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Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6

Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  7/30/2002
Luciano’s Lucky Ladies 6
Directed by Luciano
Extreme Associates
Released Autumn 2001

Cast : Karma, Sabina/Sabrina Black, Nikki Reed, Sofi (aka Ripley), Mona, Brian Surewood, “German Guy,” Luciano (aka Michael Stefano)

I like Luciano, he always seems like a nice guy. Even when he directed some Extreme Teen scenes, he didn’t have it in him to be mean spirited. He also is decent looking, clean cut, in good shape, and able to turn on many women (especially his new wife, Jewel D’Nyle). I’m glad he’s been able to move on from Extreme to a better career with West Coast. Looch basically learned his directing style from Tom Byron,who was taught by Van Damage. All three shoot very basic, no BS sex that tends to be crudely effective.

Looch made several trips to Prague to shoot Czech and Slovak girls, and I believe Lucky Ladies 6 was made on the same trip during which LuckyLadies 5 was made. I saw the latter on VHS and found it decent, so I had somewhat high hopes for the DVD of #6, in particular because it had some women I recognized. This episode opens with Looch and Brian arriving in Prague, and being met at the airport by their local contact Patrixx. As they stand amid many advertisements in English (similar to Beautiful Girls 5), Patrixx explains that some guys from a talent agency have put pressure on him to make sure that the Extreme crew use certain models while in Prague.

The first actual scene begins with longtime Slovak veteran Karma (upper right on the cover) posing for extensive tease of her curvy, statuesque body. She has many good scenes to her credit in movies such as Killer Pussy 1 & 3 and Matador 12, and has recently worked with Nacho again in VHS titles such as Sexx the Hard Way 5 and Blowjob Impossible 4 (for which I am awaiting the DVD releases). She’s in decent shape these days, looking pretty aside from her painted eyebrows, and she’s in a good mood as Looch pokes and prods her. As she playfully blows him and then bends over for some standing doggy, it is as if she is an experienced hooker skillfully serving her latest client. They continue in various positions, including anal mish and reverse cowgirl, until Looch jerks off onto her face.

Luciano and Brian are then seen at an outdoor cafe. I was going to suggest that Brian keep his shirt on, but perhaps it would be better if he simply stopped appearing in pornos entirely. Looch mentions that it is time to “continue the waxin’ process,” no doubt indicating he was also shooting scenes for his Wax That Ass series. Brian then relates that some tough guys from the agency followed them around in a car, but when he challenged them, they refused to come out and fight. The scene then cuts to their hotel room, where Sabina Black is dressing in the bathroom. Looch asks if she is from Prague, and when she replies, “I don’t speak English,” he understandably responds, “Uh, yeah you do...” I’ve seen her casting with Gabriel Zero in his 18 Chiennes movie, and her foreign language is German. She knows just enough English for what she mentioned to Luciano, but eventually makes him understand that no, she isn’t from Prague, but from Brno.

Sabina, often called Sabrina, is a quite cute, curvy brunette (lower right on the cover) who always really turns me on. I know now that she was “Melanie” in Euro Teens 2, but her best scenes are in Sexx the Hard Way 3, Killer Pussy 10, and Rocco’s Reverse Gangbang 2. She also has done some work for Antonio Adamo (which I only realized from reading Goldmember’s Virtualia 3 review, thanks for the screenshot!). Here she has the unenviable task of getting it on with Brian. Somehow, she isn’t repulsed by him, but I am, so I didn’t like watching him eat her out and then get blown. They then have an uninspired, mechanical fuck, and she does look pretty good riding reverse cowgirl. After some semi-doggy (that means halfway to spoon) anal, he cums on her face.

Blonde pixie Nikki Reed (center on the cover) and her taller friend Katka talk to Luciano and a German guy outside a restaurant. They then head in to eat lunch, and Looch informs the audience of his great desire to fuck Nikki. He then tells her too, making the international “poke your finger into your fist” sign. She demurs, but finally responds with the international “palm up, rubbing your thumb against your fingers” sign. “It’s always about the money!” Looch concludes. Brian adds that hot chicks are everywhere in Prague, and that with enough money, even guys as ugly as he can get laid. Back at the room, the German guy pairs off with Katka, and they head out for an offscreen encounter which I’d like to see (Katka is a cutie). Looch takes Nikki into the bathroom, where they kiss before getting down to “business.” She lowers her top before blowing him, and then their intercourse is shot from below, making for some odd angles. They move from standing doggy to spooning to more standing doggy, this time anal. He then jerks off, shooting around her mouth. Nikki wasn’t quite as wooden as in Sodomania Orgies 5, but if she spoke more English, she still might have told Looch afterwards, “It’s been a business doing pleasure with you.”

Ripley, here called Sofi, is another veteran, who has had good scenes in movies such as Hardball 11 and Rocco’s Reverse Gangbang 1. She was called “Clara” in Euro Teens 2, where, as here, she doesn’t wear her long braided wig. That leaves her with her brush cut (check bottom left on the cover) which isn’t to my taste. Neither is her skinny, boyish body, but I have to admit that she is a good performer. She speaks good English, and before this scene is very honest in telling Luciano of her difficulty in finding a boyfriend while making a living as a porn actress. She then poses for a bunch of still photos, before Looch fingers and thumbs her ass, and plays with her pussy while she sucks him. They quickly fuck in a few positions, and the cowgirl becomes anal, followed by lengthy doggy anal. After he strokes a big load onto her face, she sucks post-cum.

The final scene for some reason doesn’t receive its own chapter, but is continued from the previous one. Luciano, Brian, and the German guy stand on a corner, lamenting that the “pimp wars” have left them without women to screw. They spot a plain, very busty redhead walking their way, and the German guy manages to convince her to go with them and make a scene. Her name is Mona (upper left on the cover), and she was new to me. She strips, and proceeds to suck and stroke Brian and the German guy. She fucks each guy while blowing the other, then gets analled in a couple of positions, followed by a short DP. Both guys end the movie by beating off onto her face.

I have read scathing comments on Extreme’s latest DVDs. This one is a bit older, and while the mastering isn’t great (the picture has too much pixellation), it isn’t a disaster either. Extreme’s bonus scene when this was released was an encounter between Ashlyn Gere and Tom Byron. This one has bad picture quality, but Ashlyn is extremely enthusiastic. Surprisingly, the only anal is when she aggressively rims and finger fucks his ass. She later rides reverse cowgirl, and asks him to cum on her face. He complies with the help of his own hand. The DVD also has a short, ok photo gallery, and 20 almost useless short trailers.

Luciano’s Lucky Ladies 6 is perfectly ok if you merely want to see a bunch of Euro girls get buttfucked. But I found the whole proceedings coldly mercenary, and the women were clearly in this simply for a payday. Sure you can argue that all porn is about sex for money, but often performers become familiar with each other over the course of several movies, and form some degree of relationship. Ideally, they figure out the partners with whom they enjoy working, and then have some fun in the course of the intercourse. There’s no fun here, unless you count Looch and Brian, who happily got their rocks off, and there’s no fantasy either, unless your dream is to someday follow them to Prague and also pay for sex. This movie left me eager to rewatch Karma, Nikki, and Sabina in their other movies.

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