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Love Sounds

Love Sounds

Studio: Playgirl
Category:  All Sex , Couples
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wraithlead's ratings for Love Sounds:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Love Sounds overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Love Sounds Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Love Sounds Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Love Sounds Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Love Sounds Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Love Sounds DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Love Sounds A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by wraithlead  on  6/27/2009
I ordered this movie by accident. I liked the title, but wasn't really expecting a Playgirl movie instead of Playboy or hustler, or the like. Maybe I should learn how to read or only pick stuff with my eyes open or something. That said, my friend and I sometimes watch together, so when I saw what this movie was, I just set it aside until we could watch together. I figure if she can watch stuff she thinks is less than ideal because I like it, then I can repay the favor now that I have the chance.

I'm not sure how the review will turn out, because I don't know what to expect. A movie titled "DPs and creampies with Young Blondes" and I'd know what I'd get, but I've never seen a movie that was so clearly aimed at someone other than me. That said, on to the movie...(note: after watching, it wasn't so aimed-at-girls that I couldn't enjoy it. only the box art and graphics for scene changes etc pointed it out.)


Scene 1: A scene with a very good looking brunette, with a darkish-haired guy. The scene starts with just the guy sitting on the floor in some kind ring pattern around him, then they cut back to that image a couple times during the action, but not too much. Also, a little note for the guys watching, the views of him naked sitting on the floor won't ruin the scene. They aren't long enough, and the shadowing covers him anyway. I just thought I'd point that out, because it's a playgirl title and all, and I know I was wondering that. After some kissing and making out, they move to oral. Him down on her, her sucking him. Next is reverse cowgirl, then doggy. He has tats. She keeps her heels on, which i always find hot. She's not skinny, rather filled in just right for her. He was muscular with an earing, which is funny, because I found out my friend doesn't like watching the REALLY muscular guys. The scene took place on a chair. At the end, he pulls out and jerks off on her chest, so with that, movies aimed at guys and girls must be equally lame, lol...I liked the scene for about a 3 out of 5, which is good, but nothing stood out.

Scene 2: Up now, we have some kind of office scene. "An office scene," you ask? Well, don't let the couch fool you. This is porn, and they're wearing suits and looking at books. Another attractive girl, hair darker than last time. Guy has sorta a European look to him with black hair, longer than the last guy's. Some kissing, then making out, then one of them remembers they're still wearing clothes. I found the corset under the girls dress jacket really hot. More undressing for both. Then She takes his tie off his neck and puts it around her topless body as a tease(which totally worked for me and I wasn't even there) then uses it to pull him into a kiss. Heavier making out. Lots of oral for both, then mish with her on the chair and him kneeling in front of her. Another typical porn cumshot at the end. This was a hot scene, but not enough positions to me, so it finished as average.

Some kind of hooker scene. I can tell because, well, this is porn, they're once again wearing suits, but he has no dress shirt or tie and she's wearing a red scarf. That plus a cheesy motel set says, prostitute. Attractive blond lady, dark haired guy wearing a suit, a wife beater and smoking.

Okay, now I'm going to stop here. I'm still going to finish the movie, but the scene by scene is repetitive for me, and you'd probably get more from a good overall impression of the movie.


For this movie, I think it's good for people who want softer sex...or people who are watching WITH someone who wants softer sex. I bet it would make a good couples movie. My friend enjoyed it the way I did; it was good for a switch from some of the harder stuff.

The girls and guys all looked pretty good. No Ron Jeremy's or butterfaces. It had the typical Skinemax music that ran through the whole scene, typical Skinemax lighting and camera work, and typical soft, sexy, low seductive voices with the ladies talking of their fantasies...

I think it worked well. I've always wondered just how hard the hardcore playboy lines are. Ever watched a Skinemax or other softcore flick and wished they went farther? Then this is for you. I also like the kissing and making out that this movie had lots of. I'd rate the movie around a 3.5/5 with the understanding that it isn't as hard as anything else you'd find. For what it was, I liked it.

Condoms: Yes

Special features: Listed here without an in depth review. I didn't watch most, but my friend seemed to enjoy them. So take that as you want.

Bonus sex scene - Waterfall Wishes with Voodoo - The only bonus I watched. My friend doesn't like girl-girl, but I do, and I'm a giant fan of Dee, and this waterfall/pool scene was good for me. I believe the other girl is Nicole Sheridan. Sunlight and bikinis, sex and waterfalls. What's not to like. It was actually my favorite scene of the movie.

Bonus audition - Campus hunks upstate with Chris

Bonus solo with Mr. Goodbar

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