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Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2

Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Starring: , , , ,
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KurtXYZ's ratings for Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by KurtXYZ  on  4/18/2003
Chase me. Don’t hurt me. Fuck me!

Don’t let the title fool you. There’s more going on here than just anal fucking. Girls are stalked and chased – and then gangbanged. They are fearful – yet accommodating. This highly emotional combination makes for an extremely delicious experience. Leave it to Extreme Associates to push the envelope. This is one of the edgiest films I’ve seen lately, and I was almost completely engorged from start to finish!

Three of the five women are physically pursued, and one is verbally abused. All put on academy award-winning performances for submission and trepidation even though the only weapon menacing them is a video camera. Another girl, Taylor St. Claire (who makes submission a gorgeous art form) has her home invaded. She isn’t afraid of her assailant (Luciano), but succumbs to his every wish nonetheless. He jams a lava lamp shaped dildo up her ass – and makes her suck it. He then uses his dick in the same manner – and she deep throats it lovingly before amorously drinking his cum. For connoisseurs of ass-to-mouth, I might add, this film also has some of the best.

This movie is not for the faint-of-heart. If any kind of disrespect towards women offends you, definitely pass this movie by. If, on the other hand, you’d like to watch girls enjoying sex for emotional reasons other than just romance, this movie might be definitely for you. Luciano’s Anal Asspirations is, in fact, the best (and most bizarre) video I’ve seen from Extreme Associates since Cocktails 2, which I loved. If you like your passion roughly hewn, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Here’s why:

The movie opens with Monique, a black girl, being chased down a path where three guys, two of whom are pointing video cameras at her menacingly, eventually corner her. “Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me,” she pleads. The guys immediately begin pawing her body – and filming it. They take her over by the pool where she sucks two of the men back and forth, as another fucks her doggy and reverse cowgirl from behind.

Monique, I might mention, isn’t the most attractive actress I’ve ever seen, but I noticed from her on-line bio that she’s an experienced performer with dozens of movies to her list of credits. What makes her scene a scorcher, however, is the genuine fear Monique exhibits early on, and the sluttish willingness she demonstrates soon after. The men never threaten her or physically abuse her, but she acts as though they would. The guys do spend a lot of time grabbing her hair and fucking her face – jamming their dicks down her throat as deeply as they will go -- which causes Monique to come up gasping for air on numerous occasions and looking refreshed.

Monique also has one of the prettiest pussies and assholes I’ve ever seen on a black girl, and both orifices look great being jammed with dick. The men fuck each hole separately – and then together in a nice facedown DP (double penetration), with both cocks pumping her fully and deeply, each with a different rhythm; the third guy, of course, grabbing her hair and ramming her face, so every hole is well stuffed. The passion of this scene is unmistakable. There’s no doubt when watching it that the guys really enjoy fucking black girls – and that this black girl loves to be fucked as well, the more dicks the better!

For her finish, she lays expectantly on her back and hungrily reaches with her tongue as the men come in her mouth and all over her cheeks. Monique has a very dark complexion, and the white cream makes for a nice contrast against her skin (but not against her pearly white teeth). This segment is a great opener, and easily sets the stage for what comes later.

In a truly romantic scene, Taylor St. Claire has her home invaded by Luciano, who eventually fucks her in her own bed. In case you haven’t seen her, Taylor, with her sumptuous face and luscious breasts, is easily one of the most beautiful women in porn. But it’s her acting ability which really shines through in this scene. She is seductively accommodating, even as Luciano slaps her. And the richness of her desire is wonderfully communicated by the numerous deep views into her lustrous hazel-colored eyes.

Taylor gets aroused by looking at a girlie mag. She appears to be playing with herself as she enjoys the centerfold’s beauty – before Luciano grabs her face and makes her submit to his will. She does so agreeably and without hesitation. The close-up views of Taylor’s gorgeous face – even while its being man-handled – are breathtaking, especially as Taylor twinkles her porcelain China doll-like eyes, and as she flashes her teasingly wicked smile throughout.

Luciano starts off by inserting a plastic forceps-like examination device into Taylor’s snatch and spitting into it. He eventually withdraws it – and has Taylor lick it like a cock. He then injects a conical black dildo into her asshole -- and Taylor eventually tastes this too. Before this, Luciano leaves the plastic phallus up her ass as he fucks her mouth – and then her twat from the side and from the rear. Taylor has an absolutely euphoric expression on her face; and no one has ever looked as though they’ve enjoyed fucking more.

As good as the first half of her scene was, what comes next is even better. Luciano screws her missionary and doggy in her ass – and makes her suck his cock after each session. For his cumshot, Taylor then kneels obediently on the floor like a poodle -- as Luciano comes all over her face an into her gorgeous mouth. She wipes the cum from beneath her eye with a finger and licks it, before sucking on his cock lovingly one last time.

The movie finishes with a trio of three-guy gangbangs. The first involves a soft cheekboned Debra Winger-style brunette who takes three gents willingly on a bed. There’s some nice tonsil fucking, and plenty of doggy-style pussy poking. The best part comes when the dudes take turns screwing her asshole as she lays on her side – and then feeding their dicks into her mouth, which she loves – before completely littering her face and the back of her throat with their thick cream.

The second gangbang involves a really cute brunette in a short plaid skirt being chased into a cabin. She agrees to fuck the guys so long as they don’t hurt her. The chase segment is one of the most realistic; and the girl’s transition to willingness is one of the most enchanting. She sucks her three dicks lovingly; and then fucks each of them on her side and missionary in her pussy – and then reverse cowgirl up her ass. She gasps from the fucking, more so from the discomfort than out of fear. She finishes with some nice facedown DP’s before kneeling to let her men release themselves all around her pretty eyes and inside of her rapturous mouth.

The last scene is the most threatening (and in some ways, the most emotionally satisfying). A Ginger Spice-like redhead takes on three guys by mating with them across a restaurant-style booth. They slap her and jam dildos into all of her holes. They fuck her soft palette – which causes her to gag; and they shove their dicks as forcefully down her pussy – as they did down her throat. There are numerous views where she tickles her nose with their pubic hair – as a huge sausage-like cock completely engulfs her. The most serene portion of her vignette comes at the end when she kneels quietly on the floor and lets her men come all over and within her visage. The guy with the thickest glue-like cum plugs up her nostrils. She ends her scene with her anxious brow being the only portion of her countenance not completely covered with sperm.

As extras, there’s a photo gallery, some actress bios, a macabre bonus scene, and trailers from other Extreme Associates offerings.

In conclusion, if off-kilter themes of implied debasement towards women offend you, then you should avoid this movie at all cost. If, however, you’d like to experience how pliant women express – through uncompromising submissiveness – their undeniable affection, then Luciano’s Anal Asspirations 2 will give you a swelling like you wouldn’t believe. (My own blood pressure has yet to subside.) Enjoy.

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