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Lush 3
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Lush 3

Studio: Club 59
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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Aaryanna's ratings for Lush 3:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Lush 3 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Lush 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Lush 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lush 3 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Lush 3 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Lush 3 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lush 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  2/9/2013
Porn Actresses Learning to Like Women. Beautifully.

I’m a firm believer that all women should be bisexual. Not lesbian. And I’m always on the lookout for films that help portray this – in a manner that might prompt other women and young girls – to want to experience this for themselves as well.

Club 59 is one of my favorite studios. The women are always gorgeous. And the settings are always bright and well lit – which softens the women’s skin – and makes every production look extremely high quality. This episode injects more color into each vignette than episodes have done in the past. But the sex is still quite wonderful. And if I hadn’t pointed it out to you, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed the more colorful shading. It just looks very nice.

Each scene starts off with an up front interview with both babes. This often times feels forced when other movies do this. But William H., the director, manages to pull this off in a manner which seems both natural and honest.

Some of the actresses talk about their favorite body parts on other women – and how females are softer and more sensuous.

But some of the ladies are new to the business -- and who weren’t that into girls (or couldn’t be) – before porn.

It’s like being in movies – allowed them to discover their innate liking of other women – and they love it. Wow.

I’d like to believe, as females – that if we all had an opportunity to be amorous with one another growing up – that we’d all love it, too. Why wouldn’t we? What do you think about that?

For the newer starlets, I especially liked how this revelation didn’t make them want to become lesbians and dump their guys. Let’s be real. That’s hardly ever the case – even though the themes of other girl-only videos being sold – might lead you to believe otherwise. What a turn off.

In terms of audience, I’ve always felt that high quality girl-girl videos, such as this one – make great couples tapes. Guys, if your gal is highly bi-curious – and what babe isn’t – this movie would be a wonderful and safe way for her to fulfill her same sex longings. And she’d love you for it. What more could you ask for – from porn?

I was lucky. Years ago, my guy always allowed me to express my own desire for other women’s genitals. “Oh yes, let me eat her pussy” -- I’d like to say out loud while making love. Fortunately, he enjoyed hearing me say it – as much as I enjoyed begging for it. (We were just imagining. But our foreplay – was watching a girl-girl video. I’m so easy.)

For women, I think this would also be an excellent training (or brainwashing) tool for young girls to watch – once they have boobies – for showing them how beautiful they’d look making out with their girlfriends.

Again, it’s not about becoming a lesbian. Who wants that? It’s more about discovering one’s sexuality safely with each other – before moving on to learn about boys.

I accidentally left this title lying about, naughty me – when my young teen babysitter came over – along with one of her best girlfriends who had tagged along to help out. She later apologized for watching the vid – but she eagerly admitted that they had both loved it. Her own parents don’t watch porn. Poor baby.

For some reason, this gal is always available to sit for me – whenever I call. I was just thankful – that neither of them had woken up the children.

Samantha Ryan & Celeste Star

Celeste likes a woman’s slender back and her collar bones, along with boobs and vaginas, of course.

Samantha likes butts – and squeezing, biting and spanking women’s asses. In terms of positions, she likes to have her body in contact with another woman’s – more so than when she’s with a guy. Samantha admits, that when she was younger – she was sometimes confused – because she liked to watch the females in adult movies more. Hey, porn is all about enjoying the beauty of women. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve seen girl-girl scenes with Celeste in the past, intended mainly for men (who can’t wait) – where she went from fully clothed, to naked, to eating another woman’s snatch so fast – that one had barely time to breath.

Here, Celeste and Samantha take their time undressing each other, mouthing each other’s nipples, kissing, and licking each others twats through their panties – so that my own pussy was fully wet – once they were both completely naked.

It amazes me how Samantha never seems to age. I remember seeing her, years ago – in the videos I used to watch as foreplay. (Maybe she’s a witch – or a vampire? Ya think?)

