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Lust Treasures 8

Lust Treasures 8

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Lust Treasures 8:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Lust Treasures 8 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Lust Treasures 8 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Lust Treasures 8 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Lust Treasures 8 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Lust Treasures 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lust Treasures 8 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lust Treasures 8 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  2/18/2003
Lust Treasures 8
Various - see scene descriptions
Ana, Tricia Devereaux, Clarisse, Cristina Dark, Peggy Sue, Magela, Ophelie, Gabriella Bond, Suzanna, Jennifer Red, Beata, Nadia, Maria, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Philippe Soine, Steve Drake, Alain Deloin, Richard Lengin, Andrew Youngman, Christoph Clark, Andrea Nobili, John Walton, David Perry, Frank Versace, HPG, Nick Lang, Pal Kovesi
Running time:
2hrs 23mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0 / Multi language & subtitle options

This ten-scene compilation from Private features scenes dating from a period covering May 1996 to June 1997. Naturally, beautiful girls from Europe feature heavily, as well as a certain American favourite, in short, sharp sex scenes that reflect the video magazine format of the series from which they are taken, Private Stories.

Chapel of Love
Private Stories 16
Ana, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Philippe Soine
Director Francois Clousot
Certainly not the Sistine Chapel - more of a crumbling little ruin in the woods, where Le Castel brings pretty little brunette Ana for a crafty outdoor tumble. I love it when a girl with "butter wouldn't melt" looks gets that naughty gleam in her eye, just as Ana does here as she sucks JY's big old knob. He slips off her panties, licks her anus and spreads her lightly furred pussy prior to taking her from behind, standing. Her white dress falls open, allowing him to gorge on her boobs as he fucks her. Jogger Philippe Soine happens on the pair going at it, and in one of those typical porn moments, wanders over and exposes his cock. There's barely a protest from JY as his girlfriend sucks the stranger's dick without a pause.

During her reverse cowgirl ride on Philippe, the changing light casts the chapel in shadow, so they move outside, where the guys take turns driving into Ana from behind as she clings to the timbers, almost like Samson propping up the dilapidated edifice (the building, I mean, not Philippe Soine). The guys finish by depositing thick strands of goo on her face, and there's that wicked look again. Hardly a memorable scene, in truth, but pleasant enough while it lasts.

Rent a Sex Room
Private Stories 20
Tricia Devereaux, Steve Drake
Director Francois Clousot
Yes, none other than Evil Angel DVD Queen back in the day, getting into a steamy clinch with smooth-talking beardy bloke Steve Drake as he shows her round a house down Mexico way. There's some light-hearted chat and a fair old bit of foreplay before they go at it, during the course of which Steve tastes Tricia's pink slot and slurps on those luscious tits. She gives him a deep blowjob before climbing aboard and swishing that lovely long hair of hers around as she rides him.

Tricia's grabbing at the sheets as a doggy fuck, spiced by some smacks to her fulsome butt, goes anal, but the sort of spoons position (she's like in spoons, but he's coming in while kneeling - is there a name for that?) is better for seeing her face as Mr Drake spears her rear. He pops on her face and her hot pink tongue flutters along his dick. This scene isn't too bad, and I am seeking no favour when I say it's always a pleasure to view Tricia in action, but it does take a little while to spark up and it's also very slightly spoiled by an excessively saturated picture that, in addition, lacks contrast.

What are Friends For…
Private Stories 23
Clarisse, Philippe Soine, Alain Deloin
Director Arthus Milo
Deloin is jogging along the beach when he happens on his friend Philippe. Soine has his hand up the skirt of his pretty brunette companion Clarisse. The trio repair to a house where Soine's eyes are bulging grotesquely, like a man who's been on an all-night speed binge, as the guys letch over Clarisse's tease session. She gyrates her hips and wiggles her firm bum for them, before Philippe wanders over, cock in hand, exposes her little tits to his friend, and has the young woman suck him.

With little girlish plastic decorations on the plaits in her long hair, Clarisse looks quite adorable as she silently but compliantly accommodates the guys' lustful wishes, constantly sucking cock as she's fucked in quite admirable style. It's really only when they fuck her ass, in spoons and doggy and then during a DP, that she makes any noise but it would be wrong to paint this as being an indication of genuine excitement - it's pretty regular fare. The squawking kookaburra, providing a reminder of the Australian location, makes more noise than this girl! I know the come shot will never be an exact science, but the conclusion of this scene leaves me wondering how two guys could shoot so much, from such close range, and have so little hit the target, i.e. her face?

