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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Manhunters:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Manhunters overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Manhunters Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Manhunters Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Manhunters Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Manhunters Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Manhunters DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Manhunters A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/3/2007

The Little Details

Running Time: 158 min.

Production Date: 6 / 18 / 2006

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Carmen Hart, Cassie Courtland, Devon Lee, Devon Michaels, Dragon Lilly, Exotica, Jada Fire, jessica Drake, Kaylynn, Kirsten Price, Luscious Lopez, Naomi Banxxx, Sandra Romain, Shannen Kelly, Brad Armstrong, Brian Surewood, Chris Cannon, Herschel Savage, Julian St. Jox, Kris Knight, Lee Stone, Marcos Leon, Marcus London, Tommy Gunn, and Tyler Knight in sexual roles and Mia Smiles, Myles Camack, Randy Spears and many more in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: When Wicked goes all out on a movie it's almost always well worth checking out. It looks like they went all out on this one, so I can't help but have very high expectations.

Initial Reaction: It's very impressive visually, but didn't have the depth I hoped for.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a variety of sex scenes, both in style and length, as well as strong themed setups

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a story to go with their porn or longer sex scenes

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is nicely presented with the option of the main audio track, a music only track, and a dialogue only track. The blended audio track is very well done, and shows just as much care as many mainstream movies. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen with the movie being shot on film. It has some of the grain that one can't help but get from film, and looks like it's been treated quite well. The lighting varies nicely throughout the movie, but there are a few places where the shadows get a bit heavy.

Music: The music is quite impressive. It's often a bit on the loud side, but at the same time it varies styles nicely throughout the movie to strengthen the movie as a whole.

Menus: The main menu nicely cuts together animation and clips of the movie with some great style to give a great first impression. The chapter menu leaves a bit to be desired. It has a nice style, but rather than giving the viewer something useful like the name of the girl(s) in each scene, it just gives the generic clip of each scene and a scene number.

The Feature

jessica, bottle blonde and all business. Kirsten, pint sized tomboy and overflowing with attitude. Exotica, straight from the barrio with a temper to match. Carmen, second generation bounty hunter with an easy laugh. Together they're the manhunters, a tight team of female bounty hunters who will go after most anybody.

Scene 1 – Luscious Lopez and Marcos Leon

Hot Latino Luscious starts things out in a pink tank and white panties on a bed with Marcos, who's wearing a white wifebeater. He gropes her through her tank before they strip it off so he can play with her tits. Luscious turns around to suck his cock as they play with her pussy a bit more. Marcos goes right to spooning her ass before Luscious gets on top for a reverse cowgirl anal ride as she cries out in Spanish to him. She also lets him spear her shitpussy as she lies on her side showing off her big beautiful ass before taking an extremely impressive facial finish.

This is a very hot opening scene. Luscious takes the anal with ease, and makes it a real thing of beauty. I love how she cries out in Spanish and gives Marcos plenty of little smiles as they fuck. Some position changes would have been nice here, but the anal action is hot enough that I can't complain too much. This is a hot scene that opens up the movie on a high sexual note.

Scene 2 - Devon Lee, Dragon Lilly, Naomi Banxxx, Julian St. Jox, and Tyler Knight

At the studio, black Naomi goes down on Julian while Tyler gets the double oral pleasure of Asian Dragon Lilly and bottle blonde Devon. Devon moves over to help Noami sucks on Julian as Dragon Lilly moves around to let Tyler play with her pussy as she continues to suck his cock. The girls trade guys before ending up all working on Tyler. Finally the scene ends with the girls sharing some small dribbly pops as jessica and the girls arrive.

This is a pretty good oral scene. I'm not much of a fan of oral scenes, but the girls do a great job here. I really like how they work back and forth between the guys, with all three girls doing a great job. My only complaint here is that the pop shots left plenty to be desired and weren't that visible.

Scene 3 – Devon Michaels and Lee Stone

Muscular brunette Devon flashes back to her training sessions with even more muscular Lee as the girls talk with her about bringing in Lee. They kiss briefly before she drops down to start sucking his cock. Devon takes plenty of Lee into her throat before letting Lee fuck her from behind. She sucks him clean a couple times before hopping up to ride him in both cowgirls while holding onto one of the weightlifting bars. Finally, Devon hops off and takes a nice facial finish.

