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Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience

Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience

Studio: Teravision
Category:  Interactive , Latin
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Starring: , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/30/2009
Good afternoon porn fans, here's a new Interactive dvd on the market and it just so happens to feature Lupe Fuentes the newest TeraVision contract starlet. I saw Lupe this June at the big Erotica LA show and she was definitely one of the star attractions at the show and I was instantly curious to see her in action, well here's my first and yours too, though she's done a few titles I gather over seas, some internet stuff but this I would think is her big debut here in the states and with a big company such as Tera's behind her Lupe should do very well as she's got the Latina hotness angle down.

The title opens with Lupe walking towards us, lots of white, she's got billowy angel wings on and she asks us the first of what I gather will be series of questions which will prompt a choice. Do we want to get to know her and I safely assume most of you will choose yes which is what I did. Not long after this we get our second question and Lupe asks if we want her to strip, again a big yes here! The wind begins blowing through her hair, her pretty eyes stare out as we see her slowly reveal her sexy body. White see thru lace bra gets removed, hands caressing her tits and they mix in some black/white shots too of Lupe. The close in shots were good too, all serving to make you want to crave this young lady, slow peel off of the panties then it's pussy and ass time-- all the while she keeps the angel wings on! It's not a long strip tease but does a good job of giving you a taste of Lupe's hotness, more to follow as we get our next question posed. Ok no question but a return to the menu where you have the choices laid out with easy to read words and moving pictures even! I'll go with Masturbation since we're warming Miss Fuentes up for the big events to cum. I noticed too as I watched, once you pick an option nothing remains on the screen to distract your view from whatever it is you've chosen Lupe to do.


So upon clicking that icon we get the options of toys or fingers, I'll go with both and do fingers first. We're taken back to Lupe, in black & white with a slow dissolve into color as her hands are tracing over her young body. The musical choice was good too, we still have the wind effect blowing through Lupe's hair. Good shots of her tracing those pussy lips, slipping a few inside and the focus moves from in close to a pulled out view where this Angelic young woman is slowly working herself up to playtime, licking those fingers off too, so sexy. The computer or at least mine does has a display of just how much time is devoted to whatever it is she does. It's not super long but enough to get your juices flowing. Ok we end up with another question after Lupe's fingers are done stimulating her coochie-- what do we want to do next? Four choices but since there were two for playing with herself I'll go with toys. Lupe is still seated, in the middle of a white color dominated room, her tan body clearly standing out as she begins using a glass cock shaped toy to further ready herself. There is some sexy licking and the time here is longer than with just her fingers, nearly four minutes.

Foreplay- Handjob, Blowjob, & Footjob:

Miss Fuentes still wants to know what you want to do next and we have three interesting choices, footjob up first I think. We get just over a minute of Lupe on her back, white backdrop surrounding her totally and you see at the bottom of the screen her feet firmly planted around a cock and doing a mighty impressive job of jerking the cock off, it was already hard I assume but still no slipping-- I'm sure there were a few takes when she did slip but we get a solid minute plus here of Lupe jerking the pole. Up next is the handjob and the time here is a couple minutes longer but this might be the biggest tease of the entire dvd. We are looking down on Lupe as she's jerking our cock and those eyes are sizzling hot here as they look up inquisitvely at us-- I say biggest tease because all she does is jerk the cock, so close but yet so far from her mouth but the POV shot here was awesome and I'm not as frustrated because I know the next thing up is the real deal, no feet, no hands but all mouth!! Sweet mama, the shot as we dissolve into Lupe sucking your cock is so good, so close and you see a bit of sweat on her body, she's been working it pretty good so far. The footage here is a good five minutes of her working your rod in her mouth, more good eye contact and I checked but didn't see a second camera angle here offered. It's great to not have the options cluttering up the screen but I did miss seeing a pop at the end of the blowjob- she did a good job and I'd have preferred to have a popshot here too, I assume there's one or more during the sex positions which is the next option I'm checking out.