Private Stories 23
Cristina Dark, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Richard Lengin
Director Francois Clousot
Buxom dark haired Cristina is sunbathing on an overcast day, when Richard Lengin arrives at her poolside location. They kiss and Richard laps at her ample chest, then he investigates what's in her bikini bottoms. There's a nice shot of her big boobs hanging down as she goes to work on his cock with her mouth, licking, sucking and nibbling the head. A snooty butler/waiter character, played by Le Castel, brings Richard a drink and what do you know? Cristina sucks his cock for him too.

The sun breaks the clouds and they get down to some sunshine sex, nothing too demanding, just laid back fucking and sucking in the sun. It's nicely shot to show off voluptuous Cristina's lovely wobbly boobs doing their thing as the guys take turns fucking her in several positions and she looks especially good sucking cock hands free as she rides Jean-Yves. However, it's not till she's coaxed two loads from their cocks on to her chin that we see a really good shot of her extraordinary feline eyes, which remind me of the French actress Carole Bouquet.

Peggy Sue and Magela
Private Stories 23
Peggy Sue, Magela, Andrew Youngman, Andrea Nobili, Christoph Clark
Director Christoph Clark
The scene opens to reveal that Italian actor Andrea Nobili has busty brunette Peggy Sue sitting on his lap, and as the camera zooms out slowly it's apparent that they are watching blonde Magela, in leather mask and harness and black stockings, sucking and fucking with Christoph and Andrew. Andrea pops out his knob for Peggy Sue, who looks a little different from when I've seen her before, perhaps due to her hair and make-up that aims for an Italian movie star sort of look.

Magela hops on and off Andrew and Christoph's dicks while Andrea has Peggy Sue bouncing in his lap. There's a lot of DP action for Magela, but it takes too long to get Peggy's bouncing boobs into play, the camera flits back and forth too much and there's an over-emphasis on genital close-ups rather than full body shots. It's a little better as they swap partners, and Andrew comes in to use Peggy's mouth as she rides Christoph. While her full ass provides pleasant viewing, there's little sense of real excitement in the scene. I laugh as Magela lifts Andrea's fine knitted shirt out of the way to avoid splashing it with his spunk as she sucks and wanks him off. Andrew and Christoph's loads are weak, though; as is a scene that I can safely say ranks way, way down Christoph's list of directorial achievements.

Private Stories 24
Ophelie, Frank Versace, David Perry
Director Pierre Woodman
It's a rainy day when David escorts blonde cutie pie Ophelie to Frank's house. They admire a wooden sculpture but she seems more interested in the wood that the guys offer. She blows them keenly and Perry fucks her from behind as she keeps sucking Frank. Ophelie is fully clothed during the oral, which I like, but her clothes magically disappear during the sex, revealing sexy tanned curves and soft boobs. After the guys have both had a go at her, she doesn't look so cute, in fact she looks somewhat flustered, as they DP her and fuck her ass.

Perry is back fucking her pussy in spoons as Frank comes on her face, but the editor irritatingly chooses to cut to David's ejaculation, which is a fairly profuse load pointlessly mainly shot on her thigh, and also her plump pussy. It also annoyed me that the whole scene takes place in a cramped spot at the top of the entry stairs to the house, which is just a bit crap really. It looks and feels like a cheap, rushed scene fitted in between other more important stuff.

At the Pool
Private Stories 25
Gabriella Bond, Frank Versace, HPG
Director Arthus Milo
A brief tease sequence of luscious blonde Gabriella, styled almost like a 1950's bathing beauty, kicks things off, before Frank and HPG appear. I love the way that Gabriella sucks Frank and whispers sweet nothings at him (which are pretty much inaudible but the look in her eyes says a lot!) as Herve gets busy fingering her and fucking her in doggy. However, I do not love the way that yet again another girl with a fine natural figure has gone for implanted boobs - there's no way these could be considered to enhance her already sexy body one bit.