This is a decent scene. Devon and Lee have some good chemistry and keep things moving pretty good. It was nice to see a position change here, and for a workout theme the equipment was put to some nice use. This is a pretty good scene, but nothing too special.

Scene 4 – Kirsten Price and Chris Cannon

After debating karate techniques, Kirsten and Chris spar and end up with her throwing him and ending up straddling his chest. She leans forward to kiss him before he rolls her to her back, pins her arms down, and kisses her. He releases her to move down sucking her tits and stripping her down before letting her pull down his pants and start seeing how much of his cock she can fit in her mouth. Chris lies back on the floor for Kirsten to ride him reverse cowgirl style before spooning and pile driving her pussy, with Kirsten offering up a little more oral action as he fucks her. Finally Kirsten pops up and opens wide for a pretty good but clear facial.

This is a pretty hot scene. Kirsten and Chris have very nice chemistry together and the scene moves along nicely. It was great to see position changes again here, and the fighting to fucking setup to the scene worked well for Kirsten's character. This is a hot and nicely done scene.

Scene 5 – jessica drake and Brad Armstrong

When jessica's ex-boyfriend Brad returns after a couple years, they work past the hurt in the driveway so they can head to bed inside. Brad kisses her passionately before moving down to tongue and finger her pussy. jessica sucks his cock in return before laying back and letting Brad fuck her missionary style. She moves to her side for him to fuck her ass, and Brad moves around so he can finger her pussy easily while spooning her ass. He even moves up and puts a leg over jessica to fuck her ass before coming up and giving her a very nice pip across her mouth. jessica eagerly sucks out what's left, and looks like she might even swallow down some of the cum.

This is a hot scene. There's great chemistry between jessica and Brad, and they move things along nicely. A little oral action for Brad would have been nice here, but jessica does a great job taking it in the ass. This is a pretty good scene that felt like it could have been a lot better with a little more time.

Scene 6 – Jada Fire, Sandra Romain, and Brian Surewood

Pervy Brian gets his freak on with black hottie Jada, in a slutty red bra and ripped fishnets, and white hottie Sandra, in a slutty black mesh top and tall animal print boots, in a cheesy hotel room. Jada lies back and lets Sandra eat her pussy as Brian slides under Sandra to eat her pussy. Sandra keeps working on Jada's pussy with her fingers as Brian fucks her face before Jada comes around to help her eat Brian's meat. Brian fucks Sandra from behind and in missionary as she fucks Jada with one end of a double dong and sucks the other, and after a bit Jada even squirts. Brian lies back on the bed so Jada can impale her cunt on his cock reverse cowgirl style as Sandra rides his tongue and moves around to suck his cock clean. Sandra lets Brian fuck her ass as she lies on her side next before having him pile drive her ass. Finally, Brian unloads Sandra's ass for Jada to lick up and swap down to Sandra before jessica and the girls break down the door.

This is a great scene! There's some fantastic animalistic passion between Brian and the girls, and they all come off like they don't care who's doing what as long as they're all involved. There's never a dull moment in the scene, and if not for the look of film you'd have a hard time thinking this was a Wicked release. Scenes like this show some of Brad Armstrong's skill as a filmmaker simply because he appeared to know enough to just stay out of the way and let Brian and the girls go at it. This is quite possibly the best scene in the movie.

Scene 7 – Carmen Hart and Kris Knight

After a few rough days, Carmen finds herself in a shower with Kris, a rival bounty hunter. They kiss quickly and passionately before she drops down to suck and stroke Kris's cock. Carmen lets Kris take her from behind both in and out of the shower before lying back on a counter for him to take her missionary style. Finally, Carmen drops down and opens wide for Kris to give her an impressive helping of baby batter.

This is an above average scene. Carmen gets into the action very nicely, but the scene feels overly short. A little oral for Carmen would have helped things out a lot, as would have another position rather than two takes on doggie and a little missionary. Carmen and Kris look to be into each other pretty well, but the scene feels short and limited.

