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Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home

Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home

Studio: Justin Slayer International
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Marie Luv's Go Hard or Go Home A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  11/23/2009

Prologue I have been an unabashed Marie Luv fan for several years. She has combined beauty, sexiness, enthusiasm, oral skill, anal nastiness, and all around sweaty fun into a petite package, and more than five years on, shows no signs of letting up. Unfortunately, Marie has never received her just due in the industry, even when she was gracing box covers on a regular basis. Some of porn's most acclaimed directors have roundly ignored her, and performers who aren't near her equal, get vanity productions in their names. But Marie has taken things into her own hands. If no one else is going to do it, she'll produce the videos on her own. For her first effort, Marie has tapped into some of the more edgy experiences she's accumulated in recent years, as well as enlisted some of her favorite men, like Manuel Ferrara, Mr. Pete, Prince Yahshua, and Justin Slayer. Some female star power in Alexis Texas, Julia Ann, Avy Scott, and Stacie Lane to back her up. Let's see if Marie can capture it as well as she plays it.
Marie Luv is dressed in red and black latex, a ball gag stuffed in her mouth, and she hobbles onto a psychiatrist's couch to talk (?) with her therapist Manuel Ferrara. He senses that she likes to be submissive, and Marie nods in assent. She doesn't seem to want his help in changing her ways, so he surmises that she wants to be treated like a slut. He can do that. Manuel grabs Marie by the throat and calls her a little slut in French as he palms her face and smacks it a little. Similarly rough treatment of Marie's phat pussy, and choking with breath control. Manuel rips open her jacket and twists Marie's gorgeous little tits.He has her turn over to spank her ass and finger the bung, then fingers her pussy and twists the tits more. He cons her with a gentle tone, then roughs Marie up some more before pulling out his beer can cock to tease her plugged mouth with. The ball gag is removed and Marie is forced to lick up the drool that escapes. Now she can suck cock, and Marie goes after it like it could deliver much needed oxygen. Manuel isn't going to let her do it easy and he shoves it deep in her throat. They use the drool to decorate Marie's tits, then she goes on all fours and sticks her ass in the air as an invitation that Manuel is ready to respond to, as soon as they rip off some more clothing. He jams the pussy in doggy and fucks her ass with two fingers. They roll into spoon and Marie begs for it in her ass. RCA with a reach around, then CG anal. Manuel has Marie gaping, and she goes grinding down on the big dick. She lets him know he owns her ass before he hammers it from underneath. Another move to spoon anal with the verbal byplay emphasizing Marie's submission and trust as she promises to swallow every last drop of nut he produces. Up and over doggy anal leads to the multi stream pop shot directly into Marie's mouth. Show, swallow, and clean the cock.
Marie has come a long way since her inauspicious debut as Destiny Big, when she had trouble handling TT Boy and clammed up tight when he tried to get his load into her mouth. She and Manuel have always had good scenes together, but I never remember one this rough. He pretty much just trashes her, and Marie keeps coming back for more.
