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Mami Culo Grande 5

Mami Culo Grande 5

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Interracial , Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Mami Culo Grande 5:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Mami Culo Grande 5 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Mami Culo Grande 5 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Mami Culo Grande 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Mami Culo Grande 5 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Mami Culo Grande 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Mami Culo Grande 5 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mami Culo Grande 5 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/13/2008
Mami Culo Grande 5 (Summer, 2007)
Themes: Ass obsession, Big Bitts, BBW, Brazilian, Latin, Interracial
Starring: Delanie, Lana Sky, Laurie Vargas, Millian Blu, Victoria Allure, Keani Lei, Ryder Cummings (cameo), Justin Slayer, Nat Turnher & Deep Threat
Directed by: Justin Slayer

I have heard nothing but great things about this part of the Mami Culo Grande series. So far, I have only seen parts 1, 2 and 6, with part 1 and 2 being the best in the series, with part 6 being such a waste of time and viewing. I’ve been seeing a number of the last few Slayer flicks that he’s done before he left The Evil Empire. Mainly, I’ve been enjoying a number of them. I’ve even bought Ass Everywhere 2, the day after I rented it and viewed it. I saw Big Booty Revenge 3 and was shocked at how excellent it was. I’ve recently saw Mami Culo Grande 6 and felt it was truly terrible. I still have yet to see Booty I Like 4 or Phatty Girls 2, which is what I should have rented instead of Mami Culo Grande 6!

SCENE ONE: Delanie & Justin Slayer
Delanie also starred in “Big Booty Revenge 3” & “Mami Culo Grande 6”. A beautiful Brazilian motherfucker, with a crazy, huge shelf ass that you can put on a mantle and keep it there for a long lifetime. Remember when I said that her ass reminds you of some of the African actors seen naked in the film “The Gods Must Be Crazy!”? The God must be crazy to give a woman all of this behind. And guess what? It matches with her beautiful soul! In the tease sequence, the ass obsession reminds you of some of the older “Buttman” flicks and rightfully so! Her drawers are only pulled halfway down her booty, as she dances, plays in her pussy and pose. When the drawers finally come off, she walks around the room, switching real hard like tomorrow is never, dancing to some rap music playing in the background, hopping in the shower to wash her big-ole butt and it’s a very beautiful thang! Justin manhandles her, she bends over to suck his dick, then she bend over so that he can wipe her ass with his dick and put it in her pussy, doggy style! He beats & grinds the shit out of her pussy and ass-cheeks and even pulls her hair (a not-so-new fetish some women love) while she’s talking shit in Portuguese! The sex goes on in various positions, even in a spontaneous standing cowgirl position, with her big-ass butt juggling. This scene was better than her scene with Nat Turnher in “Big Booty Revenge 3”!
RATING: 100%

SCENE TWO: Millian Blu & Deep Threat
Millian Blu isn’t bad looking, but there’s a kid-like look about her. She looks like a Brazilian Raven Simone and Christina Millian all in one. She sports a short pink skirt and she’s exercising at an indoor gym, where you see all types of insane coochie & booty shots, thanks to her flaunting it all. She’s teamed up with a brother named Deep Threatt. This is my first time seeing him at all and the first time I’ve seen a “new guy” in a Slayer flick. It seems like he may do some damage by tappin’ this young, sweet punani, although some people may not care for his thug-like demeanor and shit. He starts by eating her pussy from the back, as she’s bent over one of the weight machines and constantly smacking her ass. The two lay on the floor for a tight 69, before she sits on his dick for some reverse cowgirl action. Now, this girl can take some serious ding-a-ling. For real! She take it in various positions, with some evidence of her coming real tough, based on her vocal skills, her coos and “that white shit” on Deep Threat’s dick. If you know what I mean? Let me tell you, Deep beats this chick up really good! Things move from the gym to the bedroom. Let me just say that the tease is very lovely and the sex is so good that you forget about how young she is and how much she resembles some young pop star you may have seen on either Disney or a BET rap music video and shit. Did I mention that she speaks great English and Portuguese, too? Although Deep Threat is no Lexington Steele, this dude sounds like an extinct, slow-as-honey-ass monster when he comes. You hear him say “Gooooddddd Daaaammmmmiiiiiitttttt” twice in a row, like a slow LP being played on 14rpm!
RATING: 100%

SCENE THREE: Lana Sky & Nat Turnher
Lana Sky is a light-skinned, thick Puerto Rican female. She’s not bad looking at all. She favors Kym Whitley, though. You know, the freaky, hypersexual black woman who was in “Next Friday”? This is how Lana Sky looks. Like all of the other women in this flick, she had a big, juicy booty, with only a bit of flab on it that will turn some men on, like myself. She shows off her booty and titties for a long time, while she’s sporting a black g-string and some fishnets to go along with it. This tease sequence reminds me of the Macy Lane scene in “Big Booty White Girls 2”. She goes from outside to the indoors, where she plays in her pussy, masturbating, showing the booty before Nat Turnher stops in and gets with her program. The tease in this scene lasts for almost 20 minutes. Nat allows her to suck his dick, while he grabs her hair all up in a bunch, with her constantly spitting on his shit. Afterwards, he slides right in her pussy in missionary, then in a cool cowgirl position, where you see her booty jiggling and bouncing up and down this man. He manhandles her from behind before she sucks the cum out of his dick.

