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Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash

Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Manplay Double Pack: Shooters & White Trash A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  5/25/2009
For this Manplay Double Pack, Titan has wisely combined the worst film ever made by MSR Studios with the best one they ever made. For one, director Tony Alizzi tried to compensate for a mediocre fuck film by getting all arsty-fartsy sending it farther down the drain whereas with the other he had a script that allowed him to use his gift for humor and creating situations for scintillating sex. Proving, I suppose, that even the best of us can have an off day.

Let’s start with the turkey first.

Ah, puns! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ve been around a long time. SHOOTERS is such a pun. It refers not only to the club where the action takes place, but also to the guys therein who shoot loads of cum. If only the film were as clever as its title!

The problem with this one is that in every fucking scene (pun again) we are forced to switch back and forth between two areas of action so that as soon as we might get interesting in the goings on in one place we are abruptly taken to another place with different guys doing—alas—much the same. Thus we are left with a deflating dick (or in most cases a never-rising dick) that not even Cialis could revive.

It begins with Kent Larson and Joshua Adams meeting in the john. As soon as their cocksucking gets underway we are wafted to the DJ’s booth where Marco Paris is coming onto Fredrick Ford. For both its oral only and we switch annoyingly back and forth until thankfully everyone (except the viewer of course) cums.

Then it’s on to the anal action between these two couples. Once again it’s back and forth as Kent fucks Joshua on a bar stool (it’s uncomfortable, don’t try it) while Marco fucks Fredrick on top of some speakers. (I don’t advise this either.)

Suddenly everyone is together on the pool table going at it while we cut to the office where cute Park Wiley is going down on muscular Trey Rexx’s rod. Now it’s back and forth between these two bits of action. (The Wiley-Rexx scene might have gotten me hard if we had stayed with it.)

Finally Trey goes to join the others but Park is now forced to service homely Mark Kroner so the exasperating back and forth can continue. This film was a fucking waste of time (pun again).

But now we come (sorry still punning) to not just the best film of the set, but the best film the MSR ever made—and indeed—one of the best from any studio: WHITE TRASH.

Wey-ul sit yurself right down cheer on this upturned cracker barrel, take a swig from the jug, bite off a chaw of terbaccy, and get yer peckers out. Cause I’m a-gonna tell yall about a real fun pitcher show. It’s called “White Trash” and I swear it reminds me somthin’ fierce about our neighbors over thar in Possum Holler.

It starts out when Luther (done to a turn by a real man hunk calls hisself Trent Cougar) won’t go with his wife Earline to the karaoke finals at the saloon. Course the real reason he ain’t goin' is cause her nephew Jeremiah has come round and Luther knows what good cocksuckin’ that boy does. When Earline leaves with her frien’ Kitty, she tells her son, Amos (it’s really Rod Barry a play-actin’. An’ I mus’ say Rod’s lookin’ like his ole self here which is pretty damn good. Yes siree.) Anyway she tells Amos to not let Jeremiah eat ‘em outta house ‘n home “Cause thet boy’ll put anythin’ in his mouth.” And sure as shootin’ he’s got Luther’s great big pecker in it as she speaks. Now Jeremiah (or Bret Wolfe as he calls hisself when he ain’t fuckin’ around in this film) is doin’ a pretty fair job of it but he chokes a bit when ole Luther tries to make him take more. This really seems to go on for much too long a time an’ I’m startin’ t get a mite bored before Luther takes his shirt off to show us that great body built to perfection by all that hard farm work, and then I ain’t bored no more.

When the gals stop at Clay Maverick’s fillin’ station, they make all kinds o’ crude and suggestive remarks to Clay but he pays ‘em no mind. These gals are so horny they sigh when the hose goes into the gas tank and light up cigareets afterwards just like they been makin’ out with Clay.

Clay heads off to check things in the head and there’s some head action goin’ on. Anthony Shaw is sucking on Chad Johnson’s pecker through a glory hole. Does Clay run ‘em out? Hell, no he jes drops his overalls and joins in giving Anthony a real dilemma as to which dick to suck. So he jes takes turns a-suckin’ both. Anthony sits on Chad’s dick like some dude who’s accidentally sat on the pommel when he went to sit on a saddle and rides and rides. This brings the joy juice outta Chad and he hightails it outta there. “You are mine now!” Clay snarls and settin’ Anthony up on the sink in the ole missionary position, Clay shoves his pecker into the guy hard and pumps away real hard. I wuz real hard too.

Jeremiah now spies the lower half of Amos pokin’ out from under the love of his life--his pick-up truck. Jeremiah’d watched Amos pissin’ earlier so he knows what a nice uncut slab of meat his cuz has and he starts foolin’ around. Amos wants some fuckin’ so he tells Jeremiah’ to get out of his clothes and meet him in the back of the pickup. So both them boys, naked as jaybirds, climb up in that there truck and go to suckin' on one another’s peckers. They have to stop and scrunch down when Amos’ sister comes home, but as soon as the coast is clear, Amos goes to fuckin’ Jeremiah like a hog a-rollin’ in mud.

And speakin’ o’ hogs, Candy Lou, Amos’ snotty nose sister, tells her daddy that her boyfriend Leroy’s done gone and stolen the prize pig. Well this gets Luther pretty riled, so he and Amos hop in the truck and head over to that scallywag’s place. (The young pig thief is performed here by pretty boy Luke Pearson.) When they get there they punish him good. They make him suck both their peckers and bending him over a fence they take turns goin’ at him from both ends. Course Luther and Amos get their pig back and for Leroy it was better then any date he had with Candy Lou, so I kinda expect him to steal that pig again real soon. Oh, the most important thing—and I know yall been dying to find out—Earline won the karaoke tournament and got a real nice trophy.

Yall gonna laugh a lot at this one and yer peckers are gonna be mighty stiff a-watchin’ it. Gonna be a lotta sheets need washin’ too. Yall cum back now, ya hear.

So it wouldn’t have mattered if they had paired WHITE TRASH with a documentary on dung beetles, this five-star film demands to be in your collection. It is one of the best gay porn films of all time. Thanks to Titan to rescuing this classic from possible oblivion!

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