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Loadman Cummith 2, The

Loadman Cummith 2, The

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Straight
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Peter North Is My Hero's ratings for Loadman Cummith 2, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Loadman Cummith 2, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Loadman Cummith 2, The Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Loadman Cummith 2, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Loadman Cummith 2, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Loadman Cummith 2, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Loadman Cummith 2, The DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Loadman Cummith 2, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Peter North Is My Hero  on  4/2/2006
I've decided to write a series of reviews with one theme in common: The Greatest Facials Ever Delivered By Peter North; or by any porn star for that matter.
These movies date back to a time many years ago when Porn Starlets were terrified of cum. If they took a facial, even from Peter North, they were carefull to avoid the sploodge going anywhere higher than thier upper lip. Often it was as if Peter himself purposely missed their face alltogether.

Keep in mind I'm not including any of Peter North's more current work: notably his forever amazing "Deep Throat This" series. Or any of the other popular contemporary facial movies these days.

These facials are notable because they caught the Starlet completely off gaurd, and in most cases the thorough squirting they received made them visibly upset.

Devil's Film's "The Loadman Cummith" series spawned the super high quality "The North Pole" line that thrives to this day. The jacket art of volume #2 leaves just about everything to the imagination. I picked this title up for the first time a number of years ago on good faith that, because it starred Peter North, here was the highest probability that a beautiful girl would get alot of cum squirted in her face. I had no idea that "The Loadman Cummith #2" would showcase one of the all time greats:

Chapter one features super hot covergirl Brooke Lane; who today would definitely be described as a Mother I'd Like To Fuck. Brooke has big fake, comic-book perfect boobies and a perfect ass.

After Peter strips her buck naked and slobs on her crotch for a while, we get to see some beautiflly photographed angles of Brooke performing some stellar deep throat. While standing with her legs perfectly straight, Ms. Lane bends over and continues to slob ( fantastic rear view angle of her saline implants defyinng grafity)

Peter proceeds to fuck her while she bounces on top, front and backwards. Then there's amazing footage of Brooke getting poked as she's held in the air by Peter. That ass, my lord that ass......

Peter gets himself primed by mounting Brooke from behind. Yes, she looks fucking amazing getting penetrated while on all fours.

North makes her turn around so he can squirt in her face. Unfortunately, he only manages to get a little cum on her above the neck......the rest of that rediculous deposit of baby batter lands on her implants.

Very, very nice after suck.

Chapter 2 is a girl I'm not familiar with two hacks
skip it.

Chapter 3 is Peter with two O.K. looking girls.

Chapter 4 is a goofy-looking guy fucking a curly haired girl with fake boobs.

Chapter 5:

This is it. The scene that's worth the price of the entire disc. Peter North with the perfect faced, perfect bodied, Hungarian import, Nikki Anderson.

Once Peter is done giving her oral, we're treated to seeing just how good his dick looks in her mouth. Nikki makes plenty of eye contact with the camera.

When Ms. Anderson bounces around on Peter's rod, the cinematography is at times perfect. Angles of a girl's ass in motion during reverse cowgirl are always the best.

Nikki gets fucked from behind, both vaginal and anal. Once Peter's through playing in her dirt, it's time for one of his all time greats:

Peter erupts a series of streamers, the first of which plops right on poor Nikki's eye. While she doesn't seem to mind being blinded in an eye for a moment, it's the numerous squirts that go up her nostril that that seem to irk her. Her moans of fake pleasure turn to moans of annoyance and whining. She even bounces up and down for an instant as if to signal the director: "This is too much cum!" Nikki ultimately does maintain her composure as the amazing scene ends with her performing oral while wearing Peter's incredible mess; slot of it notably in her left eye, on her nose, and chin.

Just amazing.

Chapter 6 is a decent threeway between Peter and two decent looking girls; one of whom does have an amazing ass.

I'm going to review and recommend three other Sex DVDs that feature the best facials ever delivered by Peter North. Keep in mind though, like Pick Up Lines 2, these are older movies from a bygone era in porn. When I say the best facials ever, I'm not counting contemporary stuff like "Deep Throat This."

One more thing: I am currently hunting for 3 "Lost Arks" so to speak, in the greatest Peter North facials department: The first can actually be viewed on Leisure Time/Pirate Video's "500 Oral Cumshots" DVD. That disc only shows the facial however and not the entire scene, which I'm dying to see. The scene I'm speaking of occurs at 1 hour 56 minutes and 6 seconds into "500 Oral Cumshots". Peter fires an amazing series of squirts drictly into a hot blonde's face. She's quite surpised and remarks, "Right in the eye, boy. Yup" Peter asks, "Did I make it?" The hot blonde answers, "All over, Woo-hoo!."

If that rings a bell for anyone out there, and you can name the original movie or any compilation so that I may see the entire scene from beginning to end:

email with info or comments to

the other two I'm looking for are:

1.) A movie called just "Corruption" (Not "The Corruption Of Christie). The "Corruption" I'm looking for was never transfered to DVD and doesn't seem to be available anywhere on the web. But more than a few folks probably have a copy in their VHS classics collection. In this movie, Peter completely drowns a girl from years ago who went by the name "Charisma." She's laying on her back with her head propped up against the bed's headboard. I've only seen this facial once, years ago on somebody's website.

2.) The other one is a longshot. It too was probably never transfered to DVD. (But like the above scene may be available on a compilation) Peter titty-fucks some super bosomy chick with an O.K. looking face and then squirts her directly in the eye. Her eyelid naturally goes into convulsions and her eyeball rolls back into her head. I saw this one when I was just barely 18, many, many years ago.

again, any comments or help finding these lost Peter North cumshots may be sent to:

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