Samantha pulls aside Celeste’s colorful panties – to lick deeply in her ass hole –while Celeste fingers her own wet twat. Celeste has a really cute butt. When Celeste flips over, Samantha spends time teasing her – by playfully fingering and licking her clit – which soon brings Celeste to climax.

Celeste returns the favor – by fisting Samantha’s cunt with five fingers – while Samantha uses her own digits to masturbate. At one point in their interlude – both girls slap each other’s pussies with such fervor – that I thought they were playing musical spoons.

Celeste likes to flatten out her tongue to lick on Samantha’s twat. She also likes to swab the entire length of Samantha’s gash -- and to jam her tongue into Samantha’s cunt like a phallus. Her licking reminded me – of a young girl eating her ice cream cone on a hot day – hurriedly before it melted. Samantha grabs the back of Celeste’s head briefly and draws her face deeper into her pussy – right before she orgasms.

The girls spend a lot of time agitating their twats with their fingers, and the sound is so wet and luscious – that I thought for sure that both girls had squirted – but they hadn’t.

Celeste sits on Samantha’s face so that Samantha can once again tongue her delicious ass hole. The girls embrace briefly and kiss before Samantha uses her fingers to again bring Celeste to finish.

Both women have too many orgasms to count as the camera fades away.

Charlie Monroe & Staci Silverstone

This was a scene I really liked.

Charlie Monroe is a sunny, blue-eyed blonde with a strong jawline – who reminds me a little of supermodel, Lauren Hutton, but without the gap in her teeth. Before getting into porn, she says, she might have fantasized about kissing or touching other girls. But nothing more. But, of course, now she loves it.

Staci Silverstone, from Florida, is another breathtaking cute blonde – who reminded me of the other Silverstone, Alicia, the actress (whom I loved in “Clueless,” and more recently, in “Butter,” with Jennifer Garner). Staci has these incredibly large eyes – and a very delicate chin – so she looked a lot, to me, like an anime cartoon babe come miraculously to life – and making love to other women. Wow.

Staci’s first sexual experience in life with another girl – was with her best girlfriend during a sleep over – where they were just checking each other out, and learning about their own bodies, like boobs. She thought it was a good experienced. She really liked it a lot. I believe her. (Staci is definitely preaching to the choir, with me.)

(As an aside – anime, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a lot of girl-only content. Boy, are they really missing out. I suspect that the Japanese mistakenly believe – that this will turn their women into lesbians. Get real. The Japanese are so concerned about their low birth rate – that they legislate away any possible distractions. Did you know that birth control pills are illegal in Japan? How bizarre. I think that Japanese women – just don’t like sex. Maybe some babe-only cartoons might help? The Japanese, overall – are simply too paternalistic. I’m so happy being an American, aren’t you? I just couldn’t imagine living – without any girl-girl videos.)

Thinking out loud, I believe that it’s actually easier for girls and women to get physical with each other because, in truth, we really aren’t as sexually driven as guys. A pussy doesn’t really excite as quickly as a cock and it’s not so easily misdirected. (Girls don’t fuck animals, for example, except as show.) It’s why it’s safe for girls to kiss – because it may not really be that sexual. At least early on. And even though guys, especially when they’re young – are too eager to equate sex with love – I think women are more easily capable of keeping the two ideas apart. I think women were designed by God to be the gatekeepers. Otherwise, we’d always be pregnant. It also makes it easier for us to be bisexual, and to keep this part of us separate from our normal heterosexual lives. In that sense, I think women are really lucky, aren’t we?

(I think guys are homophobic – because they subconsciously know – that they can easily be misdirected. A guy will fuck anything. A girl most definitely will not, except for money. But I digress.)

The girls start off stroking each other’s legs. Then they stroke each other’s hair.

Fortunately, Charlie ends this nonsense by stroking Staci’s breast – and then drawing her face in close for a kiss. But then they stroke noses first.

Staci takes the upper lip – and Charlie takes the lower one. Gee, what could be nicer – than watching two cute, blonde chicks kissing. They break and smack lips deliciously – before one of the girls, Staci – is topless.