Marie in a red bikini, out by a pool overlooking the hills and sipping on a cocktail. Avy Scott, looking all business like, knocking at Marie's door and interrupting her relaxation. The sound is very poor, but I think Avy's selling Jesus door to door. Marie gets a twinkle in her eyes and invites her in. Avy tells Marie the end is coming, and Marie only cares about cumming hard. She's got more than a passing interest in Avy's world class melons, hidden behind a button down shirt and sweater. Avy just hopes she'll be forgiven for what she's about to do. She rips her blouse off and Marie looks ready to devour her. They get naked and Marie jiggles Avy's tits, spanking them up and covering them with kisses. She sucks titties, and Avy's pussy through her panties. Prince walks in on them and is outraged at what's going on in his house. He even recognizes Avy as "the church lady". Prince marches them upstairs to a bed and whatever clothing they had left on comes off. Then he tells them to put on a show for him. Every man's fantasy, isn't it? Marie gets right between Avy's legs and starts sucking pussy. This doesn't look like porno pussy eating either, as Avy rolls her hips and grinds into Marie's hungry tongue. Prince doesn't stay out for long, as he takes a lap at the hot twat, then gives Avy something to suck on. Much as she likes the hair pie, Marie can't stay away from a hard dick for long, and soon Prince has two world class cocksuckers at the end of his cock. They make quite the duo, swapping spit and trading tricks on the shaft and head. The rapport between the two woman is solid. They're having fun with each other and Prince is the beneficiary of their largess. I don't know how Prince can bear to stop them, but he enters Avy from behind while she parks her tongue in Marie's juicy clam. Avy's fucking back, seeking that hard dick, and Marie roots her on. P2OGM, tandem bj, then CG with Marie placing the cock. Anybody whose watched Avy over the years knows she really likes to fuck, and it isn't long before her cream is streaking the shaft. Marie tongues her ass, then jumps on Avy's back, riding her while she's riding him and forcing her down even more on the huge piston. Avy's howling will tell you anything you need to know about how she feels. Marie sucks the dick while Avy gets passionate with Prince. Marie gets some cock lovin' in RC, Avy lapping at her tits and Prince's cum covered dick. She pushes Marie hard onto the shaft and gives Marie something to suckle on. P2OGM, and the dynamic duo put their heads together again. Spoon for Avy, Marie sucking pussy and cock at point of contact. Some choking, and Avy cums hard. Instead of curling up and shying away, Avy climbs up top of Prince for an RC pounding that truly floats her boat. Deep throat P2OGM, then a cut to dual cocksuckers congregating at the dick head again. Marie squats on the cock while Avy spanks and plays with her ass. She rolls off and starts a bout of face fucking they both get involved in. Prince flips Marie up on his shoulders to eat her pussy while Avy gets busy on his cock, sucking for all she's worth. Another cut and things are quiet as Avy squats in front of Prince and sucks cock while Marie holds her hair. It's almost like church. They work a tandem on his cock and balls again, then Avy gets fucked side saddle. Marie gets a ride too, then a twat swabbing by Avy. She gets the next attention, Prince doing his monkey flip into cunnilingus, with Marie sitting on Avy's face. Cut to CG for Marie, Avy lapping at her sweet bung. That brings Prince off and he cums on Avy's tits. She gives a little moan and shudder like she might have gotten off a bit on this simple act. It might have helped that Marie was parked between her legs. Avy sucks the cock dry and Marie cleans the cum off her chest. Sweet kisses ensue.
One of the things that's missing from most menage a trois is the real sense of interaction between the women. Too often it's just one on one with the other being an occasional participant or observer. Or just there to suck dick out of the other's hole. This was fully involved by both women, and I dare say they dug each other. Avy sure looked excited, and Marie's just a natural live wire. Great scene.
Marie walks into her therapist's office to see Julia Ann, her doctor, in disarray from playing with herself. Since she's there for help with a sex addiction, Marie rightly wonders what kind of assistance she can now expect. A perfect excuse for Ms. Luv to fall off the wagon and backslide right into Julia Ann's ample bosom. They kiss, and Marie sits on Julia Ann's desk to spread her legs for the voracious blonde. Going commando makes the job even easier as the therapist locks her lips on Marie's juicy pussy and shows her accrued skill in giving other woman pleasure by deftly combining finger penetration with her educated tongue. This stokes Marie's appetite for woman flesh and she rushes Julia Ann out of her clothing to get her a piece. She licks meaty pussy through sheer panties before removing them, then spanks the fuck hole and slobbers on her bodacious ta tas. Julia Ann pushes Marie's head down to the seat of pleasure and feels her patient's pink snake lap at her damp folds. Marie does a nice job of tongue fucking and twat sucking. The addition of some digits has Julia Ann's stomach heaving. They kiss and it's Marie's turn, pointing her firm ass at Julia Ann, who molds, spanks, kisses, and bites the smooth globes. She pulls a toy dick out of her desk drawer and fucks Marie with it. Some P2M and Julia starts screwing it into Marie's well used asshole. You can hear it buzzing as Julia eats Marie's pussy to provide a formidable double sensation. Marie has control of the vibe and she keeps it deep as Julia Ann brings her off to a hard climax. Another toy is produced, this time a glass dildo with a fat, blue head. Marie spit lubes the toy and Julia Ann's pucker before it's sunk into her freely accepting rectum. Marie eats and fingers Julia Ann's pussy and makes the milfalicious star cum. Marie nurses on her tits and they wind down the scene with some banter about their doctor/patient relationship gone awry, and a little surprise to end the scene..
