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edsa Lust Treasures 7 2.5 starsLust Treasures 7 2.5 starsLust Treasures 7 2.5 stars
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Lust Treasures 7

Lust Treasures 7

Studio: Private
Category:  Foreign
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Lust Treasures 7:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Lust Treasures 7 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Lust Treasures 7 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Lust Treasures 7 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Lust Treasures 7 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Lust Treasures 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lust Treasures 7 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lust Treasures 7 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  12/2/2002
Private Lust Treasures 7
Various directors - see scene descriptions
Running time: 2hrs 29mins

Starring: Monique Covet, Angelica Bella (Angie), Roxanne Hall, Lisa Sommer, Bernadette, Erika Bella, Francoise, Krisztina, Valentina, Brigitta, Vivienne, Claire, Wendy, Aniko, Diana, Irina, Gina, David Perry, Frank Gun, Richard John, Mike Foster, Franck Versace, Richard Lengin, Bruno SX, Jan, Ola, Alberto Rey, Yves Le Prince, Nick Lang, Zoltan

Effectively a "Best of" series based on the Private Video Magazine line, the contents of which are apparently not of consistent enough technical quality to merit transfer for a wholesale re-issue on DVD, Lust Treasures presents vintage clips and gorgeous girls - a whole 13 quickly paced scenes and 17 girls in this generously proportioned edition which covers scenes from the period 1994-1995.

A Girl In A Net Private Video Magazine 10
Director Frank Thring
Apart from a few inexplicable ideas (why was a girl entangled in a fishing net in the sea, and why would Messrs Gun and Perry be sitting nude together on a tropical shore?), the set up for this scene is neatly done as the duo rescue curvy brunette Gina from the surf and she rewards them in time honoured porno fashion. There aren't enough good, clear shots of her tanned body, and I generally dislike scenes on a beach, even one as sun kissed and picturesque as this - that damn sand gets everywhere! Still, it's all good looking, hearty fare as the guys take turns fucking her and having their dicks sucked, until they spunk on her face and she goes mildly crazy for their come.

Anal Virgin Private Video Magazine 11
Director Max Steiner
The very cute, elfin, short haired brunette Lisa Sommer gets frisky when kissing her man outside a cabin in some snowy spot. She drops down to suck his cock, before they head indoors and get nekkid. They exchange oral licks, and there's a great shot of her pixie-ish smile as she prepares to use her mouth to get him up to size for the all-anal sex that follows. With her lean boobs jiggling, Lisa's lean figure rides on top first, reverse cowgirl, and then he takes her doggy. The come shot is the culmination of a series of close-ups of her open bum, mixed with more glimpses of her irresistible smile, as Jan spunks on her well-fucked bottom. Aside from some focus problems in the close-up, it's a well-shot scene with a progressive pace - all in all, it's neat and effective. And yes, I believe that is "you know who" who directed it.

Forest Girl Private Video Magazine 11
Director Frank Thring
The eminently capable Erika Bella encounters the lads at their house in a tropical forest location. Helping her over the rail onto the deck is a mere pretext to grope her ample ass, clad in tight shorts. Things happen fast thereafter as Richard slurps cold beer off her full tits while David uses an ice cube, in his fingers and his mouth, to moisten her pussy. She sucks Richard while David takes her from behind, the guys swap and then Richard just slips away as Erika and David go one on one for the reverse cowgirl anal action and a slightly weak spunk-shooting finale. Still, not a bad scene, and though Erika's sexy as always, her hair style, dyed red, fluffy curls in a top knot, means the scene does show its age. Which isn't necessarily a criticism - it's common to many scenes here. But then what were you wearing in 1994?

Horny Horsegirl Private Video Magazine 17
Director Frank Thring
This is a simple single-girl masturbation scene. Down on the farm, Angelica (who isn't the Angelica Bella, this particular girl is attractive but not nearly as inspiringly, voluptuously sexy - it seems this girl was credited simply as Angie first time around - thanks to Sbando for clearing that up) feeds a horse and then settles down on a hay bale to peruse a Private magazine. Pulling her panties aside, she starts wanking and soon has three fingers stuffed in her pretty little pussy. She plays with herself in a couple more positions, before she finishes by slowly, sexily pulling a string of anal beads out of her tight ass - inevitably, these end up in her small, sensuous mouth. That's it - brunette Angelica looks lovely though she only removes her panties from her outfit, it's nicely done and there's little more to say.