Staci’s face appears so tiny next to Charlie’s. And her jawline looks so delicate. Except for their huge false eyelashes – both girls look so incredibly young.

It’s therefore easy to imagine – Charlie as a more experienced sixteen year old --and Staci as her fourteen year old partner. And that both babes are eagerly exploring their natural inclinations, which they’ve done with one another for years. This isn’t their first time together – and it shows.

Staci lays her head back submissively – as Charlie kisses down passionately on her face. Charlie then cups her hands under Staci’s sweet, all natural breasts like a human bra – and kisses each one hungrily while staring romantically into Staci’s eyes.

Ladies, do you remember the first time you kissed another girl – and sucked deliciously on her nipples? I do. Few things in life are as emotionally fulfilling as kissing another babe for the first time – and having her kiss you back – and then exploring each other’s naked bodies and feeling like the sexiest, most beautiful girl alive. Which you are.

Watching Charlie and Staci really caused those feelings to come rushing back for me. And they’d barely gotten -- to second base.

Charlie also has very creamy breasts – and Staci looks wonderful sucking on ‘em. Gee, wouldn’t it be nice – if they had a new type of soft porn that allowed fourteen and sixteen year old girls – to make love together like this, once they both had boobs? Girls are doing it now together, anyway. Nothing would be fresher or sexier than that.

Charlie kisses all over Staci’s body – which gives her license – to unbutton Staci’s jeans and slide them off. Hey, works for me. I remember the first time another girl undressed me. It made me feel really sexy – because I knew she really wanted me.

Charlie licks on Staci’s twat through her g-string panties. After stripping them off – Charlie returns to Staci’s face – before kissing back down to her cunt. Charlie swipes her tongue on Staci’s gash – and happily proclaims that it tastes -- like candy.

One of the hot things about Charlie and Staci’s scene – is how much they enjoy tasting each other’s pussy flavor – off of each other’s lips and hands. And how they like to ask for it – ahead of time. “I want to taste your pussy on my fingers.” Sigh.

Charlie looks really beautiful munching on Staci’s twat. On a scale from one-to-ten, watching Charlie eating is about a “ten” (Watching a dude eat pussy, by contrast – is about a “three,” or maybe even a “minus one” for me.)

The camera moves up to give us some nice POV views – of Staci looking down between her legs to see Charlie looking up lovingly at her – while licking “right there” as Staci grabs her hair. Whenever I masturbate and imagine someone eating my snatch, it’s always a cute babe – with a furry head – just like Charlie.

Charlie takes license – and reaches up and feels on Staci’s boobs – while she eats. Gee, I would. She then uses the fingers of both hands – to strum on Staci’s clit like a banjo. Staci asks Charlie to finger fuck her – so she can then taste her own flavor on Charlie’s fingers. Staci then deliciously sucks on Charlie’s digit – as though it were a miniature cock – all of the way down to her knuckles.

The girls kiss passionately afterwards. Ladies, as you know – another woman’s lips always taste better – when there’s pussy juice upon ‘em. (The only thing better, of course – is cum – but that’s for another movie.)

Staci returns the favor by undoing Charlie’s jeans – and then whipping off her friend’s panties. Charlie luxuriates in her own beauty – as she lies back – and watches Staci go down to eat her pussy. With her tiny face, Staci looks – like a precocious fourteen year old – as she gets her own taste of her partner’s savory secret sauce. Charlie has a very pretty cunt – and it looks even prettier, of course – with Staci’s cute face firmly planted upon it.

The artistry of Staci and Charlie together was so breathtaking – that I took numerous screen captures of their interlude – so that I could go back and masturbate to their individual images later on.

At one point, Charlie’s nipples got so visually hard – that it almost appeared as though she had a boob growing out of her boob – which was really hot.

Staci parks her face between Charlie’s warm thighs and quickly brings her to orgasm.

