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Lolita (Wicked)

Lolita (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Lolita (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lolita (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lolita (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Lolita (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Lolita (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lolita (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Lolita (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lolita (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/20/2010
Alright porn fans I've got a new one here from Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong. The title also marks the debut of Lupe Fuentes as Wicked's newest Contract Starlet. The title is pretty accurate too as Lupe can definitely pull of the Lolita look. You add in some more hotness in the form of Madison Ivy, Kaylani Lei, Cassandra Cruz and we have a nice recipe here for sucksess! So let's get right to it shall we.

Lupe Fuentes:

Well this title will be my first sustained exposure to Lupe besides the Interactive title she did about a year ago but now we get to see her in a more regular style scene plus with girls. The opening credits are great in showing off Lupe and naturally she's sporting the to short for porn style outfit which gives off some killer ass views which Spyder gets to appreciate here and lucky for him in real life too. Lupe works those tits out as she lowers her face down to engulf Spyder and the music hasn't stopped either with the vibrant beat matching the action. Well this was way to short as Spyder comes early plastering her face and glasses in spunk which Lupe is kind enough to lick up.

Alexa Nicole:

That first scene was way to short even if it ended with a great facial pop for Lupe, let's hope this next scene is a bit longer. I liked the old style movie theatre costume we get Alexa dressed in with the porn style touch of having a to short skirt on so her great ass is shown off. The fish eye lense style picture was cool too even the music had a 50's style flavor to it with some do waps added! Alexa puts on a very nice show in front of the popcorn machine and I can see a few guys out there popping their corns to this footage as she works the titties out too and I'd so lick some butter off those nipples. Into the theatre we go and the action on the screen seems more action adventure but Brad Armstrong is jerking off, lol. Anyway Alexa catches him and we get right to some cock sucking. The picture is dark is places but it fits with the movie theatre setting and you still get good shots as Miss Nicole does her thing. Funny there were no other patrons here but it also allowed the two to engage in some rocking sex, reverse on the movie seat was a given and looked good. Brad also gets to do some damage from behind blasting her pussy and he drops to lick at that freshly fucked cookie. There is some good riding in cowgirl too both seated and then standing where we go floor level to catch the action. Miss Nicole ends up taking a good facial with some cleanup as we get much more of a true scene rather than the quick hitter which opened the title.

Lupe and Madison Ivy:

On to the next scene which brings Lupe and Spyder back along with Madison. I suspect this will be a longer scene so we'll get to enjoy Lupe's body much longer. The theme here was interesting as the girls look like their made up as lifelike dolls. You see doll faces strewn about the room and Spyder's got his black tophat on and the music has a certain style to it like Alice in Wonderland without the over the top makeup job. The girls are made up but theirs looks good. Plus the girls don't move and have a frozen expression in their eyes as the opening shots flash before us. Spyder's enjoying some wine while sporting the John Lennon style specs. So the girls start coming to life with Spyder right there and these young ladies do some playing with each other which I was all for. The cock comes out and we get some nice knob polishing from the ladies and what guy wouldn't want two hotties licking on both sides at the same time! At one point we get some great ass licking from Madison as Spyder's nailing his girls pussy and we get some P2OGM. Madison gets some dick in her during the scene as well but most of the dick pounding is reserved for Lupe's pussy and I have to say Spyder's saved up two good loads as he again paints Lupe's face and Madison's too giving both girls more than enough spunk to share. Turns out though none of this ever happened as we go right from the cum covered faces to Spyder back sitting down and the girls still lying on the bed with the frozen look in their eyes. This was a good scene.


Well, well we don't have to wait long for another chance to enjoy Lupe as she comes right back and if you're thirsty she's got some juice at a big discount she's selling, lines forms behind me! Great yellow top with the pink bra under and daisy duke shorts. Lupe's skin is already moist and there is no denying this girls obvious sex appeal and the camera just drinks it in here from multiple angles. So this appears to be a solo scene but hey it's all Lupe Fuentes so I'm completely down with that and we get such good angles/ views of her body here. Not as much time given, though, to appreciating her ass and for me this is one area on Lupe that is so amazing I'd have spent a good 2 minutes on just that booty alone here. But we do get some cool footage of Lupe pouring the lemonade down her chest, over the pussy lips-- any volunteers to lick that up!