Some nice moments with real pussy eating and legitimate heat. Unfortunately, like most lez scenes, it never seems to come to a proper and emphatic end.
There's a little pot party with Marie, Mr. Pete, and Alexis Texas. The girls are competing at some interactive hula hoop video game, and Alexis wants something put up for stakes. Pete explains to Marie what that might entail and she gets a salacious look on her face. After winning, Alexis claims her prize. Pete runs to the kitchen to get chocolate syrup while the girls get cozy, and Marie makes use of the inordinate amount of makeup she's got on to plant big lip marks on Alexis' celebrated butt. Then that big canvas gets painted with the Hershey's (Don't they know that Fox's U-Bet is the gold standard of chocolate syrup?), and Marie dutifully laps at her glutes. When she gets down to sucking phat pussy, Alexis gets a look of ecstasy on her face. The ladies kiss, and Alexis gets her choco fix second hand. Mr. Pete gets some too while girlfriend Alexis strokes his hard dick. She sucks it while Marie eats at the "Y", then shares his cock with her friend. The women get increasingly intimate with each other till Pete is forgotten and Alexis is lapping frantically at Marie's pussy while finger banging her. Pete comes back in to work her g-spot, then Marie is turned over for a doggy insertion. Alexis crawls under to lend a hand. Pete finds her pussy and gets it wet for Marie to eat, slicking it up for him to enter in spoon. P2OGM, then Marie straddles Alexis and sticks her tit in her face. Pete's fingers turn Marie into a human bowling ball while Alexis spreads her cheeks. Then Marie switches over to Pete's face so he can have a taste of real chocolate. RC for Marie, Alexis maintaining erotic contact from head to pussy. An anal insertion with Alexis playing with Marie's big, wet pussy and the girls trash talking each other to raise the heat. Marie cums from the double dealing and Alexis sucks balls during the afterglow. Cut to spoon anal while Marie plays with Alexis' ass, before she gets down to the point of contact for A2OGM. Marie cums with Pete's dick in her ass, his hand around her neck, and Alexis' tongue deeply embedded in her cunt. A2M for the enthused Marie, who then hosts Alexis on her face, who then finally gets fucked by her boyfriend, whose balls slap at Marie's chin. This double dealing has Alexis' eyes rolling in her head with declarations of impending orgasm. P2OGM, then a cut to Alexis eating Marie while Pete still has at her in doggy, working up a load that, hopefully, will be enough to share. A little something for the foot people as Marie directs an ass cheek back at Pete with her tootsie, telling Alexis to throw it back at him. Pete was supposed to cum on Alexis' ass and have Marie clean it up, but he flips the script and jets on her foot with Alexis doing most of the janitorial work. Marie helps lick it, then goes for the stray babies on her ass.
This scene works out beautifully with Marie and Alexis feasting on each other throughout and keeping it real. Pete does a good job of being unobtrusive when they get hot for each other, yet providing a solid dick for Marie to work with. Not enough fucking of Alexis is the only drawback here.
