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howie Manhammer 2 3.5 starsManhammer 2 3.5 starsManhammer 2 3.5 stars
bono-ONE Manhammer 2 4 starsManhammer 2 4 starsManhammer 2 4 stars
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Manhammer 2

Manhammer 2

Studio: Mercenary Pictures
Category:  Anal , Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Manhammer 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Manhammer 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Manhammer 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Manhammer 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Manhammer 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Manhammer 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Manhammer 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Manhammer 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/19/2004


Prologue Lexington Steele is arguably one of the top five male performers in porn. He's set his sights on even greater glory by starting his own production company, and like all good porn moguls he knows there's gold to be found in Eastern Europe. There are some very recognizable names in this volume. Mandy Bright, Tera Joy, Jane Darling, Lucy Lee all grace this video and that bodes well for the finished product. I'm looking forward to this, so on with the show.
Mandy Bright is brought to us in full body fishnets and vinyl accessories. There's a cage for this sexual animal to play in, but first she must tease us with her hot body and let us know how hungry her holes are. She masturbates energetically, tasting the juices she produces and asks if we think she's the horniest girl from Hungary. She divests herself of panties and we get to see a furry pussy that she plays with some more before entering the cage and picking up a big black dildo. Mandy sucks it for a moment before pounding her pussy with it. Her ass is next and she's only a little gentler with it there. A2P and then mouth before Frank Gun enters the scene and feeds Mandy his cock through the bars of the cage. Zenza Raggi appears behind Mandy while she's deep throating Frank. A chain is placed around Mandy's neck and she's being reined in with it. Zenza's next to get Mandy's throat. She gets an absolutely feral look to her as she moves from cock to cock and stroking them both in between. Mandy stretches out backwards as Frank brings her off with his hand. Zenza gets her pussy first with Mandy in an almost piledriver position, her legs being supported by the top bars of the cage. Brian Pumper appears and Mandy has another cock to get ready. She gets out of the cage and sits on top of it as first Frank, then Zenza fuck her in a modified doggy as she continues to suck Brian. Brian gets her pussy next in doggy. All of this is being performed on top of the cage. Very acrobatic. A true circus act. Great floor level shot of her tits hanging through the bars of the cage. Mish for Zenza while Brian cheerleads and suggests anal. In due time, my friend. Frank gets first dibs on the ass of his SO, in mish, bringing out a stream of Hungarian from Mandy. Pumper replaces him as Frank gets his knob polished to perfection. Frank fingers both her holes before a cut to Mandy riding Pumper in CG and Frank completing the DP. Zenza makes her airtight. Cut to RCA on Frank and the other guys get sucked. Brian can't leave that open pussy alone, so he joins Frank for the RCDP. Cut to Mandy sucking the cocks furiously, stroking Frank off onto her face and in her mouth. Zenza unloads his own gun in like fashion, as does Pumper. Mandy has a very happy, albeit depraved look on her face. Some light PCH and Mandy playing with the cum that covers her face and is hanging off. What a pretty ending to a great scene.
