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Looking For Mr. Right Now

Looking For Mr. Right Now

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Looking For Mr. Right Now:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Looking For Mr. Right Now overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Looking For Mr. Right Now Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Looking For Mr. Right Now Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Looking For Mr. Right Now Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Looking For Mr. Right Now Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Looking For Mr. Right Now DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Looking For Mr. Right Now A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/1/2010
Good afternoon porn fans time for a romantic comedy and Jonathan Morgan has been quite successful in cranking these out over the last several years. This one features two of Wickeds Contract girls, Kaylani and Kirsten Price playing very different roles. Kaylani is more reserved while Kirsten's the sex driven hottie who can't seem to say no to anyone! The two are roommates so this has been a fairly interesting combination which as viewers we're getting a chance to check in on. Kaylani it seems wants to have more fun, more adventure in her sex life and Kirsten is all to happy to offer help-- but is it the right kind of help and will this bring the happiness that Kaylani craves, well that's what this movie's all about, let's find out.

So we open with a big shot of a wherehouse which is actually a huge apartment building. Kaylani is roused awake by the sounds of fucking! Kaylani fills us in with some great voice over work, setting the stage- Kirsten having mind blowing sex and she not being able to get a good nights sleep.

Kirsten Price:

So why not check in on this mind blowing sex! It's Kirsten hooking up with Mick Blue. As we find them Mick's already hard at work licking Kirsten's pussy and we get a fine frontal shot on Miss Price's body, love the boobs! Kirsten helps with a hand to keep Mick's head right there. Moving ahead just a bit we get Kirsten working hard on Mick's cock, view right on it and she does a fine job jerking, spitting and engulfing his tool. Both orally satisfied, at least for the time being, they work in some sex reverse to start. Doggie follows but Mick gets in a few more licks first, love seeing a pussy/ ass licked from behind. A good spoon finish yields the load to Kirsten's pretty face, cleanup too. Very nice start here.

Kaylani decides to stay up and fix a cup of coffee while Kirsten's dispatched by her non cuddling lover to fix him a sandwich, lol. The girls sit down and catch up, we weren't to loud were we, lol. The girls have a good comfort level with one another, helps obviously they've been in many movies together but just from watching here their acting was good and helped move the story along. Kirsten makes her offer here to help Kaylani get more sex!!!Dane Cross comes bursting in, he needs soy milk and then Mick comes out wearing a cheetah style speedo, had to laugh at that.

Next day and Dane/ Kaylani run into each other again with Dane helping pick up groceries that Kaylani dropped. The two are awkwardly attracted to each other and we get the basis here for a later encounter! Kaylani lets Dane know about Kirsten wanting to transform her into a sex kitten and Dane's like you should stay the way you are, the right guy will find you, it's him but he doesn't realize it yet. Ahh young love! Kirsten then comes in and drags Kaylani away, time for the transformation!Liked the schoolgirl ouftit that Kirsten was sporting. It was amusing listening to Kirsten and Kaylani flesh out this hidden sex kitten. Ok later that night and Kaylani's out wearing a pretty good outfit but the bartender doesn't seem to notice her feeble attempts to get a drink. Finally she grips the bartender and gets her glass of wine. Sasha happens up and then Jayden Jaymes joins him- but they slip away for a little ME time!

Jayden Jaymes:

The two slip off to a bathroom where the commence to kissing and caressing over each other. Jayden's gorgeous tits are quickly worked out along with her nice ass. Jayden's very eager as you see, helping to free up Sasha's cock, it slips neatly into her mouth. Liked the doggie pose from Jayden where we get Sasha's fingers slipping in and hello to that beautiful ass which as we know finally saw some action. Doggie and mish get us started but the cowgirl and reverse positions were easily the best in showing off Jayden's hot form. Sasha has a decent pop here but a lot misses the mark, Jayden still offers up come cleanup.

So we head back to the apartment, the first night wasn't so great. Kaylani returns alone, running into Dane as she tries to head up. The two chat a bit, again the awkward chemistry thing's working bigtime here but it's still to early for the two to hook up, lol. Dane mentions there's another screening of a movie the two find out they liked and asks Kaylani to attend the next night, she agrees so maybe there's hope. Next day and we have more interaction with Kirsten and Kaylani-- she tries to leave for the film festival Dane asked her to but Kirsten's having none of that. Mick Blue's got a hot friend in town and Kaylani's sent off to get sexy for him.