Scene 8 – Carmen Hart, Exotica, jessica drake, and Kirsten Price

After a hard day's work, jessica and the girls get it on back at the office. Carmen lies back and lets the others kiss her all over before she quickly takes four of her fingers and four of Carmen's in her twat at the same time. Exotica works on jessica's box at the same time before letting jessica fuck her with a black dildo as Carmen and Kirsten swap some spit and Carmen gives Kirsten all eight fingers with Kirsten also giving her ass a couple fingers. Kirsten moves over to fingerbang Exotica and fuck her with a glass toy as jessica and Carmen fuck each other with dildos. jessica lies back so Exotica can fuck her ass with a strap-on as and finger her pussy while Kirsten rubs another dildo around her and then lets Carmen fuck her ass missionary style with another strap-on. Finally the scene ends abruptly.

This is a pretty hot scene. There's very good chemistry between the girls as well as a fun feeling. I really like how they mix things up between the girls so everybody gets a bit of everything else, and although the ending is quick it's done in a way that works. This is a very enjoyable scene, and it's great to see so many Wicked girls working on each other.

Scene 9 – Exotica and Tommy Gunn

Exotica and Tommy start out the final scene in bed all romantic with Exotica in sexy baby blue bra and panties. They kiss and talk a little before she slides down to suck and lick his cock. Tommy goes right to spooning her pussy before letting Exotica ride him reverse cowgirl style. Finally, Tommy lets Exotica have a very nice facial finish.

This is another pretty hot scene. I really like how the scene starts out slow with Tommy and Exotica talking about hooking up and teasing each other a little. It gives the chemistry a good boost for the scene right away, but sadly the scene seemed to be over almost as quickly as it started. A blowjob, two positions, and out just didn't cut it here, as this felt like it could have been a fantastic scene rather than just a pretty good one.

Manhunters is a very impressive adult film. As usual Brad Armstrong did a great job with the art direction, and has a great eye for what he wants overall. A lot of credit also goes to the four girls here, as it's obvious they put a lot of work into the movie to prepare for their roles (just check out a few of the featurettes on the second DVD to get a glimpse of how much work they put in). That said, there's a lot about the movie that worked good, but felt like it could have been better. The setups are okay for the scenes, but at the same time it felt more like a vignette movie than it did a feature, with the closest thing being an overall plot would be the relationship between jessica and Brad. I think the movie could have worked better if they would have cut out a couple busts that the girls had to work for a little rather than just talking to one person and making the bust or walking up to make the bust on a tip. The other problem I had was with the sex. There's a couple scenes that work great, with Brian Surewood's romp with Sandra Romain and Jada Fire easily coming out on top. Most of the scenes, however, came up a little short. The action often felt a little held back and slightly choppy due to the editing. The other thing that stood out to me sexually was the lack of kissing and oral sex (especially for the ladies). For a studio that's one of the top ones thought of when it comes to porn for “couples”, I honestly couldn't see that much that seemed like it would interest the ladies here and very little that would seem like anybody cared much for giving the ladies sexual satisfaction as well. I think the movie could have been stretched out to full three hours and worked much better adding a little more lovemaking all around. That isn't to say that the cast doesn't do a great job. Everybody here does a great job with their roles, from each of the girls to all the perps to Randy Spears in a great supporting role as the head bailbondsman. Once again, Brian Surewood really stood out again, and seemed perhaps the most perfectly cast person in the movie. Maybe I've heard too much hype about how great Manhunters was supposed to be, but despite plenty of effort and an obviously high budget, Manhunters struck me as a good movie with only the potential to be great.

The Extra Stuff

Two entire DVDs are dedicated to the extras for this release. You get plenty of behind the scenes featurettes, interviews, and extra sex scenes. Wicked has definitely pulled out all the stops on this release, and even included a few Easter Eggs.

The only extra on the main DVD is a commentary featuring jessica drake, Carmen Hart, and Brad Armstrong. This is an okay commentary. They talk about some of the standard things about making the movie and the people involved, but there's a lot of dead air. In the past Brad Armstrong did a great job driving the commentary, but here there's a lot of dead air. There's a lot of fun with jessica and Carmen flirting back and forth, but overall I've heard a lot better Wicked commentaries on other movies.

