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Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush

Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Manplay Double Pack: Horsemen & First Crush A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  11/9/2008
In this edition of Manplay, Titan has combined two of MSR’s less traditional fare: a European import and a film with younger than usual performers.


The film in which fine physiques and uncut cocks abound begins with each of the performers being introduced with their dates of birth placing all of these attractive studs in their mid to late twenties.

The first scene starts off with the finely muscled Johan and Luc riding into the woods. They stop and tether their horses and engage in a long and passionate kiss. Luc pulls down the bare-chested Johan’s trousers and starts sucking his stiff and upturned cock. Luc has a pierced tongue. Luc then strips and bends over to hug a tree, giving Johan access to his ass. Johan drives his dick into the proffered aperture. The fucking over, both studs stroke their cocks to eruption.

Sinewy Daniel is feeding horses in the field as the second scene begins. David, an attractive brawny guy approaches. He leans over the fence to kiss his fellow horseman as one of the now neglected horses nudges Daniel’s back. Daniel mounts the fence and sits in the top rung to enable David to suck his cock.
We cut to the two guys naked on a blanket with Daniel now giving head to David. David then gets on all fours with his ass elevated, inviting Daniel to enter him. After fucking David in this position, Daniel lies back for David to mount his cock and ride. The scene ends with both sitting side by side and jacking off. David cums on his belly. Daniel cums on David.

The hunky Micky is raking hay in one of the stables as Boris and Joseph watch with mounting ardor unobserved. Unable to restrain themselves any longer they enter the stall naked and proceed to strip Micky until he is totally naked too. Wasting no time Joseph lifts Micky’s legs in the air and Boris inserts his cock in Micky’s upturned bum. As Boris fucks Micky, Joseph pulls on Micky’s cock. It doesn’t take Boris long to reach a climax and he pulls out to cum on Micky’s ass. A fourth guy, Peter has been observing the action and continues to do so as Micky leans up against the stall wall and Joseph has his turn fucking him. (The editing is rather askew here, showing Peter sometimes standing and watching from the adjacent stall and other times lying in the straw jacking his cock. It makes Peter appears as if he’s up and down like a yoyo.) Eventually Joseph fucks the cum right out of Micky and ejaculates himself. As Joseph lies exhausted, Peter now enters the stall and Joseph revives sufficiently to suck him off.

As the final scene commences we see our participants at work. One is hauling hay and the other is forking it. Their work finished they get down to fun. Matias and Karl are the two youngest, slenderest, and prettiest of the cast and the ones who perform with more passion. Both already bare-chested Karl pulls down Matias’s trousers and goes to town on his dick. Karl next lies back on a table and Matias starts fucking him. There are lots of close-ups of faces and plunging cock. They cease fucking for Karl to turn over and get fucked doggy (or should one say horsey) style. As fucking in the missionary position is much hotter that fucking in the doggy position they seem to be going about the fucking ass-backwards. Matias pulls out to cum and Karl makes a mess on the table.
As one expects with Eastern Europeans, the performers are definitely pleasing to the eye. But for the most part in this film the sex is merely perfunctory. What you would expect from straight guys who are doing this only in order to make a few bucks. Only in the final scene do the performers seem to be into it. Ah, youth!


MSR, which normally offered films featuring butch mature men, made an entry into the twink market with FIRST CRUSH. Jason Branch and Marc West, the usual ultra-masculine types from the studio, were joined by seven young hotties to produce a film for all tastes. Director Tony Alizzi and writer/co-director Rick Tugger have constructed a very fluid narrative with top-notch production values, believable performances, and clever staging.
Young Johnny Doom has a crush on his friend, Chris Bolt. Adorable Trent Austin has a crush on his math teacher, Marc West. Scot Craven has a crush on a film star, Jason Branch. And Chip Nicolas has a crush on himself. The stories are nicely interwoven.

We begin with Johnny Doom watching his bare-chested hunky friend Chris playing basketball with a group. “”I would ask you to play,” Chris tells the skinny youth, “but you’re not good at it.” Johnny, after a time, leaves to go home and masturbate thinking of Chris. If you don’t know Johnny, he is a skinny kid with a Dick of Death. GQ model-handsome, Chip Nicolas is also masturbating, but it is his own reflection in a mirror that raises his desires. When he strips and reveals that gorgeous piece of uncut meat, one feels his self-love is fully justified. If I looked like Chip (now known in films as “Niko”), the mirror would be my best friend.