SCENE FOUR: Keani Lei & Deep Threat
Keani Lei is a sweet-as-guava half Latina, half Asian woman. Beautiful face, juicy buttocks, glistening eyes like the most expensive chandeliers you can buy, the perfect “package”! She’s in the shower, washing up, with lots of camera attention on her face and sweet-ass bootay! She gets dressed in a very short skirt, with a blood-red g-string on, enough to make a horse excited. The cameraman spends a lot of time studying her lips and face. She even blows her breath on the camera lens, making it foggy and shit. The red thong matches her personality and her skin tone, because she’s a spicy thing! She pulls it to the side, to play in her kitty and caress her sweet bootay. She bends over and fingers herself and it’s a beautiful thing.

She said that she’s “here to suck and fuck”. Well, I hope her bad ass gets what’s coming to her! After 11 minutes of tease, she takes all of Deep Threat’s dick in her mouth and she does what Lil Kim said in one of her songs and “handle it, like a real bitch!” She hops on his dick, cowgirl position, grinds on it slowly then moves the speed up. They both fuck on a red couch, which squeaks a lot, while they are fucking. This woman can ride a dick like it’s going out of style. The sex continues in various positions with the couch squeaking louder and louder before my man busts and yells out in “slow” motion “God damnit!” I expected a lot out of this scene, even when I saw the trailer, before I saw the flick. And I got nothing but pure enjoyment the entire time. Not to always compare shit, but this was equally beautiful as Cherokee’s scene in “Big Booty Revenge 3” (which was the best scene in that flick)!
RATING: 100%

SCENE FIVE: Laurie Vargas, Ryder Cummings (cameo) & Justin Slayer
Laurie Vargas is a sexy Latina who resembles Vanity from Prince’s old all-girl R&B group, Vanity 6 and Ryder Cummings is a black female who’s using a vibe on Laurie’s hairy pussy, with Laurie still dressed, with her pants down, Ryder fingering Laurie and feeding her the pussy juice. This intro lasts for 5 minutes, just until the start of the scene. She’s sporting a corset with some tight blue jeans on and the tease is lacking, sort of. You get to see her titties and her strutting her stuff in her jeans, but other than that, nothing remarkable happens until Justin shows up, she strips, sucks his dick and play in her purty, hairy pussy. She takes dick in her mouth like a trooper as Slayer fucks her mouth like it’s a big pussy. He slides in her in a standing missionary and it turns out to be some raunchy-ass shit. The sex lasts and goes from one position to another. While the sex in this scene is wonderful, it lacks energy from time to time. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad at all. This is more of a lovemaking-slash-sex scene rather than it being a fuck scene like the previous four scenes in this flick.

SCENE SIX: Victoria Allure
Victoria Allure starred in the first “Mami Culo Grande”. And even though her scene there was flawless, Breanna Tabu stole the show in that entire flick. I believe she’s gonna do better in this motherfucker! She’s freshening up in the restroom, sporting the fuck out of some spandex before her pants get pulled down halfway, to reveal her juicy derriere. I am reminded of some things I’ve read about her in this book called “Money Shot”, a book about the black-on-black porn industry, which mentions her and Ice LaFox. Anyhow, you know what I’m noticing? In some of these Slayer flicks, certain parts of the tease sequences are played twice. Once in slow-motion, the second time, with the sequence being shown in it’s uncut form. You know? Victoria’s got what some people would call a “stankin’ ass”, but it’s so beautiful. The tease is very drawn out and delightfully so. We see her in a doggy style position on a bed, with her spandex pulled down to her thighs, to reveal her naked booty. After all of the ass-obsessive camera-shots, what happens next? She slips on a black mini-skirt, walks around in it, switching in it, with the skirt creeping up to her ass, then she lays back on the bed, awaiting Justin. They engage in some sloppy 69 on the bed, the he lifts her big ass up for a standing 69, while she’s being manhandled and held upside down and shit. She rubs a bunch of gel lotion on her booty with the help of Justin. The sex begins in doggy style position, then things move from there to sideways, missionary & cowgirl. The sex is very hot without it being too raunchy (though I have no problem with raunchy). But, when they fuck in cowgirl, with Victoria sitting on him, things get more intense. They switch positions move times before he comes on her mouth and she blows cum bubbles!
RATING: 100%