Lucy Lee and Annika Here's a study in contrasts. Lucy Lee, a petite brunette, and Annika, a curvy blonde. Both beautiful. And added to this mix will be Lexington Steele, a very fortunate man. Lucy and Annika get friendly with each other until Lucy finds Lex's cock and starts to suck it. Annika decides she wants to help. I think there's enough for everybody. While Lex pulls off his clothes, Lucy licks Annika's beautiful tits. Lex is back in the scene and he raps his log on Annika's ass. She grabs it and plants it in her snatch doggy style. Lucy does P2OGM and Annika gets a taste as well. Standing doggy for Annika and Lucy licks her clit. Annika really likes this big dick and says so in no uncertain terms. More P2OGM and then Lex goes straight to the "A" with Lucy in side entry mish. This little vixen spreads as wide as possible and encourages Lex to really fuck her ass. Annika strokes Lucy and plays with her tits. Cut to Annika in mish and Lex really starts to party in that hot pussy. She doesn't know whether to hold him off or push deeper. Lex gets some good leverage and starts to touch places Annika didn't even know she had. Cut to RC for Annika and Lucy helps out with some licking and stroking. Doggy and then mish with her legs on Lex's shoulder. P2M and it's Lucy's turn again. Doggy anal with Lucy doing the fucking, backing that ass up. Annika fingers her own ass and Lex gets at that doggy. Lucy in doggy anal, standing on the couch, as Annika laps at her pussy from below. A2OGM and back in Lucy's pooper. Lex needs a break as that hot little ass was almost too much. The girls just masturbate while they wait for him to resume. Cut to RCA for Lucy. This is just an amazing ride. She swivels her hips and pounds down on Lex, often taking him balls deep in her little ass. I don't even know where it's going. Lex is beside himself, just hanging on for dear life. Annika's getting excited just watching and fingering herself furiously. Cut to a deep mish anal for Lucy with her legs pinned back. Lex pulls out and looks to launch a load at Annika, but I think there was only one tiny pop out of his gun and it flew over her head, mostly. He must have left some seed deep in Lucy's bowels, but we'll never know because they play it off like a normal cumshot and the girls tongue kiss to end the scene. An imperfect ending to an otherwise scalding scene.
Tera Joy is one of my favorite women in porn. She's beautiful and wild, and would seem to be a perfect match for Lex. Her assets are prominently displayed in a very wide mesh dress. Tera dances around exposing and playing with her naughty bits. This is a very sexual looking woman. She walks into a garden type dining area where Lex awaits. He introduces Tera and starts to partake in her wonderful body. He bends her over and strokes her pussy. Then Tera goes on a treasure hunt and finds his cock. The look on her face is priceless. I don't think she can believe the size. No matter. She knows what to do with it and how to make it look nasty. Lex is ready to rock in a hurry and he smacks Tera with his heavy log. She makes a signal for him to quiet down and tries to restrain him a bit as he enters her in standing doggy. He really should have prepared her for this because Tera's having some trouble with his size. It gets easier and Tera starts to encourage him a bit as he goes balls deep. P2M with a two hand stroke and fierce eye contact. This turns into a very hot oral interlude. Lex smacks her face with his dick and she spits at him. They try a modified RC, almost side saddle. Cut to mish in a chair and Lex wants some ass. Tera's ok with that, and she regulates him as much as she can, but Lex seems to get carried away at times. He picks her up for the dick dance in her ass and cut to doggy anal. There are times when there is clearly too much cock for Tera and you can see her leg shaking and hands grabbing for something to hold onto. Lex pulls out and streams a nice load into, and on Tera's mouth, which she streams out onto her tits. Some great, deep PCH closes this scene out.
Sarah, a very sleek and pretty brunette, walks up to Zenza Raggi and shares some kisses with him. He finds her nether regions are nice to kiss also and starts to play down there. She lays back and Jorg J joins in, getting some nice head as Zenza continues to worship Sarah's body. I think her pussy must taste great because Zenza's all over that morsel. When she's wet and open enough he sinks his cock in mish and then a side entry. He pounds her pussy while Jorg does push-ups on her face. The guys switch positions with Jorg spooning Sarah. Cut to a CGDP (that was quick), with Jorg pounding her ass. Cut to RCDP, Jorg in her pussy this time and trading smacks and phlegm with Sarah. All in fun. She's really into this and is egging them on to greater heights. She's making happy noises and nasty faces. Cute. Cut to CG anal on Zenza, her ass looking really good like that. He switches holes to accommodate Jorg for the DP. Cut to Zenza fucking Sarah in doggy as Jorg puts her on the rotisserie. This leads to another CGDP, Zenza in her ass and Sarah driving down hard on Jorg's peg. Hard mish vag for Zenza with choking. Sarah's on fire and Zenza puts it out with a load for her to swallow. Jorg has one for her, too, and lays it on her tongue with some spill onto Sarah's body. Some PCH of his rapidly softening dick and they wave goodbye.
