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Loaded (Digital Playground)

Loaded (Digital Playground)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Feature film
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kobiata's ratings for Loaded (Digital Playground):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Loaded (Digital Playground) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Loaded (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Loaded (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Loaded (Digital Playground) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Loaded (Digital Playground) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Loaded (Digital Playground) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Loaded (Digital Playground) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by kobiata  on  12/2/2004


running time: 109 min.

produced: november 2003

starring: Brittany Skye, Jesse Jane, Lea de Mae, and Asia Carrera

extras: Behind the scenes, Bonus sex scene, Bloopers Reel, Photo Gallery, Bios, and Trailers


The high-quality intro montage puts to shame many mainstream movies with its edgy graphics. Once the explosive montage ends, a drag race ensues on a deserted bridge somewhere in California. Brittany Skye flirts, but taunts Cheyne Collins by saying, "I don't fuck losers!" He is oblivious to the fact that she's the one he will be racing until they line up at the start line. She drives her point through when she tanks the race so she can fuck him in a Dodge van.

By porn standards, Brittany comfortably fits in as the archetypal blonde with all the frills and the thrills! She is adept at fellatio as seen by the extended blowjob sequence. Cheyne returns the favor with equally impressive cunnilingus until he fucks her in several position. Finally, Cheyne cums on her cheeks!

Barrett Blade and Eric Masterson are detectives taking a break from investigating with an unhealthy snack from the local fast food drive-in. The tongue-in-cheek humor that the two pull off is almost unheard of in the adult film industry. In fact, if I hadn't known that this was an x-rated film, this scene would look like a B-movie or television scene production. Before the two cops can kick back and finish their junk food, they respond to an illegal drag race in progress.

By the time the detectives get there, there is no trace of a race although there is a trace of sex. Barrett and Eric show up to the scene right after Cheyne took care of Brittany's hood! Barrett extorts information from Cheyne, the informant, about any buzz regarding stolen cars. Finally, Cheyne collapses under the pressure and produces information about Tyce Bune.

Meanwhile, at a deserted junkyard, Lee Stone is about to hand-over "hot" VIN tags. Lee tells Jesse to stay in the car just in case anything goes wrong. Lee thinks that a smooth transaction has transpired, but things take the turn for the worse when Tyce Bune emerges from the shadows and accuses him of ripping him off! Lee's pleas don't resonate or vibe with Tyce. The execution style murder destroys the short-lived silence and causes Jesse Jane to flee the scene as bullets rush past her!

Back at the precinct, Asia Carrera, their superior balls them over and demands a report from them in two hours. After the hard-nosed superior exits the room, Eric teases Barrett of the sexual tension between his buddy and Asia Carrera! The amusement turns to seriousness when Mike Horner reports to them that there has been a shooting incident.

There's no better way for a criminal to let go of the strain that goes with doling out a death sentence execution style by enjoying a pleasant foot massage performed by Lea de Mae and then consequently fucking her afterwards. After ordering his henchmen to kill Jesse Jane, he has some with Lea de Mae. The sex scene has the standard blowjob and positional sex followed by the requisite facial.

Eric drives over to Jesse Jane's place in order to extract information out of her. She retells her account of what transpired at the junkyard. The detective tries to convince her to go with him to the office since it would be safer there. The hard-headed Jesse Jane refuses the request and Eric has no choice but to assign a uniformed officer to guard the premises.

She reminisces about all the great times she had with her recently deceased boyfriend. Particularly, she remembers a particular love session where she rode him hard until he came on her. The pleasant memories makes her fall asleep until she awakes from strange noises. Because of her alertness, she escapes from the back and hops on her motorcycle just in time before the clean-up crew could finish their business!

At this point, Jesse is riled up, but has the courage to call the detectives so they can bring her to a safe location. These cops are experienced at harboring key witnesses and they put their knowledge to good use by taking a room at a seedy motel. There's a funny and awkward moment when they pay for the room! Barrett convinces Eric to have the first crack at "protecting" Jesse Jane. She makes it crystal clear that she is not interested in him (NOTE: Barrett Blade does get the girl, but it's in as a bonus sex scene).

When it's time for Eric's shift, Jesse Jane puts on the moves! In a role-playing situation, Jesse Jane seizes the opportunity to shag the sensitive detective. The innocent kiss becomes much more as the scene becomes hardcore! She performs great fellatio and he fucks her in several positions like doggie and spoon until he cums on her breasts!

Meanwhile, Barrett is angered that his informant Cheyne has been avoiding him and so he decides to pay him a visit. Barrett chases Cheyne down and finally gets more relevant information. Cheyne squealed the name and address of one of Tyce's henchmen! Barrett fetches the two at the motel only to find out that his partner shagged her! The detectives argue whether they should bring her for the stakeout and finally they decide to bring her.

The stakeout begins rather blandly until the henchman who looks like a member of the 80s group ZZ Top leaves his house for the warehouse. After telling Jesse Jane to stay in the car, the two decide to secure the premises. However, she doesn't listen to their command and ventures into harm's way. A firefight ensues with the end result of their key eyewitness nabbed by Tyce Bune and his henchmen.

Things get worse when Asia Carrera informs them that they are off the case for their incompetence and suspended until further notice. At this point, Eric urges his partner out to "smooth" things over with their superior. Barrett takes one for the team and "apologizes" for the recent foul-ups. Things become heated when they clear the table for a brief and torrid office romance! Barrett emphasizes the "serve" portion in the "serve and protect" motto by eating Asia out first! After fucking the legendary Asia Carrera, he cums on her tits. The end result is that Barrett is back on the good graces of his superior and now he and his partner have an opportunity to get Jesse Jane back unharmed.

Armed with enough ordinance to light up an entire block, the two detectives head to the pier to rescue Jesse Jane. An action sequence follows in which objects get blown and henchmen dive for cover as bullets pass by them. Like a true action movie, just when you think the evil leader is dead, he still has the energy to shoot Barrett Blade in the back. In a twisted and unexpected surprise, Jesse Jane pushes a button that instantly flattens Tyce Bune. She finishes the scene by saying, "He picked the wrong chick to fuck with!"


The feature filmed using mini 35mm digital format is packed with great acting, great action scenes, and competent sex. Gonzo fans will be extremely upset with the sex scenes, but viewers who crave more than just sex will be surprised by the nice plot contained in this adult feature.

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