The scene I've been looking forward to for a long time, Marie and Justin Slayer, becomes a reality here. Stacie Lane is along for the ride and Slayer has the girls play for his camera to get things started. Marie strips a prone Stacie, who's short, cute, busty, and according to Slayer, a true freak. Marie takes a quick pass at Stacie's scrumptious body, then gets bent back for her to lock lips on phat pussy. Slayer drifts around to inspect their respective back doors. Stacie clearly knows her way around a woman's body, and shows a rough edge with some light choking. Marie responds by nursing on her big titties but Stacie is intent on making her cum and pushes her back to munch more carpet. She stays locked in through the tremors and quakes, and even after Marie falls off the mattress. Slayer's been trying to just watch, but he's horny now, and enters the scene. He silences Marie with a big dick shoved down her throat while Stacie laps at her rear. Justin's directing Stacie to stay on the clit while he forces Marie to hold his cock as deep as possible, testing her gag reflex and will. She comes out sucking air, but on another level of excitement and Slayer pushes her back and plunges into her pussy while Stacie sits on her face. He uses his powerful strokes to shake Marie up while Stacie is lapping at her cunt and spreading her legs for easy access. P2OGM for Stacie who seemed to be lobbying for a dick in her mouth the way she was eyeballing Slayer while he was stroking Marie. Marie feasts on the fellating cutie's pussy and Slayer comes around to doggy dick the round mound while the girls settle into a 69. Now it's Stacie's turn to moan and howl while Marie is sucking everything she can from underneath. Slayer climbs off to help Marie tongue their friend, and I'm pretty sure she gets her rocks off from this. She's panting like a dog when Slayer reenters, and they make sweet music as thighs slap ass. Balls deep and grinding gets an "Oh damn" from Marie as she spanks Stacie's clit. Cut to the girls still in 69, but Slayer letting Stacie show some impressive oral skill on his steel rod. She points the dick into Marie's pussy and licks at the twined genitals. Together they take Marie from "I can't take anymore" to "Please, don't stop", and have her braying in hard orgasm. Slayer realizes he's being stingy to Stacie and returns to her rear where Marie spreads that fine ass and Justin stirs the honey pot. You know he hits the spot when her back raises and arches, and his dick comes out soaked. Stacie starts waving that big ass around as she backs up into the dick, taking as much as she can get in there. Up and over has her going wild with Slayer buried balls deep and Marie having free access to her clit. She rewards them with a shower all over Marie's face and chest while Slayer spanks her ass. It's extremely intense as Stacie goes wild on the cock, and the cameraman has to wipe his lens on the run, not wanting to miss this action with a stupid cut. Stacie's just pissing all over Marie now as the floodgates have opened. The excitement level is high all around and Stacie's left short of breath as Slayer dismounts. He lets Marie masturbate Stacie and herself before resuming the up and over, which seems to be making Marie hungry for more dicking. Short lived, but effective, then a cut to Stacie and Marie sucking his dick, getting it ready for a CG ride by Ms. Luv. With Marie squatting on the cock and Stacie sucking her ass, she has a monster orgasm that rocks her world. She falls back and Slayer continues to fuck Marie in mish while Stacie lays across her body and gets fingered by Justin. Legs spread wide, dick in her guts, and Stacie at her throat, Marie cums again. Cut to Marie half off the mattress, almost in piledriver, with Slayer pounding her pussy and Stacie sitting on her face. Brief 69 before Slayer pulls Stacie up for standing doggy with Marie locking her lips on the pussy. Cut to a very haggard looking Marie sucking dick while Stacie waits to climb on and freak off on the pussy pleaser. Watching her get after it is inspiring as Stacie just can't get enough, going so far as doing a split on Slayer and taking him as deep as is humanly possible. No lube necessary here as she uses him like a fucking machine, driving through one orgasm after another, then pissing all over him, then driving back in for more. Slayer reverses and does pushups into Stacie's well fucked cunt, pulling out to cum in Marie's waiting mouth. Not much there, as he must have struggled to hold back several times in this monster summit, but Marie laps it up dutifully.
Awesome scene as a lot of porn conventions get tossed to the wayside and the girls keep it real. I'm not usually into squirting, but when it gets fucked out of a woman like Stacie, who's mad cute btw, it flows naturally and adds some spice to an already intense scene. Admittedly, I'd have liked to have seen a Slayer/Marie one on one, but this scene could, and should, win some awards come January.