Jane Darling and Louisa DeMarco Another 2 on 1 with women who contrast each other in looks. The gorgeous, stacked, aristocratic looking Jane Darling, a blonde, and Louisa DeMarco, a pretty darker haired vixen. This really is more prime flesh than any one man deserves. Louisa lays back on a couch to play with herself and shows off a fine set of tits and her pussy, which looks mighty tasty. Jane joins her on the couch and they do some duelling tongues and light lez posturing. Lex joins them and kisses as much of the exposed flesh as he can. Louisa sees his rod and gives a nervous giggle. Jane knows what to do with it and starts to service Lex. Louisa takes a few licks, too, before Lex rearranges them to facilitate the team work. They split up and the girls put on a little show, masturbating for him. Louisa plants Lex's dick in Jane for a doggy insertion. A few deep strokes and P2OGM. Louisa gets filled in mish and she's being touched in places she didn't know she had. Short but sweet, Louisa gets lit up. Jane gets mish next and Lex gets balls deep in a hurry, his cock getting very wet. He pulls her on top of him for CG and Jane is shaking that unreal body on him in a dance of pure lust. Lex is sucking one of Louisa's nipples like a baby looking for mother's milk. Louisa impales herself on his cock in CG and fucks as much as she can take, but with energy and style. Jane licks it clean and gives it back to resume the ride. Lex takes her for a flying lesson with Jane lapping at his balls. She licks Louisa's juices off his cock and re-plants it. Back on the couch for a short bout of mish and then cut to the girls stacked in doggy. Lex fucks Louisa, who's on top, first, and then Jane. Back to Louisa, then P2M and some head from Jane. RC for Jane as she takes a pounding and also fucks Lex aggressively herself. She's really something. P2OGM for Louisa. Jane rides again and Louisa sucks some more before hopping on Lex's cock in CG with Jane still sitting on his lap. Jane and Louisa return to their previous routine and there's lots of happiness all around. Lex says it's time for anal and it's Janes ass to be filled in CG with Louisa planting the pole. She sucks his balls as Jane bobs on his cock. A2OGM and back in Jane's ass. She swivels around on his cock and this is quite a sight. What an amazing body and capacity for sin. Louisa cleans off his cock and decides she needs a taste of anal, too. She sits on it in RCA, again with Jane still on top of Lex. The penetration isn't too deep, but Louisa is so turned on it looks really hot. Jane's tits are in Lex's face, so what's a man to do. Damn right! He starts licking them. Cut to doggy anal for Jane and Louisa below her, playing with her snatch and licking Lex's bone clean. Jane can take anything Lex dishes out, and in fact, is backing that ass up on him. He puts them together for the cum reception and has them put on a show, squeezing their tits together. Lex sprays his seed on Jane's face and Louisa smears his cock on her tits. Not much jizz again. It's time to change to a high zinc diet. PCH leads us out, and I think Lex says: "Up your ass".
Epilogue I'm not going to pretend that there aren't any flaws in this video, but there are some great sex performances here. Mandy Bright practically needs three men to sate her. I wonder if Frank has to keep her in that cage normally. Lucy Lee just blew Lex away and made Annika, a more spectacular looking woman, redundant. I haven't seen anybody bury a bone like that in her backdoor since Jayna Oso in WOAD 3. Tera Joy's scene was a disappointment. She just seemed overmatched and in pain at times. It wasn't a bad scene, but not up to the rest here or in Tera's ouvre. Sarah had a rousing threesome with a lot of energy and fun. There was definitely chemistry between her and Jorg. The coup de grace was Jane Darling. Impossibly beautiful and delightfully nasty, Jane dominated her scene the same way Lucy did earlier. In both cases, the women they partnered with weren't really necessary, but were visibly excited by what was going on beside them. One of the negatives was the lighting in Mandy's scene. The early part of the scene was way overexposed and didn't get corrected for quite a while. A small annoyance. Another obvious flaw was the lack of semen in Lex's threesomes. Either he's doing too many scenes in one day or needs to get serious about his health and diet. That wouldn't be a bad idea anyway.
The Disk A BTS, photo gallery, fetish menu and trailers. Not bad, but nothing really special here. Decent value.
Recommendation I recommend this for rent or purchase. Flawed or not, four out of the five scenes scorch.

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