The second DVD is devoted almost entirely to behind the scenes featurettes. You get the standard Wicked behind the scenes featurette, bloopers, photo shoots, an alternate ending, and severeal featurettes on how the girls prepared for the movie. Wicked didn't hold much back here.

All Access: The Making of Manhunters lasts just under a half hour and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. This is your pretty typical Wicked behind the scenes featurette. It takes you through the movie location by location with Brad Armstrong introducing the shoots and working with the cast for what he wants. There are a few comments from the girls, but on a whole it's a bit disappointing because Mark Stone is listed as doing this behind the scenes and there's very little of the fun personality he gets out of the girls behind the scenes or the nicely done interviews he normally takes. This is an okay behind the scenes featurette that doesn't reveal too much new.

Girls of Manhunters lasts about five and a half minutes and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. This is your standard Wicked photo shoot featurette. It's set entirely to music and shows the girls as they pose for their stills. It's nice eye candy, but that's about it. That's not really a bad thing, however, as that's all it seems like it wants to be.

The blooper reel lasts just over four minutes and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. There's some of the usual lines being flubbed as well as a few little things going wrong. The highlight here is easily Randy being surprised with a birthday cake after having trouble with one of his lines. This is a pretty good blooper reel.

The behind the scenes sex reel lasts a little over a half hour and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. Although they aren't in the same order as the movie, every scene from the movie is included here. The major focus here is on the sex being shot, and there appears to be a little extra sex thrown in as well that makes this a featurette with some good stroke value. There are also a few little comments thrown in, and they add some nice depth to the featurette. My only complaint here is that although every scene is included, the entire featurette is on one chapter. This is a nice addition to the DVD, but it would have been much nicer if each scene had its own chapter in the featurette.

Bounty Hunting 101 lasts about four and three quarter minutes and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. Wicked brought in a real bounty hunter as a technical advisor for the movie and to help train the girls, and here he talks about bounty hunting in general as well as how the entertainment industry has hurt it with some of its portrayals. You also get to hear jessica being tempted to become a bounty hunter (note to self, don't mess with jessica drake!). This is a very good addition to the DVD.

Getting Tough lasts just under ten minutes and is presented in the full frame format. This featurette focuses on the training the girls went through. You see the girls learning some take down and restraining techniques as well as search methods. There's also some handcuff accidents, the girls shooting and learning to fight, and Exotica learning how to play basketball. This is another very interesting featurette and does a great job showing just how much work the four girls went through for this movie.

Firearms lasts a little over three minutes and is presented in the full frame format. Here you get to see Brad and the girls shooting and flashing the camera a bit (thankfully Brad left himself out of the flashing part). This is an okay featurette that seems like it had a lot more potential than what it did. It would have been nice to see some of the training the girls went through and them being taught some safe gun handling. This really surprised me with how much Wicked puts the safety aspect out there with mandatory condoms and no choking in their movies. It would also have been really nice to have a little picture in picture when the girls were shooting so you could see how well they were hitting the targets as well as them shooting rather than just watching them shoot (not that I have a problem watching beautiful women shoot guns). This wasn't a bad featurette, but it could have been a heck of a lot better.

The Real Deal lasts just under four minutes and is presented in the full frame format. Here you get to see some of the injuries and accidents around the set. It works from the fight scene with Lee all the way through Kirsten breaking a nail. There's also a little of Brad trying to take control of the shoot. This is a great extra for an adult action movie.

For those wanting music, they get two extras. First there's a black guy rapping about the movie for about two and a half minutes in non-anamorphic widescreen. I could barely make out anything he was saying, and was immediately reminded about how much of a white redneck I can be. The second music extra is a non-anamorphic widescreen music video for the Manhunters song by Charlie Check'm, which is the only song Brad Armstrong has ever had done specifically for one of his movies.

The final extra on the second DVD is a two minute long alternate ending that is also presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. This one doesn't come as much of a surprise, and also works well to end the movie.