Charlie then flips over – and sticks her butt in the air – so that Staci can then eat her pretty and juicy twat from behind. Staci finger fucks her – and Charlie, of course, licks her finger clean. I told you these two gals were nasty.

One of my favorite portions, in fact, comes when both girls – hand fuck each other while in a passionate sixty-nine (that’s different) – with Staci on top as the camera gives us clear between-the-legs views of each girl’s pussy as they impale each other with their digits. I just adored the elevated rear view – of Staci’s lower orifices – because I too love to be on the bottom when I’m in a sixty-nine.

Charlie then takes charge – to sit on Staci’s face – and Staci’s head just disappears underneath Charlie’s shapely figure and I thought she would surely suffocate, but she doesn’t.

Charlie leans forward to give Staci easier access to her clit – and her totally flawless frame just left me speechless. The only thing missing from this breathtaking pose – would be for a dude to come in – to fuck Charlie’s pussy or ass hole from behind while Staci continued to eat her. (Oops, sorry. Wrong movie, again.)

Staci munches and plays with herself – so that the two friends can share – simultaneous orgasms. How sweet

Charlie has a great body, so many of my favorite images from their vignette – is of Charlie sitting pretty – on Staci’s face underneath. Wouldn’t it be great – if we could all hire fourteen year old girls, like Staci – just so that we could sit on their faces – until we come.

I think this should be legal – especially since neither of us can get pregnant. If you can’t get pregnant – why should it be illegal? How twisted.

After she climaxes, Charlie insists upon tasting her own flavor off of Staci’s warm mouth. Gee, isn’t it amazing – how much more passionate two babes look kissing – when you know that they’re sharing the flavor of each other’s dripping twats.

Charlie then uses her fingers like a cock once again – to fuck deeply into Staci’s cunt. Charlie forcefully jams her – on the downstroke – to impale her fingers in up to her knuckles. To be quite honest – I don’t know if I ever enjoyed watching – two girls hand fucking each other more than this. Staci’s body shudders with each thrust – as she would – if she were being hammered by a dick. Nice.

Staci tastes Charlie’s fingers after she climaxes, but of course -- and the girls kiss heartily one last time as the camera goes bye-bye.

Staci and Charlie had a great scene together. But it was even better for me – when I started to imagine – that the girls were, in fact, as youthful as they actually appeared. Their natural and petite breasts – and lithe bodies -- really helped in this illusion. Don’t miss out.

Andy San Dimas & Samantha Bentley

The kissing in this next scene – was truly unbelievable.

Samantha Bentley is a luscious brunette from England. She likes the softness of girls – and how they’re such beautiful creatures. For her, a woman’s beauty has no equal. Samantha loves to eat pussy. But she most likes spending time with females – who are as attracted to other babes – as much as she is.

For Andy San Dimas, another brunette – her experiences with other women – were very limited before she got into porn. When another babe expressed an interest in her, Andy went for it – because she didn’t know if the opportunity in her normal life – would ever present itself again. How cute. She likes how sex can last much longer between two women – especially if one is multi-orgasmic – like she is.

Andy must have a thing for feet – since she whips off Samantha’s shoes – and immediately start sucking on her toes. Works for me. Not.

Andy, fortunately, came back to her senses – by kissing Samantha passionately instead. The girls have a nice way of smooching – by locking lips and not moving their mouths or anything else -- except for a little tongue, which I thought was really sexy. It was as though time had stopped – and every kiss was given in super slow motion – because they never wanted each kiss to end. How sweet.

I immediately called up one of my girlfriends – and told her I wanted her to kiss me that way – which was something I’d never seen before. It got even sexier – when the girls’ lipstick – started to smear just a bit, which I loved. Wow.

Both women, for some reason, are wearing a lot of clothes. So it takes a while for both of them to get naked.

They both also have long, dark, reddish-brown tresses – which flow seductively over their shoulders and frame their faces nicely – which makes their oral copulation even more enticing. I just love it – when my pussy gets wet – simply from watching two babes kiss.

