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Mandingo Massacre 6

Mandingo Massacre 6

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Mandingo Massacre 6:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Mandingo Massacre 6 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Mandingo Massacre 6 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Mandingo Massacre 6 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Mandingo Massacre 6 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mandingo Massacre 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Mandingo Massacre 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mandingo Massacre 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/28/2013

Running Time: 171 min. (87 min. On DVD 1 and 84 min. on DVD 2)

Production Date: 10 / 8 / 2012

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Austin Taylor, Julie Cash, Krissy Lynn, Nadia Styles, Rayveness, Riley Reid, and Mandingo

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with Jules Jordan, the technical aspects show some very nice care. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises that seemed out of place. The video is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very good for true gonzo porn. There's a little camera motion and a few lighting imbalances, bu the picture is all nicely clear. That said, there's also a bit of slow motion footage worked into Nadia's scene. It doesn't look bad, but also didn't work that well as the audio kept up at the regular speed.

Watermark Warning: Although I don't like to see watermarks, I don't blame studios for using them if they think it will stop piracy of their product if they can do it tastefully. Here, Jules Jordan Video does it fairly tastefully with a very small watermark in the lower right corner that stays stationary so that it's easy to filter out of one's mind. It would be better if it were a little lower and more to the side as it did start to intrude a few times and drew my eyes away from what they were wanting to see, but it's much better than some other watermarks I've seen.

The Movie: Jules may have brought us an impaler in Lex, but now he's stepping things up as Mandingo sees how many girls he can take on as he continues his massacre. As usual with Jules Jordan behind the camera you get plenty of great tease action before moving on with the main event in each scene.

Scene 1 – Riley Reid and Mandingo

Cute brunette Riley starts things out crawling up a staircase and showing off for Jules in a sexy little pink and black outfit. Jules notices how frisky she is and lets her know that he has a friend looking for a pet. Riley's more than interested and shows off for him a bit before crawling her way a litlte further to a couch where Mandingo's waiting on a couch wearing only a towel. They both seem happy with what they see, and run their hands around each other before Riley gives him a little tease and pulls the towel open to marvel at Mandingo's mammoth meat. She moves down to see how well she can suck it with plenty of stroking and licking mixed in before riding it cowgirl style. Mandingo picks Riley up for a midair cowgirl ride and then lays her back to spear her in missionary. She sucks and strokes him a bit more before they move to a bed and fuck doggie style before Riley gets up for a reverse cowgirl ride. Riley squirts as she rides him and works in a bit more head before getting back on top for a little more reverse cowgirl action and rolling to the side for some spooning with a bit more oral action mixed in. Finally Riley drops down to take a fairly average but dribbly facial finish.

Scene 2 – Julie Cash and Mandingo

Big butt blonde Julie starts her scene on all fours waving her ample ass around on a chair near the pool while wearing a multicolored mesh dress. She pulls up her dress as she shakes her ass around before breaking out the baby oil to make it glisten. Mandingo walks up wearing only a towel to help her with the baby oil application before Julie shakes her ass around a bit more by a wall. She keeps shaking it all around as they head to an outdoor bar with Mandingo admiring her ass and Julie reaching under his towel to start stroking him. She drops down to happily mouth his manhood before stripping off to show off her nice and thick body and getting on all fours for Mandingo to take her from behind. Julie sucks and strokes him a bit more before riding him cowgirl style. They head inside to enjoy the pornstar fantasy location of a bed where Julie sucks and strokes Mandingo a little more before laying back and letting him bone her bald beaver missionary style. They also spoon before she sucks and strokes him to a small pop over her tongue.

Scene 3 – Nadia Styles and Mandingo

Jules chats a bit with raven-tressed Nadia before she crawls up to a bed wearing a white button down shirt with a black tie, black hotpants, black and white thigh high athletic socks, and black porno pumps to let Jules know she's ready for some cock. Nadia breaks open her shirt and pulls out her pierced titties before Professor Mandingo from the School of Hard Cock arrives wearing only a pair of sweatpants. They share a brief kiss as Nadia quickly goes after his goods groping him through his pants and soon after pulling them out of the way so she can suck and stroke him. She lays back for Mandingo to fuck her shaved and pierced slit missionary style and he quickly moves around to spoon her. Nadia sucks him clean before riding him cowgirl style and spinning around on his cock for the reverse cowgirl. They also fuck in doggie before going back to missionary with Mandingo giving Nadia's pierced tits a little extra attention. Finally Nadia sucks and strokes him to a slightly below average pop on her tongue with more cum appearing to show up after an editing cut.