Lupe & Breanne Benson:

On we go and this scene appears like it will feature Lupe as well as we get her dressed up in a sexy cupid outfit but I don't thin Cupid ever looked this hot in black & red. She's got a big arrow with a heart shaped tip ready to launch and I see Breanne sitting there and Tommy Gunn's not far away either. Tommy looks and sees Breanne and already likes what he sees but nothing really from Breanne so I think she needs to be encouraged so Lupe fires away! By the time the arrow hits its target we see that Breanne has turned to get involved and soon she along with Tommy are kissing. Lupe goes away so just a little window dressing with her early appearance. Tommy goes to enjoying the boobs and then working down to get a mouthful of Breanne's pussy. Some good solid work then from Miss Benson as she takes on Tommy's cock with the side view being a good one as it also shows off those tits rather nicely. Reverse was the shot here friends and neighbors, great titty dancing here. Mish gets us to the finish which sees Tommy blasting off around those freshly fucked pussy lips.

Lupe & Kaylani Lei:

Next scene opens with Lupe and Kaylani in sexy cute outfits and we're at a carousel though not a round one, just with the horses and poles. Even some carnival style music is piped in along with some stunning shots of the girls. The girls get closer and closer to each other and soon we get a little kiss here, a lick there. Kaylani gets a great view of Lupe's ass. The panties are moved aside letting Kaylani dip a couple fingers in and her tongue as well-- I'd say that was a desired position for sure. Lupe returns the favor though we have Kaylani turned facing out to us with her pussy rather than her ass. Not much pussy licking, though, which was disappointing. Toys were used and we do get some licking here from Lupe. Not a big fan of toy play in general for g/g scenes but here at least when it came to Lupe's turn we get her posed in doggie so her ass is shown off as Kaylani thrusts the dick shaped device in/out. Lupe talks a little here too and I don't think they've taken much advantage in this title of her cute sexy voice in this title. I'll give the girls some credit for doing a bit more licking with the toys being used than normal and there was toy P2M by the ladies.

Lupe & Sienna Milano:

On to the next scene and nicely Lupe appears in this one too along with Sienna. The girls each clad in some lingerie. I like white lace, though, so Lupe's outfit was a bit better but both were hot. Lots of early touching and plenty of stuffed animals around too. The music here was reminiscent of the kids shows for me which fed into the Lolita aspect I guess but the visuals on screen were decidely adult as the girls show off their bodies. Two of the stuffed animals decide to get up, whip out their cocks and the girls engulf them, lol. One looked like Tony the Tiger of Frosted Flakes Fame so indeed he was GRREEEAATTT! The one with Lupe was the Easter Bunny and I guess Lupe found his big egg! The girls do a great job with the stuffed animal head even trading off cocks giving us some very good blowjob footage here. Turns out this was all the scene was and the ladies receive two good loads blasted off to their faces. I must say we've seen Lupe's fast plastered real good in this title and she takes facials beautifully!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So fans we've met Lupe Fuentes again, this time as a Wicked contract girl and she has an impressive debut with the best scene being the pairing featuring her with Madison Ivy. Lupe takes some great facials in this too as a couple of the scenes were shorter but that didn't stop the guys from having strong loads to decorate her cute face with. Lupe is all over this title appearing in every scene though she leaves the cupid scene with Breanne after firing her love arrow. As for extras this one offers up a deleted scene that features Cassandra Cruz with Randy Spears so take a look at that plus we get some BTS action for Lolita which gives you another chance to enjoy Lupe Fuentes who is sinfully hot and I'll look forward to her work for Wicked. Hopefully they'll let her talk some in the next as she really didn't get to use that cute accent here and that's surprising too being this was called Lolita. I think using her voice might have been a strength here that wasn't utilized. Small complaint as this was solid entertainment all the way through.

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