They spend a lot of time using their lips to explore about each other’s faces and necks, and over the tops of their tits. But once they’re topless, the kissing suddenly gets more passionate – as they squeeze and suck on each other’s jugs with more vigor – as if boobies were that magical portion of a woman’s body they both like best. I think God’s creation of breasts – is one of His best inventions. Don’t you?

Samantha appears to be the submissive one – as she lies on her back the entire time that Andy is kissing and undressing her – and as Andy starts to eat her.

The director turns up the color contrast in this scene – which adds more flesh tone to each babe’s beautiful skin – particularly on their gorgeous faces. Each girl’s dark eyes and rosy cheeks get more dramatic with this enhancement. Andy is completely flushed about her face, breasts and shoulders. How lusciously emotional. In profile, she looked to me a lot like Sandra Bullock, the actress (The Blind Side), eating pussy, which I’ve always wanted to see. Nice.

Samantha’s healthy breasts jiggle nicely – as Andy mouth fucks her cunt. Samantha has this nice gasping way of moaning – as she quickly reaches orgasm – and as both babes kiss to share the flavor of Samantha’s pussy juices between them. “I want to taste your pussy on my lips,” says Andy – and Samantha certainly doesn’t seem to mind. Two brunettes kissing never looked sexier.

The girls press lips together again -- with just their little hint of tongue. My babysitter told me that she specifically liked the kissing in this video. I could tell she was inspired – because she and her girlfriend -- had their lipstick lightly smeared about their mouths (just like Samantha and Andy above) – which made me want to kiss and smooch with her myself. Maybe in a few years – when she turns eighteen. Better yet, maybe I could get – her and her girlfriend – to make out for me and get naked, as I masturbate and watch. Why wait until they’re older? Now, that would be a real treat.

If it’s blondes you like to behold making love – then the earlier vignette with Charlie and Staci is one you’ll want to see. But if brunettes are more you cup o’ tea -- then you may find this scene with Andy and Samantha even more satisfying to watch. I loved ‘em both.

The up front interviews for Andy and Samantha -- don’t really capture how sexy and enrapturing both ladies look kissing and carrying on together. This is certainly the case where -- the sum-of-the-parts – is definitely greater than the whole.

Samantha finally gets off her beautiful arse – to strip off Andy’s remaining clothes – and eat some pussy for herself. Samantha likes to -- finger fuck Andy’s pussy and lick Andy’s clit simultaneously – and she quickly brings Andy to the first of many orgasms. After she’s done, both babes take turns licking Andy’s flavor -- off of Samantha’s tasty fingers – as though they were feasting on messy BBQ ribs.

Since I think that pussy eating is best done by girls, I’ll often times have my guy bring me with his hands. (After all of these years – he’s actually pretty good.) If he’s in the mood, and he usually is – he’ll let me imagine that he’s a girl finger fucking me – and he’ll spend what seems like hours making me enjoy my own flavor off of his digits – this, of course, after I beg for it. “Please let me taste my own pussy juices, please. Please.” Pretty nasty, huh?

Samantha leans over the top of the sofa, doggy, as Andy spits on Samantha’s ass hole – and fucks it deeply with her tongue. I’m usually not a big analingus fan, but I really enjoyed watching Andy perpetrate this on Samantha. (Of course, what Samantha really needed --- stuck up her ass – was a penis. If anal fucking – with a dick – is a “ten,” then analingus between two bitches is, at best, a “two” or a “three.” Ouch. I usually like doing – or at least trying – most everything I see in porn. But analingus is definitely where I draw the line. If one of my girlfriends really wants to engage in some play with her anus – that’s when I’ll invite my guy in – to fuck her forcefully back there, which we all agree is tons better than tonguing it. Licking ass is just an appetizer – whereas fucking ass is definitely the main course.)

Andy then takes the submissive role by lying on her back – as Samantha hand screws her – and kisses her passionately at the very same time.