This 2-DVD set contains extra footage (59 minutes), trailers (9), photo gallery, cast info/film-ographies, cumshot recaps…

This flick is another one of Justin Slayer’s most flawless videos, right next to “Ass Everywhere 2” and “Big Booty White Girls 2” (which happened to be his most top-to-bottom flawless black-on-white interracial porno video). Right after seeing this, I had to make this #7 in my personal DVD collection (which I will not own more than 8 porno DVDs). Words can’t describe how much I love this flick and I know I’ve tried doing that for “Ass Everywhere 2”. But let me just say this: This shit is better than ten of those “Bend Over Brazilian Babes” flicks from “Buttman” himself! I hate the fact that I’ve been putting this flick off for almost a year. “Buttman’s Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2” is a very sought-after flick and according to ADT and it’s currently one of the most read reviews for any “Buttman” flick, aside from “Buttman & Rocco Goes to Montreal”. This flick is better than both of those flicks combined. And I grew up on “Buttman” flicks and he happens to be one of my heroes. Before this year is overwith, I plan on seeing "Booty I Like 4" (with Donna Red & Dana Vespoli) and "Phatty Girls 2" (with Ayana Angel). Yeah, I’m more into Slayer’s flicks than I have been before. Do not listen to what people say about Justin Slayer’s flicks declining in quality before he left Evil Angel. You will be robbed, because this and “Ass Everywhere 2” are both the shit!

RATING: (99% - Own this DVD, immediately! I know I’m about to buy a copy!)

BONUS SECTION (My Rating System):
I don’t review adult DVDs as much as I used to anymore. I rate each scene with the maximum of 15 points, with 15 being a flawless victory. Each scene gets 5 for the tease, 5 for the female beauty and 5 for the sex. I add them all up and if they add up to 15, that scene is a “flawless victory”, which equates to 100 on the percentage level. And if a particular movie has 5 scenes and all five of them get 15 points, then that film will get a 100% rating from me. If there are only two flawless victories with the other three scenes only getting 12 points out of 15 (which is common in most porn today), that flick will only add up to 66 points out of 75, due to the fact that I have divided 66 out of 75 and therefore, that flick will only get an 88% out of me, which makes it a worthy rental but one that I personally wouldn’t have in my small collection. I have been reviewing adult DVDs for quite sometime now and unlike some other reviewers, I have regrets about giving certain films a high percentage, especially if I have seen something a whole lot better down the line. For example, I regret giving 5-star “flawless” ratings to adult films such as…

“Buttman’s Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2” [My new rating: 4 stars]
“The Best Ass in the World” [My new rating: 4 stars]
“Big Booty White Girls 4” [My new rating: 4.5 stars]
“The Best of Buttman” [My new rating: 4 stars]
“Face Dance Obsession” [My new rating: 4.5 stars]
“Belladonna’s Dark Meat 2” [My new rating: 4.5 stars]
“Buttman’s Anal Show” [My new rating: 4 stars]

There are also others I wish I had given higher ratings to, if I hadn’t before. Such as…

“Belladonna’s Dark Meat” [My new rating: 5 stars]
“Erik Everhard’s This Butt’s 4U #1” [My new rating: 5 stars]

I have also included a list of things that I love to see in pornography, plus the things that I hate…

What I Love:
Ass obsession, big butts, interracial sex (black men and non-black women of all ethnicities), cowgirl positions, doggy style positions, standing missionary and standing 69 (a regular in Justin Slayer flicks), anal sex, rough sex, 3-guys-on-1-female, BDSM, trash talk, face sitting, internal cumshots, flicks from Evil Angel, Bang Bros, Rosebud

What I Despise:
Gangbangs, orgies, spitting, anal gapes, creampies, men who fuck like mindless machines, facial cumshots, DAP, DVP, seeing a guy’s foot planted on a woman’s face, male ass eating, condoms (but can be tolerated), overused trash talk, food and sex, small dicks, men who can’t lay the pipe, women who lack enthuisiasm, cum farting, cum gargling (very popular in Jules Jordan flicks), women who don’t look themselves or who look sickly (example: Olivia O’Lovely in “Mami Culo Grande 2” and Naomi in “This Butt’s 4U #1”), Sarah Jay, Gauge, Brian Pumper, women with huge, unrealistically giant buttocks like Cherokee D’Ass, foot play, lactating, music during sex (unless it’s jazz or world music), compilations, porn stars who pick their nose during scenes, overuse of sex toys, breast obsession, male “rejects”, excessive face slapping, anything that has homosexual tones to it, wasted female talent, female talent who wears too much make-up (Jules Jordan’s flicks contains a lot of this), reverse cowgirl positions, Anabolic/Diabolic, Channel 69, Hustler, WCP videos and finally, overused slow-motion (this happens a lot in Justin Slayer's trailers).

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