The third DVD is packed with some of the typical Wicked extras. Trailers are included for Manhunters, FUCK, The Visitors, Hook Ups 10, Supernatural, Curse Eternal, 3 Wishes, Just Like That, Naked Illusions, and Tiffany's. There are also interviews, a rundown of the main characters, bonus scenes, and photo galleries. A trivia game is also included where if you answer the questions right you can watch two deleted scenes. If that isn't enough, there's promo material, DVD-ROM material, the Wicked DVD catalog, and commercials.

Interviews are included with the four main girls as well as Brad Armstrong. The girls each talk about their roles, some of the preparation for their role, and some of their surprises making the movie. jessica's interview lasts four and a half minutes and she also talks about playing a harder role. Kirsten's interview lasts about three and a quarter minutes and she also talks about how she doesn't think she'd be cut out to be a bounty hunter. Carmen's interview lasts about three and a half minutes and focuses on how she prepares for her roles while Exotica takes about three and a quarter minutes and talks about gangbangers and how well Brad captured it. Finally, Brad takes nearly five minutes to talk about how well Manhunters worked for the Wicked style and it being the longest script he's ever written. He talks about preparing for the movie and the challenges it brought with working on film as well as some of his favorite moments. This is a nice collection of interviews and my only real complaint about the interviews is that it's presented in non-anamorphic widescreen rather than being given the anamorphic transfer it deserved. Still, this is a nice collection of interviews.

If you like photo galleries, you have plenty to choose from. The main gallery lasts nearly eleven minutes while the sex scene gallery lasts about two and a half minutes. The entire female cast also get star galleries which last between about a minute and a half and two and a half minutes. Finally, there are photo galleries for each sex scene lasting between about a minute and three quarters and three and a quarter minutes. In all cases you get about seven seconds per slightly blurry looking snapshot. There are also star stats for jessica drake, Carmen Hart, Kirsten Price, and Exotica that give a photo or two, a little personal information, and a Wicked filmography.

Deleted Scene 1 – Kaylynn and Herschel Savage

Kaylynn and Herschel's deleted scene is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen and starts out with them kissing passionately on the couch. He kisses her tits before she drops down to suck his cock while giving him some nice eyes. She wraps his cock up a bit with a black stocking as she sucks it before moving up to ride him reverse cowgirl style. He also bones her butt from behind and spears her shitpussy cowgirl style before letting Kaylynn have a nice pop over her tongue.

This is a pretty hot scene. Kaylynn does a great job sucking cock, and just as good of a job taking it in the ass. There's a nicely playful feel that comes out during the blowjob and the scene moves along pretty well. The position changes could have been better, but this is still a very strokeable scene.

Deleted Scene 2 – Shannen Kelly, Cassie Courtland, and Marcus London

Redhead Shannen gets it on with brunette Cassie and white guy Marcus in a bathroom stall for the second deleted scene, which is also presented in the non-anamorphic widescreen format. Shannen and Marcus quickly go to work on Cassie after they share a few kisses around before Cassie and Marcus turn their oral attentions to Shannen. Cassie drops to the bathroom floor to suck Marcus's cock as hew fingers Shannen before riding him reverse cowgirl style as he sits back on the stool. Shannen takes a turn on Marcus's cock as well, but goes with sliding her ass up and down his cock reverse cowgirl style instead of letting her pussy work. Finally the girls drop down to share a facial as well as a kiss afterwards.

This is a hot scene. It doesn't feel overly limited by the bathroom stall location and it moves along at a nice pace. Shannen and Cassie do a very nice job sharing Marcus, and Shannen does a very nice job adding anal to the scene. As usual this scene could have lasted a bit longer to add another position or two, but this is still a pretty hot scene.