Bonus Scene

In the years she's been toiling in porn, Marie has picked up a few kinks. In this bonus scene she gets to work some of them out with Black Orpheus. Standing close to a torture wheel and bound securely all over her body, Marie gets teased with a sharp looking sword. It runs tantalizingly close over her body, threatening to cut, but just falling short. She's turned and spanked rhythmically by her dark master, not hard but still menacing. Lifted with a choke and brought to her knees as she feels faint, then choked some more till she's semi conscious. Orpheus feels up her sleek body and gives Marie a pussy wedgie with the ropes. He gives her a more severe spanking and chokes her with the rope around her neck. Finger banging followed by spanking has Marie squealing and moaning. Another choke out leaves her prone on the floor, and more sword play along her body sends chills through her. Cut to a now unbound Marie holding onto the wheel while two cat-o-nine tails work over her butt in an almost musical rhythm. Orpheus works up and down her back, finally wielding just one flogger and putting some weight behind his strokes as Marie sticks her ass out after each solid hit. He plays with her pussy a little and goes back to teasing strokes that build in intensity. Another choke out stiffens her body. A submissive Marie politely petitions for more from her master, and gets it. He regulates her wind, then spanks Marie's pussy till she's howling. Another request for more keeps Orpheus at her throat, then a cut to Marie sitting, facing the wheel, in wait for her next torture, this time by fire. Orpheus runs a torch along her back, followed by what I guess is a cool, wet towel. Her body is trembling in the combined ecstasy and pain, and Marie has a sweaty glow in this very darkly lit sequence. He works the front, which elicits an even greater response from Marie. Flames licking at her hot pussy get her screaming "Yes, yes, yes!", then it gets even better for Marie as Orpheus plants a magic wand on her muff while still administering the fire. A gut wrenching orgasm leaves her whimpering and heaving. A post orgasmic spanking has Marie crumpling into Orpheus arms. Another choke out precedes the next discipline, this time hot wax. I know Marie likes this, having taken to it when Justine Joli ravaged her for Girlfriend Films. Orpheus streaks her torso, being very careful not to expose her vagina. He covers her till she's glazed like a cinebun, then takes a sharp knife to peel it off. After being shaved clean of the paraffin, Marie waves good-bye.
I had great anticipation for this scene, even though there's no penetrative sex involved. Marie was very into it and clearly came several times. I think she might have missed an opportunity to put things on an even higher plane, as the post torture victim would be ripe for a little gangbang action. Just a thought, but a good extra for this video.

Epilogue Marie Luv starts off her directorial career with a lot of promise, and a lot yet to learn. It has been noted by others that the sound is very uneven, and that's a fact. Some of the setups were almost inaudible, effectively neutering them. Also, Marie's newfound love of women seems to have led her to overload the video with f/f/m scenes, and could be viewed as going to the well too many times. On the plus side of that particular equation is that each of the scenes worked really well, and Marie went for some true grit, filming some less camera friendly lez loving as opposed to the familiar tongue dances that are usually present in these scenes. Women actually digging their tongues into pussies and the camera capturing the reaction was far superior. She also managed to insert some subtle kink in each scene, if not an out and out circus act fairly tastefully delivered.
Marie's scene with Manuel seemed like she was trying too hard to prove how hard she likes it, and the chemistry these two usually have was a casualty. Avy Scott was delicious and Julia Ann reached into her old bag of tricks to put on a good show. The threesome with Alexis Texas and Mr. Pete maintained a lot of heat all 'round, but the set piece is the final scene with Stacie Lane and Justin Slayer. Physicality and passion, athleticism, and the right amount of nasty combined for a non stop porn circus that felt like it could go on forever. Stacie's definitely one to keep an eye on.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Marie's present physical profile, and believe me, it pains me to say it. She appears to have been losing weight for at least the last year or so, and at this point is dangerously close to needing an intervention. A few years ago I would have argued that Marie Luv was easily among the upper ten percent of women in porn, regardless of race or continent. Even if she wasn't getting her just due from critics or the industry, she still managed to get on a slew of box covers because of her natural beauty and killer body. Now she's looking unhealthy with hollowed cheeks that make her teeth look too big for her mouth, and loose skin around her once ripped abdomen. Marie had an ass that was never big, but firm and shapely, now almost non existent, although miraculously, her breasts look amazing and she still has energy to spare. If there's any one major thing that detracts from the video, besides sound issues, that's it. I hope she works on turning that around before going any further with her career, in front or behind the camera.

The Disk Aside from the bonus scene, there's a cumshot recap, photo gallery, and trailers. The box cover says there's a cast list, but that only applies if you count the labeling on the scene menu, which does display all the participants.
Recommendation On balance I'd say this is worth a viewing, even with the deep flaws.

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