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Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List

Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Manplay Double Pack: Homo Erectus & the List A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  5/25/2009
In the days of the Hollywood studio system they used to pair a main feature with a so-called B-picture to round out the evening’s entertainment. That’s kind of what we have here is one film with which the producers have taken pains to produce a hardcore movie and one which is the typical suck-and-fuck film (not that suck-an fuck films don’t have qualities to recommend them).

The first-rate movie is HOMO ERECTUS one of the fine films produced by the now defunct MSR Studios. It stars one of my very favorite performers Joey Russo along with Jason Branch, Matt Bradshaw, and Damian Ford—just to name a few.

The premise is that a group of scientists and one religious ninny have gone into the jungles in search of the missing link to prove Darwin’s theory.

Great pains have been taken with with the set and script. They’ve taken very little pains with Joey’s costume—thank goodness. Yes, Joey plays the homo erectus clad only in a flimsy loincloth when he’s clothed in anything at all. Of course whenever Joey’s on screen in anything, I become a homo erectus.

There is a great deal of dialogue that is delivered with all the professionalism of untalented performers in a high school class play. But the sex is good and that’s what really counts. I find it a bit insulting that they used subtitles for Jay Bergman when he spoke because of his accent. The irony is that he’s one of the few who can be clearly understood in this group of mumblers.

Having set up the cage that will contain their prey, Jason Branch and his second in command, Steve Ross decide to take a break. There was a Steve Ross who performed in the 80’s. (Jeff Stryker buggered the hell out him in THE SWITCH IS ON, as did others in other films.) I don’t think they are the same. If they are then the sweet twink of the 80’s has grown into quite a hunk. He and Jason suck cocks and Jason administers an anal flesh probe. It’s only average, but pleasant to watch. They are observed by the homo erectus whose eyes stare incongruously at these strange antics.

After more stilted dialogue wherein no one will win an Academy Award, Matt Bradshaw and Damian Ford set off following some footprints. When they don't discover any more footprints they take to discovering one another. Now this scene sizzles! Damian looks great. His muscular build, his hairy body, and his more than huge cock make him resemble the homo erectus’ first cousin. (This is not mitigated by the necklace he wears that appears to be made out of teeth.) Matt is handsome with a nice build. The lush scenery (hard to believe it’s all filmed in a studio) adds greatly to their scene. After sampling one another’s cocks, Damian delivers a rousing fuck to Matt’s humpy ass.

After the fuck Damian glimpses the quick moving Joey who was spying on them.
Steve is set out as bait. (Like the goat for Ty Rex in Jurassic Park.) Joey pounces. He’s been watching the sexual encounters of the others so he knows what to do. But he ain’t gentle. He face-fucks Steve with a passion that has built for twenty-some years of jungle celibacy. Having seen Damian do it, he now puts a condom of his raging cock, lubes it up, and plows into Steve’s ass with fury. He fucks Steve six ways from Sunday. It’s a very rough fuck. As Joey falls back, his cock spurting forth a healthy load, the others rush forward and cover him with a net.

Joey stares out of the cage with soulful eyes. We are now treated to more dialogue with no noticeable improvement in its delivery. Sam Dixon playing the religious figure wants to let him go because his existence is at odds with the pleasant poetry of Genesis. But the greed of the others in exhibiting the creature wins out. It is Steve, however, and not Sam who releases Joey from the cage. (He loved that rough fuck.) The others set off in pursuit and soon capture the creature. As Joey struggles we see that he is indeed a homo erectus. And everyone wants a taste of that erection. A full-scale orgy ensues where everyone plays suck-a-dick. (If they ain’t suckin’ they’re bein’ sucked.) Yet Joey remains the center of it all. Steve slides a condom onto Joey’s erectus and Joey screws the religious ninny while Damian sucks Sam’s cock. Jay can be seen paired with Matt. When it’s time to jack off, Damian returns to sucking Joey bringing forth a great load from the wild man.

