stands while the twink continues to suck. The married guy keeps his hand behind the twink's head as he feeds him his dick. The twink undresses and the married guy fucks him in a variety of positions—missionary, doggy style, cowboy, reverse cowboy, a missionary sort of style with the twink laying back on his shoulders with his ass up in the air, more doggy style, and reverse cowboy. We are not seeing much chemistry between these two and so much of the camera action is close-ups of the fucking. When we finally do see some interaction with the muscled married guy reaching around to play with the twink’s chest while he fucks him, the silly cameraman goes back to a close-up of the fucking. I am almost convinced that photographers in South America think that is all there is to filming porn—just aim the camera at the penetration and forget about anything else. They do a little cowboy riding fucking and then the married guy stands over the twink and shoots his load across the twink’s chest. The twink doesn’t shoot; he just walks off rather awkwardly. Both of these guys were hot looking, but it would have been nice to see more interaction between them, instead of just mechanical fucking.

For the second scene, a guy is sitting on some kind of padded bench/couch looking thing and some female says something to him and leaves. He takes out his phone to call someone and shortly afterward another guy appears. Does anyone knock or do they just walk in? The married guy in this scene appears pretty average looking at first and his trick is another twink. The two start kissing and the trick pulls off his shirt first. We see a big tattoo on his chest. The married guy immediately starts licking his nipples. The married guy’s shirt comes off and the trick is also down on his chest to taste his nipples. The married guy actually looks pretty good once his shirt comes off and you can see his body. He has a clipped hairy chest. The twink unsnaps his underwear and the married one starts sucking what soon turns out to be a thick long dick. `The trick sucks the married guy’s dick and it looks to be just as long and thick. They get into some 69 action and the scene abruptly changes to the trick fucking the married dude doggy style. They do some reverse cowboy and then flip flop. The married guy fucks the trick doggy style, along with some ass up in the air while the trick lays back on his shoulders, and some sidesaddle fucking. The fucking is not very intense but they get the job done. Once they finish fucking, they each blow their loads onto the other one.

For the third scene, a beefy looking guy wearing a tank top with the words “Personal Trainer” on it is talking to a chick. They do a quick kiss and she leaves. Soon afterward a big dark skinned muscular guy appears. They kiss some and the shirts come off. Both of these guys are muscular but the trick is more ripped and solid. The trick goes down and sucks on the married dude’s beefy pecs and nipples. He stops so they can continue undressing and the married guy starts sucking the trick’s cock. He takes the entire huge piece of meat into his mouth, which is no easy task since it looks to be 8-9 inches long and thick. He slaps the married guy’s face with his dick in between sucks. He stops sucking to get up on the pool table and bend over to take the trick’s dick for a doggy style fucking. The trick pounds him hard in his aggressive fucking style. They also do some sidesaddle fucking, along with some cowboy style, the married dude on his shoulders with his ass up in the air, some more traditional missionary style, and reverse cowboy. Through all of their changes of positions, these two never lose their momentum or intensity. The trick is all sweaty over his big muscled body. From time to time he gives attention to the married dude’s pecs and nipples as he pounds his ass. While they are in the cowboy style fucking position, the married guy delivers a big cumshot while still riding the trick’s big dick. The trick pulls out his dick, straddles the married dude, and blasts out a thick cum load over the married guy’s chest. Unless you are a twink lover, the continuous energy of these two along with their hot looks makes this scene the best one in the video.

In the final scene, a chick and another dude are in bed talking. He leaves and she is on the phone talking. She finishes and goes back to sleep. He returns to bed, they talk, and she leaves. The door opens and some longhaired guy with sunglasses and a tight muscular body comes in and hops into bed. They talk briefly and the married dude starts licking the trick’s chiseled pecs, nipples, and abs. The married dude has a more athletic build with a hairy chest and handsome face. He gets down to the trick’s dick and starts sucking it. He is not as thick as earlier guys but still packing about 7-8 inches. They start out with the trick fucking the married dude in the missionary, and then they move to doggy style, cowboy, reverse cowboy, and sidesaddle. The two lack intensity in their fucking, but I am not sure if it’s a lack of chemistry or inexperience in front of the camera. It’s really unfortunate as they are both very hot looking. They finish their fuck and the trick shoots off over the married dude’s chest. The married guy doesn’t cum.

Extras in this DVD include a photo gallery, website info, and trailers from numerous videos in the US Male library.

This video is one of those that might not appeal to everyone. The cast is very diverse and good looking, but not all the guys suck dick and it appears a few may be gay for pay. Add into that some guys who appear to be very inexperienced in performing and you end up with a lack of intense fucking. That straight guy having sex theme, as well as inexperienced twinks having sex may turn on some people. I enjoyed the well-built men and the third scene was a definite scorcher. This one is worth at least a rental for everyone and worthy of adding to the library of many others.

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