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Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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bono-ONE's ratings for Mademoiselle:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Mademoiselle overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Mademoiselle Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Mademoiselle Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Mademoiselle Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mademoiselle Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Mademoiselle DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mademoiselle A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/19/2007
Welcome fans to a new one from director Robby D and it has some really hot talent in it. Hannah Harper has two scenes and you also have Naomi, Celina Cross, Jordana James and Digital Playground contract hottie Sophia Santi graces the cover but doesn't really have what I'd consider to be a real scene until the very end of the dvd and even then it's only with a toy and not another woman. Not to dissuade you from buying this or renting it but know upfront you don't get a lot of face time with Sophia until that final scene where she diddles herself with the dildo. In the other scenes she's basically an interested observer, albiet a very interested observer watching on a big screen. Let's hit the other scenes where there is actually some fucking going on.


Up first we have the reigning AVN Best New Starlet and she starts off in the bedroom playing with her doll and we have Marco Banderas watching nearby with a sneering grin on his face. Well he messes up her doll when Naomi's not looking and then he comes in to "fix" the situation which he basically created. What is his solution, well do you really need to ask!! Of course it involves Naomi hopping on top of him and the two start kissing and there's a little fondling going on too. Our guy samples those modest sized tits of Naomi's before she hopes on top in a 69 giving him access to her pussy/ass and there is a really nice shot when she rises up basically smothering Marco's face and I bet he didn't mind to much. His cock is soon out and Naomi's proven herself very capable at servicing a dick and Robby's right there with the camera taking it all in. The sex was nice and varied beginning with vag, then moving to anal. Naomi looks pretty good in all positions especially cowgirl and then here in doggie anal. The pop is good too as Marco drops a nice load into Naomi's mouth and there's some cleanup too. Now for Sophia fans you do get snippets of her throughout the scene but it's not for very long, maybe 5 seconds at a time before we go back to the scene. In fact she doesn't even get naked in this first scene, just watching and moving about a little.

Celina Cross:

This next girl is a real cutie and damn she's pulling off the school girl look to a T as this scene gets underway. You have the whole white shirt, tie, and then a skirt too along with some 50's style glasses which add nicely to her appeal but it's Celina's cute next door girl face which really might get you craving more of her. Marco is back again and we soon get this young lady to lose some of those clothes or at least push them aside allowing Marco easy access to her pussy and I liked the fact he pleasured her first. Celina when it's her turn does a very nice job sucking cock and I liked the side view we get here. She keeps the glasses and tie on at least. The sex was pretty standard with all vag. Reverse was good and by now she's down to only the tie and the bouncing here was reall good continuing through the cowgirl position. The glasses are back on for the pop and as you might guess Marco drops some of the load on them, not a huge load but you get the idea and Celina does some nice cleanup too. I enjoy the cuteness factor she has quite a bit. And yes you do get Sophia sightings in this scene and she does at least get her tits out.

Hannah Harper:

This next scene begins with Jerry arriving home and inside we have the cleaning girl Hannah Harper watching the big screen. I've not seen Hannah as much lately and wow she is looking hot fans. Love the blond hair and how it's parted in the middle and not spruced up, a nice natural look for Hannah who makes the black maid's outfit look pretty sexy too. She does some cleaning but doesn't notice Jerry coming in behind her as she takes a C note from the wallet he had left behind which was the reason for him coming back. Well he confronts Hannah over this thievery and no cops, no it's Porn Justice which involves bending Hannah over the knees and spanking that sexy ass of hers. The oohs and ahhs which come from her sound pretty good here, like she's happy to have been caught and that grin which crosses her pretty face only confirms this. Jerry then gets in a few kisses to her tush, the she rises up allowing her breasts to get a little exposure while they kiss. The passion level here was nice and the two really seem in sync with the kissing, pussy fingering and breast suckling. Like Marco before him we watch as Jerry moves down to sample Hannah's juicy pussy and the view wasn't to bad. The lighting was a bit darker here with Jerry's shadow casting itself over the pussy as he licked but the overall vibe was still real good. Hannah then gets to work off more of that C note thievery by sucking Jerry's cock which she does a fine job of engulfing. No anal for Miss Harper in this scene but some fine vag fucking is captured in cowgirl, reverse, spoon and finally mish until Jerry pulls out for a pop on her lower belly. Hannah is one sexy lady and it's great to have another chance to appreciate her.