His basketball game over, Chris heads for the showers that are already occupied by Rhett O’Hara, a young cutie with a preponderance of tattoos and his better-than-your-average dick. He’s gone past soaping it to playing with it when Chris enters the showers. They eye one another like two male cats that have been put in the same room. “Did you drop the soap on purpose,” Rhett leers. “Maybe," Chris replies. But their attention is now turned towards Bret Wolfe who joins them. Chris gets right to the point. “Do you suck dick?” he asks the newcomer. “Yeah,” Bret replies. And without further ado, Chris shoves him to his knees. “Don’t forget this one,” Rhett says as he joins them. Bret tries to give both cocks equal attention. The action moves into the locker room where Bret continues to suck their cocks and then starts eatting their asses. Bret then lies back on the bench and Rhett shoves it to Bret. Bret sucks on Chris’ cock while this is happening. Suddenly Chris says there is someplace he has to be and leaves them to finish up. Where is it Chris has to be? Has this made him realize something about himself? We have to wait for our answer because we are back in the schoolroom with Trent ogling his teacher.

Now Trent Austin (who also appears in films as “Dia”) was one of the cutest twinks on the planet and was one of the lusts of my life. Burly Marc West doesn’t do it for me at all, but if Trent wants to do it with him it’s OK. I’d watch this kid do it with Quasimodo. Catching Trent daydreaming, Marc spanks him. Bare butt? You bet! Then he gets the boy to suck his cock. It’s a big one and Trent can barely get it in his mouth but he’s a game lad. At one point, Marc hoists him upside down to suck it in an inverted position. Trent also rims that big hairy butt, but it is Trent’s butt that is soon invaded as he bends over the desk. I’m always fussing about directors who join the fuck after it has begun and don’t show us the cock’s initial entry into the asshole, but I don’t have to complain about that here except for this scene. Trent is turned over onto his back for my favorite position to bring things to a climax. Trent shoots a copious load that pools onto his belly. Marc adds his own. As I suspected this was just a daydream. But from the look Marc gives him when Trent returns from the dream, I would imagine that it might indeed become a reality.

Scot Craven, a young blond who has been fantasizing about the actor (Jason Branch) he has the crush on, finds his fantasies becoming stronger. There is a clever bit as he looks at a movie poster of the actor embracing a curvaceous blond and sees himself appear in her place. As Scot is waiting for a bus, a long limousine pulls up. The chauffeur asks if he wants a lift. Scot refuses. Then the back door opens to reveal…Oh, Yeah.

As they drive off, our earlier questions about Chris are answered when he arrives at Johnny’s.
Johnny is dressed only in a bath towel. “What’s up?” he inquires of Chris. “I am!” Chris answers. With that Chris dives onto Johnny’s lips and then down onto that massive cock. At one point Johnny sticks it through a hole in the back of a chair for Chris to feast on. Chris is a real hunk, and as stated earlier, Johnny is a thin fragile looking thing. We would expect the smaller boy to bottom here. Yet it is Chris who bottoms for Johnny. And if that weren’t hot enough, he takes that big dick to the balls. We watch it open him up! Johnny shoves it to him as Chris kneels on all fours, and then Chris sits on it. My only disappointment in the film is that this scene doesn’t last long enough. I wanted Chris taking that monster on his back, and that would have given the scene a suitable length. Chris and Johnny’s characters had waited a long time for this. We have, too. It seems odd to say a scene is too short when most scenes in most films are overly long. But there it is.

Scot and Jason now arrive at Jason’s palatial mansion. And, my God, is it ever! There is white carpeting, jade figurines, and fabulous décor. I was wondering who lived here and if he would like a friend. There is an appropriately snotty butler played to perfection by Christopher Broadway. Jason shows himself to be a marvelous actor and is more desirable here than in any other film. Scot is more than willing to service Jason’s cock and rim his ass in this dream-cum-true. Jason also gives attention to Scot’s rampant rod before literally fucking him up the staircase. Once at the top, he turns Scot over onto his back and continues the vigorous pounding until both shoot their loads. “Do you think there will be a sequel?” Scot asks the actor. The kiss Jason gives him makes us believe there really might be an ‘Up The Staircase II’.

I enjoyed this film even if was a bit old-fashioned. It had humor, originality, and panache. The direction, writing, and production values were, as noted above, of high caliber and the performances were without fault.

Once again Titan has done us a service by rescuing films which otherwise would have been forgotten.

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