Scene 4 – Rayveness and Mandingo

Rayveness calls the Mandingo Club letting them know that she needs a big black cock and it's an emergency as she's a recently divorced housewife. She tidies herself up and does a little housework before answering the door and happily bringing him inside. Rayveness lets Mandingo know that it's been three or four days so she really needs to get fucked, and he happily starts to strip her down. She teases him a bit before he breaks out his cock and she drops down to eagerly suck it and work on it with her tits. Rayveness takes a little break to strip down before going back to sucking Mandingo and laying back for him to fuck her missionary style. She eagerly sucks him a bit more before letting him take her from behind and riding him reverse cowgirl style. They sixty-nine before Rayveness rides him in cowgirl, and then leads him to the kitchen table to have him fuck her from behind. Finally Rayveness drops down to take Mandingo's man milk in her mouth before showing it off and happily swallowing it down.

Scene 5 – Austin Taylor and Mandingo

Hot well built dirty blonde Austin talks down the staircase with Jules commenting on how it's time to work out and she's definitely dressed for the part. She lifts a few weights and does some stairs and squats as well as stretching as Jules watches. Mandingo moves in to watch as well after a bit, and they decide it's time for a bit more stretching. She checks him out and happily brings out his big cock to kiss, lick, and suck, and keeps working him over orally after they move inside to a bed. Mandingo eats her pussy in return and fucks her thick thighs standing up before she gets on all fours on the bed to suck him and then ride him cowgirl style. He lays Austin back for a bit of missionary work as she gives him plenty of vocal encouragement before taking her from behind. Finally Austin drops down to suck and stroke Mandingo to a decent pop in and around her happy and satisfied mouth.

Scene 6 – Krissy Lynn and Mandingo

Dirty blonde Krissy shakes her ass around and checks herself out in a bank of mirrors while wearing a pink bra, panties, and garter belt along with white stockings. She slides her panties down to start playing with her pussy, and continues to play with it and her tits as the scene moves to the bed. Mandingo walks in while enjoying the show, and soon after is on his back with Krissy giving him a bit of a lap dance as well as sitting on his face. She leans forward and pulls his towel away to suck him as he eats her before riding him cowgirl style and marveling that it fits. Krissy sucks him clean before letting him fuck her missionary style, and lets him move from her pussy to her asshole before sucking him clean. She also lets him spear her shitpussy doggie style and gets in a little more eager ass to mouth action before collecting his seed in her mouth and swallowing it down.

Although a very strong interracial release, I couldn't help but be a little disappointed by Mandingo Massacre 6 and think of it as the weakest installment I've seen from a great series. You get the same great camerawork one's come to expect from Jules, along with plenty of tease and decent setups. The girls do a great job taking on Mandingo, with Rayveness, Riley, and Krissy really standing out. Krissy deserves special mention here with how well she took him in her ass, and I can't help but wonder if she was walking funny for a couple days after shooting the scene. There's also some nice action from Austin and Julie, but it didn't seem quite up to the same level as Rayveness, Riley, and Krissy.

That said, there were two main things that held this release back for me compared to the rest. The first is Nadia's scene, which was very hit or miss. She looks to get into taking on Mandingo very well, but the slow motion segments in Nadia's scene really interfered with it and combined with some of the editing made this scene seem like one where plenty of things didn't go right and Jules was determined to make it work. If so he did a very nice job, but if that much is going wrong with a scene it might be nice if it were included as a bonus scene on the release in the future. My other bigger problem is that this is a two disc release and I really can't see why this release needed two DVDs instead of just one. I watched another Jules Jordan release shortly before watching this one that was a single DVD release with roughly the same length behind the scenes featurette and the movie being nearly ten minutes longer. With this being six scenes instead of five and a double disc release I went into Mandingo Massacre 6 expecting to get quite a bit more, but instead it's about the same length as what I normally expect from Jules Jordan. All that said, if you're interested in Mandingo Massacre 6, don't let these two complaints hold you back from picking it up, but don't get your hopes up too high with this being a double disc release. Personally, I think I would have been much more impressed with this as a single disc release with the Nadia Styles scene as a bonus scene and a note from Jules saying there were a few problems and the disc didn't come out as well as he hoped so he's including it as a bonus rather than as part of the main movie. This would have strengthened both the movie as well as the overall DVD, and done so showing a lot of care for both his fans as well as his product. Mandingo Massacre 6 is a good interracial release that had me expecting much better.

The Extras: The only “extra”, if you want to call it that, on the first DVD is a listing of what's on the second DVD. The second DVD contains all the “real” extras starting with six trailers. The photo gallery lasts about six minutes. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, a cast listing by scene, a bio for Jules Jordan, cumshot recaps, and commercials.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about thirteen and a half minutes. Austin starts things out with a little cut footage before moving on with a bit of extra footage both inside and outside with Julie. Krissy starts things out chatting with Jules while preparing for the scene before getting a little extra footage. Nadia starts her segment with a litlte masturbation as well as a little extra fun with Mandingo. There's also a couple short segments with Rayveness and Riley. This is a decent little addition to the overall release. There's a little personality with a couple of the stars as well as some good eye candy. There's nothing too special here, but it does help out the overall package.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: Rent it.

Note to Jules Jordan Video: Although this installment left me with some definite reservations, I can't help but look forward to the next installment of this series.

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