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Netguy Mansize 2: Soccer Boy 4.5 starsMansize 2: Soccer Boy 4.5 starsMansize 2: Soccer Boy 4.5 stars
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Mansize 2: Soccer Boy

Mansize 2: Soccer Boy

Studio: ManSize (Private Man)
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Mansize 2: Soccer Boy:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Mansize 2: Soccer Boy overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Mansize 2: Soccer Boy Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Mansize 2: Soccer Boy Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Mansize 2: Soccer Boy Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Mansize 2: Soccer Boy Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Mansize 2: Soccer Boy DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mansize 2: Soccer Boy A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  3/31/2004
Lucas Foz who has appeared in films from Studio 2000 has not only come up with the idea for this film but has served as its casting director, film director, and star. He excels in all capacities.

The film opens with Lucas in the shower. When he shaves, he deliberately nicks his right eyebrow. Then it’s off to the Sportsplex. Arriving there, he finds a hunky bare-chested blond pumping the soccer ball. Lucas goes to hold the ball. His hand slides up the leg of the stud’s shorts in search of other balls. The next thing we know the blond is slurping on Lucas’ cock. They kiss. (They kiss a lot in this scene.) Lucas begins fondling the hunk’s ass. The buns are hairless; there is no hair at all around the hole, but there is soon a dick in it. Lucas does what few more experienced directors fail to do. He shows us the initial entry! (Bravo, Lucas!) After a time the muscular blond sits down on Lucas’ cock. It is one of the best lap-fucks I have seen! Lucas stands and with his dick still embedded in the blond’s ass turns him around and positions him on his back for a missionary fuck. The humpy blond cums while being fucked; Lucas adds his own spooge to the mix.

The gathering of the guys in the locker room introduces us to the stunning participants so that we can anticipate their sex scenes. It is here that I note Lucas gets full marks for his casting. There is a bit of a game outside. One of the players—who has a nicked eyebrow like Lucas (is this something that is catching on?)—imagines himself in the gym with three of the players—one of whom is the hunk blond from scene one. The dreamer—Ricardo Benny—is paired with a handsome hirsute young man; the blond is with a smooth dude. The blond is sucking dick of course. The hirsute stud is sucking Ricardo. An imaginative moment occurs when Ricardo blows the stud through the net of the goal. (Now that’s what I call scoring!) When the two pairs move together there is more mutual sucking before the blond is fucked by the hairy dude while Ricardo fucks the other one. Very briefly, the hairy hunk fucks Ricardo. All shoot impressive loads.

Back on the playing field another blond is hit in the balls by the ball. Two players help him to the first aid room where they proceed to examine him. As he lies on the table, the most muscular of his attendants sucks his cock to make it better. The wounded one sucks his other helper. This helper will then sit on the injured one’s dick and that really makes it feel better. The muscular stud is fucked by both. The wounded blond really throws it to him. Finally the muscular stud gets to fuck his buddy. Great loads from this group also.

In the locker room, Christophe Blanc ogles Vilem Cage draped only in a towel, who passes through the room on his way to shower, setting us up for a promised scene between them. Other than Lucas these are the only two established performers. Christophe is a favorite performer for Michel Lucas, and Vilem is a veteran of over twenty films.

Meanwhile Lucas and Ricardo Benny (no relation to Jack) are in the exercise room. Lucas is upside down on one of the machines so that his crotch is level with Ricardo’s head and Ricardo’s crotch is level with Lucas’ head. Is it surprising that in this position they suck one another’s dicks? Ricardo is fucked. First doggy. Then in a super missionary fuck. Angelo, a very, very sexy desirable young bear observes them unseen and flogs his uncut cock. There is now a contest to see who will cum first: Lucas, Ricardo, the hirsute voyeur, or me.

Christophe, himself only clad in a towel, is waiting for Vilem to finish his shower when in walks one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. His name is Nando. He has a slender well-proportioned body with a light dusting of hair on his chest. His face is like those one sees in a Botticelli painting. I am smitten! All thoughts of Vilem vanish and Christophe begins making a play for him. Soon Nando’s luscious lips are around Christophe’s cock. Nando also has a big upstanding dick and Christophe goes down on it. Nando lies back on a bench and Christophe—ever so slowly—drives his dick between those beautiful buns. Two players enter and head for the showers. Christophe and Nando just keep fucking.

We follow the two manly lads into the shower. Vilem has a stiff dick, but these two ignore it, being too involved with each other. Christophe and Nando now decide to join the group and a Suck-and-Fuck-athon ensues. Vilem will suck both Christophe’s and Nando’s cocks. His own will finally get taken care of too. Nando shows he has great talent rimming. He gets a standing fuck now from Christophe and a brief one from Vilem and everyone will cum on Nando to end the scene. This was a fun scene. A cute tag back in the locker room ends this delightful and very hot film.

The disc is loaded with extras. There is a “Making of” section. The Cast is identified in another section. There is a Backstage Photobook, a Movie Photobook, Production Notes, and a Trailer for the studio’s previous film, MARK ANTHONY. (It too is one not to be missed.)

It is difficult to believe that this is Lucas Foz’s first directorial effort. He has obviously watched and learned much from his directors Michel Lucas, Lucas Kazan, and John Travis. He has assembled an incredible cast, guided them expertly through some extremely hot sexual encounters, and, in so doing, created a truly fine film. It’s not as expensive as films of this caliber from the super studios, but it’s just as good (or better). With MARK ANTHONY and SOCCER BOY, “Mansize by Private” has joined their ranks. Let's hope the caliber (and the prices) remain the same.

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