Taking charge, Andy has Samantha straddle her face cowgirl as she licks up into Samantha’s vagina emphatically with her tongue. Andy then has Samantha turn around – in a half-of-a-sixty-nine – so that she can bob her face and tongue fuck Samantha viciously again in her cunt from below. Samantha rides Andy’s tongue horsy – as though it were a cock. Andy’s head was so animated while licking – I thought she was about to have -- an epileptic seizure. (Gee, wouldn’t a real cock – be so much easier?)

By this time, Andy’s body is completely flushed – as if she’d just spent the entire day -- lying naked out in the sun. Cool.

I love to watch girls sit on each other’s face. But if I had to choose a face to ride in real life – Andy’s is definitely the one I’d select – so that I can deliciously feel her hard tongue probing deeply up inside of me.

Samantha gently lowers herself – so that both women are finally in a stunning sixty-nine. With their oceans of smooth flesh, theirs is easily one of the loveliest sixty-nines I’ve seen in a while – as Andy continues to use her tongue – to redefine the depth and location of Samantha’s gash.

Samantha looks exquisite on top – because it causes her beautiful tits to dangle gloriously beneath her.

Of course, both whores want to hungrily taste each other – by kissing one another – after they’re done in this position. Why let the flavor of good pussy go to waste?

Samantha lies back – and the girls scissor legs – and rub clits together as Andy climaxes yet again. What an absolute slut.

Samantha wants to taste Andy’s delicious twat – but this time directly – so Andy accommodates her by again sitting on the bitch’s face.

Feeling guilty, Andy lies between Samantha’s legs missionary -- to bring her friend to nirvana.

In a nice finish, both women splay their legs and face the camera – as they masturbate each other’s buttons to orgasm – and then suck on each other’s digits. They kiss one last time -- as the scene finally concludes.

I really liked this ending a lot – since mutually masturbating with my girlfriends – is one of my favorite pastimes, and it’s something I don’t think is shown enough in porn. Bravo. (Maybe I can get my babysitter and her girlfriend to do this for me while I watch. I’m such a perv.)

The kissing and face sitting in Andy and Samantha’s interlude was superb. When underneath -- Andy is a pussy eating fiend.

Maddy O’Reilly & Katie St. Ives

This last vignette is another – where it’s easy to imagine – that the girls are both deliciously underage. (Underage for what?)

Maddy looks like a pretty and freshed faced surfer teen with straight reddish-brown hair (with highlights) that cascades over her shoulders. She likes how women just know what feels good when being together. To her, that’s really hot.

Katie’s first same-sex experience came a few years ago – when another couple in an apartment near hers – basically molested her and made her have a threesome. Wow. This was her first time being physically close with another babe – and her first time eating pussy, as well. Sounds like Katie’s a fast learner. According to Katie, women innately know what feels nice, unlike men, who she says while laughing – just kinda wait for a reaction – to keep on doing what’s working. I thought that was pretty insightful. How cute.

Katie also reminded me of the actress, Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings) which made her scene with Maddy even more enjoyable. She also has these unusual grey-green eyes – and this combined with her dark, jet black hair – made her face absolutely mesmerizing to look at. (She’d probably also be good – in some werewolf or zombie movies – if she ever gets tired of porn.)

Like Charlie and Staci earlier – Maddy and Katie look really youthful. And Katie is somewhat petite. So it’s not very hard to imagine – that both babes are much younger than they really are – and are exploring their budding sexuality together before taking their show on-the-road with boys.

I just want to note – that Maddy and Katie’s scene – is the only one in the video that takes place in a mainly white room, which used to be a Club 59 trademark. I guess nothing last forever, does it?

The girls brush lips only once – before they start to take off their clothes. How nice.

They pull t-shirts up over their heads – and knead each other’s boobs. Katie pushes Maddy down upon an all-white sofa – to kiss her and lick her tits. The girls look like two friends – exploring each other’s bodies – one afternoon when no one else is around.

