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Love In an Elevator (Wicked)

Love In an Elevator (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Love In an Elevator (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Love In an Elevator (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Love In an Elevator (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Love In an Elevator (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Love In an Elevator (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Love In an Elevator (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Love In an Elevator (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Love In an Elevator (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/5/2010
Good afternoon porn fans it's Labor Day Weekend, NFL's coming back which means Fantasy Football too!!!! But as with all seasons and changes porn is ever constant, never taking a day off so here we have a new one from Director Stormy Daniels. There is a fine cast assembled led by Wicked contract star Kirsten Price. She just got engaged but as her luck would have it she's trapped in an elevator with a complete stranger, Brendon Miller, and the two swap tales- of the sexual nature! Is Kirsten's love true, is wedded bliss on the horizon or has fate sent her a curveball trapping her in this elevator and will Kirsten have the courage to swing for the fences or lay down a bunt and play it safe, let's find out! It goes without saying but I will, nice title and the obligatory Aerosmith referance on the front cover was cool, Going Down!! BTW the elevators at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas do this everytime U get in, it's fucking hilarious!

Kirsten Price:

Pretty good way to open your movie with a sex girl lying in bed. Her man Aaron Wilcoxxx climbs in with balloons to wake her up. She's a bit startled and it gets better when Aaron whips out a ring and asks her to marry him. Climbing on top, the two making out, I think she agrees to your proposal. Kirsten looks very good here working those tits out and Aaron gets a few kisses on them before we let Kirsten take over making her way down to his cock. Good close shots here as Kirsten works him over and I liked it that Aaron returns the favor going down on Kirsten leading to his cock taking the reins. Reverse was good even some condom P2M, a few licks at her freshly fucked pussy then it's back to fucking with doggie, nice open shot here. The scene closes with a facial pop for Kirsten, nice way to start your day I think, get engaged and fuck your man!

Move to later that day and we meet Brendon who will be the guy Kirsten gets stuck in the elevator with, the two for now just pass by each other going on/ off the elevator so it's still working for now. Kirsten makes it to her office where Dane Cross brings her some morning coffee and then gets a look at the rock on Kirsten's finger. A little friendly banter between the two ensues, just some regular talking which the two handle nicely. Later on we get Kirsten going into Dane's office to drop off a couple things and Dane plays it so well talking while we learn later he's receiving a blowjob underneath the desk from Riley Evans. Kirsten knows the score and even says something to Riley as she leaves.

Riley Evans:

Riley does look pretty good in red, the blonde hair flowing and her lips working some magic on Dane's cock. The two slowly begin working out of those cumbersome business clothes but not all the way so Riley keeps a see thru black shirt on and the blowjob moves to Dane standing and we get a great side view here. Riley's shirt/ bra then come off so Dane can titty fuck her and then it's Dane's turn, so two scenes in we get the guys doing the right thing and pleasing the ladies before laying the pipe. The open shot for the pussy eating was great, it offered up some boobage too. Mish saw lots of titty dancing and in spoon we find Dane's cock nestled neatly up inside Riley's ass, yep anal time. The scene ends with Dane exploding all over Riley's tits which are pushed together and some to her mouth as she offers up a little cleanup too. I'd say it's a good time to knock off for the day after this!

Cut to Kirsten who is talking to her fiance, just about to leave for a party when she gets on the elevator where Brendon is so now it's time and on cue the elevator stops. Whoops it's Friday, after 8 so no one is there to here their call for help. Kirsten tries to use her cell but no go. Kirsten goes into a mini panic mode while Brendon keeps his calm. Kirsten even tries to use her heels to pry the doors open-- ahh finally some good use for porn heels!!! Then we get some amusing time lapse black/white footage of the two in the elevator, time passing by until finally the two just sit down to accept their fate about being there for awhile. Brendon fucks with Kirsten a little saying her ring was fake and this leads to the two getting into the sex talk- RU married, that kind of stuff which leads Brendon to recount that yes he was once engaged but it didn't turn out well.

Monique Alexander & Alektra Blue:

So we go back a couple years to Brendon coming home finding Monique in their bedroom, she seems a little surprised to see him home. Brendon isn't home for long, going to hit the gym which leaves Monique free to resume her tryst with Alektra! The two waste no time kissing and getting their clothes off. A nice clear picture here as these two beauties get real close and personal. It was nice watching the two pleasure each other but the action was much to short for this fan of g/g who enjoys long slow pussy eating sessions. But being pressed for time we get a shortened version, though what is presented looks very nice here. I did love the shots where we get each girl in a doggie pose with the other going behind to lick a bit at her friends pussy. I have to say I was very surprised not to see a toy come into the scene so thanks to Stormy for keeping them out, just the girls, their fingers and those sweet tongues! Whooops, Brendon comes home early from the gym to find his woman cheating- but hey dude at least it was with a girl, lol!