Kaylani walks out but Kirsten won't let her go without some changes- the glasses go, the hair's let down and the dress is opened up. Shoving her out the door Kaylani who can barely see runs into Rocco Reed. The two chat a bit and are about to leave when Dane runs into them. Rocco wants a night of drinking and partying and let's see where that goes. Dane acts cool about the 'date' not working out. Kaylani is then shown coming into the apartment, straw in her hair and a heel broken. Kirsten wants details but Kaylani doesn't want to talk about it. So Kirsten fills them in for herself, lol.


So we're taken to a restaurant and the two dont' even have that first drink. Nope it's a kiss and onto the table where Rocco's hands are all over Kaylani, touching her pussy followed soon by his tongue joining in the fun. Very good close in shot of Mr. Reed tasting that juicy pussy. Kaylani then gets to get in a doggie pose atop the table which puts her at perfect level to engulf Rocco's cock. The bj was to short but they do get in some strong fucking. Mish, doggie and cowgirl are worked in-- the shot down Kaylani's back to her ass, her hair-- I was digging it. The pop to close is on targetto Kaylani's face, some cleanup too.

That was Kirsten's vision of what was going to happen but Kaylani fills her in on the actual events which were far from this blissful encounter envisioned. Rocco was very mean, tried the out of gas trick then he gets a bit more forceful prompting Kaylani to shove him off and she runs out of the car. In downtown LA that isn't the best thing to do. She's without glasses so she hears purring and thinks it's a cat but in reality not and we get a funny scene where the critter hops on her and the two dance. Later on she gets back to the apartment running into Dane again. He couldn't be nicer to Kaylani and she too is nice-- so when are they gonna hook up- stay tuned! Kirsten's not done yet and we get one last attempt to sexify Kaylani. We move to another gathering where Kaylani's approached again, this time by Tommy Gunn. It's his place and he offers a tour, so far so good. They arrive to the bedroom, ahh I think we know his plan now. Kaylani's playing along and even kisses Tommy. But when Dylan Ryder enters and hopes to make it a threesome that prompts Kaylani's exit.

Dylan Ryder:

So no need to waste a perfectly good fuck opportunity due to lack of a third party. Tommy and Dylan definitely make the best of the situation. A little kissing followed by Tommy going down on Dylan, nice open shot of those lips being taken care of. Dylan gets some cock sucking in too, good close side view for this, her boobs are out too, nice big titties. There is some brief titty fucking too with Tommy also fingering Dylan before it's time to lay some serious pipe. Reverse was a great one to open with but they wait a bit before allowing Dylan's tits to dance. Spoon also gave us a fine boob shot then it's standing fucking with Dylan standing boobs facing us- they know what to show off! We end with Tommy's load decorating those tata's, Dylan rubbing it in a little.

Now it's time to put a nice bow on this title and the only thing left is for Dane and Kaylani to stop dancing around their attraction and fuck!!! Back to the apartment where Dane and Kaylani run into each other one final time. Dane is again the nice listening friend as Kaylani's ready to unload from her experience with Tommy. The two finally give in to their feelings. Kaylani's tired of being alone and Dane's ready to finally commit!


The two are cute in how they finally give in to their feelings. Dane and Kaylani kissing and this time our girl isn't reluctant to give in. They go rushing off to her bedroom where the sexy dress Kaylani's wearing is quickly discarded allowing Dane access to those perky tits and even quicker to her pussy. Kaylani leans back and allows the passion to wash over as Dane does a fine job working the tongue and fingers to wetten Kaylani's cookie. She's so turned on that the fingers are licked clean when Dane offers them. Now time to really heat this up so Kaylani fishes out Dane's dick and pounces! No hesitation here, she knows finally what she wants and it was staring her in the face all along. Cowgirl, spoon, reverse were worked in nicely for the sex leading to another good facial pop for Kaylani, actually it was her first since the Rocco scene was actually made up by Kirsten, lol. Kaylani leaves us with one last voice over, she loved the sex with Mr. Right Now but he might just be Mr. Right!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans that was good, liked the cute awkward stuff between Kaylani and Dane. Kirsten Price as the sexy roommate who was eager to offer sex advice was good too. Scene wise we had strong sex from everyone, Kaylani with two scenes, Jayden Jaymes, Kirsten opening the show banging Mick beautifully and we got Dylan Ryder hooking up with Tommy Gunn for a little fun in the bedroom. Extra wise you have not much besides trailers and some pics. Thankfully there is a bonus scene from the movie Mad Love which features Kaylani one more time and she's even working with Rocco Reed again so check that out too. A good rental option and buying too isn't a bad idea if you're a Kaylani fan as she gets three scenes when you include the bonus one. The acting was good, some funny lines and there were some good outfits too.

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