Jordana James:

This next young lady is one I'm just starting to really take notice of. I'd reviewed her in a couple scenes but then saw her in a recent RLD movie where she graced the cover and it was among the better covers of the year I think capturing her alluring beauty perfectly and the scene within wasn't to bad. Since then I've been on the lookout for more Jordana scenes and recently saw her in Control 5 where Ben English really didn't do her justice I thought using her more like a fuck doll rather than pleasuring her like she should be. Well how is this scene is all the really matters at the moment. Chris Charming we see out for a stroll with his "dog" and as we get inside we actually see it's Jordana he's leading around on the leash and wow there's a fabulous early shot of her ass which is pretty well uncovered. Chris taps that ass with his hands some and Robby does a good job of letting the camera roam about Jordana's appealing frame. You'll see she's wearing black gloves which don't have finger holes so they are pretty much like paws, lol. But what really will draw you in I think are the very good ass shots of Jordana which Robby keeps going back too and when her thong is pulled aside you see that asshole looking oh so tempting and I only hope it's a matter of time until she's doing some anal as that ass is made to be fucked!! Jordana does a good job of taking on Chris's huge German cock and the pace was a good mix of fast and slow head from Miss James. Sexwise it doesn't get any better for Jordana fans than the opening cowgirl where we get more time to appreciate that splendid ass of hers. Reverse was good also, see the huge pussy lips she's got, great for nibbling on I bet. Chris also nails her in spoon and doggie before pulling out and dropping his load just above her pussy.

Hannah Harper:

How very nice for us fans getting a second chance to appreciate this English hottie. It starts with Marco standing behind Hannah and we get some fairly intense upclose tease shot with some good caressing, great facial looks between the two performers. Marco is real good about paying attention to the lady whoever he's working with. There is some really sexy pussy eating shot and Robby gets you in close enough you'll want to jump through the tv to get to that succulent cunt. Again I love the way Hannah's hair is done for this scene, simple but it has that feel of how hair looks on those TV shampoo commercials when the girls shake their hair and let it cascade down around their shoulders, pretty nice I'd say. Marco for his part really goes for it here eating that pussy causing some good moans to flow from Hannah's mouth which then gets a chance to wrap itself around a glass toy, ok not what I wanted but we can work up to the dick I suppose. Marco then does a good job of sliding that toy into her wet pussy with Miss Harper then cleaning those juices off it. Then we get a much better use for that mouth and that involves some fairly aggressive cock sucking no hands style too. Sexwise you see a standing doggie, reverse and finally cowgirl. Marco saved up a good load for Hannah and rains it down upon her smiling face and chin with some cleanup too.

Sophia Santi:

Well we finally get a chance to really appreciate this lovely woman as throughout the dvd you've seen snippets of her during each scene pleasuring herself, well now that gets to last longer than the 5 seconds or so you had up until now. I found this a little frustrating after teasing us the whole dvd that when we finally get to watch Sophia in some extended action it's only with the toy she's been using the entire dvd. I would hope at least she'd be with another woman here, preferrably Hannah who had two nice scenes earlier in the dvd. What we do get, however, is still good footage. Sophia is drop dead gorgeous, I love her tits and she's got a nice expressive face too. She uses the toy on her pussy to great effect and there is some sucking on it as well. There is a spot of self nipple licking by Sophia so that brought a smile to my face and you see in the background just behind her the flat screen is showing scenes from the flick as it has throughout the dvd whenever we visited Sophia, I see her intently starring at Hannah on the screen and only wished the the two were eating each other's pussies out instead of the toy fucking we are watching. The lighting here was also a little darker than you might like but there's no mistaking the beauty that Sophia has, I just wished it had been utilized a little differently.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one was a good dvd with one frustrating area for me and that was how Sophia Santi was used. Having her featured so prominently on the cover and then only showing her in very quick fragments during each scene teasing us before having the one toy dominated scene was a let down for me in some ways. As a fan of Sophia's I was hoping at the least to see her do one g/g scene and it would have been so sweet to have Sophia and Hannah hook up after Sophia watched the lovely Miss Harper in two scenes it would have made perfect sense to close out it out with the two of them hooking up so a missed opportunity there I think. What we do have here in this dvd are two really nice Hannah Harper scenes and good turns as well from Celina looking just cute and adorable in her school girl ensemble and then Jordana James I thought looked pretty hot in her get up and it's not easy I bet taking on Chris Charming's huge dick and she did well. I hope the next time I get a chance to see Sophia on dvd it has her doing more than just teasing me with a dildo and that her pretty lips get to do more than lick plastic. A rental for Hannah fans for sure but if you're getting this to watch Sophia know going in she only appears briefly in the scenes before doing an extended solo toy scene at the end.

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