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Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme)

Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme)

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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P-Knuckle's ratings for Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by P-Knuckle  on  8/13/2002
Tom Byrons Lord of Asses 6
Produced, Edited, and Directed by- Tom Byron

The Victims- Alexa Ray, Ryan O'Conner, Aurora Snow, Belladonna, Sierra, Catalina, Bree Brooks

Special Features- It plays when you put it in your dvd rom and makes for a great coaster for a 40 of Old English.

*Photo Gallery
*Jump to Scenes (wow, this is an impressive feature)
*Moving Chapter Search (another gem of a special feature)
*Movie Trailers (extremeteen13 highlights)

A term you should be aware of before viewing this dvd-

'Going through the motions.'- definition- the repetition of certain actions to similiar results without any emotion or effort.

I have watched some crappy porn lately; extreme associates usually brings the shovel when it comes to digging up talent from the compose pile of pornstars. So this title looked a little different from the slap happy, ass clown, extreme wrestling variety. The cast looks promising, Belladonna and Aurora vs. 'the icon' Tom Byron, Catalina, Bree Brooks, Ryan O'Conner, Alexa Ray, and hefty 'bag of boobs' Sierra. Oh, and there are no condoms in this plus it has some anal, okay!...

My anticipation grows as the dvd starts up and slowly dissolves as the first scene starts. Music (bad guitar solo nonsense) is layered over quick- edited scenes of teasing. All the scenes start this way. It lacks creativity and is hard to bear. No slow pans, no raincoater pervert ogling, no teasing, no dirty talking, just footage filmed on low-fi cameras.

Oh Tom Byron, can you here me? While you could descend from Mt. Zion with tablets of porns' 10 commandments with a cast like this, you commit almost all the sins instead.

1. Unenthusiastic girls
2. Obvious disinterest in the physical act by the male performer (tom byron)
3. Long, jack off sessions to complete the money shot
4. Bad chemistry between actresses
5. Boring camera shots (neither p.o.v nor voyeuristic in its approach)
6. Technical nightmare of poor audio
7. Unimaginative editing (wheres the flow, yo!)

The scenes themselves aren't that awful;they just are run-of the mill. Tom Byron goes instantly to each ass in each scene but no closeups and no heat. Sierra's scene is the highlight and seems to be Toms' most enthusiastic. Catalina has an okay scene as well because it feels more personal and is slightly 'raincoat' appealing. The pairing of Big assed Alexa Riley and Ryan O'Conner is slightly subpar because of the male talent (a common gripe.)

The rundown of each one is similiar-

* music dubbed bad editing tease
* quick interview
* tom byron eating ass
* blowjob
* boring slow sex
* tentative, methodical anal
* long jerkoff to cumshot (all cumshots are mighty though, which is a good point)

I was hoping the bella/aurora scene would be the ultimate as these are my top fave stars, but this was the most disapointing scene on the dvd. The moron interviewer asks Aurora how long she has been a 'assfucking whore.' She looks turned off; what a way to get a scene going. Aurora and Bella barely touch each other with no nipple licking, no kissing, no pussy yum yum. The actresses visually look bored and I blame the director. (at one point the interviewer asks Bella what she is doing while her ass gets touched and I was curious myself as she looks oblivious. Man, at least give her a gameboy so she won't be to0 bored.) I am depressed; this dvd should come with a perscription of Zoloft...and whatever Tom is on...which brings me to the big point over why this dvd is not reccomended.

I have read on ADT that Tom Byron needs viagra to get through his scenes of late; I remember seeing him in The Chameleon and New Wave Hookers, this was some of my first porn to be exposed to; he was the young guy who looked so happy to be doing this. Now, the only thing that catches your attention about him is the large gold ring on his finger and imaging how many pieces of ass it took before he lost his will to perform many moons ago (oh those many 'moons').

This dvd feels like a Jules Jordan Ass Worship rip-off and gets nothing right except for the ladies picked to perform. Lord of the Asses 6 is a prime example of why good male talent is so important to the final product of good porn.

Extreme Associates probably has thick skin so these kind of comments by little old me will probably roll off their collective snake-skinned backs.

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