Bonus Scene 1 – jessica drake and Brad Armstrong

The first bonus scene comes from Women on Top and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. jessica decides it's nookie time while wearing a pair of boxers and a white bra even though Brad wants to finish the chapter he's reading in his book. She tosses it across the room and kisses her way around his pajamas while reminding him who should be in control before breaking his cock out to start sucking. He begs her to make him cum, but instead she rolls back onto the bed and lets him know that it's her turn. Brad kisses her before helping her out of her shorts and going to work eating her pussy while complaining a couple times about her holding his head. She arches her butt up a bit for prudish Brad to eat her ass before climbing up to ride him cowgirl style. Brad grabs and fingers her ass a little as she rides him, and when he whines about the position hurting jessica turns around to ride him reverse cowgirl style. Brad moves on to spoon jessica's ass, and after satisfying her and she tries rolling over to go to sleep reminds her that he could use a little satisfaction as well. jessica strokes and sucks him to a pop and then cuddles up with him to sleep.

This is a darn hot scene. I love how jessica's in control of the situation while Brad comes across like a bit of a whiny little bitch. I was a bit surprised that they slipped into the anal as easily as they did, but at the same time loved that they did. This scene moves along nicely with some great female control and a bit of humor. I really liked this scene and might have to check out the original movie because of it.

Bonus Scene 2 – Kirsten Price and Barrett Blade

The second bonus scene comes from Country Style and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. Kirsten, looking a bit like a great monkey with her black hat on backwards, her hair in braids, a white wifebeater, and overalls starts things out kissing Barrett in a buckskin looking shirt. She drops down to happily undo his jeans and start sucking his cock while giving him some very nice eyes. Barrett doesn't bother warming Kirsten up in return and instead goes right to fucking her missionary style as a condom magically appears on his cock and almost all of their clothes disappear. Kirsten also lets him take her from behind and rides him reverse cowgirl style before dropping down and doing her best baby bird impression as Barret launches a fantastic pop all around her face.

This is a pretty good scene. Barrett and Kirsten have the chemistry one would hope for with a real life couple and the action moves along pretty good. The editing is a bit choppy, but that's often to be expected with Wicked's movies. This is a decent scene.

Bonus Scene 3 – Carmen Hart and Evan Stone

The third bonus scene comes from Becoming Carmen Hart and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. Brunette Carmen starts things out giving Evan a passionate kiss before letting him play with her pussy a little. Rather than taking turns working each other over Carmen and Evan sixty-nine with Carmen nicely mixing up sucking and stroking for Evan's cock. He gets out from under her so he can fuck her doggie style before letting Carmen up to ride him reverse cowgirl style. Finally she gets down to take a very nice facial from Evan.

This is a pretty good scene. Carmen is darn hot and puts out some very nice energy with vocals that match. She also has some nice chemistry with Evan and takes a very nice facial. That said, I couldn't get into this scene too much. The scene just feels kind of cheesy being shot in a back bedroom and the camera work felt pretty lackluster. This isn't a bad scene, but I couldn't help but think that Carmen had a lot more potential than what's shown here.

Bonus Scene 4 - Exotica and Brad Armstrong

The final bonus scene comes from Lovers Lane and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. Brad gets a grudge fuck from dark skinned hottie Exotica in the gym at their ten year reunion. They kiss hard before Brad works his way down to work on Exotica’s pussy with his tongue and fingers. He trades places with her so she can suck and stroke him before letting her ride him reverse cowgirl style. Brad also gives it to Exotica from behind with a few breaks so she can suck her juices off his cock. Finally, Brad spews his seed on and near Exotica’s face.

This is scene had the potential to be a great scene. Exotica is darn cute and she and Brad seem to be nicely into each other. The lighting is a bit on the low side and the camera work left a bit to be desired once again, but the editing was the major problem with the scene for me. I don’t think there’s a single position change in the scene, and it gives the scene a hacked together feeling. It also seems limited by only having two positions. This is an okay scene that seemed like it could have been much better with a few minor changes.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, anal, interracial, group, oral, squirting, lesbian, and toys

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Manhunters can be found between about $21 and $40 with a few stores offering it near the low end. This is a pretty good price for what you get. The movie could have worked a little better for me, but has a great style and some good sex. The technical aspects are well done for being shot on film, and there's some very good effort put into the extras. This is a very impressive three DVD release.

Note to Wicked: It's great to see you bringing out your movies in anamorphic widescreen. I hope you extend that same care to the rest of your extras rather than leaving them feeling cheap with a non-anamorphic transfer like you did most of the time here.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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