Maddy wears an all-white and virginal looking set of lacy bra and panties. Neither babe is hugely breasted – which only reinforced their young, adolescent girl appeal.

For some reason, Katie prefers to pull aside Maddy’s white undies to eat her – which partially hides the view of her genitals.

Even though she’s somewhat tiny, Katie has a really shapely and attractive figure – particularly her breasts, which are concave on top – with large, juicy and pink dollar-size areolas which appear to be immensely suckable. If I were a newborn baby – the breasts I’d want to nurse from – would definitely be Katie’s.

Maddy’s mammaries are somewhat more petite for her size. Maddy is also significantly taller. Both babes, fortunately, have satisfyingly flat bellies. So the overall effect is that they both appear – to get progressively younger and younger – the closer to completely naked they become. Very cool.

I bet if we saw them – with a bit less eye makeup – and without the tattoos, that they’d look like a pair of curious junior high school babes innocently exploring their bisexuality together. Talk about being a fly-on-the-wall. Nice.

Katie is single-minded in eating Maddy’s pussy in an unbroken streak until Maddy comes. When we finally get a good peek at Maddy’s clean-shaven twat – we see that her inner and outer labia – are much fairer and pinker than you’d expect from someone with such dark, crimson hair. It probably goes with her very fair complexion. Maybe that’s why Katie was so happy munching on ‘em for so long.

Since the actress, Liv Tyler, is fairly tall – it was fun to imagine that Katie – was Liv back-in-time as her twelve or fourteen year old self. As I had mentioned before – wouldn’t it be fun to watch – really young teen or pre-teen girls – make love to each other just like this before they graduate to sucking and fucking boys?

Maddy also licks Katie’s snatch at length to orgasm. The camera films Maddy from the rear – to treat us with a tempting backdoor view – of Maddy’s pretty strawberry smoothie colored pussy lips. Sweet.

In one of my favorite portions, Katie lies on her back – and crawls between Maddy’s legs – to position herself in the bottom of a tasty sixty-nine. Katie uses her tongue – and nose – to beautifully bisect Maddy’s fruity labia.

What’s nice about this sixty-nine – is that, in profile, the girls’ figures appear more boyish – so they really do look like fourteen years old girls licking each other’s twats in unison. Ladies, what would you do – if you came home – and found your pubescent teen engaging in such lurid activity with her equally girlish friend? (I think the best thing to do would be – to sneak out and come back in a few hours – to give them the chance to finish, don’t you? It’s very important that you – start ‘em out right.)

The camera really gets in close.

I especially liked how Katie used her – nose – like a plough to push up inside the posterior end of Maddy’s twat. It was like Katie – was trying to use her sniffer – to fuck inside of Maddy’s vagina.

I think it was some of the most appetizing views I’d ever seen of a girl licking cunt from the bottom half of a sixty-nine. Both girls are clean-shaven around their pubes – so their really young girl resemblance is enjoyably unmarred.

The view of Maddy licking downward – at Katie’s other end – is much more florid. Katie’s labia are open and relaxed – and Maddy buries her lips so deeply between them – that it looks like Maddy is trying to openly French kiss with Katie’s cunt. Wow.

After a few more orgasms, the girls exchange some refreshing after-sex kisses as the scene fades and the credits begin to roll.

If my best girlfriend had a pussy as pretty as Maddy’s – I’d definitely want her to sit on my face, sixty-nine style – so that I could lick her clit and fuck her vagina with my nose, just like Katie.


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a girl-girl video – that had better kissing, finger fucking, face-sitting, sixty-nines – and pussy tasting than this one.

I also never thought – that I’d enjoy watching petitely breasted babes so much – and that it would allow me to imagine the loveliness of really young girls discovering and enjoying making love together, before boys.

(I’m not sure the director intended this – but this is what I saw.)

I would highly recommend “Lush 3” to anyone – male or female – who truly loves the beauty of the feminine form alluringly intertwined together. Enjoy.

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