Back to the elevator where Kirsten is aghast, you just walked out not saying anything. Brendon keeps his calm demeanor even then telling Kirsten what could he have said really, ask to join in-- that would've been my suggestion!! He doesn't seem to broken up about it, mentioning receiving a Christmas Card from the two so guess the girls stayed together, even adopting a couple kids. The talk then shifts to Kirsten, no lesbian tendencies, not even making out with one. She even tells Brendon to get out of kissing a girl once she gave a complete stranger a blowjob, causing Brendon to spit out his water. He won't let the matter go, he just told Kirsten his embarrassing story about being left for another woman so it's eye for an eye, Quid Pro Quo for all you Silence of the Lamb Fans!

Kirsten Price:

Brendon keeps pressing until Kirsten relents, it's not like they're going anywhere anytime soon! So we head to a little party Kirsten and her friends are having, everyone is drinking and down to their skivvies when the truth or dare comes to Kirsten to kiss a girl. She declines but in the spirit of the game she takes Chris Johnson to the bathroom to do naughty things!! Move to the bathroom where the two are kissing and Chris gets a perfect view of the gorgeous girl before him. The titties get a couple kisses then it's Kirsten going down and taking all that Chris has to offer, balls deep baby!! We end with some very nice side angle bj action with Kirsten who works the pop out with some nice cleanup too.

Back to the elevator and some more funny time lapse black & white footage. It's not even the next day yet. Kirsten wonders how the party is going that she's missing out on and on cue we head to that party. Dane and Riley are concerned about Kirsten not being there but Aaron doesn't seem to be as he's kissing all over Madison Scott and Sadie West. Dane being a good friend has tried to call the police about this but you have to wait 24 hours, we know the drill. But Aaron is more upset about Kirsten not being there and that he spent a lot of money on this, she probably put something at work ahead of this. Dane walks off incredulously after hearing Aaron's lack of concern. Aaron then walks off with the two girls, wonder where they are going! Dane tries one last call but no good dude. Cut to the elevator where Kirsten's fallen asleep and Brendon being the nice dude gets something out to cover her. Ahh the elevator suddenly turns on and the two make it down to the bottom floor. Kirsten heads out but we know she is heading to a party where her man is about to do the nasty with two girls. Kirsten being nice even invites Brendon to come to the party. The two part ways but not before Brendon gives Kirsten a card, call for lunch sometime but she throws it away just before leaving, oops. Kirsten then gets a cell call, not sure from whom and it's not good news, Aaron's doing what.....

Madison Scott & Sadie West:

So we head back to watch Aaron do the nasty with someone other than his fiance. The two girls are all over him working his shirt off, kissing all over and finally his cock comes out with Madison leading the way in making it disappear. The girls do some playing together as they share. Madison was cool riding Aaron's face- I do enjoy watching a girl smothering a face with pussy, Sadie also gets up top to give Aaron a taste as Madison goes back to engulfing his rod. We get both girls riding his cock, doing some P2M as well as going up to ride Aaron's face again. Alright some g/g ass licking too, great open shot as Madison licks away as she's also fingering Sadie's cookie. We end with the pop decorating Sadie's ass with Madison right there to offer up a good ass cleanup of the jizz, sharing with Sadie. Just as we got with Brendon earlier the shot then shifts to Kirsten walking in after Dane told her where he was.

So she blows up at Aaron, tells him it's over and storms off, thrusting the ring into Dane's hand telling him to keep it. A few seconds goes by and who turns up but Brendon who actually cleans up pretty good showing up in an all black outfit. Dane doesn't know who he is but tells him he just missed her. Cut then to Kirsten back at her office and she's rummaging through the trash can looking for Brendon's card but alas no luck. She goes home and collapses in tears on her bed. So it's a new day and Dane/ Kirsten are talking about her being hung up on Brendon. It's been almost a month but she hasn't seen him back there since. Later that day she actually runs into Brendon and the two catch up. Kirsten fills him in about catching Aaron and that she dumped him. Brendon asks her to dinner and the two don't even agree to a date before Kirsten leans in to kiss him!


So the two play a quick truth/ dare where it's obvious the goal was to head off and have sex so that's exactly what they do. Move to the two arriving back at her place, kissing and it's a good slow romantic type of kissing- the best kind! They sure got awful close in that elevator and it's all coming out now. Kirsten loses her dress and we get Brendon kissing his way slowly up her legs. This is pure couples gold here, the pacing was really good as the two continue the kissing as we get her breasts worked into the equation, a few soft caresses inside her panties which soon disappear replaced by Brendon's face. The soft moans from Kirsten and even Brendon were great. Then it was Kirsten's turn and we've seen in a couple scenes so far how good she can work a cock and with the good energy/vibes the two brought to the scene after laying the ground work in the elevator this pairing was all the better. Mish and doggie for the fucking ending with Brendon blasting his load all over her boobs. Good cleanup from Kirsten to close this one out. Will they last, who knows but this was a good ending to the movie.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another solid couples flick from Stormy and the two main leads here, Brendon Miller and Kirsten Price played really well off each other in the elevator. The dialogue exchanges between the two were easy to follow and helped advance the story. Kirsten Price continues to impress me from her acting to her sex scenes. Now for extras you get another chance to enjoy Kirsten's talents as they offer a bonus scene with her from the movie Until There Was You where she takes on Kris Slater. There is some BTS for this movie too, take a look. Well worth it for couples fans, the pay off scene with Brendon and Kirsten is a definite must see from this one.

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