Jason orders homo erectus back in the cage. The scene fades out on Joey’s sad and soulful eyes.

As the credits roll we see Sam releasing him. Joey bounds away into the jungle. The Christian mythology is safe.
I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The production values are unsurpassed. I liked the idea and the carefully constructed jungle set. I especially liked the music by Sharon Kane. It was perhaps the best score I have heard for a porn film. I do urge you to check this one out.

Although THE LIST, its companion film, is a typical suck-and-fuck it does have several things going for it. Not the least of which is Michael Brandon’s big cock (which he affectionately calls “Monster”) and great looking guys such as Alex LeMonde, Trey Rexx, and Jordan West.

Michael and Alex are keeping a list of guys they want to fuck and we see them comparing notes and plans over the phone.

Michael has a dungeon in his basement (doesn’t everyone?) and his first conquest is Nick Thomas. When we first see them they are naked and Nick is sucking on Monster. He damn near deep-throats the damn thing. But the sucking goes on for much too long (no pun intended). Michael takes a quick (don’t blink or you’ll miss it) suck to Nick’s Nick before concentrating on eating ass. He does give Nick’s dick a bit more oral attention before rubbing his big cock teasingly over Nick’s anus. Once the condom appears on the cock it insinuates its way into the tantalized hole and soon has Nick moaning in ecstasy. At one point Michael lies back for Nick to impale himself on the huge cock and then they return to the mission position where Nick covers his chest and belly from a cock eruption and Michael’s load follows after.

Alex LeMonde is soap-opera-star handsome and his partner Trey Rexx is both handsome and muscular with an unruly mane of blond hair. They are seated on a sofa kissing when we first find them. (There is much kissing and licking in the scene.)
“Suck my dick,” Trey requests
“Oh, yeah,” Alex quickly agrees.
And before his voice dies away, Trey’s cock is out of his pants and Alex is on it.
We are then treated to Alex literally face-fucking Trey.
Alex offers up his ass to Trey’s tongue, which lathers the proffered hole with gusto. Alex returns the favor and then asks. “Wanna get fucked?”
When Trey agrees, he gets his wish.
There is a nice close-up of Alex’s cock reaming Trey’s ass before Trey is flipped over onto his back for the fuck to continue. They jack off to conclude the scene.

We are back in Michael’s basement dungeon for the third scene where he is joined by hunky Trent Cougar and Andrew Addams. Andrew—an attractive young performer with a lightly haired chest who would be much more attractive without the mustache—is busily sucking their cocks. He gets up in the table on his hands and knees. Trent shackles his ankles to the table and proceeds to paddle him until his ass is a fiery red. Michael is the first to fuck Andrew while Trent feeds him dick. Naturally they switch positions. With Andrew on his back Michael sits on his face. Andrew’s tongue pokes into Michael’s ass. Again the fuckers switch positions. Eventually while Andrew sits on Michael’s cock an impatient Trent drives his cock up alongside Michael’s for an enduring double-fuck. Andrew comes with Michael licking his balls and Trent encouraging him with whispered words. Trent scoops up Andrew’s cum and feeds it to him. Then he and Michael douse their playmate with their own ball-juice.

We are back with Alex for the final scene. He has invited over Jordan West, another name in his list. They waste no time in striping over their shirts to reveal the tightly muscled torsos. Although both are very attractive Jordan’s sucking of Alex goes on for much too long a time. Alex, of course sucks Jordan (including a nice 69) and they both eat ass before settling down to fuck. A flip-flop would have been nice, but alas it’s only Alex fucking Jordan. (Not that that’s bad.)
The scene really goes on too long despite the fact that it features two very attractive performers and I question it’s being the final scene. Surely the film should have concluded with the Brandon, Cougar, and Addams scene. It’s really hard to top shackling, paddling and a double-fuck. But that—of course—is the way Titan found it.

HOMO ERECTUS is worth the price; so to have THE LIST attached to it in a double DVD packaging is a bargain not to pass up, even in these hard economic times.

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