Call Girls In Budapest Private Video Magazine 18
Director Frank Thring
A simple set-up, and not one that I generally care for in porn, sees Mike phone up to order some hookers who duly arrive and get it on with him. Valentina is busty and brunette, her hair cut short, Brigitta is slimmer with a mop of frizzy red hair. The girls kneel on the bed, dresses still on, and Mike takes each in turn doggy style. The girls move as though for 69, and Mike fucks Valentina and then stuffs his dick in Brigitta's waiting mouth. She sits on Mike's face, while Valentina rides him, and then Brigitta takes a quick anal ride before Mike spurts copiously over Valentina's face. It's quite a tidy scene, I suppose, but eminently forgettable.

Horny Storehouse Private Video Magazine 19
Director Max Steiner
More of the sexy pixie Lisa Sommer, who looks vaguely like Sylvia Krystel in Emmanuelle, in a scene where a store man in the Private warehouse finds her hidden among the boxes. She offers herself instead of getting into trouble, out come her perky boobs, and off they go. Sexually, it's hardly electrifying, as they fuck in various positions (including a brief missionary anal) over the desk and on a chair, till the unimpressive Ola weakly spunks on her stomach and the slender girl drops to her knees to suck him clean.

Sperm In Rain Private Video Magazine 20
Director Frank Thring
Mike Foster wastes no time in helping the girls out of their wet things when they shelter in his house from the rain. In a blink of an eye, he has the duo down sucking his dick, and then he fucks them, with the young Roxanne looking slim and lovely, and Angelica (Angie, again not the Angelica Bella) looking particularly buxom. The passage of Mike's dick into the latter's ass hole is captured in close up, before a rather abrupt cut leads to the spunk-shooting finale - Mike comes in Angelica's mouth and she dribbles come on Roxanne's face. A fine little scene, I think. Shame about the title, but you can't have everything.

Italian Cocking Private Video Magazine 21
Director Frank Thring
The title is a crap pun inspired by the kitchen setting, though it's not clear what the Italian connection is. It's all just an excuse for David Perry to get it on with French blonde Wendy and buxom Hungarian brunette Claire, both of whom are in waitress type outfits (you know, crisp white blouse, black stockings). Both are pretty, but as Perry lifts their aprons to get busy with their pussies, it's those black stockinged legs that get me interested. Wendy gets most of the sex initially, with a break for Perry to make crude use of Claire's mouth. Claire then gets it from behind, quite firmly as it happens. Finally Wendy tosses Perry off into the condom he's worn to fuck Claire, and Wendy has the brunette lick the rubber before tipping its contents on to her face. The camerawork is a little more creative in this scene, which I thought was decent fun, if nothing more.

Backdoor To Brazil Private Video Magazine 23
Director Frank Thring
Irina is a very youthful, slim brunette, who is walking on a beach when she finds two guys (Perry and Yves Le Prince, AKA Baillat) asleep in a boat adrift in the shallow water. She wakens them, thus consigning herself to an inevitable introduction to Yves' infamous champignon. She sucks the guys' dicks quite happily, Yves slurps her twat and the boys proceed to roger her over various rocks on the beach, filling her pussy and then her ass, before inevitably plastering her mug with come. I remember this scene from years ago, but I am not sure why - it's nothing memorable at all. Not only that, the picture quality is very poor too.

Susan Private Video Magazine 24
Director Pierre Woodman
Françoise, a very pretty blonde, plays a woman who leaves her dozing lover at home, and then plays away with a couple of chaps collecting coconuts in the forest outside. Avoiding the obvious gags, let's press on to the sex, which begins with the slim, sexy girl taking Richard's cock straight in her mouth. Despite poor picture quality (especially weak colour) and wobbly camerawork, you can see she has beautiful eyes and she looks great sucking dick. I'd estimate she looks somewhere between current favourite Alissa and French star Oceane. Anyway, both Richard and then Bruno SX fuck her pussy quite firmly, before Richard finally gets into her ass. The coup de grace is a double penetration that makes her squeal till their cocks pulse come onto her smiling features. Just in time, as the commotion has roused her sleeping partner, who chases after the lads. How amusing.