Sex--Missionary, Doggie, & Cowgirl:

Ok first off listening to Lupe as she asks us what's our favorite position with that accent was fucking killer, you can nut just to that almost, lol. But we get three to choose from and I'll go from left to right across the screen so mish's up first. We go back to the all white behind Lupe, almost like she's suspended on a cloud and in the middle of the screen is a short clip but a good one of her pussy being drilled in mish. I checked again but no alternate angles were offered besides the overhead shot. Next up was doggie and the time's longer here and for good fucking reason too. She's got a cute ass, you see her bootyhole which will be tapped later but we're provided a good overhead shot looking down on that ass, Lupe's looking up and back to us as we pound her some more! I liked the hold of her feet too as the strokes got faster and faster. So all that's left is cowgirl and since it's 'us' fucking her it actually looks more like reverse cowgirl as we see Lupe's front-- that cute face, those eyes and her tits all for us!! A good 2 1/2 minutes worth of riding time here to enjoy.

Anal with Lupe Fuentes:

I didn't see or perhaps I missed it where Lupe asks what we want to do next but all that's left is anal and the popshot so I go back to the main menu where the choices are listed again and click on anal where I see we again get three chances to bang her ass-- mish, doggie and cowgirl, the same as in the sex- makes it easy I guess. Starting off I'll go with mish again and it's the overhead shot we got when her pussy was being tapped and here's where an alternate angle in closer would've been nice, still it's over two minutes of anal time. Now on to cowgirl where Lupe sits on that cock facing us and it's no mistaking, we are tapping that ass, soft moans escape from Lupe who does most of the work here riding up and down that shaft. All that's left is doggie and I loved the shot of her face & eyes looking back at us but here was a clear case where the shot should've also worked in closer on that ass which was filled to the brim with cock! Still last position isn't bad and we get three minutes worth of ass banging. All that's needed now is for that pretty face to receive the jizz blast.


Ok it seems we will get different pops here for the areas we watched, don't really like it being separated out like this, especially the blowjob one which really should have been offered right alongside the actual bj footage. If it was I missed it. There's a pop for the pussy sex and honestly I'm not sure if was real or not, it looks close. You also have a popshot for her feet and I'm pretty sure this one was real, all that hard work jerking that dick with her tootsies gets a reward of cum splashed on her toes with a little post cumshot jerking. Of the two pops left one is for her mouth, the other decorates her ass, again it looked real but we didn't see a pullout from her ass before the pop which I guess a lot of you might've preferred. The mouth pop was probably my fave as we get right to it, the shot looking down on that gorgeous face was so close and the pop goes right to her mouth, a few cum bubbles as Lupe licks around the shaft. So that's it, not a bad first exposure to Lupe Fuentes, now I want to see her in a more free flowing type of scene and I'm sure that's coming soon.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok fans for an interactive title I'd say they did pretty good here with some minor quibbles on my part. The biggest is probably the lack of an option during the blowjob segment to go right to pop after watching her give head for five minutes. Didn't see that for the sex either for her pussy or the anal fucking. No icons on the screen which some of you might applaud seeing the absence of. The segments weren't overly long, the blowjob one at five minutes might have been the longest, a couple of the doggie segments were three minutes plus. Overall, this is a great intro to Lupe for those who don't know her but it definitely should leave you wanting more, a chance to see her fully stretch those talents out with a partner or partners we can see all of and not just their penis. It's pretty clear Lupe Fuentes has a screen presence, the latina angle is a big plus and her lack of speaking English will be a turn on too for some. The extras were a little light. You have a photo gallery and that is a great chance to see this beautiful young girl revealed in the picture format. You also get a short BTS clip where we see some of that stilted English from Lupe and it's adorable I think. Good job for most part. The segments weren't real long but do offer up a good chance to take in this girl for the first time and I hope it's not the last. PS-- there's an option for listening to this in Spanish and if you're feeling it I'd definitely try that!!

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