Frank ushers her over to a water feature, where HPG takes her from behind, then we see her writhing in ecstasy as Frank fucks her in missionary on the edge of the pool. Lusty Gabriella keeps on slurping away at HPG's dick. The real fly in the ointment is the sight of her modified chest barely moving as she squats on HPG's prick. Those odd-shaped mounds are soon splashed with spunk as Frank douses them in his load. Gabriella does a swift dismount and whacks HPG off over his belly. Her cheeky wink, smile and pout make for a mischievous end to an otherwise characterless scene.

Jennifer and Suzanna
Private Stories 25
Jennifer Red, Suzanna, Michelle, Andrew Youngman, John Walton
Director Christoph Clark
The set up for this scene is a pleasant break from the norm - elegant brunette Michelle has a little chat with Suzanna (a lovely brunette clad in white lingerie and stockings) and the familiar redhead Jennifer (looking thin and wiry in a slinky little black number), encouraging them to tell a little about themselves, sex, and so forth - she speaks to Jennifer in Magyar but Suzanna expresses herself well in English. Michelle then goes to the kitchen to find Andrew and John, who paw at her boobs and open her dress, but this goes no further.

Instead, she leads the guys to the lounge where the girls have wasted no time in getting stuck into each other. Michelle stands back and masturbates as she watches events unfold. Suzanna pairs off with Andrew, Jennifer with John, and they suck their guys before getting into some fast-paced sex that soon takes a turn for the anal. Both girls are double penetrated - Jennifer twice - and take medium loads of come on their faces. Michelle slips into the scene again to ask some questions, wiping Suzanna clean. I was quite keen for her to jump in but this never materialises, and I make do with enjoying Suzanna stroking her pretty pussy as she watches the guys stuff Jennifer. Not bad at all.

Private Stories 26
Beata, Nadia, Nick Lang, Pal
Director Peter Backman
There's little attempt at a set up here - we swing quickly into action with a little party group, featuring two lively brunettes in lingerie and black stockings getting taken by two Hungarian studs. And in truth, that just about sums it up. Apart from a quick spot of oral sex from the girls, the bulk of the action consists of action close-ups, favouring the hairy male ass shot, as the studs soundly stuff the girls to very noisy results. It's a bit of an oddity - I've rarely seen such a roughly produced scene from any of Private's numerous directors. The picture quality is home-movie standard, but I don't know, it has a certain vibe about it, I suppose. However, it's very short, hardly shows what the girls look like and oddly ends with only one come shot, though given the way they were going at it, perhaps that's not surprising.

The Lover
Private Stories 27
Maria, Alain Deloin, Philippe Soine
Director Francois Clousot
Maria slips into her lover's hotel room, and almost immediately starts sucking his cock. Unknown to her, she's been followed by her man, Philippe, and he listens at the door to the sound of the pretty girl (short brown hair gives her a boyish look in combination with her slender figure) enjoying a reverse cowgirl ride. I'm enjoying the sight of her upstanding little titties when Philippe decides he can stand no more and bursts in to catch them in the act. Funnily enough, Alain, the lover, hardly looks bothered about it, as he sits there stroking his dick instead of doing a runner. Obviously he knows what will happen next - Philippe will share Maria with him.

Unfortunately, the sex is equally predictable, as Soine and Deloin bring no more energy to it than they did to the limp "drama". These guys find this all too routine, and it shows. Philippe pops his cock out for her to suck, Alain continues to fuck her. She hops on to Philippe for a spell, Alain prongs her backside, and Philippe gives her a sort of pile driver anal fuck. Two sizeable loads on her face are really all that's of note in this extremely tepid scene - no crimes of passion will be committed over this affair.

Having rambled on at great length about this movie already and supplied enough hints about the nature of the sex, I will say in conclusion that this collection epitomises the kind of material I used to see from Private and wonder why they were so highly thought of. I should have been watching their features, of course. Still, Lust Treasures 8 entertains - up to a point - with a lot of really beautiful girls. However, most of the scenes are routine sexually, with an air of filler about them, and there's rarely any room for passion, not even when the scene demands it.

DVD Comments
The picture quality is somewhat grainy at times - some scenes are worse than others - but it's never intolerable. There are no sound issues - there's little dialogue that matters anyway, just bland music plinking away in the background. As usual Private have packaged it all very slickly, with neat menus offering the standard range of language and subtitle options, scene selection and extras - not the best, I'd say, with pics, cast and movie info and trailers, plus a DVD-Rom section, being the sum of it.

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