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Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition)

Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition)

Studio: Private Man
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  10/28/2006
The Club from Man-Size by Private is a 2-hour film with six scenes featuring a European cast. Most European films feature either the twinks or the muscle men. This one goes for that middle of the road look with lanky guys and the tall tight muscled jocks. Most of the guys are really hot; however, it might be hard to pick one out of a line up, as many of them look alike. I tried my best on identifying each one, but could be mistaken with the lanky ones. Credits with hats and side views made this one a challenge.

The film opens with two straight (or supposed straight) couples walking down a deserted street to go to a bar where they seemed to be the only customers. They enter the club, which looks more like an old church at first, and are greeted by a half naked pair of guys. The coat check guys stare in awe at the four as they walk to their tables. Leo Randolf, a hunky guy wearing only a leather jock and harness—the required attire of the club- takes their drink orders. They notice other men walking around wearing only the leather jock/harness gear and the club’s dancers dressed out in the same fashion. The ladies seem oblivious that they are the only women in the place. One of the guys, Evan Rochelle, gets up to go take a leak. After a piss and spotting a guy showing his hardon in the next urinal, Evan decides to wander around the club, but learns he must change into the leather gear. He does so and proceeds to wander around. Helmut Muller, the other guy of the foursome decides his friend must have gotten lost and goes looking for him. Leo has meanwhile returned with the drink orders, which takes care of the ladies for a while.

In the meantime, Glenn Santaro approaches the DJ played by Renzzo Gonzales, and drops to his knees to start sucking Renzzo’s huge dick. These two are the most muscular guys in the video. Glenn is a hairy chested dude and Renzzo is a dark skinned hunk. The blowjob is not intense, but he is getting the job done. They decide they want more privacy so Glen leads Renzzo downstairs. The girls decide the guys must have gotten lost and they get up to go looking for them. He continues sucking the monstrous black dick and then Renzzo returns the favor by sucking Glenn and occasionally reaching up to squeeze Glen’s hairy pecs. They move to another area where Renzzo bends Glen over and starts fucking him doggy style. Austin Rogers, a tight muscled stud, finds them and instead of joining in, he stands and jacks off to a cum load. They add in some sidesaddle fucking and spoon style fucking before going back to swapping blowjobs and Renzzo manhandling Glen’s muscled chest. They finish it up, stroking their own dicks, with each shooting off a nice cum load.

Helmut notices the guys walking around and decides he too wants to see what the place is all about but first he must change. He is given the leather wear and off he goes to change. The scene changes to Rogerio Mateo a lanky built guy sucking off a couple of anonymous dicks through a couple of gloryholes. Evan finds this and decides he wants to join so they each take a dick to suck on. The anonymous dicks come out and now we have Evan and Rogerio joined by Lazzaro Ramierez, and Mario Mccabe. Mario is the lanky type and Lazzaro is the more muscled of the four. Once the four come together things get kind of boring. They start out together and then break up into a couple of pairs with Lazzaro and Evan together and Rogerio with Mario. The sex is slow and methodical and lacks any chemistry whatsoever. Julien Veneziano, a well built hottie, finds them and walks in to watch but does not join them. He watches and jacks off to a nice cumshot. The guys continue and although the sex is not the hottest, they each manage to shoot a thick load.

In the third scene, Leo has taken a break from his server duties and Austin joins him in a room of stairs where the two are engaged in a 69 with Austin sucking dick and Leo eating ass. Breno Lopes, a short compact muscle guy with a pierced nipple has found Helmut and takes him in to join the pair. They start out separate with Helmut sucking Leo while the other two continue playing. Leo moves to his back while Austin fucks him missionary style. This scene is the first to show a strong level of intensity among the performers. The guys come together and Helmut rides Austin’s cock while he alternately sucks Brenos and Leo who are standing over him. Leo and Breno occasionally kiss which is the first kissing we have seen. One of the things I do not like about Csaba Borbely’s films is his “no lips above the hips” performances. It takes so much from an erotic effect when the performers never let their mouth do any action above their partner’s waist. Leo and Breno defy this and spice things up. Leo and Breno also swap some blowjobs while Helmut keeps riding Austin’s cock. Breno gets his turn at Helmut fucking him doggy style and then Leo takes a turn at Helmut’s hole. They break apart for the finale and each spurts out a nice cumshot.

Evan has apparently forgotten about his date as he still wondering around and finds another gloryhole with a dick hanging out of it. He sits down to start sucking on it. Austin Rogers appears once again to watch and stoke his cock. He shoots off one of the longest cum shots. It must have shot out at least two feet. He leaves Evan to his sucking. Once Evan gets enough of it he moves on. Helmut appears and picks up where Evan left off sucking on the anonymous dick. Evan returns and confronts his friend. They exchange some conversation about wants and move to another private room and Evan begins to lick all over Helmut’s chest and nipples. This doesn’t last long but a welcome change from the all suck and fuck we have seen thus far. They skip the blowjobs and go straight to the fucking. Helmut fucks Evan doggy style and then cowboy style. Evan remains almost motionless while Helmut does the pumping. They flip flop and Evan takes Helmut missionary style and then some spoon style fucking. The finish the fucking and the swapping of blowjobs takes place before each lets loose. Evan shoots first spraying Helmut’s chest with a thick load. Helmut follows with a dribble of a cumshot.

The girls have given up on finding the guys and leave the club. How they could not find their guys or maybe they saw what was going on and didn’t want to find them—whatever—they leave.

For the final scene, inside a cage is Gianni Nascimento, Lazzaro, and Julien are standing while outside the cage sucking them are Kevin Cage, Mario Mccabe, and Rogerio Mateo. The guys suck for a while and then come out of the cage and split up with Rogerio fucking Mario and the rest in a group sucking each other. Leo finds them and joins the four way. From there they call come together for a seven man orgy with them joining together, splitting off and coming back together again. It’s hard to tell who all is doing what as they all come together. It is here where you can really see how much alike these guys look. The 20-minute scene is pretty hot as Leo once again livens things up with his participation. We get a few seconds of kissing here along with the sucking and fucking. Once they are finished, each one shoots out a load of jizz.

Helmut and Evan come out dressed in their evening clothes and join Leo at the bar for a quick drink. They seem unconcerned about the girls being gone as they leave the club promising to return again.

The DVD offers no extras.

Csaba Borbely videos are ones that you either like or you don’t. There is no in between. I tend to prefer more mix of sex such as kissing, pec worship, etc. Others may also enjoy some 69 sex along with rimming. If you like this sort of stuff and want it in a video, you may not like this one. If you are the type that wants to skip the preliminary and go straight for the sucking and fucking, then you would like this. However, in a two hour film filled with sucking and fucking and only a few second of kissing, nipple sucking mixed with a couple of minutes of rimming and 69 sex, even the sucking and fucking seems to get boring. It’s not something I would care to watch again, but I could see where there are those that would love this type of film. If you want a video of just sucking and fucking then this is the one for you. If you require more than that, then steer clear of this one.

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