Bodyguard Private Video Magazine 25
Director Peter Backman
This one really took me by surprise with its more spontaneous, passionate sex. Franck Versace is the bodyguard, ostensibly taking care of lovely blondes Monique Covet (young and still with her own little boobs) and Bernadette in Paris. They're more interested in taking care of each other in the back of the car! The horny girls literally jump him back at their hotel room, instantly devouring his cock, and each other for that matter, in a scene where the girls are definitely on top. They launch into some surprisingly uninhibited sex - it's a treat to see the girls kissing passionately. Despite poor picture quality again, the girls look hot, all blonde hair, black stockings and lacy black underwear, and the sex is a breathless, frantic tumble, emphasised by brisk editing and perhaps intentionally rough camera moves. Franck spurts twice in a brief scene - indeed, my only complaint is that it's just too short.

Wild and Free Private Video Magazine 26
Director François Clousot
After a visit to a stable and a walk in the country, a group of three couples settle down for some fun in the long grass, where bodies begin to be exposed, nipples are teased with grasses, and cocks are slipped into girls' mouths. The sex here takes place with separate couples fucking rather than a real group/orgy thing - Alberto with curvy dyed red head Krisztina, Mike with perky brunette Diana, and Frank Gun with pretty blonde Aniko, who's slim and cute, and seems more into it than the other two. The action skips from one pair to the next, Aniko and Krisztina take it in the ass, but it doesn't really grab my attention - I'd seen this one before, and it makes little more impression this time. I end up fiddling with the audio settings and wondering why the dubbed French and German soundtracks are mixed louder than the English original sound. Anyway, Mike ends up giving Diana a pearl necklace, Frank's load is virtually non-existent, and Alberto just spunks on Krisztina's back. It's all perfectly amiable, harmless stuff really.

Pussy Pool Private Video Magazine 26
Director Nobby Besch
I've seen this one before too, so I apologise for my prejudice, but I must be honest too and say this is a rather insipid affair, the bland vibe emphasised by bland music. Vivienne, Castings 5's curvaceous covergirl, here with dyed red hair, takes on Nick Lang and Zoltan by the pool. The fact that I'm noticing things like Zoltan's stupid little ponytail and wondering who on earth "Nobby Besch" is should tell you how riveting the sex is. Nice sunshine, nice location, but sex by the numbers. I like Vivienne's full, natural figure and bouncing boobs, but, as a result of wondering why the scene so lacks personality, I notice that you never see her eyes the whole time, not even when the guys spunk on her face. They high five each other but they've little to be proud of.

This is an interesting collection of scenes which, while it does little to alter my recollection of the Private Video Magazine editions I saw as being rather insubstantial, does offer a good variety of girls, situations and locations as well as being a salient reminder of the way Private strove to create their recognisable identity, through the work of Thring, Woodman et al, and popularised the vignette format that is pretty much standard issue for adult movies today. It's a picture of simpler times, where pretty girls, unusual locations and straightforward sex were the hallmark - no 3D, no fake-breasted American stars and no excuses.

I hadn't quite realised just how much Frank Thring had done for Private back then, well before his Pirate stuff (and indeed how his work has progressed little since). I was also slightly surprised that a lot of these scenes don't really show the girls off as well as they might, but generally I enjoyed this collection while still feeling that it isn't quite what I am looking for in porn (the failings of lack of passion and the rushed feel of many of the very sharply edited scenes are all too evident), but it's good that Private can still find a place in their catalogue for this material - the style is a sharp contrast to what they are doing now, but it's never a bad thing to remember your roots.

DVD Comments  
This is a neatly complied package - each scene has full credits before it, and there are also production notes with credits, dates etc in the extras. The picture quality does vary - it's generally good, sometimes lacking. I suspect some digital processing has gone on to correct some flaws, but two or three scenes do have grainy pictures with weak colour. The sound is all right, but that does mean the largely horrific music comes across loud and clear. It does make a change to watch these scenes with original sound - first time I saw some of them, they were overdubbed with German, which is always a drag. Not the German, the dubbing! Speaking of which, as always Private provide a good selection of audio and subtitle languages, and extras that include pictures, cast notes, and trailers, plus the usual DVD Rom catalogue and so forth.


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