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Studio: All Worlds Video
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Male.Cum:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Male.Cum overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Male.Cum Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Male.Cum Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Male.Cum Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Male.Cum Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Male.Cum DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Male.Cum A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  9/29/2002
Although I ended up liking this film, the opening considerably teed me off. One of the great advantages of DVDs, I always thought, was that I didn’t have to wade though half-a-dozen commercials or previews of coming attractions before getting to the film. However, I was presented here not with the beginning of the film, but with an ad for All World’s Resort, promising me a swell time with scads of gorgeous hunks should I go there. But when two guests strolled by in the first scene which took place at this supposed Valhalla, they were two sad looking fatties with nary a hunk between them. Then, to add insult to injury, the action is all centered on Dirk Yates’ live action web site making the whole film something of an All World’s commercial.

As the film opens, Tigger is watching this web site. Super hung Frank Nation is seen on the web cam arriving at the pool. He is ogled by Kurt Summers, a hot guy that one would certainly make the trip to the resort to be with. (Fat chance. Pun intended.) Both guys are graduates of the Dirk Yates Academy of Straight Marine Pud Pullers. After a dip in the pool, Frank comes over to lie beside the nude Kurt. Both pull their puds a while as they used to do in the D.Y.A.S.M.P.P. films. Then Frank goes down on Kurt. Kurt also blows Frank and though their hards are in it, their hearts are not. But Tigger to the rescue. Miraculously, he appears in the pool. Climbing out, his erection leads the way to the two half-hearted fellators. Tigger chows down on both guys, and opens his bum to both. The three end the scene by supposedly jacking off, but if any ejaculated I couldn’t see it. Rather odd, I thought for a film with cum in the title.

In the second scene, Tigger watches more web cam action, but doesn’t get involved in this one. Our participants discovered naked on a bed are Michael Brandon—he of the big big dick—and Troy Walker. This fleshy hirsute stud is another of Dirk Yates straight marines drafted into service in gay porn. Michael goes down on him and they are soon 69ing. Michael is a masterful fellator and Troy stays rock hard. In the sucking department, Troy acquits himself admirably and even manages to take Michael’s enormous appendage anally. The look on his face initially is not one of ecstasy, and he loses his erection, but after a time, even though he still remains soft, he seems to actually enjoy it. Michael dominates the action as only he can and the scene definitely gets the juices flowing. We miss Troy’s money shot. It’s a fait accompli when we see the spooge on his dick. But Michael blasts an impressive load onto Troy’s face, whereupon Troy surprisingly takes the spent cock back into his mouth and licks the head. This marine gets a medal!

Back to Tigger. We find him still at his computer chatting on line with J. J. Bond. They discover that they not only live in the same city, but in the same building. Imagine that? Surprise! Surprise! Naturally they make plans to meet in the flesh (literally) and so J. J. comes over to cum over. I’ve always liked J. J. and he doesn’t disappoint here. Although his body is milky white as though it has never seen the sun, this contrasts nicely with Tigger’s tan. J. J. (like Tigger) has two pierced nipples. Neither has any pubic hair. These guys are made for one another. The dialogue before the sex is delivered extremely well. When the fun begins, both seem to be enjoying one another immensely. After administering a vigorous fellatio, Tigger bends over offering up his ass, and J. J. has to stand on tiptoe to fuck him.

For the final scene, Tigger goes off to San Diego having won Dirk Yates' on line contest to be a participant on his web site. Whoop-tee-do! Nothing like a truckload of in-film advertising is there? He’s teamed up to perform with James Perry, a less than average guy. James has no pubic hair either, but that doesn’t make him any more attractive. Tigger helps James into a leather harness. Tigger, as usual, remains rock hard through all the tit chomping and dick sucking while James, the supposed pro, stays as limp as Liberace’s wrist. Tigger attaches cuffs with chains onto James’ wrists and attaches the other end of the chains to his own nipple rings. This evolves into a rather kinky scene with first one and then the other chained to the bed. The high point is when Tigger skewers James with a large black dildo and then sits on the handle of it. Tigger shoot a nice load. James does not cum at all. As it was, this was a hot scene. It would have been a scorcher with a more attractive and cooperative partner for Tigger.

Tigger, for whom this film is a showcase, just got better and better as the film went along. He’s not handsome, but he is cute. Like his fictional counterpart he’s bouncy, rambunctious, and lots of fun. And, he’s most definitely sexy. If fact, he’s something of a sexual dynamo. He has at least three piercings in each ear, both nipples are pierced with dangling bobs, his navel is pierced, and he has a guiche or scrotal piercing. There’s not a hair to be seen on his body below the neck. If he completes the picture with a tongue piercing and a PA, I’ll propose marriage. Hell, I’d even do so at the All World’s resort if I had to. Of course, the honeymoon would undoubtedly kill me, but what a way to go.

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